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VIDEO: Lamela vs FC Sheriff - fans shown the missing ingedients

8:31 pm
Is it coincidence that Spurs flew over Erik Lamela's family last week to help him settle and this week he gives a performance which could be the turning point of his Spurs career. You would assume he wanted to put on a display for them and he did so bringing them over may have been just what the doctor ordered.

Apart from everything else he did the goal clearly lifted a huge weight off his shoulders. As a reader pointed out he missed a penalty in the penalty shoot out against Hull City in the League Cup so to notch his first goal helped him to blow away any doubt.

His celebration told me a lot, it was extended, it was grateful, it was a yes I've done it moment, which all shouted that he has been having problems and feeling the pressure. Not surprising when he is in a new country and despite speaking both Spanish and Italian, which Andre Villas-Boas speaks by the way, can't communicate with most of his teammates or any shopkeeper. The Brazilians in our squad I assume speak Portuguese, the dominant language in Brazil so even they are different.

With that performance under his belt he and we hope he will kick on and soon be taking his place in the Premier League. He spoke recently saying;

"When I said recently that I would be capable of making the difference here, I said it because I believe in myself. I came here to give the team what they need. I will bring what I can and hope to do well. The game felt good. Every time I play, I feel I play better, so it was great experience, great to win game in front of fans."

"It means that Tottenham were prepared to go the extra mile to get me, so I want to show them what I can do, for benefit of team. The size of the transfer fee is a good thing for me. The transfer fee is no pressure for me, because when I went to Roma in 2011, they paid quite a lot to bring me from River Plate. Everyone can bring his own qualities and give his best for the team but it is wrong to say I was brought here to replace BALE. People have said many things about me and about the other players who joined last summer."

His performance in the near 10 minute video below in the first 2 minutes highlights something we have been missing from out play. He gets the ball commits an opponent before laying the ball off, he doesn't dwell but looks for a quick pass, he looks to pass into the box, he wants to pass forward, he runs at and beats players and he runs diagonally at the penalty area instead of parallel to it, he wants to get in the box all the time.
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As Gordon Strachan said at half-time he is getting fouled which is a good thing it shows he is taking men on, he is a danger. Les Ferdinand said we need to get the ball to our wide men who need to stretch the defence to create gaps we can pass into.
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He has created and put in a decent performance before in the Europa league at White Hart Lane but apart from his 15 minute cameo against Cardiff where he created a goal his away performances have been well below par.

This performance now gives him a stepping stone to produce another but the next Europa League game is not until the 28th so whilst he may not start between now and then, he should be on the subs bench and he should get on the field again while his confidence is high. That would be sensible management especially against Man City at the Etihad Stadium where the pitch is large and will afford him more space.

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VIDEO: Lamela vs FC Sheriff - fans shown the missing ingedients VIDEO: Lamela vs FC Sheriff - fans shown the missing ingedients Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:31 pm Rating: 5

Pastures new for Tottenham

1:52 pm
Lewis Holtby is no different from the rest of us, he has never heard of where he has gone either. Not long now to turn the box on and tune in for another game.

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New Tactical Analysis Series article tomorrow evening 8pm (20.00hrs) UK time looking at the midfield.
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"I had never heard of Sheriff before," said Holtby when asked by reporters during the pre-game press conference with AVB.

"I thought they were based in Northern Ireland, but coming to places like this is always an experience, especially for young players. You learn a lot coming to these types of countries and playing these types of teams.

"It is important to take these kind of atmospheres into your game. You learn a lot of things. So from that point of view it's nice to have a group like this.

Sheriff dominate football in Moldova but come from the capital of Transnistria - a self-announced breakaway state unrecognised by an sovereign nation.

"I only heard of it 20 minutes before we arrived," he continued. "I got told it was a country within Moldova. That's a new one on me but a good experience to take with me and it has improved my geography.

"I am very pleased to be here. I can tell my grandchildren that I played in a part of Moldova that isn't Moldova."

"We have to be ready for them because it is going to be their cup final." The stadium for the clash s sold out.

"Every opponent we face in the Europa League sees us as the bigger side. We are Tottenham Hotspur, we are a fantastic club, we have got quality players throughout the squad, so everybody is buzzing when they play against us.

"It makes us proud to be in that position. But we are only concerned with trying to get our win, continuing our 100 per cent points tally and qualifying from the group as quickly as possible."

A win tonight will give us 9 points out of 9 with 10 generally being accepted as the tally usually needed. The game represents another opportunity to instill a winning mentality within the club. Approach every game and expect to win, then no complacency, put in the hard graft and achieve the aims before moving onto the next one.

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Pastures new for Tottenham Pastures new for Tottenham Reviewed by THBlogNews on 1:52 pm Rating: 5
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