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VIDEO: How to influence a referee Chelsea style

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VIDEO: How To Influence A Referee Chelsea Style

The video below shows how to influence a referee Chelsea style. It shows just some of the incidents in the Chelsea verses Spurs game clearly shows the spoilt children in blue moaning and complaining to the referee all the time in an attempt to intimidate him. Mikel is getting involved all the time, Diego Costa, John Terry and Cesc Fabregas could all have been sent off.

While people may want to highlight the over the top Spurs performance, it was clear Chelsea were trying to get players sent off. At each incident, you can see players not involved remonstrating with the referee. This kind of cheating is a tactic they are well versed in and have used many times, their players have learnt how far they can push a referee and the tactic clearly worked.

President Confirms Spurs Are Watching His 24-gaol Serie B Striker

Danny Rose barged over Willian and the Chelsea player was then squaring . The usual hounding of the referee occurred but when Lamela was barged over in the second half just beyond the halfway line Mark Clattenburg did nothing. Why the clear bias?

It can only be because Chelsea applied pressure on the referee, by first reacting to draw attention to the incident and give themselves a chance to hound the referee and secondly to try and provoke Danny Rose to get him sent off. That's why Pochettino intervened and was himself jostled by Chelsea players.

Neither side were blameless but the FA and Premier League need to do something about this clear intimidation of referees. They are only human, they can be swayed, Mark Clattenburg certainly was, many more Chelsea players should have been booked. Players were going right through the back of Harry Kane and Clattenburg did nothing, didn't even have a word with the players, just waved play on. Why?

How is it advantageous to have the ball on the halfway line, when Kane is fouled around the box and we have one of the best free-kick exponents in the Premier League? It's a disadvantage. Why, when a Chelsea player was fouled did he play on and because their player wasn't going anywhere with the ball, called it back for a foul inside their own half? Why didn't he apply the same rule to Spurs?

When Eric Dier committed his bookable offence, which should have been red, you can clearly see several Chelsea players manhandling Clattenburg, which is a booking offence but he allows them to do so with impunity. There are rules there to prevent it so why are they not enforced?

The FAand Premier League must shoulder the blame for not bringing in easy rules to give referees sufficient authority and protection so clubs can not influence officials in this way. The officials would then have the backbones to make the right decisions, instead of influenced ones.

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Clattenburg given no respect by the FA and Premier League

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Clattenburg Given No Respect by the FA and Premier League

Mark Clattenburg has been given no respect by the FA and the Premier League, nor has any other referee asked to run the gauntlet of players each and every game. We talk about mentality for players but think about officials subjected by total disrespect from players trying to cheat and con them every single game.

Last night was a prime example of why I once again wrote an article suggesting we need to back referees and give them the authority they require to do their job properly.

I wrote how Chelsea use surrounding and hounding the referee as a tactic to get him to give more decisions their way. They do it as a team to intimidate and cast a seed of doubt, so next time they get the benefit of doubt.

Cesc Fabregas was going from referee to assistant referee ranting and raving while the referee was surrounded and being hounded, That was just one incident. Players had to get involved all the time in things that had nothing to do with them.

You constantly see a referee asking players to move away or be quiet and rarely do they do as asked. They move two yards at most when the league should issue an instruction that they should move 10 yards away when requested ith only the captain allowed to talk to the referee, as in rugby. You have hardly any controversy, but then perhaps that is what the authorities actually want, as it generates media coverage.

Something has to be done, They are being undermined by allowing sides like Chelsea to continue their surrounding and intimidating policy. It's thug mentality. The game against PSG shows it happens regularly with them, 9 within a couple of metres or yards, depending upon which era you are brought up in.

Clattenburg given no respect by the FA and Premier League

That is just one game, there are countless incidents so why have the FA and Premier League done nothing about it. Ten yards or its a yellow card.

It is a simple rule change and simple to implement. it gives the referee a status they have to respect. What is the use of running respect campaigns when they can't bring in rules to give the officials respect. If you hand control of the game back to the referee and give him the backing to manage the game properly, with the respect the position deserves, then you continue to undermine their authority in every game.

Lat night just shows how urgently it is needed. Give the referee protection and perhaps he'll have the confidence to make the big calls like issuing a penalty to Manchester United in the last minute. Yes, it would have meant we would have had players sent off last night but if the referee was given authority then the players would have behaved differently.

The Football Association and the Premier League need to get their act together and take their responsibilities to officials more seriously.

