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Rodgers turned Liverpool around in one season, can Pochettino?

8:30 pm
Former Liverpool and Republic of Ireland centre-half Mark Lawrenson, who is now a journalist and TV pundit, falls into the usual trap when he talks about managers at Tottenham.

Rodgers turned Liverpool around in one season, can Pochettino?

It is rare he tips Spurs for a win so I wouldn't expect him to realise that if you look closer at it Daniel Levy doesn't actually go through that many managers by today's standards.

Let's remember we live in a society that wants everything now and managing a football club is no different. Tony Pulis worked wonders with a squad that wasn't his half way through a season and won manager of the year. It is possible for a manager to have an impact if they are good enough.

Manuel Pellegrini instantly made an impact at Man City, they were very solid initially when he arrived. If you want a manager for longer term then he has to build for the longer term as well, simply doing what Harry Redknapp did and bring in old men loan signings, the same as he has done at QPR doesn't build anything for the future.

I applaud the work Redknapp did with us but it is now management, exactly what owners want, accept when they also want to build a sustainable future as well, then you need to be developing the youth.

Clive Allen together with Alex Inglethorpe have been interim managers twice, as has David Pleat and Tim Sherwood was an interim boss, even if he didn't know it, Levy also inherited a defensive Arsenal man in the job, George Graham so the truth of the matter is he has gone through less managers than other clubs.

Spurs have had 13 managers since and including 2001, of which 5 were interim/caretaker managers so a total of 8 permanent managers.

Premier League Champions Manchester City have had 8 managers since and including 2001, Southampton have had 17, Swansea City have had 13, Newcastle United, WBA, Sunderland have had 12, Blackburn Rovers have had 10, Norwich City have had 9, Fulham have had 8, Aston Villa have had 7.

Chelsea have had 5 managers since 2009 and Mark Lawrenson's Liverpool have had 3 managers in the last 4 seasons. It entirely depends upon how you want to look at it.

When Spurs were broke and mid table we needed a certain type of manager who would play entertaining football, then as the finances started to be sorted the priority was building the club to the point we are at now. In that time if you hire a dud, or your manager loses the dressing room he has to go or the club gets sucked down.

I know Sherwood was an interim boss but assume for a moment that he was retained for next season. Five probably six or more players would have left, the club would not be able to compete with the top four and would have been in danger of finishing 7th or 8th while he tried to build something and learnt the job.

The club can't afford to wait while something is built, with the talent you should be able to do it in a season, that's what Brendan Rodgers did. The talent to finish in the top four is in the squad, it's the managers job to harness that and show there is improvement to come.

Under AVB we simply kept the ball and didn't create anything, we relied on Gareth Bale and when he went nothing changed. There was no sign of any creativity at all, no sign we were going forward.

The fact that Tim Sherwood with no experience and having alienated the squad  just as AVB did just as well as the Portuguese speaks volumes.

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In his piece for the Liverpool Echo Lawrenson wrote about Mauricio Pochettino's appointment as Tottenham Hotspur Head Coach.

“I have been asked many times this week if I think Mauricio Pochettino is the right fit for Spurs.

“My answer? I genuinely couldn’t tell you. They go through manager after manager at White Hart Lane and I really can’t work out what they are looking for from the man in the dugout.

“Pochettino certainly did a very, very good job at Southampton and the club has become a conveyor belt for excellent young players.

“But Tottenham are a really strange club to manage, it seems.”

“If Spurs are at home and not 1-0 up after half an hour then the murmurs begin to circle around the ground. It has always been like that.”

It is clear to me that Daniel Levy wants a long term manager, that's why he appointed AVB in the first place, he has appointed Mauricio Pochettino for the same reason. If he is as good as my research suggests he is then Tottenham will be challenging for the top four as soon as his pressing game is working effectively, that is the key to everything.

“Pochettino will believe he is the man to bring success to the club but the big question at Spurs is: will he be given the time?

“Liverpool are reaping the benefits of giving Brendan Rodgers time to implement his ideas at Anfield.

“If he had finished seventh at Spurs in his first season would he still be in a job? It’s doubtful.”

Brendan Rodgers was appointed in 2012 before the summer transfer window opened and the 2012/13 season begun. It took one season to turn the club into title contenders, not just Champions League contenders, why should Tottenham not look for the man who can do the same.

The point Lawrenson overlooks is that Rodgers didn't take Liverpool backwards when finishing 7th, that's where they had finished for a few seasons, 7th, 6th, 8th, 7th. During the same time Spurs finished 4th, 5th, 4th, 5th. Rodgers took Liverpool up 1 places in his first season, if he had been at Spurs and taken them up 1 place while he implemented his ideas then yes he would have still been in the job.

Money has been spent at Tottenham, opportunities have been there but when push came to shove, failure. That may be a brutal assessment but that's what winning is about, excuses are for losers. Not all managers are equal, some are better than others, some fit clubs better than others, when we find a talented manager who fits the club he'll be around for a while, I've no doubt.

If Pochettino can instill his pressing game quickly into the squad then Spurs will surprise a few people, whether that is next season or the season after remains to be seen.

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Matt Le Tissier - Pochettino should have waited for the easy option

2:30 pm

Former Saints forward Matt Le Tissier thinks Mauricio Pochettino should have waited for a better role citing the pressure he will be under.

Matt Le Tissier - Pochettino should have waited for the easy option

One club man Le Tissier who was very talented but never fully developed the talent he had again showed the traits that held him back by suggesting Pochettino shouldn't test himself in a pressure situation.

"I probably wouldn't have made the same move, to be honest. I think in his position, his stock is very high. I would have maybe would have waited for a different club.

"The managers in the last few years at Spurs have not been given a fair crack of the whip and the pressure is on there.

"If he is not in the top four by Christmas, he will be under pressure. It is not a club that I would have said was the best one he could have maybe done for his career prospects."

Expectations at Southampton and Tottenham are miles apart. Money talks in football and without income it is extremely difficult to consistently challenge at the top of the table. As Spurs fans know only to well, the difference between aiming for top 6 and top 4 is enormous.

Tottenham have the 6th largest income in the Premier League and thus expectation from club and fans is Champions League football, nothing less will do.

Mauricio Pochettino should be applauded for wanting to test himself at a bigger club. He has a golden opportunity. Daniel Levy backs his managers and has been seeking a long-term appointment. If Pochettino can prove himself up to he task then he has the chance to build a trophy winning squad.

Some managers can't handle the expectation and there is no point hanging on to a manager who can't. Show progress and he'll get the time others haven't had, but the image of a chairman with knee jerk reactions is not entirely accurate in today's football. Chelsea for instance have had 10 managers, West ham, Villa, Newcastle all have a similar turn around.

Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger were and are the exception to the rule and they started when managers were given time, if they were starting their careers now they wouldn't be. We live in a world where everyone wants everything now and football merely mirrors society in that respect.

We replaced the class society with a materialistic society. Now it's not what class you are but what you can buy. It's all show, all fake, buy it now pay later approach. New chairman coming in have the same approach. I spent xyz where is my return, don't provide it you're out the door.

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Tony Pulis showed at Crystal Palace that you can make a difference in a small space of time, he won Manager of the Year. That buys you time. Spurs is a different scale, get top 4 and Pochettino will have bought himself time, time to develop a squad, time to develop the youth, time to develop the club.

