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VIDEO: Why Spurs Have A Healthy Transfer Budget

8:30 am

Why Tottenham Have A Healthy transfer Budget This Summer

Below is an excellent explainer video from Tifo Football that discusses the Tottenham finances for 2017/18 and what it means for the club.

It explains how the stadium is accounted to be paid for, £25m-a-year for 50 years and that the club is in a far healthier position than when other clubs built their stadium.

Daniel Levy has masterminded the rise of Tottenham from a broken mid-table club to one now in the UEFA Champions League Final with one of the best stadiums in the world, that earns huge amounts from matchdays hospitality, catering and merchandising and a world-class training facility.

These are exciting times for Spurs supporters.


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Aurier & Sissoko Happy At Spurs

8:30 pm

Aurier and Sissoko Happy At Spurs


Tottenham Hotspur right-back Serge Aurier and midfielder Moussa Sissoko have been talking to Canal Football Club and Aurier has suggested he wants to stay at Spurs.

“In football things can happen very quickly. For the moment I do not desire to leave Tottenham. For the moment, I am very happy. This season I have been interrupted by injury more than anything else, but life is like that."

He talked about fighting his way into the starting eleven.

"I will have to see what will happen. We have done a good season and we are in the Champions’ League final, we are going to enjoy that, see how it goes and next year, my season is not finished, I still have an Africa Cup of Nations too.”


Fellow Frenchman Moussa Sissoko told the channel that everything was going well at Tottenham but if Pochettino left things could change. He wasn't suggesting that was likely, just that nobody ever knows anything in the football business.

“Today I feel good over there, this year everything is going well for me. I am still under contract with them so all is good. But as he (Serge Aurier) said, and you know it better than me, anything can happen in football very quickly.

"Not necessarily, I don’t know. At the end of the season, it could be that they have a new project, that a new coach comes, and he doesn’t count on me, he wants to sell me. Many different things could happen. But for the moment I feel good there, I am happy there. And in my head I have no thoughts of leaving."


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Tottenham interested in striker Kruse

4:30 pm

Tottenham Interested In Striker Kruse To Replace Llorente


Sky Germany reports that Tottenham are intersted in German international (2 goals in 14 appearances) striker Max Kruse to replace Fernando Llorente.

The 31-year-old (32 next March) is leaving Werder Bremen as a free agent when his contract expires on 30 June. The Bundesliga team captain has announced on social media that he will not be signing a contract extension.

He scored 12 goals and had 14 assists in 36 games last season. The left-footed striker can also play as a second striker or an attacking midfielder giving him the versatility to suit our changeable styles..

Kruse didn't say anything about his future but he is a player we have looked at and sounded out as have Inter Milan.

the striker is leaving because the club would not meet his £3.5 million-a-year (€4m) wage demands. That equates to £67,308-a-week (€76,923).

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Real Madrid and Eriksen plus Golovin on the radar

9:10 am

Real Madrid and Eriksen plus Golovin on the radar

Aleksandr -Golovin

OK, I have been in contact with my contact in Spain, the same one who kept me a step ahead of the press over Roberto Soldado a few years back.

He tells me that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is NOT wanted by Real Madrid and that nobody really knows what will happen at Real Madrid yet.

Zinidine Zidane must have been made promises to return to Real Madrid and that would have been promises over his position and the players that are brought in. Zidane wants Paul Pogba but he commands a high wage and a ludicrously high fee

President Florentino Pérez has other ideas and he has Eriksen high on his list. There are top players around but Eriksen only has a year left on his contract and he will wait all summer long to see if Real Madrid are going to buy him, unless they buy and he is told he isn't wanted yet.

That doesn't mean he won't be told that he will be snapped up when he is a free agent. Even if he doesn't move this summer, there is no guarantee he will sign a new contract and if he doesn't then we can't really afford to let him run down his contract as we'd have to replace him in a year.

Tottenham have to make plans for when Eriksen does leave and one player on the radar is Russian attacking midfielder Aleksandr Golovin.

His agent, Sandor Varga, is aware of our interests and says we may return to firm up interest in his client this summer. The 22-year-old (23 in 10 days time) is wanted by Hoffenheim and is being tracked by Inter Milan and Arsenal.

He currently plays for AS Monaco in Ligue 1, the next most physical league of the big five after the Premier League. His contract there runs out in 2023.

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Hayden - Genuine Interest or Agent Talk?

4:30 pm

Hayden - Genuine Interest or Agent Talk?


The Chronicle, which is the local newspaper in Newcastle and the South Shields area, read it myself when I stayed in North Shields, suggest Tottenham are interested in 24-year-old (25 next March) Issac Hayden.

The Chelmsford born lad is a defensive midfielder and had 3 caps at England Under-21 level. He would help our homegrown quota, something we must watch, especially if we sell Trippier to Napoli. He can also play as a centre-back or a right-back. He is right-footed and under contract until 2021.

He stands 1.87m which in proper money is 6ft 1 inches tall and represented England at Under-16, Under-17, Under-18, Under-19, and Under-20 levels before gaining his Under-21 caps.

