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Gareth Bale, Diving Stats, Alderweireld and the Spurs Besiktas comparison

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Gareth Bale, Diving Stats, Toby Alderweireld, plus the Spurs Besiktas comparison from a Turkish journalists perspective


His days at Real Madrid look numbered and his demeanour against PSG was not good, as AS explained in their piece on him. Spurs have first refusal of his services, meaning we get told of any offer and are given the opportunity to match it.Wages are a different world altogether though, but would a sponsor want to be involved with a marquee signing in the season we move back into our own stadium?

Gareth Bale


Liverpool fans are all complaining about diving on Twitter. It was a clear penalty on Sunday so perhaps Liverpool fans should look at the statistics produced by Squawka.

Most Yellow Cards For Diving Since 2011/12

  • Chelsea 24
  • Liverpool 22
  • Sunderland 21
  • Manchester City 17
  • Tottenham Hotspur 17
  • Manchester United 15


Roberto Martínez Montoliu is a Spanish football coach and former professional player. Martínez is the manager of the Belgium national team and was previously at Everton, Wigan Athletic and Swansea City.

He spoke tn HLN Sport and revealed he had spoken to Spurs centre-back Toby Alderweireld over his fitness.
“I have recently had a good conversation with Toby Alderweireld. I’m happy that Spurs take their time and don’t rush him back. But of course Toby would have liked to have played against Juventus. (Smiles) His situation will need time.”


An interesting article from BirGün, an Istanbul-based Turkish left-wing daily newspaper, in which the columnist takes a look at the how Spurs are run with growth in mind and how Besiktas is run with the same aim, but he suggests, not as successfully.

He makes the comparison because both are playing Grade A sides in Europe, Besiktas play Bayern Munich today and we drew with Juventus in Turin 2-2 last week..

The reporter suggests Harry Kane is valued at €120 (£105.82 million at today's rate).

Christian Eriksen is valued at €70m (£61.72 million at today's rate).

Dele Alli is valued at €80m (£70.53 million at today's rate).

Eric Dier is valued at €40m (£35.27 million at today's rate).

Purchase cost of the four players: €29.63 million (£26.12 million at today's rate).
Current value of the four players: €310 million (£273.30 million at today's rate).

You'll need to Google translate the article but it's a worthwhile read. It is always good to read views from other countries who have a different perspective on things and not just blindly follow what our press write. I have grown very tired of our press.

Besiktas and Tottenham Comparison

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Common knowledge Bentaleb was never returning to Spurs

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There has been a lot of misreporting over Nabil Bentaleb with website after website not understanding the deal Spurs had struck with Schalke, a deal that was the same as that of Lewis Holtby when he moved to Hamburg.

We usually loan a player out with an automatic purchase clause when they hit a certain number of games and that was the case with Holtby and now Bentaleb. Quite why people were suggesting we might get Bentaleb back because he might decide he doesn't want to be with a side who fail to qualify fir the UEFA Champions League is beyond me.

He never had a choice. It was known that there was a permanent option to be triggered after a set number of games from the very start.

Only the number of games wasn't known and now it has been revealed it is 20 Bundesliga games, the 22-year-old (23 in November) Algerian midfielder has so far played in 19 for Schalke.

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Weinzierl better than Pochettino because of Bentaleb!

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In my travels around the Internet I bump into some strange comments, such as those from grimes Ria who uses one player, Nabil Bentaleb, as proof to determine that Schalke 04 coach Markus Weinzierl is a better coach than Mauricio Pochettino.

Perhaps there is a lack of understanding that Bentaleb, while starting well, had a bad attitude, was at loggerheads with the club over the inflated wages he wanted and asked to leave when he found he wasn't an automatic first choice.

He was loaned to Schalke with a view to buying and started very poorly, before picking up and now regressing again. Sadly the poster is yet another who believes a player has to be given game time to be given a chance, something Bentaleb actually was given. You have to produce on the training ground, that is where a team is selected, prove yourself there and you'll play, don't and you won't, simple.

Quite how they determine Pochettino is arrogant and unfair, another of their comments, is unclear and quite frankly, unfathomable. he seems quite the opposite. It rather shows how a hatred of someone can cloud judgement and forget facts that don't support a theory.

