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Is confidence the key to Chadli as well

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Nacer Chadli is another player who hasn't yet won over the Spurs faithful in the way Erik Lamela has. He almost begs you to ask the question, why did we buy him?

Nacer Chadli Tottenham Hotspur

The reason of course is that he has potential, he is tall, he has skill in both feet, he is young and he should increase in value. All great in theory but where is the substance, on paper he should be a good player.

He divides opinion somewhat, David Howells for instance felt he had a good  had a World Cup in Brazil earlier this summer.

"Chadli was very good at the World Cup I thought, among those players like [Mousa] Dembele, so if [Mauricio] Pochettino can just get a little bit more out of all of them then I think we’ll do ever so well."
Chadi at the World Cup
46 mins v Algeria
Not used v Russia
30 mins v South Korea
9 mins v USA (came on in second injury time period after 111 minutes)
15 mins v Argentina

Clearly he didn't impress his manager with such little game time so to suggest he had a good World Cup is somewhat optimistic.

The reports coming out of Tottenham are that despite appearing to not like Chadi, he has been reportedly offered to Southampton and PSV Eindhoven the press claim, Pochettino does apparently think he has qualities that he can work with. He could play a bigger part in the team than it appears at the moment.

Erik Lamela cuts in from the right and can shoot with either foot, Nacer Chadli can do the same from the left and is strong on his right foot so in a system that allows interchanging of the front four he could have more opportunity to express his skill.

The key will be his intelligence, football intelligence. He seems to me to lack a little confidence, a little self belief. It's as if he wants people to like him and he'll produce his best football rather than going out there and putting on performances that say like me. If two players of equal ability took those routes the player who performed to be liked would be by far the better overall player, he'd go a lot further in the game.

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He has the physique, he has skill but he doesn't seem to quite know what to do with the ball when he has it. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he isn't going to be groomed for that role on the left of the three behind the lone striker with Lamela right and Eriksen in the middle, that may end up being our first choice three.

 He could roam like Lamela from the other side, that role would appear to suit him and if Sherwood was picking him then he clearly has the desire to perform, even if he hasn't produced the goods. At the moment the man in possession appears to be Aaron Lennon who has impressed in pre-season so far.

The World Cup players need a rest, their bodies need a rest so as many as we can spare should start the season on the bench so he starts at a disadvantage and will have to force his way into the team but you would hope he is exactly he type of player Pochettino can improve.

"The lack of expectation will probably help as well, as they don’t have the same pressure to perform this season."

Former Spurs midfielder David Howells has got that spot on, there is a different air about Tottenham this season, one of almost suppressed expectation. We have an understated manager taking an understated team that may well surprise a few people and Nacer Chadli might surprise a few people too.

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