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A hard fought victory today made a lot harder than it should have been by the perennial problems we demonstrate regularly in the Premier League.

Video Spurs 2 Burnley 1 views

We gave Burnley a host of chances today and the number of times a simple ball down the middle puts us in trouble means any side can always create decent chances against us. We seem to be a team who believe we will score one more than you and that partly sums up our problem.

We won by one goal but we should have won by more. Once again we were not clinical. We did well to score 4 against Newcastle but back to the Premier League and it's just enough again. People say we are 4 points off 4th place but we are not, we are 5 points off a UEFA Champions League slot because West Ham have an 11 goal difference advantage over us.

We must learn to be clinical when we are in front. Too many time we are nearly men, the final ball was nearly good enough, he nearly got on the end of that, if we want to be a top four team that has to change.

Our other achilles heel is that we think we are better than certain sides, we are but that's not the point, you still have to treat them with the utmost respect. You have to come out for the second half ready for the challenge, not the manner in which we started the second period against Burnley.

Andros Townsend last year was never mentally ready as a substitute and so was hopeless when he came on for his cameo performances. He was only mentally tuning in after he had come on and by the time he was mentally ready the game was over. We start second halves in the same way, mentally asleep. That shows that the players think they are better than the opposition and they don't have to worry about them, it's totally the wrong approach and a contributing factor to us not being clinical as well.

It is easy to fix and should be brought up and half-time so it doesn't happen but yet again Burnley could easily have scored before we had woken up.

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They were the main areas of improvement to take from today's game which was entertaining to watch and notable for a Kane miss, an Eriksen back heel and a Lamela Premier League goal. Again the difference it makes to Eriksen's game when we have runners was demonstrated, with them he looks class, without them he looks ordinary.

Mason seemed to be key to our performance which went downhill after he was replaced, because of injury, by Benjamin Stambouli.

A game that leaves us above Arsenal for the moment and leaves us happy with the performances we are now starting to see. Continual improvement is required and we are certainly going in the right direction so supporters can go to work on Monday happy with life.

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