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Where's the new kit?

11:33 am
"It's nearly the end of June now. If this is the new kit, why aren't spurs flogging it to bits? Very unlike them to miss a chance of making a couple of quid."

The above was posted today by Michael Evans, as he commented on the article Photoshopped to Death: Spurs New Kits.

To be honest, the club hasn't announced who the main shirt sponsor will be for next season. Therefore, they can't release the kits until a sponsor is found.

A few ITK's have said that the club is still nowhere near to announcing who the sponsor will be.

Is Levy and his chums asking for too much? I would have thought that the sponsor business would have been wrapped up by now. The longer it takes for the club to seal a deal with Zurich, Bloomburg, Santander, etc. the longer we'll have to wait for the arrival of the new kit.

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