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Costa hands round Vorm's throat in brawl

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Costa Hands Round Vorm's Throat In Brawl

There will be a lot for the authorities to sort out with the after-match brawl and general melee last night. Obviously at times like this rumours fly around and we the fans don't know the full extent of what happened or how much the tunnel cameras and microphones picked up.

I have seen suggestions that Diego Costa bit Michel Vorm, he certainly has him by the throat in the video below. Both sides let themselves down last night. It all boiled over and people trying to prevent problems escalating, like when Pochettino ran onto the pitch to keep Rose and Willian calm, are accused of trying to cause trouble or take part in it.

Both clubs will undoubtedly be charged for not controlling their players, what will be allowed to come out we'll have to wait and see.

The draw was caused by our midfielders passing the ball backwards to much and putting us into a defensive mindset. Midfield Must Take Responsibility For The Second Half

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Midfield must take responsibility for the second half

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Midfield Must Take Responsibility For The Second Half

Midfield Must Take Responsibility For The Second Half

The second half was disappointing, pundits say Eden Hazard changed the game, I disagree, we changed the game, we changed our approach and that was the errror. that mattered.

Our game hinges on running off the ball. In the second half, a few of the players started playing keep ball which forced others too and thus we weren't playing as a team. The midfield have to hold their hands up and take responsibility.

In an attacking mindset, players run off the ball in a creative positive mentality, when you are passing backwards all the time then players mindset changes, they stop the runs that create and make runs that simply find space, usually the safe option, backwards.

Thus, you invite the opposition to attack you. Kyle W£alker was making overlapping runs and we were passing the ball backwards taking him out of the game so clearly it wasn't instructions from Pochettino, it was a few players in midfield that then saw us play more and more backwards. It happens almost without noticing.

if yu are going to play keep ball, you do it in the opposition half just beyond the halfway line. How many times did we pass back to Hugo Lloris? He then played the ball to Rose or Walker and instead of being on the halfway line we are now trapped in a corner having to hoof the ball upfield to Chelsea. That is not how we play, the player are not used to playing that way and it showed, we didn't have the calmness of mind, we didn't have the nous.

It is a mentality issue that will need to be addressed. The result was that we invited Chelsea on, we came under pressure and we lost the plot, 9 bookings tell us that. It doesn't matter what Clattenburg was allowing Chelsea players to come through the back of Kane with saying a word to them or anything else, we have to handle what is thrown at us. He had no option but to book our players and could have sent several off from both sides quite frankly.

The game will be a learning curve for a young squad.

Congratulations to Leicester City, we'll see you in the Champions League.

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Chelsea form is better away from home

11:30 am

Chelsea form is better away from home

Tottenham face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and the Chelsea players have  been saying publicly that they don't want Spurs to win the title which hasn't gone down well with the Spurs boys so there will be determination on both sides.

Over the last 15 games Chelsea have been showing Champions League form, they would be fourth in the table with 27 points and we would be second on 33 points. Chelsea have scored 30 goals in that time and let in 17, we have scored 31 and only let in 10.

Over the last 20 games, we sit top of the table while Chelsea would be seventh. Over the last 10 games, we sit second and Chelsea sits sixth.

Just looking at home form, over f5 games Chelsea are eleventh, over the last 10 they are thirteenth, over the last 15 games twelfth.

On away form we sit second over the last 5 games, first over the last 10 games, second over the last 15 games.

What all that tells us is that Chelsea have been a better side away from home than at home and in comparison, we hold the upper hand. We may be playing away but there is nothing to fear from a trip to Stamford Bridge this season. They may well be more motivated against us, but we have been playing well against all the top sides, we did beat manchester City away and they have been strong at home.

A point will virtually guarantee us a top three finish, having already guaranteed a top four finish. We obviously want to do better than that and leave the Bridge with three points to put what pressure we can on Leicester.

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The Big 7 League - Chelsea Bottom

8:31 am
For those who believe the league title and top four are determined by how we get on against our major rivals here is the Top 7 table produced by bass playing Andrew Beasley.

The big seven mini league makes pretty good reading for Liverpool, not least s they've played all 6 aways.

As you can see this is our 6th game against the traditional top 7 and our third away game after 14 rounds of fixtures. Stamford Bridge is not a place we have had much joy over the last 10 or more years, but then we were saying the same about Old Trafford and we have won there several times now. 

We have taken a point there in 2012 (0-0) and 2013 (2-2), we then go back to 2008 (1-1) for a point, 2004 (0-0), 2003 (1-1), 1995 (0-0) and (1-1), 1993 (1-1). On 10th February 1990 Gary Lineker and David Howells scored in a 2-1 victory, the last time we have taken three points from Stamford Bridge.