That opportunity is in his grasp. It's not a job for the faint hearted or those like Le Tissier who look why someone shouldn't do something as opposed to why they should do something.

We are back to mentality again, one is a losing mentality, one is a winning mentality. Congratulations Mauricio for showing you have the required winning mentality to grasp the chance when it became available.

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Christian Gross 'I guess he deseves a chance'

8:30 am
Former Tottenham manager Christian Gross (1997-1998) was asked for his views on the appointment of Mauricio Pochettino at Tottenham by Sky Sports.

Christian Gross 'I guess he deseves a chance'

"First of all I'm sad for Tim Sherwood because he has quite a good record when he managed Spurs last season, and I'm quite happy for Pochettino because he did extremely well with Southampton.

"I guess he deserves a chance to become manager with a huge club like Spurs.

"I remember two years ago the former chairman at Southampton wanted to absolutely change the philosophy of coaching and training, so he put in Pochettino from Spain. And he made a big impact with this team.

"First of all they had no problems to get safe in the Premier League, and this year was an extremely good year. I know Cortese wanted to be in the top 10, and they got eighth, so that's a tremendous result.

"So I guess Pochettino has the capacity to repeat this performance, and to better because (Tottenham) want to finish in the top four."

Not exactly the most ringing endorsement I have ever heard even accounting for the different meaning his words may have had if spoken in his mother tongue.

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Former Spurs boss Gerry Francis - It's a big step for Pochettino

4:33 pm
Former England internation Gerry Francis Tottenham manager from 1994-1997 spoke to Sky Sports after the appointment of Mauricio Pochettino.

Former Spurs boss Gerry Francis - It's a big step for Pochettino

Q - How big a job is Mauricio Pochettino taking on at White Hart Lane?

A - "Well it's not the best kept secret in football was it but he did a magnificient job at Southampton, he plays the right football for Tottenham I feel for the Tottenham supporters but it's a big step.

"He's not that experienced in the Premier League. Managing Southampton and managing Tottenhan, the expectations levels of Tottenham, obviously in recent years they are looking to be in the top four, they are going to be looking to try and get into the Champions League so it is a big job and obviously it remains to be seen how he is going to do."

Q - Much has been made of Daniel Levy chopping and changing managers in recent years, Tim Sherwood didn't last very long in the last few months, it's the 10th new manager under levy since 2001. How important is it to you that Pochettino is given time, he's signed a 5-year contract?

A - "Yes it's probably a 5-year contract with a years break clause the way it goes these days. Obviously I think managers need time, it's the one thing you do need an probably the one thing you don't get in football.

"He will certainly need to be given time to adjust to the team, the players, because obviously at the moment it's a very big and good squad but they are not his players. He'll have to decide what he wants to bring in, what he wants to leave out and change but you do need time for that.

"As you say unfortunately in this game, as we've seen certainly very much this season, managers don't get a lot of time to put things right particularly in the Premier League."

Q - You've sat in that dugout, you've done the job, you know what it means to be the top man at Tottenham, you've talked about the expectations that will now be upon him, what do you feel the expectations will be for his first season at the club, will it be a top 4 finish, are those the ambitions, will it be immediate Champions League qualification?

A - "Well that's obviously what the situation has been in recent years. They've spent a lot of money to be fair to Daniel although he has had loads and loads of changes in mangers, as you say 10 since 2001 but he has spent a lot of money.

"He has supported his managers in terms of financial backing so I think even though he's got to go straight in now pre-season with his players, without his players, whatever the situation, Tottenham will be looking to try and get in that Champions League and will be looking to try to finish top 4.

"That's obviously the target so I think he will be under pressure to try and do that, at the same time to be fair to him you've got to give him at least a year to put things right and get his team in place but I certainly feel he will be under that pressure to try and get into that Champions League spot."

Q - Of course there is to sides to this coin, there is the Tottenham perspective he's their new boss but for Southampton they've now lost a manager who has done great things with them over the last 16 months or so. What do you think this could mean for them?

A - "Absolutely, people will be very disappointed, players, fans, directors alike but whoever manages to get that Southampton job what a great opportunity, what a great depth of talent they have got there still at the football club.

"Obviously whoever comes in to manage that football team will be hoping I'd imagine that they can keep a lot of those players that may well be representing England at the World Cup at Southampton so that they can utilise them next season.

"I certainly think it will be exciting for whatever manager goes in there with some of the talent they have got at Southampton at the moment."

Q - Yes they have got at the moment being the key thing. I suppose Southampton will have already read plenty of column inches and seen, heard there is a chance some of these key players could be leaving. Would those fears be exacerbated by the departure of Pochettino?

A - "I don't think they'd be helped but what's important obviously from their point of view is they get someone in really really quickly so the players and directors can identify the situation and the players they want to keep on can they keep. Will they have to sell, with the offers be such that they might have to let some players go.

"Obviously that remains to be seen right through the summer into the pre-season but certainly if I was coming in to manage Southampton with their squad of players they've got I think I'd be very pleased with what they've got there if they can actually keep hold of them. I would certainly be making an effort if I was coming in as manager to keep as many as I could."

Q - Back at Tottenham and the perspective there, new faces potentially there, are they a long way of a team and a squad that's capable of a top 4 finish?

A - "No they are not a long way off because in recent years they've done it once but they've been very very close and again this year, there was only a few points in it.

"I think what's very important is he has to sort out what he wants and how he wants to play, the players he wants as quickly as possible but they've got a decent squad that would cost hundreds of millions of pounds so another jon that on paper is a very very good job. It's a very very good club, an excellent club, a big football club and obviously what they'll be looking for, I'm certain of that, is be looking to try and get into that top 4 and that Champions League situation.

"I think the manager will be financially backed as the other managers have it's just a question of whether or not Pochettino will get the sort of time he needs to make things happen at Tottenham."

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The question is has Daniel Levy found the man who fits the strategy the club has, buy young, develop youth, improve players and increase their resale value if they are to depart the club. No club can hols on to every player so maximising each players value is a necessity whether fans like looking that way at things or not.

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Levy agrees we need a winning mentality

8:30 am
Daniel Levy used the words this website has been shouting for some time now as essential to any success, a winning mentality.

Levy agrees we need a winning mentality

Upon appointing 42 year-old Argentinian Mauricio Pochettino, Daniel Levy told the official website:

"In Mauricio I believe we have a head coach who, with his high energy, attacking football, will embrace the style of play we associate with our club.

"He has a proven ability to develop each player as an individual, whilst building great team spirit and a winning mentality. We have a talented squad that Mauricio is excited to be coaching next season."

That winning mentality has been sadly lacking at Spurs and the current squad have not shown the same winning mentality that players like Gareth Bale and Ronaldo show.

These players have risen to the level they are at because of their winning mentality. They put in the extra work that improves their game and elevates them, it is not surprise Bale scores so many important goals, that is a never say die mentality, a winning mentality. Manchester United used to have the same mentality constantly getting late winners, as do Arsenal.

What are we getting from the former Saints boss, this recent article with give you an insight.

What Tottenham can expect from Mauricio Pochettino

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Spurs need home grown Rose

10:30 am
As I anticipated would happen with the need for home grown players Danny Rose is to be offered a new contract.

