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Vincent Janssen and Victor Wanyama

6:00 am

Vincent Janssen and Victor Wanyama

Vincent Janssen joins Monterrey

Goodbye-ee! Goodbye-ee!
Wipe the tear, baby dear, from your eye-ee. 
Though it's hard to part I know, (I know) 
I'll be tickled to death to go! 
Don't cry-ee, don't sigh-ee, 
There's a silver lining in the sky-ee! 
Bonsoir old thing, cheerio, chin-chin,
Nah-poo, toodle-oo, goodbye-ee!

Yes, that's right folks, Vincent Janssen has passed his medical, which took place in London and will now fly out to Monterrey before he is announced.

The Dutch striker is finally off our books and begins a new chapter of his career in Monterrey in Mexico and I for one wish him all the best. He is a goalscorer and I'm sure he'll find his shooting boots out there, although he will have to get used to the heat and humidity.

If I were to guess, wages swung his decision.

His fee is as I have been posting for a while now, wround £7 million (€7.79m- $8.72m) because, as you know, that covers our annual cost of keeping him.

Good luck Vincent.

Victor Wanyama is not on Spurs pre-season tour and is up for sale. Spurs want to sell him, however, he does not want to leave Spurs. He says he wants to force his way into Pochettino's plans.

“I will be back in training with Spurs next week. I do not want to dwell much on speculations because it’s normal for a player to be linked with other clubs when the transfer window is open but I’m not going anywhere,” ESPN quoted Wanyama as saying.

Wanyama is not on Spurs pre-season because he is on holiday after playing in the Africa Cup of Nations this summer. He returns to training next week and says he doesn't want to dwell on the past and is targetting an injury-free season.

That past has seen him have two seasons of injury so he is going to have to improve his game to figure even semi-regularly.

West Ham have spoken to Spurs about the Kenyan international captain, Fulham have spoken to us about him and Turkish side Galatasaray have as well.

We will have to wait and see what happens when he returns from holiday and has his chat with Mauricio Pochettino.


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Tottenham Transfer Talk - Squad and New Contracts

8:00 pm

Tottenham Transfer Talk - Squad and New Contracts

Tottenham squad ahead of the UEFA Champions League Final

First a quick look at the squad.

Goalkeepers: Hugo Lloris, Paulo Gazzaniga, Alfie Whiteman (20 - 21 in October)

Right-backs: Serge Aurier, Kyle Walker-Peters (HG), Replacement for Kieran Trippier (possibly)

Central Defenders: Toby Alderweireld, Jan Vertonghen, Davinson Sanchez, Juan Foyth, Cameron Carter-Vickers (21 - 22 in December)

Left-backs: Ben Davies (HG - not in Champions League), Ryan Sessegnon (also covers the inverted winger role) (19 - 20 next May)

Midfielders: Tanguy Ndombele, Harry Winks (HG), Mousa Sissoko, Eric Dier, Oliver Skipp (18 - 19 in September)

Attacking Midfielders: Dele Alli (HG), Christian Eriksen, Giovani Lo Celso, Erik Lamela

Strikers: Harry Kane (HG), Heung-min Son, Troy Parrott (17 - 18 next February)

14 non-homegrown players (15 in Champions League)
5 homegrown
5 homegrown youngsters
1 player converting to homegrown next season
1 homegrown player on-loan 22-year-old (23 next February) Luke Amos

That means, with the signing of Giovani Lo Celso, we will have a further 3 non-homegrown spaces available but one less in the Champions League because en Davies was taught under the Welsh Football Association and is therefore deemed to be non-homegrown.

It is a law that suppresses Welsh, Scottish and Irish football quite frankly. Aby young player with any talent would need to move to an English Football Association club at 17 so as to qualify as homegrown and have greater value and flexibility in their careers when they reach 22 years old.

Eric Dier, although playing for England, was a youngster at Sporting in Portugal, thus is a non-homegrown player. It would be helpful if that rule were amended.

I have said before and I'll say again, I still think Troy Parrott is a year away from being ready. Cameos yes, but if it were me I'd still be wanting a guy like Llorente with a bit of experience to help him.

Youngsters can learn a lot from an old head who has been there and done it.


Jan Vertongehn will be offered a new contract, I have reported that before so you won't be surprised.

Christian Eriksen will sign if Real Madrid doesn't buy him.

Toby Alderweireld staying at Spurs

And awarding Toby Alderweireld the captaincy was a gesture from Pochettino that he wants Alderweireld to stay at the club.