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Is Bentaleb returning to Spurs an option?

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An interesting article from Rucker Haringey at Playing for 90 in which he explores the possibility of Nabil Bentaleb returning to Spurs if Eric Dier's troubles continue.

The problem with Dier is that he is playing in central defence so the midfield slot isn't yet an issue. Victor Wanyama has come in and done an excellent job but he can't play every game there and when Toby Alderweireld returns, presumably Dier will get a short rest and then resume midfield duties to give Wanyama a rest.

He just needs some game time in his midfield position to get back into the swing of things as it were, he hasn't suddenly lost his ability. There is a long way to go before the end of the season.

Nentaleb has overcome a torrid start with the press on his back to be the star man in the Schalke team playing in a central midfield role as opposed to the defensive midfield shackle he had at Spurs. We don't know if he burnt his bridges, there were a lot of rumours, which were true we will probably never know.

Pochettino revealed that Bentaleb asked him to be allowed to leave and that request was granted. There is a purchase option at the end of his season-long loan move to the Bundesliga outfit, whether Tottenham have the right to veto any purchase is a matter for the contract between the two parties that we have no access to.

The possibility may be there for him to return to Spurs, it may also be out of our hands.

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Bentaleb - I have so much respect for Tottenham supporters

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While touring the web I came across this article where on-loan Tottenham midfielder Nabil Bentaleb talks about having so much respect for Tottenham supporters.

He spoke to The Set Pieces in an exclusive article you'll find at the link.

Currently he is Schalke's top goalscorer with 5 goals this season, rather a transformation from his time at Tottenham, but then he is playing a slightly different role in the centre of midfield.

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Bentaleb Man of the Match agrees contract

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The resurgence of on-loan midfielder Nabil Bentaleb continued at the weekend when German paper Bild, who had previously been tearing him to pieces, gave him their top mark.

Schalke weren't playing any old team, they were playing Borussia Dortmund and came away from an exciting encounter at the Westfalenstadion with a 0-0 draw.

The upturn in performances seen Schalke now wanting to make his loan move permanent. The agreement is for a £17-million fee and they have already negotiated a contract with Bentaleb according to Bild.

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Bentaleb three goals in 2 games

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Nabil Bentaleb seems to have turned a corner at Schalke and the press have got off his back. Three goals in two games has silenced everyone for now.

German website DW say the Schalke revival shows no sign of stopping thanks to one man in particular, Nabil Bentaleb. Mainz were defeated 3-0 with Bentaleb grabbing the first and third goals after 23 and 62 minutes.

His first was drilled home from inside the box and his second was a team passing game down the left that he arrived in the area to slot home. He scored last week against Augsburg with a left-footed drive from outside the box. After sitting bottom they have now moved up to 14th and next week face Borussia Dortmund.

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Bentaleb has a point

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It seems plenty of fans want to savage Nabil Bentaleb even though what he has to say has been true over the years. Our home support has not been great, many are there to sit quietly and be entertained by the game, which if you are surrounded by people who do that, is what you fall into yourself.

Our away supporters are a far better bunch, they sing and make an atmosphere all the time. Thye cheer when we are behind doing their bit to encourage the team. There are not enough in the home supporters who do the same thing. Our home support are fair weather supporters and the hatred there has been to certain players in no way helps.

"Even if Tottenham were on top of the league, I would not regret my transfer. We fight and I believe that's also the reason that the fans support us. I don't know that from England. If you lose there, nobody supports you in the stadium."

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German press savage Bentaleb again

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German press savage Bentaleb again

The Schalke managing director Christian Heidel says that Nabil Bentaleb and Benjamin Stambouli both have a touch of arrogance after they were initially praised by him.

National German newspaper Bild suggest the pair have a mentality misery because they keep losing in ball in dangerous situations. In another article they name the pair as part of the Schalke Slackers, players who are to use the club as a stepping stone to another and that Bentaleb is too arrogant in his play.

In yet another article it is suggested he isn't putting the effort in with Schalke having lost all 5 of their opening games and sitting bottom of the Bundesliga table.

