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Deeply Upsetting

4:19 pm
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For those of you that missed Tuesday's Spurs Show outing, Phil was telling us how it really gets to him when the media salivate over the wondrous football played by Arsenal, but fail to recognise the way Spurs play.

I sat at home and watched last nights game against Fulham with a cousin of mine. He's on holiday from the States, but watched the game, even though Football isn't his forte.

I think we can safely say that my cousin is now a Spurs fan. It was ironic that he would say the following after Gudjohnsen scored his goal:

"Look at the way they (Spurs) play, it's fantastic".

Thing is, we are fantastic. I don't want to blow our own trumpet, but we play great attacking play that even the stubborn neutral will testify to.

If Arsenal had scored the Pavlyuchenko or Gudjohnsen goal, the media would have been all over it today, commenting on how wonderful their style of play is. Yet, we put out some outstanding displays of football, but nothing is said about it.

All we ask for is a bit of recognition. Is that too much to ask for?

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