Let us just say there was a frank discussion with Daniel Levy and Mauricio Pochettino and both sides have had time to contemplate.

Toby is happy at Tottenham, the issue has been with his father and agents, who we believe have acted in a very unprofessional manner. The club refused to give in to an agent that agreed a fee and then asked for more.

He has lost 2 years wages, he could have doubled his wages 2 years ago and Tottenham left that contract on the table for him. At their meeting they took that contract off the table and he will be offered a new contract at the end of this tournament.

Now, if he signs that and we wouldn't be offering it if all parties had not come to an agreement at last, then that eases the situation next summer.

The club have shown the players we are building a side and they are not going to get much better opportunities elsewhere unless Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus or PSG come in for them.

I thought it would be another 2 years before Alderweireld would want to return to Ajax and I don't know the length of the contract he will be offered, but I'd expect it to be an additional 2 years.

Right, I said in the last article that I thought of something writing that, that I want to talk about and it is more on contracts.

That is going to add some solidity to our defence, an area that was becoming a concern. Will we see Danny Rose now reconsider, we'll have to wait and see.

It is an unexpected turn in events. I'd challenge any Spurs fan who still misunderstands Daniel Levy and how a football club should be run if they both sign extensions as well as the players joining plus the summer spending.

They both still want to end their careers at Ajax but as I have mentioned before, I was sure Alderweireld would want 2 more years yet before he moved there.

Roma were offering him lower wages than he was on at Spurs and that was without a wage increase. Perhaps that has opened his agents eyes to what he is actually worth to other clubs and he has found out that nobody wants to pay the wages he has been asking for.

Manchester United wouldn't pay them last summer and when you hit 30 your wages start to drop so he has had some decisions to make.

I wrote a post on this that explained he was losing £4.5m (€5.01m - $5.62m) annually. Signing a new contract will save him losing another £4.5m this year as well.

As a manager and indeed chairman, you have to plan ahead. We have looked at the situation of those players whose contract expires in 2 years time and explained why they are available for sale.

Next summer there will be a new batch and the problem rears it's head again, as does the homegrown vs non-homegrown quotas.

Obviously, we will see how our right-backs get on but we'll be watching homegrown Max Aarons and others next season.

Onto our players though and who has a contract ending in 2022 thus might be available for sale next summer. Other clubs will notice this and be watching their targets or having a word through agents to sound players out.

I know what the rules say, but this is real life. It happens, everyone does it, even us.

This will also help you to understand why we are linked to certain players, like the Lazio keeper this summer. It doesn't mean we are going to buy them but keeping ourselves informed if a player chooses not to sign a contract extension.

Contracts Ending 2022

  • 27-year-old (28 next March) Erik Lamela
  • 32-year-old (33 in December) Hugo Lloris
  • 21-year-old (22 next January) Juan Foyth
  • 27-year-old (28 next January) Paulo Gazzaniga
  • 26-year-old (27 in December) Serge Aurier

Look at who is top of that list, the show pony himself, Erik Lamela. The man with stacks on talent who had a mentality issue when he joined, has had a heap of injuries and only given us one and a bit good years.

He is available at the right price. Nobody is going to pay the right price, why would you, he has so many injuries.

Erik Lamela does not want to leave Spurs. He came into training a week earlier to prepare for pre-season, as did Dele Alli.

This season is a big season for Lamela. A left-footed Argentinian with bags of skill, yes, that's Giovani Lo Celso.

You see the danger, bit-part player unless he is careful, he has competition to produce the goods on a consistent basis and that means having an end product.

It was great to see him in the box snapping up a poachers goal against Juventus. When he first arrived to didn't go in the box, he did in Italy for Roma but that showed his mentality for us, he was hiding or running sideways across the field, never towards the box.

That changed and his performances changed when he addressed that. After more injuries, it is important to see him there wanting to score goals. It might only be a pre-season friendly, but it was encouraging to see.

He could be up for sale next summer, he could prove he is worth another contract, that is effectively what he is playing for this season.

Two goalkeepers. There could be an issue, there could be two new contracts. As a club, you have to be prepared.

Big year for Kyle Walker-Peters. he'll either make it or be sold next summer I would have thought.

Serge Aurier, another playing for a new contract or be looking at moving him on and overhauling that position.

I have no doubt at all that Juan Foyth will be offered a new contract.

So there you have it, when you hear a transfer rumour, think to yourself, why are Spurs watching them, are they planning ahead and the story might make a little more sense.