Spurs need home grown Rose

Rose has been the one most picked on by Spurs fans as he still has a lot to learn and we want more of a finished article. West Ham has started to show an interest so Tottenham have moved to extend his contract to tie him to White Hart Lane.

Converted winger Rose is 23, in July he'll be 24 and although Franco Baldini is looking around for a left-back the former England U21 international and Great Britain Olympian has been told he is still a part of first team plans.

Last summer Rose said he did not want to sit on a bench, if he wasn't playing he'd be off. He has had spells of injury and Spurs haven't really had adequate cover. Jan Vertonghen is needed in the centre of defence and Kyle Naughton is a right-back.

The left side has been Spurs weakness for two seasons with a lack of cover in front of Rose exposing his positional play and rashness in the challenge. An experienced left-back is needed for him to learn from but also the demands of the Europa League mean Tottenham need two first team players in every position.

Only being able to name 17 foreign player over the age of 21 in a Premier League squad clubs have to maintain a quota of home grown players, which is why they cost a premium in the transfer market. Rose is currently one of the eight we need so selling any home grown players mean we would need to replace them.

The Summer Transfer Window Jigsaw explains the situation and how it affects Spurs particularly in greater detail.

Jake Livermore is expected to be sold and Tom Carroll returns from QPR to ease the situation slightly but Spurs can not simply sell all of Livermore, Rose, Naughton and Dawson without having to buy other overpriced home grown players.

Early in the season with Andre Vills-Boas defensive tactics Rose had the cover he needed and looked solid, he was playing well but when we released that and adopted a more attacking philosophy then his weaknesses were exposed. It's a balancing act that the new Head Coach will need to get right.

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Pochettino red hot favourite to be appointed this week

8:15 am
Tottenham are expecting to appoint a new Head Coach next week with fans number one choice Frank de Boer the Tottenham boards second choice.

Pochettino red hot favourite to be appointed this week

Mauricio Pochettino is the man Joe Lewis wants with Frank de Boer the back up option. Both have been interviewed, both want to come to The Lane and the board is split between the two but it is Pochettino who will be offered the role.

There is more to Pochettino than meets the eye as you'll see if you take a read of the following article written just a few days ago. 

What Spurs could expect from Pochettino

It is not thought that Carlo Ancelotti will be available. He is the only proven top quality manager possibly available and considered in light of Louis Van Gaal going to Manchester United. Enquiries will be made to clarify his position and should Spurs receive indications that he is staying at Real Madrid then Daniel Levy is expected to offer 42 year-old Argentinian Mauricio Pochettino his opportunity.

Players like Jan Vertonghen are aware it's a two horse race with Ancelloti entering if he becomes available and has voiced his approval by announcing he'll be staying at Spurs whoever is appointed.

Tottenham have once again gone for an up and coming manager with potential, a route that has really been forced upon them with no experienced top quality options available. It's a gamble again as it was with Andre Villas-Boas but their characters are different.

The background checks Spurs have done in Argentina reveal Pochettino to be a nice guy who knows his football. By that I mean someone at the other end of the scale than a thug, and I think we can all name a few of those playing the game.

They discovered he is tactically astute and innovative. He is highly regarded in Spain whereoutside the big two, whoever finishes best gets TV revenue that equates to finishing bottom of the Premier League. Thus if clubs achieve anything in Spain it is more down to managerial ability than money so results have to be looked at with that in mind. Pochettino was considered for the job at Real Madrid before it was given to Carlo Ancelloti so will be keeping an eye on his progress.

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At Espanyol they moved into a new stadium that simply drained their resources so they had to sell any decent players just to survive when the European Union insisted clubs in Spain had to pay tax and bank loans back. Any clubs that has to sell it's players every transfer window is going to struggle.

Pochettino was constantly left with youth players and short-term loanees to try and cobble a team together. Espanyol fans will tell you he worked miracles at the club and don't have a bad word to say about him, Saints fans it seems feel the same way.

Clearly there is more to Pochettino if you dig, he may well be a far better coach than Spurs fans have given him credit for, myself included.

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Next Spurs boss whoever loses Champions League Final?

11:00 am
The Champions league final takes place tomorrow evening between Atlético  Madrid and Real Madrid so will one of the two Head Coaches end up at Spurs?

Next Spurs boss whoever loses Champions League Final?

At first glance you would say it was nuts but there are factors at play here for both parties.

Back in April top London football agent Jonathan Hope of Revolution Sports Management revealed he had offered Atlético Madrid Head Coach Diego Simeone to a top London club at the beginning of the month.

“With club takeovers and transfers gearing up, we are in for one big window and with the World Cup approaching it’s only going to put more value on players.
“Staff turnarounds are going to be vital for clubs and I’ve proposed Diego Simeone and his Sporting Director Caminero to a top London club and they in turn have their own shortlist of players. With ongoing talks in regards to Benzema, Elneny and Basanta are huge for the Premier League."

He didn't say who a top London club were but it couldn't be Chelsea with José Mourinho there and there was never any chance of Arsene Wenger and Arsenal parting company regardless of any media speculation.

Atlético  has just won the Spanish League and now have the chance to add the Champions league against bitter local rivals Real. From there it's all downhill. He would have achieved everything he could achieve at Atlético  and staying would probably see him lose the La Liga title to either Barcelona or a smarting Real Madrid. Going out at the top makes perfect sense.

Newspaper reports both here and in Spain have questioned whether Carlo Ancelloti will remain at Real Madrid. There are suggestions that if he loses the Champions League final he will be gone with Florentino Pérez questioning his tenure.

Losing to bitter local rivals when you are the bigger club is unacceptable to the Madrid faithful. They crave a Champions League, losing it to Atlético  is a worse case scenario for them, it would be us losing it to Arsenal.

Real Madrid do turn over managers the way Daniel Levy does. Since Vincente del Bosque left in June 2003 there have been 11 managers.

Carlos Queiroz (Portuguese) - June 2003 to May 2004
José Antonio Camacho (Spanish) - May 2004 to September 2004
Mariano García Remón (Spanish) - September 2004 to December 2004
Vanderlei Luxemburgo (Brazilian) - December 2004 to December 2005
Juan Ramón López Caro (Spanish) -December 2005 to June 2006
Fabio Capello (Italian) - July 2006 to June 2007
Bernd Schuster (German) - July 2007 to December 2008
Juande Ramos (Spanish) -December 2008 to June 2009
Chilean Manuel Pellegrini - June 2009 to May 2010
José Mourinho (Portuguese) - May 2010 to June 2013
Carlo Ancelotti (Italian) - June 2013 to Present

It doesn't exactly make his position look safe does it and do you think president Florentino Pérez is going to take kindly to paying £100 million for a player to lose to your local rivals in a Champions League Final after losing La Liga to them as well?

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Has Frank de Boer met Levy this week? 

A third place finish in the league and only a Copa Del Rey to show for a season is not good enough in Madrid. After that final, won by a brilliant Gareth Bale goal, the president praised the players , fans, Barcelona, everyone except Ancelloti who it is said he has been moaning about behind the scenes.

The stories of Daniel Levy waiting until after the final to see what happens and the prospect of Carlo Ancelloti then coming to Tottenham are not as daft as they sound in that context.