Bild then suggest the players have been given a 30 minutes lesson on the values of the club and again refer to Heidel's comments that some players demonstrate poor mentality and a lack of character.

In their latest article they suggest Stambouli and Bentaleb are fair weather players, fine when things are going right but hopeless in a crisis. They suggest they drag players down instead of lifting them up.

Why is Bentaleb getting all this criticism? Because he was bought to be their midfield general and now they are finding out that he isn't at the level he was hyped up to be at.

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Arrogant Bentaleb under attack

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Nabil Bentaleb joined Schalke on loan for the season with a £17-million purchase option because he asked Mauricio Pochettino to let him leave Tottenham as he wasn't getting the game time he wanted.

Things started well, he was earning rave reviews but Schalke have lost all five Bundesliga games and sit bottom of the table. They have conceded 10 goals and scored just 2. national newspaper Bild believe he is one of the players showing arrogance in their play after letting the initial praise go to his head.

That rather fits with the image at Spurs with his agent asking for top player wages after one season playing for us.

Nabil Bentaleb (21), Benjamin Stambouli (26), Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting (27), Baba Rahman (21), Leon Goretzka (21), Klaas jan Huntelaar (33), Breel Embolo (19), Max Meyer (21) and Franco Di Santo (27) were all named by the paper as the Schalke Slackers responsible for the start.

Bild suggest the players are paid too much, they are not playing for the team, rather just trying to showcase their own talent and using the club as a stepping stone to a bigger one. Four of those players are specifically named as seeing Schalke as a stepping stone club Nabil Bentaleb, Benjamin Stambouli, Yevhen Konoplyanka and Baba Rahman.

Konoplyanka was a player Spurs fans wanted, well some of them anyway. There was a strong suggestion that his connections off the pitch were a problem and that his attitude prevented us buying him. Sevilla did and he only lasted there one season before they got shot of him.

Talent is not enough, you have to have the mentality to go with it and Spurs are right to get shot of players who don't demonstrate the right mentality.

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Levy refused to sell Bentaleb to Premier League clubs

12:30 pm

Nabil Bentaleb has, by all accounts, started life in the Bundesliga very well. His agent was quoted as saying he wanted to remain in the Premier League but Tottenham didn't want to let him join a Premier League club.

There would have been plenty of complaints if he had gone to a rival team and done well and if there is no need to put yourself in that situation, why do it. Bentaleb left Tottenham because he wasn't getting the game time he thought he deserved and he has to look after his own career.

The upshot was that he asked Mauricio Pochettino to be allowed to leave the club, which was agreed to. Pochettino only wants players who want to be here and when a player feels the time is right to move you have to take a decision in the best interests of all parties.

Tottenham though put their foot down and said he could leave, but only abroad. We then had a bit of a stalemate as Premier League clubs made offers for him and he presumably hoped to force our hand. We stuck firm and he had to find a club abroad which ended up being Schalke 04.

A one-season loan deal with a £16.87-million (€20m - AUS$29.85m - US$22.46m) purchase option next summer is a good deal for a player who hardly featured last season.

Their manager, Christian Heidel, confirmed offers were rejected for the Algerian midfielder to Algerian news outlet Le Buteur.
"We are lucky to have brought in Bentaleb. There were been plenty of offers for him, and quite large sums proposed by Premier League clubs. 
"But we have been lucky because Daniel Levy, the chairman at Tottenham did not want to sell him in England to a rival club. In the end, we managed to obtain his arrival on loan."

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Schalke submit improved offer for Bentaleb

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Schalke submit improved offer for Bentaleb

For Mauricio Pochettino to bring in any more midfielders and wide attackers, then there has to be outgoings. We are overloaded in the area and some of them aren't good enough to hold down a regular first team place.

We are looking to bring in Georges-Kevin N'Koudou and are having to let Clinton Njie go to secure him. While others are up for sale at the right price, Carroll, Mason, Chadli there is not enough interest to expect any of them to leave.

