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Mourinho and Pochettino different methods, same outcome wanted

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There is often a world of difference between what a manager says and what the media report. All a journalist does, and how many actually have coaching qualifications, is report what they think is being said, certainly that is the case with Jose Mourinho's recent comments.

Mauricio Pochettino left Mousa Dembele out of the side for a season basically to force him to make a decision whether he wanted to improve and stay at the club or amble along as he was and leave. He has done the same with Vincent Janssen suggesting he needs to show more in training and work harder on his game. Pochettino has also done it with Moussa Sissoko.

That coaching principle, challenge a player to improve, is all Jose Mourinho has done. The Old Trafford boss may have gone about it in a different way, he may have said more to the media, but the coaching principle is still the same, challenge a player to improve.

Mourinho is simply challenging Luke Shaw to show him whether he want to remain at United or not. Improve and you have a chance, don't improve and you'll have to leave. People might consider it more severe but in coaching terms, the aim is the same.

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