If Real Madrid lose Carlo Ancelloti could be sacked and Diego Simeone could be seeking a new challenge. If Atlético lose Ancelloti could stay and then Simeone has a decision to make.

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The Pochettino Guessing Game

9:15 am
The guessing game continues with conflicting stories over the future of Southampton boss Mauricio Pochettino.

The Pochettino Guessing Game

This is like the Gareth Bale sage all over again, there were those of us who knew he was going and those who simply refused to believe it. The same seems to be going on with the press over Pochettino.

On the same day stories are printed that the 42 year-old Argentinian may reject Tottenham, an impossibility if he isn't even offered the job, due to a boardroom split, an unverified picture also emerges on Twitter of him at Hotspur Way, Tottenham's training ground.

People will read what they want to read into this, whatever fits their interpretation of events. In any interview process for a new manager, as with a new player, you show them the facilities. I don't take this as a definite indication that Pochettino is the next Spurs boss, merely that he is in the running and if offered it, will take it.

Football is about money and Tottenham have a bigger income of the two clubs, Financial Fair Play rules mean an owner can't just simply pump money in, they can't use their money on the playing side, wages, players etc. They can only use it on infrastructure.

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Has Frank de Boer met Levy this week? 

Managers want to progress the same as players so if Tottenham make an offer he finds acceptable and you'd expect wages not to be an issue then he'd say yes.

Frank de Boer, Carlo Ancelloti now look to be his rivals. There was news of Spurs meeting De Boer this week and Ancelloti is expected to be sacked if he loses the Champions League final, he may even go if he wins it such is the unpredictability of Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez.

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Bolo Zenden also claims Levy De Boer talks

9:24 am
Former De Boer international teammate has also heard about Tottenham and Frank De Boer talks he claims.

Bolo Zenden also claims Levy De Boer talks

In addition to the story I bought you yesterday about more than one ITK guy suggesting talks between Spurs representatives and Frank De Boer a former teammate of his has claimed to have heard the same thing.

Bolo Zenden was talking to TalkSPORT and said:

"I've also heard that Frank de Boer has been in touch with the people at Tottenham. If that's going to happen who knows?"

previous reports in Holland were suggesting Ajax, won hadn't won a title in 7 years before De Boer took over, were already looking at possible replacements. That is standard procedure, putting plans in place in case something happens.

Southampton have also made contingency plans starting their homework on potential replacements but that does not mean either manager is leaving their clubs.

Zenden was also an interim assistant manager at Chelsea under Rafa Benitez during his brief spell their and confirms Benitez would like to return to the Premier League one day.

"He loves the English game. He loves to manage his teams in England and it is just a sidestep to be back in Italy.

"He has won a cup [with Napoli] but I'm sure in the future he will be back in England. If that is going to be with Tottenham, I'm not sure.”
It was always doubtful to me that Benitez would want to leave Napoli for Tottenham and has poured cold water on the idea himself suggesting he could be in Italy for 10 years. That of course is just PR for the fans but does indicate that only having been there a year, it's too early to leave.

Frank De Boer however has made it perfectly clear he wants the Tottenham job and he is the people choice so go get him Daniel.

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Has Frank de Boer met Levy this week?

4:00 pm
It's been a quiet week on the new manager front with Mauricio Pochettino the flavour of the week last week while the other candidates were unavilable to talk to us.

Has Frank de Boer met Levy this week?

Frank de Boer was in Indonesia with Ajax on a pre-season tour and only arrived back on Saturday so the expectation was that we would progress forward with him this week if we were interested.

Carlo Ancelloti is tied up with Real Madrid until after the Champions League final when his future may be known. Ancelloti will know his own situation and will know if he has to win the Champions League to retain his job or not. It sounds harsh to us on the outside as they were only 3 points behind La Liga winners Atletico Madrid who they also face in the final.

Losing to your smaller rivals in 2 major competitions though may not go down so well in Madrid, it certainly won't with the fans.

Rafa Benitez has only been at Napoli a short while and taken them into the Champions League so although he'd like a return to the Premier League it is unlikely that now is the right time. His style of football would also be a concern but he has a winning track record.

There have been a few other names guessed at by the press, Claudio Ranieri was sacked by Monaco so was immediately mentioned as a possible candidate, everyone is a possible candidate!

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Frank de Boer going public upset the Tottenham bosses who you would expect have told him to be quiet. Now I know some of you leap on this stuff and some of you don't while others don't get to hear whispers at all so I'll bring you the latest whisper and you can decide for yourselves.

From more than one ITK guy the word is that De Boer had a meeting with us this week, which if true is clearly being kept very quiet. The meeting is said to have taken place with chairman Daniel Levy, technical director Franco Baldini and director of football administration Darren Eales, who I believe is also our barrister.

It made sense to me to interview all the candidates and select the best fit, rather than decide one candidate and go all out to get him as the press seemed to think we had with Pochettino. I questioned whether this was the case or whether we were going to go through the same process with De Boer and Benitez, if he was available, as well before making a decision.

Let us hope that if there was a meeting it went well, with Louis Van Gaal installed as Manchester United manager we could be having a mini Dutch invasion at the top of the Premier League.

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What Spurs could expect from Pochettino

8:30 am
Mauricio Pochettino calls upon the philosophies of Marcelo Bielsa, now coach at Marseilles for his inspiration and tactical strategy.

What Spurs could expect from Pochettino

Marcelo Bielsa was his former boss at Newell's Old Boys and for the Argentinian national side and Pochettino has adopted the 'intense pressure' approach that Bielsa sides use.

The Pochettino system is a 4-2-3-1 formation with high-pressing, two defensive midfielders, ball playing centre halves, distribution from the goalkeeper on the floor and the fullbacks providing width. An attacking trio support the lone striker and he places a significant emphasis on passing.

His defensive midfield duo play staggered, one slightly in front of the other who has more attacking responsibility. This player acts as the link player so will cover a lot of grass over the course of 90 minutes.

The Keys of his system are:
Retaining possession of the ball
High pressing of opponents
Players to stay on their feet
High tempo
Short passing
High defensive line

Always have someone spare when building from the back
Play vertical balls rather than sideways balls
Attacking midfield and three players in front of him interchange positions

Retaining possession of the ball enables two things, it allows opportunities for you to score and prevents opportunities for your opponent to score. The ball is only in play in a Premier League game for on average around 62 of the 90 minutes If a side has 60% possession of the ball they have on average 37.2 minutes to score, while the opposition only have 24.8 minutes.

If a side has 65% possession then they have the ball 40.3 minutes and limit the opponents to 21.7 minutes on average. The value is obvious.

Sandro is typical of the type of defensive midfielder Tottenham would need within a Pochettino system, one that tackles but tries to do so without going to ground in the Scotty Parker mode. The reason being if you are on the ground you are out of the game, having to get up and catch up which may present an opportunity for your opponent to exploit. Danny Rose for instance is a defender who appears to go to ground more in the tackle, great if you win the ball, trouble if you don't.

We are well versed with the high defensive line now which requires fast full-back and the subsequent squeezing of play which Hugo Lloris has done an excellent job of sweeping up behind. That allows the pressing of opponents high up the field where the team can hunt in a pack to win the ball back.