Nabil Bentaleb was not getting first team football, even when fit and asked to leave the club h claimed was his. That has seen him sidelined while he tries to organise a move. Clubs in the Premier League don't wantto pay his wages and the only offers coming in were loan offers. There were loan offers fro Italy but Tottenham want a sale, that reduces the clubs with the ability to buy him.

He has been priced reasonably to facilitate a move and perhaps allow more clubs to afford his wages. Bundesliga side Schalke submitted a £9.94-million (€11.5m - AUS$17.09m - US$12.79m) bid which was immediately rejected.

Foot Merato are reporting that Schalke have come back to Tottenham and submitted an increased offer, although they don't reveal how much that is. This is an encouraging sign, they will know what wages Bentaleb wants and will have agreed something in principle with his agent. A second bid shows they are serious about trying to buy him.

W await developments.

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Bentaleb wants to leave so

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Bentaleb wants to leave so

Mauricio Pochettino has confirmed, for anyone who didn't know, that if you are not a part of the future of Spurs then he does not need to spend time on you, he will concentrate on the players who have a part to play.

"He is training with the under-21s. He is not with the first team because he wanted to leave. "If he wanted to leave, he can come and see me, I say, 'okay you can leave', and he is waiting to try to find a place away from Tottenham. 
"But there is nothing to do. We share the changing room and the restaurants all together, it is not a problem. 
"The rule is very clear: if you are not part of my plans, why are you training with us? He understands very well, like any other player."

Bentaleb wasn't playing last season and didn't like it having spent ages negotiating a new contract because he though he deserved top wages. He now trains with the Under-21 Development Squad. They are the rules under Pochettino and all the players know that, if you are not a part of his plans, you don't train with the side.

It has been the same at each club and why you get ex-players complaining that they feel ostracised when they are not a part of his inner circle of favourite players. Those comments now fall into place and we see them for what they are.

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Respect - Townsend and Bentaleb

10:30 am


There are plenty of sentimental fans who want Spurs to keep players like Andros Townsend and Tom Carroll, see them given a 'chance', even though they get a chance in training every day. That kind of sentimental attachment to a player is no good for a manager who has to look at a situation with cold hard eyes.

Those same fans don't want us losing games, they don't want us dropping points, yet also want youth developed. We have found a manager who is clearly better than the average manager and perhaps tempers that desire some hold. He works with youth all the time so if he decides a talented young player has something missing or circumstances prevent their development, then their departure isn't as much of a blow to them perhaps.

Tottenham can't develop every player in the Tottenham team, thus some must fall by the wayside, Andros Townsend was one of those and today he'll be on the left wing taking on Kyle Walker and trying to provide crosses in traditional style. It is rare in this world of inverted wingers to see a left footer on the keft wing.

Pochettino let him go after 16 years at Spurs, a tough call but one that was needed to be made. He had little end product, he rarely scored and rarely created anything for others while being not up to the task defensively.

"I think the discipline is important. It is important that all players want to be part of the team, and play for the team. 
"The discipline and the realisation are very important for success .That is very important, to show respect for everyone at the club. That is one of the principle things that for me is very important. 
"I think that football is full of hard decisions. It is not about personal things or issues. We [Townsend and I] have spent nearly two years together here and had a good relationship. We took a professional decision. I think that it is not an issue. We split our ways and nothing happened. 
"As a manager, you take a lot of decisions every day. If a player's not happy because they want to play more, then they try to find another way to try to play. This is the difficult thing with football. Basketball is different - you can have a squad and change every five minutes or two minutes and everyone is happy. Football is different."

Respect for staff at the club is important to Pochettino. There is a chain of command and specific staff have to do specific jobs. Townsend showed disrespect to the fitness coach and that was the end for him. Adebayor, Kaboul, Capoue and to a lesser extent Lennon all challenged authority, all are gone.

We don't know the story but Nabil Bentaleb has clearly been left in no doubt he has no future at White Hart Lane. You get the impression that there has been a similar lack of respect for authority, rather than a purely footballing ability decision.

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Bentaleb and Njie

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Mauricio Pochettino has reiterated that Nabil Bentaleb is not in his plans and will leave before the transfer window shuts. He left France as a youngster because no French club would touch him such was the reputation of his attitude.