He would not be an upgrade on what we have but Pochettino would be looking to improve his game and it is a question of how much improvement do we think we can get out of him as well as the homegrown factor.

He wants to move back to London for personal reasons and is rumoured, therefore, to be available for £20 million. Whether this is paper talk and his agent trying to find him a club or genuine interest from us is unclear, it could be either quite frankly.

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Bale wages around £690,000

8:21 am

Gareth Bales wages take him out of Spurs price range


The story from the Sun over Gareth Bale is an interesting one.

There is news in Spain that there has been a complete breakdown between Gareth Bale and Zinidine Zidane, they didn't see eye to eye before so the return of the Frenchman wasn't likely to help the former Spurs man's position.

Bale wants to stay and end his carer at Real Madrid, as we know it's his dream club.

The Sun reports that Tottenham have been offered Gareth Bale on loan for £9.98m (€11.5m) and that his salary is £607,578-a-week (€700,000), with bonuses around £690,000 (€790,000). That we would look to be subsidized by Real Madrid if such a deal were to take place.

This is what is generally reported, although what I have heard is that Real Madrid wants a club to cover his entire wages, including bonuses which is a substantial package way beyond our means.

Real Madrid have told Bale to find another club. Zidame wants Arsenal forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to replace him. The fee for that deal would be in the region of £73.80 million (€85m) and the suggestion is that Spurs would pay £260,391-a-week (€300,000).

Jonathan Barnett, his agent, was interviewed by Sky and he told them that Zidane does not think Gareth Bale is one of the top 3 or 4 players in the world, which Barnett does. The Welshman is under contract until 2022 and Barnett confirmed he is quite happy to stay.

That means Bale can turn down moves and Real Madrid may have to be helpful to buying clubs to sell him. Remember Spurs have a first option on him and any deal Real Madrid agree with any club, the same deal has to be offered to Tottenham who would have first choice whether to sign him on those terms.

Obviously, wages with individual teams is an entirely different matter.

The 29-year-old (30 in July) is under contract until 2022 and a season-long loan spell would reduce his fee with a year off that contract.

Le Parisien report that PSG Sporting Director Antero Henrique has is watching the situation of Gareth Bale, Isco and Toni Kroos and that he would like to bring all three to the French champions.

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Fekir unlikely to sign for Spurs

8:14 am

Fekir unlikely to sign for Spurs

Le Parisien are reporting that Tottenham are interested in Nabil Fekir again, as are Liverpool.

Both Premier League clubs are watching ho Lyon get on in Lique 1. Currently, Lyon sit in 3rd place, a UEFA Champions League qualifying round position, just the top two in France go directly into the Champions League.

With two games to go Lyon are 6 points behind Lille with PSG already crowned champions again. St Etienne and 4th, but they are 4 points behind Lyon so they look like finishing 3rd.

Why wait? Because it might force Lyon to sell to balance the books if they are not guaranteed UEFA Champions League income. If I remember rightly, French clubs are not allowed by their federation to make a financial loss and under Financial Fair Play clubs have to break even over a 3-year period.

Football London want to tell us a Tottenham move is a shock, it isn't to anyone knows we have been following him for more than two years and if they are any good at their job they ought to know. That's the trouble with journalists though, but let's not get sidetracked by dubious journalism.

Mauricio Pochettino likes versatile players, especially in attack so he can cover for injuries and have options. Fekir is an attacking midfielder who can also play as a second striker playing off the main striker or as a central midfielder, so the link between defensive midfield and attack.

He has scored 12 goals and had 9 assists in 39 games this season comprising 2,815 minutes.

The 25-year-old (26 in July) French World Cup winner played three games in the Champions League as a second striker, two as an attacking midfielder and one as a central midfielder demonstrating that versatility. He scored 2 goals as a striker with 2 assists and scored 1 goal as an attacking midfielder.

In Ligue 1, he started 24 games. Of those, 18 were as an attacking midfielder, one was as a right winger or right-sided inverted winger (he is left-footed) and 5 as an attacker at the start of the season. Two goals and 1 assist came as a second striker, 7 goals and 3 assists came as an attacking midfielder while 1 goal and 1 assist came as a substitute.

Seemingly though, his first choice is to sign for Liverpool in a £140,000-a-week deal for £53 million so I'm not expecting a Spurs signing, but this is football and you never know.

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VIDEO - Spurs Brilliant New Champions League Chant

7:48 pm

Spurs New Champions League Chant

It's brilliant, Spurs new Champions League chant tells the story of the knockout route to the final and the dramatic finishes.

The video below from We Are Tottenham TV is doing the rounds and it's one I can't stop playing, absolutely love the song, you will too.

It celebrates the victories over Manchester City and Ajax, who both thought they had us beaten, but this is Spurs and Spurs deal in drama.