All that sound very similar to Andre Villas-Boas especially when you add in the short passing game to eliminate risk, but the key difference is that Pochettino prefers a high tempo whereas with AVB it was a slow tempo. Also the interchanging of the forward players from a set position is different from the more static central striker to feed or feed off.

Thus the big advantage the Pochettino system has over the AVB system is in attack where someone like Eriksen or Sigurdsson could benefit significantly.

Pochettino pressing game

He first asks players to close the central zones pushing the opposition into the wide areas of the pitch. Centrally there are more passing options and it's easy to switch play. Central midfield is the heartbeat of any team, it's often said you win the central midfield battle and you win the game so he looks to control it.

The object is to close off all the passing channels to make the opponent play the ball into the area you want them to play it. The theory is you try to leave your opponent one passing option, the worst option. If you have pushed a team wide the touchline cuts off passing options and limits space for them to work in giving you an advantage.

With the left sided weakness we have had in the last few seasons due to arguably our best player usually playing there, we'll need to improve how we deal with situations when we have pushed teams out wide.

Generally when playing a pressing game there are two options, you either push the opponent centrally where you out number them or you push them wide restricting the passing options to forward, forward inside diagonally, sideways, inside diagonally backward and backwards because of the touchline.

Employing these tactics means the midfield players have to be super fit as they have a massive workload. It's a role we bought Paulinho to play and i'd expect to see much better from him next season. Any squad therefore needs to have plenty of cover in this area with the players needing to be rotated to avoid burn out towards the end of the season.

Playing the same midfield players all the time with pressing tactics is not an option, especially with a potential 17 Europa League games to add to the 38 Premier League fixtures, FA Cup and League Cup ties.

Pochettino like his players to press as high up the pitch as possible with one of the front players making the decision when to trigger pressing instead of the more normal  defensive midfield player triggering it, as under AVB. He employs 'waves of pressure'.

The initial wave comes from a front pair who try to force the opponents goalkeeper and or defenders into a long ball clearance. Who the pair are depends upon which side the ball is and where the opponents are. Pochettino shifts from 4-2-3-1 to 4-4-1-1 when defending.

The second wave of pressure is applied if the defence has managed to pass the ball to the deep lying central midfielder. Pressure is applied aggressively when he is facing his own goal so as to not allow him the time and space to dictate the pace of the game the way someone like Michael carrick does at Manchester United.

If the defensive midfielder drops deep between the centre-backs to collect the ball then his sides man mark and cut off passing channels to limit his passing options. As with every pressing strategy everyone has a role to play and if one isn't doing his job the whole system falls apart, thus everyone must know their role and the roles of their teammates.

Against Liverpool at Anfield for instance Gylfi Sigurdsson playing central was not pressing his opponents when Lennon and Soldado were. Liverpool all the time in the world to pick the pass they wanted and punish us which they did. The defence have to push up and play a high line to close the gaps between the lines leaving little space for the opponents to work in.One player not pressing gives a release valve for opponents.

With the two defensive midfield players staggered in front of the defence, the more forward of the two has to provide cover if for instance the winger is out of position. The winger would then take his role when he gets back until they can safely swap over again. Generally the defensive midfielders okay behind the advanced full-backs providing a back three or four with the two centre-backs.

To achieve this requires a tremendous workload on the training ground but fortunately our players have played a high pressing game before so they won't be learning the strategy from new. That should reduce the training time required to bring all players up to speed with the system.

When his sides lose the ball while attacking the front four immediately press, the man closest presses the ball the others press the surrounding players cutting off passes while the full-backs either join in or drop back depending upon the likelihood of successfully winning possession back.

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Attention to detail

Pochettino is a very detailed coach. Spurs players will have particular drills depending upon the opposition situation. For instance if the opposition attack down the right from a goal kick there will be one drill and another drill if they attack down the left.

Football is not a game of go out and play but a game of in this situation we do this and in that situation we do that. Throw in individual skill and creativity and you have a chance of winning.

Players will be taught positioning, shown where to position themselves to cut off passing channels, certainly something some of our players could do with. When he arrived on the South coast he showed the Southampton players that a half a metre step forward, or metre step forward could cut off two passing channels, diagonally left and diagonally right, very important when you are trying to force the opponent into the worst passing option.

As I discussed in a previous article with a Sports Psychologists 48 point checklist, Pochettino also shows players how to position their body to dictate to the opposition, feet positioning have an impact here as well.

On the training ground he has Southampton playing 11 vs 11 every Wednesday frequently against the Development Squad. His staff on the sidelines organise patterns of play so everyone can practice their role within the various drills he likes to use, such as the aforementioned scenarios from goal kicks.

Beginning Attacks

He uses a standard set up from his own keepers goal kicks. The two centre-backs stand penalty box apart, the two full-backs hug the touchline as near to halfway as possible allowing one of the two defensive midfielders free to drop and collect the ball if it's not played to a centre-back.

From a goal kick his strategy is to get the ball to the full-backs as soon as possible. This takes any of the opposition forwards out of the game and any midfielders high up the pitch pressing as well. If no short ball is available then a long ball to a target man for a 1 vs 1 challenge is employed but retaining possession is the first and foremost option.

Pochettino like his sides to switch play often and to stretch opposition defences. Passing along the floor is a key element as it reduces the possibility of error (it's easier to pass along the floor than to chip a ball). Vision is an essential quality, he asks his players to constantly look round to see where teammates are and mentally register passing and or attacking opportunities.

Kyle Walker and our left-sided full-back will be expected to attack, making the opposition winger defend so those of you who still see fall-backs as defenders can expect to see more of what we had under AVB with them. The lone forward has to make off the ball runs to create gaps between the lines allowing a number 10 to operate.

System Problems

Players need to be intelligent footballers mentally ahead of the game, playing a reactive game puts the team in trouble and disturbs the system. When his teams understand and start to effectively implement his tactics then his teams can suffocate other passing teams high up the pitch, however teams who employ route one football like West Ham cause greater problems.

If long balls are employed the team falls back into a rigid defensive structure rather than adopt a pressure defence.

The system allows space out wide, it actively pushes team out there with space to exploit so the wide midfielders have a lot of work. Their designated area of responsibility is usually the edge of the penalty box to the touchline the complete length of the field. Pochettino asks his wide midfielders to move centrally to out-number opponents to be able to employ his pressing game.

With advanced full-backs this leave acres of space in behind wide for long diagonal balls. We all know our current weakness is wide left so plenty of work will be needed to counteract this if we are to enjoy sustained success.

The Southampton players have relatively few muscle injury problems which is something our side suffer from a lot. Pochettino does work on glueteal muscles before every training session, players have a prevention program they follow. If he can reduce the number of muscle injuries we get, Lennon seems to have three a season, Dembele is another, then our squad won't be so stretched all the time.

With this new Spurs squad there is an unknown factor, how they are going to handle expectation and pressure. This season has been a disaster but with a season in this country now there can be no excuses next season.

Having researched Pochettino's methods I would expect to see less injuries if he were appointed which would allow us to keep our talented players on the pitch more often. Injuries have constantly been a problem for us so perhaps our current prevention programs are not good enough.

He may not have the profile of Frank de Boer or the winning track record of Rafa Benitez but he could turn out to be our own Brendan Rogers.

