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8 Player Spurs Transfer News

Nice of you all to return, this time for 8 Player Spurs Transfer News. The game of football around Europe has still not financially recovered from Covid. Too many clubs  were living to the max of their means, or beyond and Daniel Levy was r ight when he said the game was unsustainable the w ay clubs were operating. Tottenham was built on a different model, a sustainable model, everything Spurs do makes a profit and that is w hat pays for the football team. The anti-Levy cro wd can complain all they like but it is the way a football club should be run, as a going concern. The business side of things should be developed to bring in hundreds of millions, as it does with the stadium no w and money should be made a way from football. The Internet is the Golden Egg, it is where anyone can make a million, but it takes a bit more than the average person is prepared to put in and I am talking effort here, not money. Fe w are prepared to learn the skills required, fe w put enough into the planni

Spurs Transfer News for January

If you haven't read the last post, Tottenham 10-Year Plan for Ronaldo where I outline ho w Spurs could use him, then follo w the link belo w (opens in a ne w windo w) then come back and read Spurs Transfer News for January. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FURTHER READING Tottenham 10-Year Plan - Ronaldo     1,318 words THBN has a 10-year plan to use Ronaldo to bring in £100m and help take Spurs on a par  with Real Madrid and Barcelona. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dele the Diva had to go, too big-headed he wouldn't work at improving his game, was more interested in his perceived public image and Troy Parrott had similar mentality issues that have stunted his progress. You saw it with Jessie Lingard and Raheem Sterling said he was too interested in getting crowd applause for a piece of skill that contributed to or scoring a goal while at Liverpool. Djed Spence Djed Spence h