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Tottenham Transfer Talk - Monday Afternoon Update

2:58 pm

Tottenham Transfer Talk - Monday Afternoon Update

Giovani Lo Celso will soon be a Spurs player

Morning folks and I greet you with the news that Nabil Fekir is going to Real Betis to replace Giovani Lo Celso.

The fee is €20m (£17.97m - $22.44m) plus add-ons and includes his younger brother Yassin Fakir. Nabil is signing a 5-year deal.

More Informative THBN Articles
Quick reminder for new readers, there are further informative articles below this one and for anyone who has not seen Troy Parrott's performance against Juventus my last post has a video of it.
Troy Parrott vs Juventus

That deal will be completed today as he is joining Real Betis on their pre-season tour and that begins tomorrow.

Some people are suggesting his knee must be ruined if he is going for that fee, but they seem to forget he only had a year left on his contract and as I keep saying, players with only a year left on their contract have little value.

Toby Alderweireld isn't worth £25m (€27.82m - $31.20m) at his age and we have to be careful with players like Danny Rose coming into the last year of a contract next summer and losing value.

As you all know now he expects to stay and that's the reason why. Daniel Levy will refuse to accept any offer under £25m, thus he isn't going to be going anywhere, but as reported many times now, he WILL NOT sign a new contract and has informed the club of that.

Pochettino has, therefore, informed him that he will not be a guaranteed first-choice starter, but I will add, that Alderweireld is happy at Spurs, it's his father and agents we have a problem with, not Toby.

A reminder once again of those players currently with 2 years left on their contracts.

Contracts Ending in 2021
  • 29-year-old (30 next July) Danny Rose (looking for a new club)
  • 25-year-old (26 next January) Eric Dier (available for the right offer)
  • 29-year-old (30 in August) Moussa Sissoko
  • 28-year-old (29 next June) Victor Wanyama (has an ongoing knee condition so fitness issues - for sale)
  • 21-year-old (22 in December) Cameron Carter-Vickers
  • 22-year-old (23 next April) Josh Onomah (for sale)
  • 24-year-old (25 next February) Georges-Kévin N'koudou (for sale)
  • 18-year-old (19 in September) Oliver Skipp (expect he'll be offered a new deal)
  • 22-year-old (23 next February) Luke Amos (recovering from long term injury and out on loan to QPR)

You'll note from the list produced of Spurs players for sale, those with 2 years left on their contracts figure highly. Surprise, surprise.

Cameron Carter-Vickers becomes an eligible homegrown player next season, he is no longer considered a youngster then.

Youngsters are 21 or under on 1st January. A season starts in August so anyone who was 21 or younger at the beginning of that year is considered a youngster and does not have to be named in a Premier League squad.

Anyone 22 and over must be named in a 25-man squad to be eligible to play.

End of tangent!

Nabil Fekir agreeing to a Real Betis move means the Spanish club can now release Giovani Lo Celso. The fee hasn't moved from the fee I gave you on 4 July, it's €68m (£61.10m - $76.27m). 

As I have said many times, it was agreed before the Copa America and what you read in the press is smoke and mirrors. We have been waiting for the Fekir deal to be completed and for Lo Celso to have a 2-week holiday after the Copa America.

That brings us to now and Lo Celso arriving in London tomorrow. That means that instead of the end of the week, this one might be sewn up by the middle of the week and there might be two medicals on Wednesday (getting a bit ahead of myself with excitement!).

We have verbal agreements over the terms of a contract with a player who is going to excite Spurs fans and it is just a question now of putting that in writing, dotting the i's and crossing the t's.

At the weekend I was expecting this deal to be completed by the end of the week but it's moving faster than expected.

I reminded you all along that Eriksen was not tied to this deal in any way, it was going to happen regardless of Eriksen and this is just another example to him that Spurs mean business and an extra incentive to sign the 4-year deal he has been offered.

Ryan Sessegnon has his medical booked for Wednesday, which tells you that is all agreed too.

That will certainly make the squad a little better but it is understandable the Spurs fans have concerns about defence and particularly the full-back roles.

Jumping all over the place did Ryan Sessegnon no favours last season in his first in the Premier League. He didn't play in one set position.

He started 26 games and came on as a substitute in 9 others.
Left-Wing 3
Right-Wing 7
Left-Midfield 16
Left-Back 6
Centre-Forward 1
Right-Midfield 1
Right-Back 1
Total 35 games

Seven different positions in one season. He missed two games through a groin strain and stayed on the bench for one.

This doesn't include Cup games.

Our full-backs are our wingers effectively, particularly when we play three at the back so while people insist he is a left-winger, I can see us developing him as a left-back who attacks in the same way Danny Rose does.

