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Ajax considering asking for Foyth on loan

12:10 pm

Ajax considering asking for Foyth on loan


Transfer Talk - Juan Foyth

Young Tottenham Hotspur centre-back Juan Foyth is among the alternatives Ajax are considering if the Lisandro Magallán saga is stalled too long reports Radio La Red.

Ajax are trying to buy 24-year-old (25 in September) central defender Lisandro Magallán from Boca Juniors. He had had a medical, but reports from Argentina say a deal will not be sanctioned until Boca Juniors have bought a replacement.

It is an example of how a transfer can be held up and nothing the buying club can do about it. Fans unaware in such situations simply blame their club or in the case of Spurs fans simply blame Daniel Levy.

A loan deal would seem the only option after the comments of Mauricio Pochettino on his fellow Argentinian in Spain recently. He rates Foyth very highly and believes he will develop into a top defender. He intimated that the 20-year-old (21 next January) will get more opportunity next season. He is under contract until 2022.

Pochettino speaking to Spanish press.

Tottenham are of course chasing Matthijs de Ligt but the deal Ajax are seeking is a large cash one and to have him loaned back to them for one or two years, which is of no use to Spurs. The Ajax captain is ready to step up a grade of football already. Could it be furthered by allowing a Foyth loan?


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More chances for Foyth this season Poch tells Spanish press

9:15 am

Big things expected of Juan Foyth

Pochettino has high hopes for young centre-back Juan Foyth

He looked still short of the standard required but with plenty of potential when he turned out in the Cup competitions last season. A few passing errors, positional and playing errors are only to be expected when a player is learning his craft in a new country.

He recovered several situations where he had got himself in difficulty and won the ball back after a passing error so it would have been a good learning experience. Clearly, he will have improved since then and it sounds as though Pochettino thinks so too, the way he spoke about him in an interview in Spain.

A big thank you to:
 16 hours ago

La Liga writer. Can be found at  over the summer months.

He has translated a Mauricio Pochettino interview where he talks about young 20-year-old (21 next January) Argentinian centre-back Juan Foyth.

"When we signed him we knew it'd be difficult to offer regular football. What we wanted was him to adapt to English football without any pressure on his shoulders.

"First he needed to learn the language and then adapt to another culture and, of course, a different style of football. He's played in some cup games and he did very well. He's shown an incredible maturity. For me, he's got a lot of potential and has a great attitude.

"He's a central defender who possesses enormous quality. I hope next season he can provide a lot more to the team and that he can play more often so that he keeps developing.

"That's our objective, that he keeps improving step by step, that he can secure a place in the squad and can become an important player for us. I believe in him 100%."


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Ossie has faith in Foyth

12:30 pm

Juan Foyth out to make it at Spurs

A word from one Argntinian Spurs legend, Ossie Ardiles, Tweeting about another Argentinian making his way in the game and now looking to make a name for himself at Spurs too, 19-year-old (20 next January) centre-back Juan Foyth.

A word about Juan Foyth: Particularly delighted. A defender that "Can play". Very acomplished with the ball. Big big future. COYS

Spurs fans mustn't expect too much too soon from him as his first task is to settle in the country, with a new language and a new culture. It isn't always easy and becomes even more difficult if the language barrier isn't overcome. I have no idea whether he speaks English, but if not, he'll have to learn or he'll always feel on the outside and that isn't good for his happiness and therefore his football.

Erik Lamela struggled when he came to this country and it was clear he wanted to go back to Italy. We don't want a situation like that where a player is homesick. South Americans know though that if they want to make good money then they have to come to Europe where the game is richer so plenty have trodden the path he is now taking, they don't usually come to England though.

How many 19-year-old  South American youngsters can you name who have come over and succeeded in the Premier League?

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Foyth living the dream

10:30 am


New centre-back signing Juan Foyth revealed in his first interview with the club that he has always followed Tottenham since he was a little boy so and that the club is one that believes in youth so he wanted to come here and wanted to come to the Premier League.

The 19-year-old (20 next January) turned down PSG to come here, 21-year-old (22 next June) Colombian defender Davinson Sanchez turned down Barcelona, 32-year-old (33 next February) Spanish striker Fernando Lleorente turned down Chelsea and 24-year-old (25 in December) Ivory Coast defender Serge Aurier turned down Juventus and Manchester United, all to join Tottenham.

Foyth is excited to be here, speaks Spanish so will be able to communicate with Pochettino and his coaching staff while he leans English and of course new signing Fernando Llorente will help. He wants to make the most of this opportunity.

He said he is a laid back guy, family orientated guy who likes spending time with his friends and girlfriend, but has always had the dream of becomming a professional footballer. Moving to England and to one of the biggest clubs in the country is a bigger dream and isn't something that happens to everybody.

Foyth said his style was to bring the ball out from the back and to keep it on the floor, also that he is fast, which helps when players take him on of course. The Premier League, he said, was one-of-a-kind, one of the best leagues in the world and the UEFA Champions League one of the most important cups in the world.

This season he first of all ants to settle in London and then train hard every day to earn consideration for a place in the team.


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