He touted himself around this country and Tim Sherwood took a chance on him. He developed and all was going well, then we had wage negotiations that took ages because he was asking for silly money. Then came an injury and he has clearly not endeared himself to Pochettino as he now is adamant he will be leaving the club.

You get the impression that he does not want him in the squad even if he stays. Presumably, his attitude has returned. His wage demands suggested he thinks he is better than he is. Perhaps he doesn't like the fact he is down the pecking order, who knows.

It should be remembered that it was Bentaleb who defied Pochettino and played for Algeria, when Pochettino said he wasn't fit and shouldn't join up with the squad. Bentaleb defied Pochettino and injured himself on international duty keeping him out until December. He has hardly been seen since.

is that the reason why he is no longer in Pochettino's thinking, he doesn't trust him. Pochettino gives loyalty but he demands it also.

Mauricio Pochettino on sales: "They are still our players. Bentaleb is not in my plans but Clinton is in the squad and is at the club."

They doesn't actually mean he is wanted, Tom Carroll is in the squad, he is still a Tottenham player and thus is in Pochettino's plans. However, we'll happily accept the right amount for him, just as it seems we were happy to do with Njie. recently Pochettino was reported as telling him that he would get little game time.

For that to change then something has to change within the squad, such as Nacer Chadli leaving. he hasn't suddenly leapt up the pecking order since Australia.

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Bentaleb's wages may keep him at Spurs

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Benfica have made am enquiry about our Algerian midfielder Nabil Bentaleb. Previously Portuguese newspaper O Jogo asked his agents YBI Sports if he would be willing to move to Portugal, which quickly interpreted as Benfica having asked about him. His agent replied that his client was looking to stay in the Premier League.

Now Benfica have now asked and received the news that he will cost £12-million, which is too rich for them and they can't afford his wages anyway. The recent story run by some of the National press about Lazio asking about a loan move is, in fact, two weeks old. The Italians asked back then and were turned down flat.

Tottenham are not interested in loan deals unless they have a guaranteed purchase option at the end of them. That has been the case all summer as regular readers know and it hasn't changed.

Having negotiated his wages increase last summer, when he was reported as demanding parity with some of the top earners at the club, whcih we didn't think he was worth yet, he is now on a wage that most clubs can't afford. That is making offloading him difficult. Spanish clubs can't afford him, Italian clubs can't afford him, unless he wants to move to a top club and sit on the bench. Whether a top club would want him is another matter.

He has clearly fallen out with Pochettino, they were close before, but as former players will tell you once Pochettino decides you are no longer a part of the future he sees then you don't get the time others get. It is like he decides spending time on you is a waste of time as it will not benefit the club, it doesn't fit in his vision.

If we can't sell him Bentaleb will be a bit part player at best. Presumably, he would be below Carroll and Mason in the pecking order, yet on higher wages. If we can't sell him we may have to loan him and pay part of his wages, even without a purchase option. There are only two weeks left, the window closes on 31 August at 11pm UK time.

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Lazio ask for Bentaleb loan

7:00 pm


Lazio ask for Bentaleb loan

Mauricio Pochettino told the press in Australia that nabil bentaleb was not in his plans for the coming season and that the player knew that. He was left out of the squad for the Melbourne games and for the Inter Milan thrashing in Oslo.

The Algerian has been given a squad number for this season as he is still at the club, his old number 42. As reported earlier the only offers being received are loan offers. he has a contract until 2020, wages may well be an issue for European clubs on top of a transfer fee. That limits his options and staying in the Premier League may be his only option.

As the window closes clubs are bound to try a loan deal or to get him cheaply. We will then see how desperate we are to sell him or have him playing elsewhere for the coming season.

Wolves have enquired about a loan move, not much chance of him going to the Championship but if you don't ask you don't get. He has been the subject of another recent loan offer, this time from Lazio but Tottenham again turned the request down reports an Algerian journalist.

According to a source close to Nabil Bentaleb, Lazio have made a loan offer for the Tottenham midfielder but rejected it

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Spurs only receiving loan offers for Bentaleb

2:30 pm


Spurs only receiving loan offers for Bentaleb

Nabil Bentaleb wasn't selected for the trip to Australia or the trip to Norway and Mauricio Pochettino made it clear he wasn't in his plans. He has ability but also an attitude to go with it. No French club would take him because of it.