The fee, £23m (€25.56m - $28.67m) plus add-ons is a little more sensible than the stupid £40m-50m (€44.45-€55.57m - $48,87m-$62.33m) figures the press were talking last summer,

Who they are going to take on loan I don't know yet, expecting either Onomah or N'Koudou. As you know, they wanted Oliver Skipp, but his performance against Juventus showed he needs Premier League football.

I best leave it there and start the next article with something else I have just thought of while writing this.

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Troy Parrott video vs Juventus

8:00 pm

Troy Parrott video vs Juventus

Troy Parrott looked impressive on his debut for Spurs

I watched the game at lunchtime today, but I watched it as a fan, not a coach, I'll have to watch it again to see the game through those eyes.

However, one thing I had my eye on, because I see it as a weakness was Kyle Walker-Peters in attacking situations and I'm sorry to say he still strikes me as someone who is predictable and who will struggle to beat his man.

He has plenty to learn but Pochettino has proved he can teach full-backs and develop them

Toby being captain rather shows that he is going to be staying and running down his contract to leave as a free agent next summer.

Oliver Skipp had a lot of energy in his performance and showed why Pchettino wants to keep him at Spurs. A Championship loan would be a step-down and a complete waste of time. He needs to learn what is required in the Premier League and if he were to go on loan, it would need to be a Premier League side.

Troy Parrott

The video above is a look at 17-year-old (18 next February) Irish striker Troy Parrott and his impressive individual game against Juventus today.

He'll get a run out in our next game on Thursday I would think and more attention will be upon him.

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Sunday Evening Update: Gareth Bale

6:01 pm

Sunday Evening Update: Gareth Bale

Spurs have an option on Gareth Bale

Good evening people and welcome to another update post of Tottenham Transfer Talk from Tottenham Hotspur Blog News (THBN).

A quick reminder that more of these update posts you are all so enjoying you tell me, are at the bottom of this article and Popular Posts can also be found on the right-hand sidebar of the website.

Right on we go with Tottenham Transfer Talk this Sunday evening.

Opinion is split.

Some say Gareth Bale is close to a move to Bayern Munich, some say the money is in China and some say he is close to a move to Spurs.

Bayern have not bid for him.

Tottenham looked at Bale early in the window and had negotiations with Real Madrid over a two-season or one and a half-season loan deal, both with and without purchase options.

It couldn't be resolved because of the financial complications that surround his endorsements, the fee real Madrid wanted and his wages.

But remember this.

Tottenham have first refusal on Gareth Bale, it was a condition of his transfer.

That means that any deal that is reached for a transfer, Tottenham have to be told about in full and given the opportunity to match it.

Bale would like to return to Tottenham and Spurs will get a chance to see what package has been put together. Then we have to decide whether we can match it or if it is financially viable for us or on those terms in our best interests.

That is an issue, when it comes to that point, that Pochettino and Levy will discuss.

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Sunday Update: Edwards, LB's, Rose, Sessegnon, Eriksen, Lo Celso, Bale

8:29 am

Sunday Update: Edwards, LB's, Rose, Sessegnon, Eriksen, Lo Celso, Bale

Spurs are looking at left-back options

Several clubs are asking about Marcus Edwards but Brentford are in pole position given he has been training with them.

I have heard of a £4 million (€4.45m - $5m) fee with a percentage of future profit on any sale and with a buyback clause, but I'm not certain of that yet. My reticence is because it is not normally the type of deal we do, but then Edwards is a talented player, just mentally not there yet.

I'll confirm for new readers what I have said before, he had a meeting with Poch and it didn't go well. Edwards still doesn't seem to want to do what he is told and thinks he is better than he currently is. He still needs to develop and he needs to mature as a person.

Marcus Edwards fell out with Pochettino

We do have a list of left-backs, in fact, we have a list for every position, as you would expect.

Benfica left-back, 23-year-old (24 in September) Álex Grimaldo has 2 Spanish Under-21 caps and came through the youth system at Barcelona before the move to Portugal on January 1st 2016.

We have made contact with Benfica.

Also on our list is Alex Telles, a quick left-back who likes to attack. The 26-year-old (27 in December) also plays in Portugal, this time for Porto. The Brazilian has one international cap, back in March against Panama.

Telles has played in Turkey for Galatasaray, in Italy for Gremio and Inter Milan before his move to Portugal and has racked up 31 UEFA Champions League games.

Remember, looking, enquiring, does not mean buying. It is common sense to explore all options and then come to an informed decision about what to do.