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De Boer 'Ajax didn't create' - sound familiar!

4:00 pm
Just take a read at this Frank de Boer quote he recently made for a moment.

"When I first became coach Ajax didn't play football. They didn't create."

De Boer 'Ajax didn't create' - sound familiar!

Does that sound familiar? Under Andre Villas-Boas that is exactly the football we were playing, keeping the ball and creating nothing. The football was boring and the fans craved some excitement, there simply wasn't any now Gareth Bale wasn't there to paper over the cracks with rescue act after rescue act.

"I wanted to play dominant, attacking football, developing players from our youth academy and build a competitive team."

Isn't that exactly what we want? Isn't that exactly what we are trying to achieve? Simply dismissing what he has done because it is Holland and Ajax is a lack of understanding of Dutch football.

When Frank de Boer came to town Ajax had not won a title since 2003/04. Now he has taken them to 4 on the trot, something no other manager of theirs has done. He has achieved it consistently losing his best players, Luis Suarez (Liverpool), Jan Vertonghen, Christian Eriksen , Toby Alderweireld (Atletico Madrid).

They produce a who's who of football, Marco Van Basten, Dennis Bergkamp, Frank and Ronald de Boer, Johan Cruyff, Edgar Davids, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, Patrick Kluivert, Frank Rijkaard, Wesley Sneijder, Jaap Stam, Rafael van der Vaart, the list goes on.

Couldn't we learn a thing or two form a highly successful player and now a coach who successfully turns a club around? Oh for our youth system to produce players of that ilk.

"I think I've accomplished my mission. Now positional play and individual technique are the key factors for Ajax.
"I will only move for a big challenge in a big club, where I have the possibility to test myself."

Time for a new mission Frank, we Spurs fans overwhelmingly want you, time to turn around Tottenham and return us to the glory days.

Now there's a test for you.

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Will it be Frank de Boer week?

8:30 am
With Frank de Boer away on a post-season tour with Dutch champions Ajax Mauricio Pochettino took the limelight as flavour of the week.

Will it be Frank de Boer week?

Countless reports and ITK confirmed Spurs were in discussions with his agent Jonathan Barnett, the man who negotiated the summer long sale of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid at the end of last season.

The 42 year-old is the bookies favourite to start in the hot seat at White Hart Lane in August but he is not the only candidate. Overwhelmingly Spurs fans want Frank de Boer, believed to be the choice of Franco Baldini on the shortlist our technical director was asked to draw up.

Frank de Boer returned from Indonesia on Saturday and he is known to want his future sorted out by the end of the month. Reports in Holland have suggested that he has privately told friend he is joining Spurs but did annoy the club making public our phone call to Ajax Director of Football Marc Overmars asking about his availability.

Business is business however and you don't back out of a deal simply because your pride might be hurt. They can hardly complain about his conduct with the manner in which they treated Tim Sherwood. If the committee appointing the new manager believe the Champions League winning Dutchman is the best man for the job they will set about signing him.

Frank de Boer has covered all bases with the media so both sets of fans can be appeased, he has made quotes about seeing himself managing Tottenham and also that he'd be happy to stay another year at Ajax. Whatever happens he can now come out and say that was his intention all along. It's simply a media game.

De Boer wants his future sorted quickly, Spurs want a new manager quickly so this week should reveal whether Spurs retain an interest and are interviewing candidates or whether the powers that be have decided Argentinian Mauricio Pochettino is the man.

However there is a train of thought that suggests a spanner in the works. The Daily Mirror suggest that Daniel Levy is willing to wait until after the Champions League final to see if Real Madrid part company with Carlo Ancelloti.

For us Frank De Boer fans it's fingers crossed time.

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Pochettino is a massive gamble

8:15 pm
Neil Warnock has waded into the debate about the merits of Mauricio Pochettino taking the Tottenham job.

Pochettino is a massive gamble

The 42 year-old Argentinian is the choice of owner Joe Lewis and Tottenham have been discussing a potential deal with his agent Jonathan Barnett. In most online polls Frank de Boer leads Pochettino or Benitez 2 to 1 with fans concerned over his inexperience.

Andre Villas-Boas was a similar young inexperienced manager but with a Portuguese double and a Europa League to his name. However he couldn't handle the expectation at Spurs and ended up losing the dressing room and alienating the staff.

Mauricio Pochettino is not Andre Villas-Boas,by all accounts he is a very nice but determined man who expects total commitment to his philosophy. If appointed he would first have to win over the players and accept that the expectation of club and fans is Champions League football.

How he handles that pressure is an unknown, AVB started making excuses and blaming everyone else even the fans, a sure sign that pressure was getting to him.

Neil Warnock knows all about pressure, be it getting teams out of the Championship, play-offs or fighting relegation. He has worked with no money and trigger happy owners so when he talks about management it is from hard experience.

"I don't think Pochettino is the answer because he's inexperienced.

"To go to a club like Southampton, and I'm not being disrespectful to Southampton, there's no expectation. They've got young lads and they're going to sell one here or there whereas at Spurs there's so much expectation.

"Harry got them fourth and they've been trying to get fourth ever since and they've been thinking they were doing the right thing sacking all these managers.

"I don't think Pochettino's got enough about him. It's too big a club for him to warrant getting that job. It's a massive gamble if Levy does it but he might be the only one available."

Well he might not be the only one available Neil, but this week will tell us if he is the only one Spurs are considering.

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Sky Sports confirm Pochettino contract talks

9:18 am
Sky Sports have confirmed the story I reported yesterday, that Tottenham are discussing the finer details of a contract for Mauricio Pochettino, whose agent is none other than Jonathan Barnett.

Sky Sports confirm Pochettino contract talks

Jonathan Barnett is well known to Spurs fans being the agent of Gareth Bale.

The Argentinian is the choice of owner Joe Lewis, quite how much our owner knows about football I don't know, but he knows about business and making top level appointments. This feels more like making a major company appointment rather than appointing the best football manager for the job.

Daniel Levy has spoken recently to the Tottenham Hostspur Supporters Trust confirming to them that it is important any manager fits the Tottenham ethos and produces teams that play entertaining football. Pochettino can produce entertainment but can he produce success as well? He doesn't have any track record of doing so and his Premier League win ratio is less than 39% and in Spain 33%. Hardly sets the pulses racing.

Frank de Boer, who thought he was coming to Tottenham, has now had to backtrack knowing Spurs are negotiating with Pochettino so announced yesterday that he would be happy to stay at Ajax, keep the team together and try to push on in Europe. Excellent PR for their fans if he remains there.

Should talks with Pochettino break down, and that doesn't seem likely, then his interest would be sparked again and you'd hear him say he has never ruled out moving to Tottenham, which of course he hasn't. All he has said is that he'd be happy to stay at Ajax not that he is staying.

But it's Pochettino in the driving seat as Daniel Levy seeks to make a swift appointment. The 42 year old is not the choice of the fans who vote 2-1 for Frank de Boer but he'll get our support even if we don't think he is what we need.

He feels like Andre Villas-Boas without trophies, by that I mean a young relatively inexperienced coach with ideas taking a step up in his managerial career. You could argue the same about Frank de Boer but he has stature and a winning record as both a player and a coach.

