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Spurs BT Sport channel TV fixtures

2:47 pm
New boys in the TV football market BT, who are promoted by Gareth Bale, have also announced their first set of fixtures for the upcoming season.

The first Tottenham Hotspur game on the BT Sport channel is the lunch time fixture (12.45) against Chelsea on Saturday September 28th at White Hart Lane.

Our only other game on BT at the moment is against Manchester United in another lunch time fixture (12.45) at White Hart Lane on Saturday November 30th.

Our complete TV fixtures so far announced, SKY unless stated:
Sun Aug 18: Crystal Palace v Tottenham Hotspur (1:30pm)
Sun Sept 1: Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur (4pm)
Sat Sept 28: Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea (BT Sport 12.45pm)
Sun Oct 20: Aston Villa v Tottenham Hotspur (4pm)
Sun Nov 3: Everton v Tottenham Hotspur (1.30pm)
Sun Nov 10: Tottenham Hotspur v Newcastle United (12pm)
Sat Nov 23: Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur (5.30pm)
Sat Nov 30: Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester United (BT Sport 12.45pm)

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Spurs V Palace on Sky + Arsenal, Villa, Everton, Newcastle, M City

2:08 pm
Sky have conformed their first set of live fixtures for the new season and it sees Spurs on the box 6 times.

Our opening away game against Premier League new boys Crystal Palace, is to be shown live on Sunday 18th August at 1.30pm. The fixture should provide plenty of interest as neutrals tune in to see how Palace might fare this season.

Sunday September 1st the London derby game against arch rivals Arsenal, this time away at the Emirates, will be shown at 4pm. A regular on TV it clearly draws in the viewers.

In October the Aston Villa game on Sunday 20th will be shown, again it's 4pm and again it's an away game. Sky will be hoping Benteke moves to Spurs to give added interest to the game and the panel something extra to chat about.

November is the month it really kicks into gear for Tottenham fans though with 3 fixtures on Sky during the month. The first is on Sunday 3rd against Everton at 1.30, no prizes for guessing it's another away game.

Then follows our only confirmed TV fixture at White Hart Lane so far, Sunday 10th against Newcastle United at noon. We revert back to an away fixture on Saturday 23rd against Manchester City at 5.30pm, another fixture Sky like to show regularly now.

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Spurs V Palace on Sky + Arsenal, Villa, Everton, Newcastle, M City Spurs V Palace on Sky + Arsenal, Villa, Everton, Newcastle, M City Reviewed by THBlogNews on 2:08 pm Rating: 5

Defender on the move

7:28 pm
I think the wisest news I've heard this festive period is that Harry Redknapp's trying to get Jonathan Woodgate a loan move so as to beef up his fitness and especially match fitness. It also gets him off our wage bill until he's back to his very best.

I still remember the Carling Cup winning goal against Chelsea as though it were yesterday. I also remember a few pundits claiming that the King/Woodgate partnership was the very best in the Premier League. How we miss those fine days when we had a settled centre-half pairing.

As this is the time for dreaming, do you think we can have a good Christmas? We face Villa away, whilst tackling Newcastle (is the honeymoon period over?) and Fulham at home. Surely we can take seven points from those three games, especially as it looks like our injured lads are on the mend?

Merry Christmas fellas.

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Brokeback United

2:11 pm
Gary-Neville-Paul-Scholes-Kiss, Tottenham Hotspur Blog NewsBeaten Arsenal and Chelsea. Next up, Brokeback United.

Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but I think this is a game that we can win. Manchester United are nowhere near their best and I believe, as do some of the Spurs lads, that we can go up to Old Trafford and get a win. As long as the ref isn't their twelth man of course!

The belief that we can win is there. All we need to do now is turn up and display that belief on the pitch.

Le Scum in the Office

Some of the Arsenal fans in the office aren't too bothered if they lose to City, as a Manchester City win against Arsenal could take them into fourth.

As I said, that's just some of Arsenal faithful. Most want to smash City. Their reason; "if City make the Champion's League, you can forget about us winning the league any time soon."

"With all their money, they could walk the league, as they will be able to attract the type of player that could take them well beyond us."

"With them [Manchester City] in the Champion's League, they will be actually able to sign players like Kaká."

I agree with the above comments. Money, and a lot of it, does buy you success. Look at Arsenal. Wenger doesn't want to seem to spend any money (or he doesn't have much to spend). What have they won in the past 5 seasons? Well, Arsenal have won as much silverware as Bolton.

With the added rumours that José Mourinho has already been approached and has accepted to take over City in July, the future looks bleak.

Manchester City cannot make the fourth!

PS. Well done to Newcastle on their promotion and also winning the Championship. Now there is a club that needs cash.

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Left Wingers Ltd

7:43 am
It looks as though Stoke are the "unnamed Premier League club" that have tabled an offer for Newcastle's Damien Duff.

That's the best bit of news I've heard all week! As far as I'm concerned, Stoke are welcome to him. He's lost his pace, heart and let's face it, we don't want another injury-prone player at the Lane.

Nadir Belhadj has also hinted that he'll be interested in moving to us. Pompey's attacking full-back/winger would like to work with Harry again.

Belhadj is an interesting player. He must be the only full-back I've ever seen that simply doesn't know how to defend. If he could do a job for us as left winger, then I think he'd be a good signing, although I couldn't see him getting into the team to often.

Harry does like to have large squads and it's this reason that I'm quite confident that we'll see another signing before the window closes.
Left Wingers Ltd Left Wingers Ltd Reviewed by PoshSpur on 7:43 am Rating: 5

Out-of-favour defender could do a job for us

10:32 am
With Newcastle in the turmoil their in, a few of their players have announced that they will leave. Roll up; Habib Beye.