Just to clarify the Danny Rose situation. He had a bust-up with Pochettino. He does have an offer on the table and that offer is still available. The club would like him to stay but his head has been turned somewhat by PSG.

It is my view that Ryan Sessegnon needs a season of cementing in and learning our system so without Rose we could be light in that area. His medical is booked for Wednesday but these things do change often.

Giovani Lo Celso is back from his holidays soon so you might see a medical for him later in the week. I repeat for the umpteenth time, the fee was agreed before the Copa America and hasn't changed one iota. All the talk now is of the fee you have already been given.

Danny Rose leaving is not a definite, well not yet, it's probable, hence us looking at other options.

Cristian Eriksen's deal is a 4-year deal, not a 3-year deal as some are reporting and no he has not signed it yet, I get asked that one on Twitter (@TheTHFCWebsite).

Some people seem to be indicating that Bale is a possibility. It isn't at the moment, not until the financial standoff is resolved. Nobody is close to signing him, both Bayern Munich and PSG are interested but nobody is going to pay a big fee and cover his lost wages.

A reminder for new readers. If a club sells a player then that player is entitled to the wages from the rest of his contract as it isn't he who is seeking a move.

If however the player hands in a transfer request, then he forgoes the remaining wages on his contract, although he may still negotiate a pay off as well as a signing on fee from the new club.

Real Madrid owes Bale 3 years wages and some of his commercial endorsements are if he is a Real Madrid player only. That makes it financially difficult for everyone.

Well, this was a post about Marcus Edwards, but has morphed into yet another update!

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Tottenham Transfer Talk Update: Saturday

8:00 pm

Tottenham Transfer Talk Update: Saturday

Alderweireld and Rose uncertainty at Spurs

Real Sociedad centre-back Diego Llorente is interesting Tottenham, Liverpool, Everton and West Ham United report Mundo Deportivo. The 25-year-old (26 in August).

That news came out yesterday but don't get excited as I have reported, Toby Alderweireld would have to be leaving for another centre-back to be coming in.

Nobody is willing to pay the release clause because it is simply too much for a player his age with no prospect of a return on their investment. Players start to lose value when they hit 30 because they have so few years left in the game and you can't get your money back when you sell them.

A transfer fee, a signing on fee, agents fee and wages are all losses. They are an unrecoverable expenditure, thus you have to work out how much you want to fork out, per year, for the next three years.

I have explained all this is a previous article so rather than write it all again, I'll give you the link to an article about Vincent Janssen that explains it all.
Unexpected Transfer Talk

That is especially true given the wages he wants. Clubs value him at half his release fee with just a year on his contract.

Daniel Levy is playing hardball and refusing to accept any less than his release fee and I hear he won't be accepting any less after his clause runs out on 26 July. That will keep Toby at Tottenham on his current wages, you only get a wage increase if you sign a contract extension and Alderweireld no longer has a contract offer to sign as he has informed the club he will not be staying.

None of that is new news, but new readers may not have known the situation. There are links to additional articles below this one, check out the two update articles at least, they give a little roundup of things you may not have read in the press. Popular posts can be found on the righthand sidebar on the Tottenham Hotspur Blog News (THBN) website.

I'll reiterate for new readers that Christian Eriksen was told at his meeting with Pochettino and Levy, by Pochettino that he would not be a guaranteed first choice if he didn't sign a new contract.

Pochettino plans for the future and Giovani Lo Celso would then take over the first-choice playmaker role from him in preparation for the following season and beyond.

That same situation applies to Toby Alderweireld too, Davinson Sanchez will take over the first-choice role and Alderweireld will be his backup.

Well that turned into a bit of a recap, didn't it.

Right, onto the Danny Rose situation.

As you all know he has fitness issues, has had a bust-up with Pochettino and there is only one result of that, goodbye Danny. He didn't sign the one-year extension he was offered and as I explained before, with two years left on a contract you are at the time to be sold as you half in value with only a year left.

The club do not want players getting to the last year of their contracts as it becomes expensive to replace them. Thus players whose contracts end in 2021 are available for the right price.

Contracts Ending in 2021
Eric Dier (available for the right offer)
Moussa Sissoko
Victor Wanyama ( has an ongoing knee condition so fitness issues - for sale)
Danny Rose (for sale)
Cameron Carter-Vickers
Josh Onomah (for sale)
Georges-Kévin N'koudou (for sale)
Oliver Skipp (expect he'll be offered a new deal)
Luke Amos (recovering from longterm injury and out on loan to QPR)

To stay informed of what problems are coming up next season, this article will help:
Contracts and Play Situations at Spurs

Danny Rose has had his head turned by PSG and it is looking like he may well be off there for around €25m (£22.47m - $28.08m).