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Pochettino will have to  deal with international squad of players on higher wages that contain some temperamental characters so how he deals with keeping internationals happy sitting on a bench is unknown.

AVB couldn't handle it at two clubs, he hit a managerial ceiling, will Pochettino be of the same ilk?

It's not yet known whether the deal for Pochettino will be concluded and signed or whether Daniel Levy will get an agreement in place and then hold the same discussions with De Boer or Benitez, if indeed Benitez even wants to come to Spurs which personally I doubt. We will find out next week when De Boer is back from the Ajax post season tour.

If it is to be Pochettino let's hope he is better than the feelings his appointment genders. Frank de Boer inspires supporters to say yes and be excited for the future, Pochettino inspires nothing more than an OK he's the man is he, fair enough, I'll get back to my book.

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Pochettino announcement soon

8:31 am
The word from the In The Know guys is that Daniel Levy met Mauricio Pochettino on Tuesday 13th May and the job is his if the inside word is correct.

Pochettino announcement soon

The daily papers have talked about Spurs having to pay £2 million compensation which I'm led to believe is being finalised and our assistance that he speaks English in press conferences, which he can do.  At the moment he simply chooses to use a translator.

His salary will be £3 million a year and his coaching staff will come with him, assistant manager Jesus Perez, coach Miguel D'Agostino and goalkeeping coach Toni Jiminez.

Quite where that leaves Steffen Freund is unclear, I have long thought he would end up as Head of Player Development overseeing the youth development. Les Ferdinand and Chris Ramsey will be leaving the club possibly joining Tim Sherwood in his next appointment. Presumably that means either a reduced role for Tony Parks or he'll be leaving the club as well.

Pochettino would be a rather under whelming appointment but he's the man Joe Lewis wants so he is the man we have gone after. I'd rather have Frank de Boer myself, a proven winner, the appointment of Pochettino doesn't raise any excitement or expectation at all.

Louis Van Gaal was a proven winner and we have gone from there to a man who hasn't won a thing. What is the criteria for appointing a manager, you can't have different criteria for different managers. It makes a mockery of going after Van Gaal, he and Pochettino are chalk and cheese.

If we have these three candidates, Pochettino, De Boer and Benitez, shouldn't we interview them all instead and pick the one we feel matches us best instead of making the decision who it should be before we talk to any of them? Maybe that's where we are going wrong.

Southampton have a wage ceiling so can't attract the players to climb the table any higher, they are now looking to consolidate which does not fit with  Pochettino's ambition. As with so many managers he wants to push on but finances rule football these days so that means moving to a club that has an income that can compete higher up the table. He has apparently set his sights on coming to Tottenham.

The players at Southampton like working with him so there is a real possibility of poaching from them with the higher wages we can offer.

Adam Lallana will be leaving with Liverpool wanting to pay £20 million for him and Manchester United interested. However Pochettino coming to Spurs adds the possibility of Lallana joining him, which has Liverpool worried. The Argentinian has apparently told him not to sign anything yet.

There will be more purchases than were going to be expected at Spurs this summer with a lot of disillusioned players on our hands. The image they were sold of Tottenham's ambition is not what they have found and this season has been a total disaster.

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How many players we will actually be able to keep hold of is unclear, the new Head Coach will have discussions with them but at the moment Hugo Lloris and Jan Vertonghen both want to leave but there is also a whisper Vertonghen would stay if Frank de Boer is appointed.

Etienne Capoue would be happy to leave and nearly joined Napoli in January, they are expected to come in for him again. Emmanuel Adebayor will go if someone matches his wages after his successful spell so he might end up at Monaco.

Atletico Madrid will stump up £20 million to buy Roberto Soldado but don't want to pay any more, Younes Kaboul hasn't done anything to warrant a contract extension so if we want any money for him he'll be gone this summer.

On the bright side Sandro is likely to stay now Sherwood has gone, otherwise he was off as well and Erik Lamela might feel better with a fellow countryman in charge.

During this window, which opens on June 9th in the Premier League and July 1st in Spain, France, Italy and Germany, we look like we'll be needing a goalkeeper, two centre-backs and a striker for starters.

Now I must stress once again the Pochettino news comes from the ITK boys but I'm still hoping that this week sees us interviewing the Argentinian and next week we interview Frank de Boer next week after he returns from the Ajax end of season tour to Indonesia tomorrow.

There is a piece of ITK that says that is going to happen but the Pochettino news does sound very solid and the fact that he is Joe Lewis's choice only adds weight to that.

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Lewis/Pochettino vs Levy/Benitez vs Baldini/De Boer

8:31 pm
It's a three horse race between owner Joe Lewis, part owner and chairman Daniel Levy and technical director Franco Baldini.

Lewis/Pochettino vs Levy/Benitez vs Baldini/De Boer

Joe Lewis is represented by his rumoured choice Mauricio Pochettino, Daniel Levy by his rumoured choice Rafa Benitez and Franco Baldini by his rumoured choice Frank de Boer.

Tottenham have their strategy in place and have their management structure in place, neither of those are changing. The chairman's statement to the fans made that clear when he said Spurs would be appointing a new Head Coach. That signals that the technical director role stays.

The youth based business model is the only long term model that fits our income bracket. We have to develop players to either improve the team or sell, or both. The academy has it's role to play in producing players to sell, players like Jake Livermore who has a cup final to play and then hopes to complete a £6 million move to Hull City.

As with any interview Tottenham will have their criteria but these managerial interviews are not all about a club saying this is what we want, can you do it. They are about hearing the vision the candidate has as well, what does he see for Tottenham, why does he feel he can make a difference, what is he bringing to the table.

The club sell a vision to a prospective manager but a prospective manager also sells a vision to the club.

Frank de Boer

Baldini wants Frank de Boer

Franco Baldini's choice, 44 year-old Dutchman Frank de Boer, will want control of football coaching from 8 upwards, no doubt his brother would come in as the finishing coach, the coach who prepares youth players just below the first team squad, a role his fulfils at Ajax.

Before interviewing De Boer Spurs need to know about the youth coaching at Ajax and how his ideas would affect the Tottenham academy. Would they integrate or would wholesale changes be needed? Does Levy want to give up that control?

There is no doubting his winning credentials both as a player and a manager, he has won a Champions League and played at one of the biggest clubs in the world. Now he is breaking records in Holland. It may be time for him to move to a bigger stage, almost AVB with experience you could say.

He teams play with a free flowing style though so fit with the Spurs vision, he has already said he could see himself managing Tottenham and remarked on our history so you feel he would have a feel for the club.

The 4-3-3 system comes before the players, much like Louis Van Gaal and developing the individual player ranks highly as does youth development.

Not the bookies favourite but probably the fans choice.

Frank de Boer - Player


    Eredivisie (5):1989–90, 1993–94, 1994–95, 1995–96, 1997–98
    KNVB Cup (2): 1992–93, 1997–98
    Johan Cruijff Shield (3): 1993, 1994, 1995
    UEFA Champions League (1): 1994–95
    UEFA Cup (1): 1991–92
    UEFA Super Cup (1): 1995
    Intercontinental Cup (1): 1995


    La Liga (1): 1998–99

Frank de Boer - Manager


    Eredivisie (4): 2010–11, 2011–12, 2012–13, 2013–14 (Dutch record)
    Johan Cruijff Shield (1): 2013

Assistant coach


    2010 FIFA World Cup: Runner-up

Rafa Benitez

Levy wants Rafa Benitez

Daniel Levy's choice, 54 year-old Spaniard Rafa Benitez, concentrates more on the first team and let's his team deal with development. Does that approach sit better with the academy set up. Do we just need a new Head of Player Development to take over the role Tim Sherwood had before his elevation. That was working well with players now coming through so having a Head Coach who concentrates on the first team fits the football model.