The 31 year old defender was one of the few that impressed me personally last season.

As Harry said yesterday, we are in need of a centre back. Anyone else agree that Beye could be utilised in our squad?

From what I've read, I know he's available, but at which price is anyone's guess.
Out-of-favour defender could do a job for us Out-of-favour defender could do a job for us Reviewed by PoshSpur on 10:32 am Rating: 5

Raiding the relegated clubs

2:10 pm
Many of Tottenham’s supposed summer transfer targets ply their trade at Portsmouth. The Harry Redknapp link and implications of a new owner and full-time manager at Fratton Park make this logical, although we should perhaps be concentrating our efforts on raiding the relegated clubs.

The wisdom of this can obviously be questioned – surely the players in question can’t be that good if they're getting used to the idea of Championship football – but Spurs have a good recent history in this area.

Paul Robinson and Aaron Lennon were picked up from Leeds United at bargain prices following their relegation and financial implosion in 2004 and value for money is an important consideration, as Spurs have finally started to lose the tag of the Premier League’s most reckless spenders.

The comparison between Newcastle United and Leeds hardly needs pointing out, but it should be recognised that the Magpies are desperate to sell many of their players – relegated clubs are keen to remove high earners from their wage bill and Newcastle’s urgency is made greater by their supposed lack of planning for Premier League relegation.

However, do any Newcastle players stand out as potential transfer targets? Sebastian Bassong is their most prized asset and although the young defender is capable of playing for a top club, a centre back is not high on the list of Tottenham priorities.

If defensive cover is needed I would consider Middlesbrough, where David Wheater has been a rare reliable performer. His displays in 2007/08, when he was on the verge of earning international recognition, were more impressive, but he has the attributes to succeed at Spurs.

Indeed, Middlesbrough is the club to concentrate on, as they match Tottenham’s profile of developing and recruiting young English talent. Our desire to sign Stewart Downing is well-documented, although his long-term injury might postpone his move away from the Riverside. Adam Johnson and Nathan Porritt might be young players worth taking a closer look at.

West Bromwich Albion are short of the necessary quality that would strengthen our squad, although Chris Brunt – a Middlesbrough youth product - would provide depth in the left midfield area that remains a concern for the manager.
Raiding the relegated clubs Raiding the relegated clubs Reviewed by PoshSpur on 2:10 pm Rating: 5

North East FC

1:55 pm
Tomorrow marks the eve of a troublesome Sunday, for one side in the North East, be it Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Sunderland, or Hull, will be sucked into clutches of the Championship.

If this giant, and oh yes, Newcastle United FC is a giant, is dismissed from the Premier League, it will be catastrophic.

We have all been told that Newcastle won't be wearing the Leeds United shirt upon their exit, but just like the Damned United, Newcastle will be spinning crazily out of control.

When it comes to sellable assets, Newcastle also finish bottom of the league. With their majestic captain Owen, Viduka, and an abundance of other stars being out of contract within 60 days, the club loved by so many, may never return to the golden pebbled shores of the Premier League.

A rumour gathering pace in the North East is that another Spurs supporter, Sir Alan Michael Sugar, will take the reigns from his fellow Spurs compatriot, Ashley, if they are relegated. If this is to be the case, then I am sure Geordies will hail the Amstrad King as their new saviour, as his first task will be to steady the ship.

Looking back from his Tottenham days, I cannot see him flushing cash down the managers throat in a bid for instant success. Sir Alan has always taken projects by the scruff of the neck and slowly, but surely, turned them into precious gems.

What about Sunderland? I to can see them slipping into the abyss if relegated. For two seasons, they have splashed the cash on mediocre players; £7 million for McCartney, £8 million for Ferdinand and the list goes on and on.

Their reliance on the inexperienced time bomb, Roy Keane, has left them in the red, and with a dross of players, incapable of putting up a fight.

Niall Quinn may be the nicest bloke in football, but unfortunately nice doesn't win you games.

Just like Newcastle, I to fear for the long-term survival of Sunderland Athletic Football Club.

We now arrive at the doorsteps of both Middlesbrough and Hull. Both sides have young managers, and both sides are in trouble, but I foresee that their troubles are not as severe as Sunderland's or Newcastle's. Boro have players in which upon selling, will see them balance books.

Tuncay has been offered the captains role at former club, Fenerbahce, in a deal mooted to be in the region of £10 million.

Afonso Alves has an escape route at the ready with both PSV & Ajax ready to take the Brazilian off Boro's hands. Whether Middlesbrough can recoup the £12 million they forked out for him is another matter.

Downing, even with a broken foot and an expected lay off for the next 3 months, will command a transfer fee in the region of £8 to £10 million.

With the aforementioned players leaving Teesside, Boro have ready replacements in place. Their academy has an abundance of talent waiting in the wings. Players like Adam johnson is a ready-made replacement for Downing, whilst other young talents await their chance to shine.

Let's not forget Mr. Gibson, a chairman that has seen the good, bad and even worse times while at the helm of his beloved Boro. His unparalleled trust in Gareth Southgate will see the side return to the Premier League if they are to go down.

What of Hull? Only a fair few people realise that they to are just within the borders of having the "North East" tag thrust upon them.

If they can keep a hold of players like Turner and Myhill, I too can see a safe passage back to the worlds finest league.

Unfortunately, out of the four clubs mentioned, I can see Newcastle slipping up with just a point at Villa.

Sir Alex has already reiterated that he will play his reserves against Hull, amid the wrath of Shearer & co.

The North East, so lovingly adorned in the past, is now as welcome as a mine field.

Article submitted by Joshua Bremner of Durham. Also a Newcastle United season-ticket holder of 13 years.
North East FC North East FC Reviewed by PoshSpur on 1:55 pm Rating: 5
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