Now selling two homegrown players creates a problem we will need to address. We have enquired about 27-year-old (28 next January) Wolverhampton Wanderers right-back Matt Doherty, who is a homegrown player, possibly for this reason.

Ryan Sessegnon will replace Danny Rose. His hamstring injury picked up at the European Under-21 Championships have held this deal up so there has been no rush. With Rose frequently criticising the club the writing was o the wall for Rose, that isn't the public image Spurs wish to portray.

I don't know, but it wouldn't surprise me if he was told to keep quiet and wouldn't. Mauricio Pochettino does not keep disruptive influences within the squad, he gets rid of them. You buy into the vision or you go.

You all know the fee for Ryan Sessegnon is £25 million (€27.82m - $31.25m) but that might be reduced with a loan fee taken off for one of our youngsters. Pochettino will not let them have Oliver Skipp, as I say, he wants to keep him and develop him.

Josh Onomah, Victor Wanyama (unlikely) and Georges-Kevin N'Koudou were offered instead. Onomah has previous experience of the Championship so that may swing things his way, especially as Fulham seem to want a central midfielder.

A medical for Sessegnon is at least a week away yet I'd say (I have not heard one is arranged yet) and Spurs now agree on all deals subject to a medial after the Wilian incident with Chelsea, so that can't happen again.

The Sessegnon fee was agreed prior to the European Under-21 Championships, That just left payment details and loaning of players or a player to sort out. His injury held any medical up so all discussions with Fulham have been over those two issues.

I am starting to see Tweets saying Alderweireld is staying.

Again you have all known the situation there for a while now and that he and Jan want to end their careers at Ajax, Jan probably next summer, Alderweireld may look for a 2-year deal elsewhere before he returns to Holland.

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Janssen Update: Monterrey Medical Monday in Mexico

3:41 pm

Janssen Update: Monterrey Medical Monday in Mexico

Janssen moving to Mexico

Well, having initially turned down Mexican side Monterrey, hoping for a move to Real Betis, the Dutch international looks to be off to the biggest side in Mexico to revive his career.

As reported a week ago, they refused to give up the chase for him while European clubs either couldn't pay him enough wages or didn't want to take a gamble on a player who has broken his leg and not had a great deal of football in 2 years.

His salary at Tottenham is £1.78 million (€1.99m - $2.23m) annually which equates to £34,000-a-week (€37,944 - $42,509).

A medical planned for Monday will see us get the money it would have cost us to keep him.

A rudimentary look at Janssen costs to Spurs annually.

Vincent Janssen
£17m over a 4-year term
17 divided by 4 = £4.25m-a-year
£1.78m wages annually
Very roughly then, Janssen costs Spurs £6.03m annually
Fenerbache loan fee was £2.25m plus they pay his wages for a season so he only cost the club £2m that season. We won't get into depreciation.

Janssen has one year left on his contract so would cost Spurs £6.03m and Daniel Levy was asking for between £7.14m and £8.03m for him, which covers our costs for another year.

I believe we have agreed a £7 million (€7.79m - $8.75m) fee that covers that cost because we are selling Janssen he is entitled to the wages for the remaining year on his contract.

That should give you an idea of how a transfer fee is calculated in this situation, you don't just pluck a figure out of thin air.


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Spurs Updates: Eriksen, Llorente, RB, CB, Skipp

8:00 pm

Spurs Updates: Eriksen, Llorente, RB, CB, Skipp

Fernando Llorente might still beat Spurs next season
You all seem to like the updates so I thought I'd run off another one this evening and before we get into it I'll remind you all once again that additional articles can be found below this one or on the right-hand sidebar on the Tottenham Hotspur Blog News website.

Right, on with a Tottenham Transfer Talk update.

Christian Eriksen

The club remains rather hopeful that Christian Eriksen will eventually sign a new deal, but it does all depend on what Real Madrid do or want to do.

They could indicate they would like him to join on a free next summer, we'll have to wait and see. I fully understand his desire to go there, it is the biggest club in the world after all.

As a player though, Spurs have made him and he does acknowledge that. Nobody else would take a chance on him and the impression I get is that he appreciates the club should receive a reward in the form of a transfer fee for doing so.

He has no problem with the deal offered, finances are not an issue so the deal is acceptable to him and his agent.

We have agreed to him having a release clause in his contract that only applies to foreign clubs. (FYI these are compulsory in Spain).