The barrier, once broken, is easier to break again. Subconsciously you are not longer hoping for a win because you know it is possible, you have already done it. prior to that though there is always self-doubt of some degree, it's why clubs like to build a fortress at home and why players will talk about it to reinforce it when they can, Alderweireld has recently about White Hart Lane.

This weekend would be a good time to break that barrier.

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Eriksen could learn from Chelsea

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The expected defeat surrounded Chelsea taking their chances and us not taking ours. We took the game to them straight from the start and were the better side, however the couple of chances we created we didn't convert and soon Chelsea waltzed through our back line.

Eriksen could learn from Chelsea

Hazard cut in from the left, shepherded by Lennon, then having played the ball inside cut between Lennon and Chiriches. It was Chiriches, the player goal side of him whose responsibility he was. Then the Hugo Lloris error, a similar one to Manchester City last season, put the game beyond our reach.

Christian Eriksen is lauded but our supporters but unless he scores a goal, in which case everyone says what a wonderful game he had, what does he actually do around the box? His job there is to unlock the defence, to make a pass that leads to a goal attempt. Now many will pint to the fact that we play without much width, crushing the defence tighter together to make it more difficult for ourselves to play that pass and that is true.

But we do the same with opposition teams, we have a defence tightly together at times, such as for Chelsea's first goal. With our tightly packed defence though, 1 run and 1 pass unlocked it. Where is that from Eriksen at the other end? His chip against Sunderland was superb, we need more from him creatively.

Now that may sound harsh to some but if we are to improve we have to look for the things that make the difference, the things that are not working and try to fix them, you can't fix a mistake or problem if you don't know it exists so the first task in any improvement process is to assess the problems.

You then have to decide solutions and or an order in which to rectify them.

The clear the air meetings were a first step, the senior players being told to get their finger out or they'll be sold or left to rot was the next step. We saw improvement against Everton and the performance against Chelsea wasn't bad but it was limited.

Leaving Soldado out was disappointing, having scored the winner in the last game I had hoped we would take the chance to try and boost his confidence further by playing him against Chelsea. Instead we dropped him, basically saying we don't think you are good enough. Those tactics didn't work under Tim Sherwood and surely against Chelsea we could have used our most creative player around the box. Simply giving him 20 minutes at the end when the game is over was a waste of time and probably more harmful than not playing him at all.

Still that's a tough game out the way that has done nothing to deflate the renewed optimism for the remainder of the season now the players know they are no longer in control of the club. Starting with Crystal Palace, a rare Saturday fixture, we need to go on a winning spree, Palace at home, Swansea away, Burnley at home, Leicester away before we play Man U and Chelsea.

A couple of weeks ago four wins in the next four games would have been unthinkable but now it is perfectly possibly with the right approach, that being that these games are just as big as playing Chelsea or Arsenal, they carry the same three points.

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A draw the best Spurs can hope for

9:50 am
A few websites seem to be clutching at straws by suggesting Tottenham have a hope of beating Chelsea. The realists among us assess the game and see a draw as the best result we are likely to achieve.

A draw the best Spurs can hope for

History tells us we struggle at the Bridge and struggle against Chelsea since a Russian billionaire pumped millions into his new toy. Chelsea are strolling along with performances that suggest they will be crowned, as many of us suspected at the start of the season, champions while Tottenham have put in one half decent performance.

Our form is a million miles away from Chelsea's but then it was also a million miles away from Arsenal's and but for a Lamela mistake we would have pulled off a defensive game plan. Presumably we will be going to Chelsea with the same sort of defensive game plan and a hit them on the break approach. It's the only sort of approach one can envisage working, surely if we go to attack and play football they'll pass round us.

The Pochettino style is high pressing and that woks against teams who like to play football, however you could argue that despite being at Tottenham for 5 months it is only in the last game that the side have started to play the way he desires. Spurs are not the finished article in that respect so you could see us getting punished with their passing ability.

Many will suggest we are on a three game winning streak yet two of those wins have only been achieved after the opposition went down to ten men while leading. Our away record is 4-2-2 but could easily have been 2-2-4, then you would suggest we should be long double figure odds for a win. Against Chelsea we last won in 1990 and have never won at Stamford Bridge in the Premier League.

Liverpool hammered us, Manchester City, despite what many think, could easily have scored eight against us, it's only the Arsenal game that gives any hope against UEFA Champions League sides. But then Diego Costa is suspended, quite frankly he should have been sent off for his retaliatory lick at the weekend but escaped without even a booking, surprise, surprise.

My fingers will be crossed for a 0-0 draw, the hope will of course be for more, yes even I can dream.

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