Words to the Spurs Champions League Chant

City thought they won it
But Tottenham pulled it back
Wanyama in the middle
Llorente in attack

Sterling scored the winner
The Etihad went mad
The ref went to the camera
But it was disallowed

Ole Ole Ole
Ole Ole Ole
Ole Ole Ole
Ole Ole Ole

Ole Ole Ole
Ole Ole Ole
Ole Ole Ole
Ole Ole Ole

Ajax thought they'd won it
Tottenham brought it back
Sissoko in the middle
Llorente in attack

He knocked it down to Alli
To the Brazilian Yid
Who put it in the corner
And now we're going to Madrid

Ole Ole Ole
Ole Ole Ole
Ole Ole Ole
Ole Ole Ole

Ole Ole Ole
Ole Ole Ole
Ole Ole Ole
Ole Ole Ole

Restart at the beginning.

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Spurs Step In The Right Direction

10:09 am

Spurs Step In The Right Direction


The transfer window opens at 5pm on Thursday and closes on 8th August at 5pm.

Recently there has been news from Spain that Barcelona are awaiting a formal offer from Tottenham.

That deal is thought to be £25.87 million (€30m) with personal terms having already been agreed with the Spanish central midfielder. He will certainly have to improve his defensive displays if he joins us, they simply haven't been good enough during his loan spell at Everton.

Fulham have been relegated so yet again the story of Spurs interest in Ryan Sessegnon comes to the fore with the suggestion that the 18-year-old (19 on the 18th May) wants to stay in London and wants to join Spurs to work with Mauricio Pochettino.

That is the beauty of having a coach who will not only play youth but will coach them to improve, just as he does for every player. Not for Pochettino simply buying success, that isn't an option for everyone and hasn't been an option for us to date.

My question is why are all these other coaches not improving their teams by keeping players together, playing a set system, which you can change mid-game, and progress clubs each season?

The answer is that they are not good enough coaches, they are simply managers who can only progress through money.

The game needs more proper coaches in my view.

Daniel Levy set demanding standards, which is how you turn a club into winners, you don't accept second best. He searched and searched for a coach who could improve a team and didn't need to be bought a team.

Coaches came and went for that reason and as a coach I understood that and what he was looking for, something I totally agreed with. He found that man in Mauricio Pochettino.

What has happened now is that it has been such a success that instead of next season being our second in the UEFA Champions League, as was the plan, it is our fifth, the fourth on the trot and we are in the Champions League Final.

The income that has generated has allowed us to improve our wages structure on top of some of the best bonus payments in the league. This season we earn over £88 million (€101m) and we have guaranteed income next season from the competition. We earn something like £800,000 per game from the ground plus ticket sales.

These factors give us an even bigger transfer kitty than we have now and we do have one.

What Pochettino wants to do now is sit down with Daniel Levy and jointly decide the way forward. Daniel Levy has publicly said he wants to build Spurs to compete on a level playing field with Barcelona and Real Madrid, financially we are not there yet, there is still plenty of work to do off the field.

That has to be intertwined with investment into the team. We have the best training facilities and the best stadium, something a top clubs needs. Top players want the top facilities. Having provided that we need a top team and let's not get carried away by a Champions League Final, we are not good enough yet to compete for a Premier League title, one of our set objectives.

Injuries have contributed to the defeats we have had this season without a doubt, it has put pressure on other players and we been stretched. That is what makes our achievement of reaching the Champions League final so incredible.

Our transfer targets will have been identified already, indeed we will have been scouting them all season so we know who several of them are.

Their discussion is for the long term. The long term plan hasn't changed, but with improved financial resources ahead of time and evidence of what the new stadium can actually bring in, a new plan can be drawn up how to achieve the overall plan.

Money will have to be spent now and money will be spent. Part of the discussion will perhaps be that we can't be as tight with our money as we have been. Yes we will still need to be tough negotiators, but not to the extent that we price players out of a move or try to place too much in add-ons and not enough in the guaranteed element of the transfer fee.

If Gomes and Sessegnon are two of the players Pochettino wants and we are close to completing a deal for them then that is a step in the right direction.


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Zaniolo watched again, Shashoua wins Spanish title

11:46 am

Spurs watch Zaniolo again and on-loan Spurs youngster Shashoua wins Spanish title


It is a great time for on-loan Tottenham Hotspur youngster Samuel (Sam) Shashoua right now. Today is his 20th birthday and his side CD Atlético Baleares have won Segunda B Group 3 in Spain.

This extends the left-wingers season as they now take part in the pla-offs for promotion to the second tier of Spanish football. He has had 7 goals and 3 assists in 32 games, playing 2,368 minutes. 

Clearly, he hasn't been a bit-part player and winning a title while on loan can only help him develop mentally as a player. That experience is invaluable. He has a contract at Tottenham until 2020.


Transfer Talk

Tottenham are very interested in Nicolò Zaniolo, the Roma midfielder and once again sent a scout to watch him play at the weekend. 

It was a final day 2-0 win at home over Serie A champions Juventus, which secured their place ahead of Torino for the qualification round of the Europa League by virtue of finishing 6th. AC Milan finished 5th in the automatic qualifying spot on goal difference.

The Italian international (he has 2 full caps) attacking midfielder has scored 6 goals and had 2 assists in 35 games this season, playing 2, 191 minutes of football.

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