Don't know the figure but it will be around €100m (£90m - $112.15m) which is clearly a thank-you for his service with us.

If he signs this and my feeling is that he will, it will show the fans he is being fair with us as we are being fair to him too.

Fernando Llorente

I have been writing all summer that Fernando Llorente could sign a new 1-year contract with us unil in ens of the window. It would be on a lower wage, but simply because he has left as a free agent doesn't mean he has gone until then

He has a lot of offers and no doubt will get more. He'll make his decision but Tottenham are not out of the running.

I see it has taken Alisdair Gold a month to catch up with the news, rather shows the press pack doesn't actually know what's going on, only what they are told.

Leak a false story and they lap it up.

Remember we were about to sign Bruno Fernandes, close to Zaniolo? The fake reporting of the offer we were supposed to have made but never did. It was all misreporting and downright lies that all the NewsNow sites lap up.

I left there so I could report what is actually going on at Spurs and have a free hand. You'll note all those sites just report the same thing using different words, read one, you have read them all as they are just copying each other. That's all Football London does with Alidair Gold's guess what is happening.

We have never been close to either, we have discussed a deal with both yes and agreed things in principle, but certain circumstances have to be in place before any deals with either can materialise and it is quite probable that they won't.

Fans are given false hope, then they look for someone to blame in a blameless situation and we all know which easy target gets their totally unjustified anger, which of course they then have to carry with them as they do not like to be shown to be wrong. Too much for their egos to handle.

Yep, you are right, that has got nothing to do with Fernando Llorente but regular readers are used to me wandering off at a tangent, rather shows I'm not one of the press pack thank goodness.


Our first choice 19-year-old (20 next January) Max Aarons has signed a new contract at Norwich City (which I revealed to readers a week before it became public knowledge and over 2 weeks before it was announced).

Kieran Trippier has gone to the best defensive manager in the world and arguably the best defensive team in the world and Pochettino is assessing the situation on our pre-season tour while he can monitor in training and in match situations.

We have however made an inquiry for 27-year-old (28 in January) Wolverhampton Wanderers right-back Matt Doherty.

There will be those who ask, if we are assessing Foyth and Walker-Peters, not that Foyth needs assessing quite frankly, then why are we asking about another right-back. Well, you have to be prepared.

If Walker-Peters, in particular, does not impress, then we will look to buy so we need to know the availability of players we are interested in and the chances of us being able to sign them or whether they would be interested in coming to Spurs.

I can tell you Pochettino likes Walker-Peters and we have turned down to offers for him from Crystal Palace and one other who quite frankly I have forgotten for the moment.

If you look at the ages of some of the full-backs we are interested in they do shout stop-gap to you while we either look for a younger target, develop Kyle Walker-Peters or wait to see the fate of Max Aarons in the Premier League next season. If Norwich City were to be relegated he would become available.


I am hearing that we are now going to keep Cameron Carter-Vickers. Don't know how true that is though but if a right-back and a centre-back have an injury together then we could get stretched over an extended period.

We will get linked with plenty of centre-backs as we will probably need to bring in two next summer.

Toby Alderweireld will be in the last year of his contract and leave for free next summer if he doesn't leave this summer. As I have reported many times now he has told the club he will not sign a new deal and that new deal has been taken off the table, it is no longer available to him, not even for the rest of this window.

He made his position very clear and his advisors have totally messed up. We get the use of a good centre-back for a season but we lose any transfer fee when he goes so it, therefore, costs us more to replace him.

Ben Davies has signed a new deal and Ryan Sessegnon will provide cover at left-back, despite some of you guys thinking he isn't a left-back. He can cover other positions and gives us the flexibility Pochettino likes in formations.

Danny Rose I have spoken about several times, you all know he is looking for a club and his head is not at Tottenham. We don't want players not committed to the club.

Jan Vertonghen is in his last year so we will have work to do next summer.

Jan Foyth will be covering centre-back and right-back together with Kyle Walker-Peters, who can cover left-back too and Serge Aurier who has played there also.

I got ridiculed for reporting the statistical evidence that a player in his third season with a new club produces his best form. Those stats suggest this will be the season Serge Aurier wins over some of our fanbase, we'll see.

Oliver Skipp

Poch wants to keep him, but former Spurs defensive midfielder Scott Parker, the manager at Fulham, wants young Skipp on loan as part of the Sessegnon deal. I expect Pochettino to win the battle to keep him or Daniel Levy will.

We have offered them Georges-Kevin N'Koudou, Victor Wanyama, and Josh Onomah.