He is a proven multiple winner with European titles and Premier League titles to his name. His preferred formation is 4-2-3-1 using squad rotation and zonal marking, which our defence has struggled with previously. His team are not flamboyant but methodical. He wouldn’t  have us playing the Tottenham way but he would have us competing and winning.

Do we want entertainment or do we want to win things, we won't get both with Benitez and that will split fans. He is not renown for developing youth players and that is part of our criteria.

Rafa Benitez - Player


    Tercera División (1): 1981–82

Rafa Benitez - Manager

Real Madrid U-19s

    Spain U-19 League (1): 1992–93
    Spain U-19 Cup (2): 1990–91, 1992–93


    Segunda División promotion (1): 1997–98


    Segunda División promotion (1): 2000–01


    La Liga (2): 2001–02, 2003–04
    UEFA Cup (1): 2003–04


    FA Cup (1): 2005–06
    FA Community Shield (1): 2006
    UEFA Champions League (1): 2004–05
    UEFA Super Cup (1): 2005


    Supercoppa Italiana (1): 2010
    FIFA Club World Cup (1): 2010


    UEFA Europa League (1): 2012–13


    Coppa Italia (1): 2013–14

Mauricio Pochettino

Lewis wants Mauricio Pochettino

Joe Lewis's choice, 42 year-old Argentinian Mauricio Pochettino, is a bit of a dark horse. He improved players at Southampton but they were players already there, he is not proven in the transfer market. He has never won anything as a manager and has only improved teams to mid table. Tim Sherwood put 6 past him and beat him twice.

His teams attack, they play the pressing game we are now used to in a 4-2-3-1 formation. His side would play the Tottenham way so he'd bring entertainment, but would he bring success? Erik Lamela would presumably appreciate him being appointed being a fellow Argentinian.

He develops youth which is a requirement but it's that nagging doubt whether he has what it takes to win trophies. He left Espanyol bottom of the league having taken them off the bottom to mid table and finished mid table in the previous one and a half campaigns.

Mauricio Pochettino - Player

Newell's Old Boys

    Argentine Primera División: 1990–91, Clausura 1992


    Copa del Rey: 1999–2000, 2005–06

Mauricio Pochettino - Manager


The same could be said of Brendan Rodgers and he nearly won the Premier League so given the resources it's possible he could have the same significant impact, it's just that there is no evidence to back it up, his appointment would be a guess. Should you simply be guessing for such an important appointment or should you be minimising the risk as much as possible.

There are pros and cons for all three so the three wise men have a lot of discussion to do, a lot of homework to do on the candidates, I suspect we'll know soon enough their decision.

Pochettino is available for interview, De Boer is available next week so perhaps  the process will move forward then. Tottenham need to appoint a Head Coach by the end of the month so when the transfer window opens on June 9th we have a man and strategy in place.

The transfer window in Holland opens on June 11th, in France, Germany, Italy and Spain it opens on July 1st so a new Head Coach would have little time to get his feet under the table.

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Friedel - Sherwood was an interim appointment

7:30 am
Tottenham Hotspur reserve goalkeeper Brad Friedel has spoken to BBC Radio 5Live and confirmed that Tim Sherwood was appointed as an interim boss.

Friedel - Sherwood was an interim appointment

"I thought Tim, especially in his first managerial job, conducted himself very well.

"He wears his heart on his sleeve. He was asked to take control on an interim basis with players who weren't necessarily his and I think he did really well."

From the beginning it was clear to me that the 18 month contract was merely a smokescreen to prevent our gutter minority from hurling childish abuse at him. Every club has them, Rafa Benitez had to endure it at Chelsea so Levy sought to put up a smokescreen that fooled the press and many fans for a while.

Clearly however the players knew as Spurs were sounding out people behind the scenes. Agents within the game naturally tell their other clients and it becomes common knowledge within the game. Spurs players knew he was only a temporary boss until the World Cup as Sherwood himself pointed out, the players were telling him his future, not his employers.

Sherwood was naturally hoping that he performed a miracle with a set of layers who weren't his, he wasn't allowed to bring in any players in January, why would you have an interim boss buy players. The results he achieved would have seen us finish 4th over a whole season despite everything, that isn't worth the vile abuse he received.

"Yes, I think he's good enough to do the job in the Premier League, whether with Tottenham or somebody else. I think he has a great future ahead of him, as do Les Ferdinand and Chris Ramsey, who I'm sure he will have on his staff if he's fortunate enough to get another job."

Daniel Levy inserted a termination clause into the 18 month contract that allowed him to remove Sherwood at the end of the season, that was always the plan. Louis Van Gaal was to be the next boss, that verbal agreement was already in place.

The spanner came in the form of Manchester United who tipped him off that they were going to sack David Moyes and asked him to wait for that job. Cesare Prandelli signed a new contract with Italy so Levy had to sound out his third choice, Frank de Boer.

That was when everything started to unravel and the truth started coming out. Sherwood knew he was going to be sacked whatever he did, whatever results he achieved. Naturally he was disappointed but in his heart he must have known that all along, we did.

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Departing with him are Les Ferdinand and Chris Ramsay which means we have cleared the decks for the new boss to appoint his own team, there is even the position of Head of Player Development to fill, a role perhaps Ronald de Boer will be taking up if his twin brother does indeed become our next Head Coach.

To be honest I'm not sure Les Ferdinand is a good coach, he couldn't teach Jermain Defoe to attack the 6 yard box which is basic attacking, but I wish him and Chris Ramsey well.

I wish Tim Sherwood well and agree with Friedel, he has what it takes to become a top manager because he is a winner. At the moment he simply lacks the knowledge and experience.

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Spurs still want Van Gaal

8:03 pm
The future of Louis Van Gaal is overtaking the preparations of the Holland squad for the World Cup, just the scenario the Dutch wanted to avoid.

Spurs still want Van Gaal

At a press conference it was where The Holland boss would he be next rather than how are Holland going to do in Brazil.

"I'm here as Dutch national team coach, not the future Manchester United coach.

"You must wait until the process is complete. If you want to know more, then you must put questions to Manchester United, or perhaps to another club.
"I cannot say anything further about it."

Why mention another club which can only be Tottenham given his stated desire to come to the Premier League. Has Daniel Levy contacted him or is he trying to throw reporters off the trail.

"I said a few words last week about Manchester United because there were uninvited English journalists here and I thought it would be a little mean spirited if I did not answer a few of their questions.

"I mumbled a few words to them and, from that, they write 60 full pages. But you can't do anything about it."

The Dutchman was asked if he would be flying into Manchester tomorrow to sign a deal with Manchester United.

"Ask Manchester, I don't know. Now there will be press sitting outside my house tomorrow to see what I'm doing."

It had been thought that he had already agreed a deal with Manchester United, is that now in doubt?

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