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Welcome to Tottenham Hotspur Blog News - THBN.

Tottenham Hotspur Blog News - THBN has grown since I took it over in July 2013 from zero page views to over 500,000 a month say my Blogger stats. The blog brings a fans eye view of all things Spurs laced with opinion from someone who has been a fan for nearly 50 years.

My name is Clive Elliott and I have of course been a lifelong Spurs fan since going to play football with someone 2 doors away who was on Gillingham's books. Being just a kid myself I though if they are good enough for him they are good enough for me and that is how my Tottenham adventure began.

I have seen the ups and downs, attended home games every other week, seen the trophy wins and relegation. Life as a Spurs fan has never been dull, especially as we have a trait of doing things the hard way and putting our supporters through agony.

When I took this site over I didn't want just another blog that simply auto regurgitated the same news, but one that wasn't afraid to throw controversial or thought provoking ideas and opinions into the mix as well. The comments received and growing readership are a testament that the approach works and for that I thank you.

Since this Tottenham news blog originally started in 2005 it has been a period of unfulfilled expectation. Martin Jol took Spurs to our highest ever Premier League final placing, just missing out after Lasagna-Gate put an end to our Champion's League hopes. Of course then along came Harry Redknapp to take us into the Champions League and secure another top 4 place, then Andre Villas-Boas, Tim Sherwood and now we await a new guy.

What's New?

We've also decided to move with the times and take the Twitter plunge. You can follow us via Twitter on the site or on your preferred media outlet.

You can find more snippets on Facebook under Tottenham Memorabilia which also feeds into the THBNSays twitter account.

We will be remaining on our first and most trusted Blogger domain, for the time being with plans to open a shop shortly where you'll be able to buy football shirts, football boots, football gloves etc.

Enjoy reading THBN and continue to offer us feedback through comments. Do click your favourite share buttons and let a wider audience see the contect you enjoy reading.


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