Like I said previously, I doubt Wanyama will want to drop to the Championship and West Ham United are very interested in him as a replacement for Pedro Obiang who wants to return to Italy.

Again, one deal is linked to another deal and one transfer involves many different clubs and involves clubs lining up replacements for departing players. Like a house buying chain, so you have a transfer chain.

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Updates: Eriksen, Lo Celso, Sessegnon, Edwards, Rose, Wanyama, N'Koudou

8:34 pm

Updates: Eriksen, Lo Celso, Sessegnon, Edwards, Rose, Wanyama, N'Koudou

Tottenham Transfer Talk

I see there are still plenty of Twitter not aware of the situation at Spurs and what is happening so I'll give another roundup.

Sorry for those of you who are already aware of most of this, but I have picked up quite a few more readers who will not have read the back posts.

There are further articles at the end of this one under the THBN Articles - Further Reading section or under Popular Posts in the righthand sidebar of the Tottenham Hotspur Blog News (THBN) website. If you are reading this on another website just Google THBN.

Tottenham Transfer Talk

Christian Eriksen.

The Christian Eriksen to Real Madrid deal is not dead, nor is the Dani Ceballos loan as part of it.

Real Madrid and ourselves disagree over price and we disagree over a loan deal for Ceballos. We want the choice whether to buy him or not next summer, Real Madrid wants the decision whether to sell him or not, something we will not accept.

Zidane has other targets and only see Eriksen as a squad player so it depends how they get on with their other targets before possibly coming back for Eriksen.

The Dane understands the situation and has tried to put pressure on the club to let him leave. We want £80 million (€89.03m - $99.86m) for him.

We will still be trying to get 25-year-old (26 in August) striker Mariano Diaz in any deal.

Giovani Lo Celso

This is all agreed. I don't care what you are reading in the press, this deal has been agreed since before the Copa America and nothing has changed. Real Betis need a replacement and they have secured Nabil Fakir from Lyon I believe but we'll have to wait and see.

He has put in a transfer request, or his agent has, as he is on holiday after the Copa America and gets back next week.

This deal is going to happen, regardless of the Eriksen situation.

You all know the fee €68m (£61.11m - $76.30m) plus add-ons.

Ryan Sessegnon

This deal is all agreed as well and will happen. We have reopened discussions with Fulham who want a player on loan. I have heard Victor Wanyama mentioned but can't see him wanting to drop down to the Championship and Georges-Kevin N'Koudou, which sounds more likely.

Fulham wanted Oliver Skipp but he is a part of our first team and we don't want to send him to the Championship. He should get more game time with us this season and be developed much in the same way Harry Winks was developed.

Marcus Edwards

See my earlier post. A bust-up, still has the wrong mentality, goodbye Marcus.
Marcus Edwards fell out with Pochettino

Danny Rose

He is not committed to Spurs. PSG have been sniffing and his head is elsewhere. Both Everton and Schalke have been monitoring his situation. Again, he had a disagreement with Pochettino and has been left out of the pre-season tour as a result, as you now know, to find a new club.

He was offered a one-year extension to his current deal which only has two years left. He hasn't signed it.

For a full explanation (although it does not include details of the disagreement) of why it is common sense to sell Danny Rose, read another previous post.
Danny Rose - The Explanation

I have posted this before (a month or so I think but I haven't hunted back to find it) and forget about it in the explanation, but Danny Rose has fitness issues. We don't want another Wanyama on our hands.

Victor Wanyama

There is interest in him and we want him shifted. He, like Lamela, has only given us one good season and has spent the last two seasons injured and recovering from injuries.

He has an ongoing knee condition that has to be managed.

We won't get a lot for him, therefore, but he didn't cost a lot either. With Oliver Skipp coming through and Tanguy Ndombélé signed, Wanyama is not in Pochettino's long term plans.

The club are hopeful they can sell him. West Ham have asked about him and the two clubs have started talks.

Georges-Kevin N'Koudou

I don't know how true this is, but I have heard that N'Koudou is going to Fulham in the deal that brings Ryan Sessegnon to Tottenham. It would reduce the fee we have to pay by about £3m (€3.34m - $3.74m) and give them a young player with the potential to develop.

That could be good business for them if they can get him performing with regular football again.

That will do for now, a brief update with news old and new and snippets not in the press, who only know what they are told.


Updates: Eriksen, Lo Celso, Sessegnon, Edwards, Rose, Wanyama, N'Koudou Updates: Eriksen, Lo Celso, Sessegnon, Edwards, Rose, Wanyama, N'Koudou Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:34 pm Rating: 5
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