Tim Sherwood took a chance on him and he certainly progressed, however, his attitude it would appear, has come to the fore again. His contract negotiations took forever because he wanted top wages, suggesting he thought he had made it.

Selling him isn't easy at the moment, probably because of the wages he is on. Offering him for £10-million is dirt cheap. If we charged more then few could afford his wages. There aren't enquiries to buy him, only loan deals at the moment. he may well end up as a last week transfer.

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Agent confirms Bentaleb story is rubbish

10:30 am


Agent confirms Bentaleb story is rubbish

As reported as soon as the story broke and was incorrectly reported by every website I came across, Nabil Bentaleb is no going to Benfica, Tottenham have not discussed a move with Benfica, the two clubs are not and have never been in negotiations.

The story from Portuguese merely said Benfica would be happy to enter negotiations, which all and sundry read all sort of things into that simply didn't exist. I even saw one Spurs fan account on Twitter saying a deal was almost done!

How do you get that from a report saying one club would be happy to enter negotiations. The story was no different that Tottenham saying we would be happy to enter negotiations for Lionel Messi. It's meaningless.

Why can't people just stop and think, why would Nabil Bentaleb, a proven Premier League player, still with great potential, want to go to a second tier league? It would be a backward step in his career when he doesn't need to take a backward step, he could easily play in Italy, Spain or Germany, in sides that usually qualify for the Champions League.

Why would Spurs want to loan him to a second tier league, why not loan him o a top tier league, if we wanted to lean him out? If he isn't part of Pochettino's plans then we don't need to keep him. He is one player though that we could loan out to improve, increase his value and then sell him next summer because he signed a five-year contract last summer. But, that might price him out of the market, unless we put a sensible price on him.

To show what utter nonsense the story was A Bola contacted his agent, Madjid Yebda, who hadn't heard from Benfica at all and that his client wanted to stay in the Premier League. The Independent has guessed that we might be asking £10-million for him, which sounds rather cheap in the market today.

Southampton bought Ryan Bertrand from Chelsea for £10-million last summer and he couldn't get anywhere near the Chelsea first team. He had played 1 Premier League game in 2013/14 and couldn't get in the Aston Villa side when he went there on loan. Bentaleb was brought into the Premier League and looked a natural.

Clearly there is plenty there to work on and someone would be getting an absolute bargain at that price.

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Did Bentaleb lose the trust of Pochettino?

5:00 pm


Did Bentaleb lose the trust of Pochettino?

Mauricio Pochettini has made his decision on at least three players it seems, two of them we knew already, and one is now confirmed. There had been no word coming out of White Hart Lane but in a press conference in Australia Mauricio Pochettino confirmed that Nabil Bentaleb did not feature in his plans for the forthcoming season after signing a five-year contract last summer.

There has been speculation he is injured, here has been speculation thta his relationship with Pochettino has broken down, that he has lost his trust. It seems the latter is the case.

His relationship with Pochettino has taken a battering with awfully long contract negotiations that didn't endear himself to anyone, given he was demanding top wages. The inference was thta he was too big for his boots and one has to qustion whether he was following Pochettino's directions for his role, or playing his own game like Andros Townsend. That didn't end happily either.

When you lose Pochettino's trust, it spells the end for any player. As much as Bentaleb has been working hard in training, and by all accounts he has been, that trust is difficult to repair, impossible in this situation it seems. If you fall out with Pochettino there is rarely a way back.

The talk of a slight injury may just have been a smokescreen, but the market has now been alerted and offers will come in for a very promising player who it has been rumoured we rate at £20-million. That sound a bit steep, but then the market is stupid at the moment with daft amounts being paid for payers who aren't worth it.

Plenty of Premier League clubs will enquire as will cubs from abroad so he'll have a choice of destination that's for sure and will no doubt develop into a decent player. He has already shown he is good enough to play international football when producing good performances for Algeria at the World Cup in Brazil in 2014.

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