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Is this the beginning of the end of Arsenal?

8:00 pm
Cesc Fabregas Leaving Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur Blog NewsI've just heard an interview on talkSPORT with the Spanish football pundit, Guillem Balague. It's basically curtains for Cesc Fabregas' 7 year stint with Arsenal as it looks like he has told Wenger that he wants to leave now, rather than later, with Barcelona being his preferred choice.

Now, if this report is true, and I presume it is, it looks as though Cesc has finally given up on the Wenger Project. In fact, it's a slap in the face for the entire establish at Arsenal.


Because the belief that doing things Wenger's way, is no longer there.

How long is Fabregas supposed to stick around while the "young players" develop? How many times do you think the lad can sit by and watch the British media drool over another one of Walcott's runs that simply have no end product? How many times has he had to place his head in his hands because every Arsenal keeper has just fluffed another howler?

If he does go, it may leave a dent so large in Arsenal's heart, that filling it, may prove to be an impossible feat. He is their captain, their talisman. Make no bones about it; Fabregas is the player that makes their setup tick along.

How does all of this play on the mind of van Persie? Does the Dutchman still believe in Wenger's Project? Does Wenger himself believe in it any more? I suppose we'll have to wait and see how this pans out.

If Arsenal can't find an adequate replacement, how long before their time is up? I suppose they could recall Jack Wilshere from Bolton, and wait for him to develop? What's another few years, eh?

Some have said that the club just doesn't have the funds to go out and buy the players needed. Is Wenger covering for his Board? I think the truth will out this summer.

The sustained success of a football club cannot go on forever. Oh, what am I saying? Arsenal's last success came 5 years ago!

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Is this the beginning of the end of Arsenal? Is this the beginning of the end of Arsenal? Reviewed by PoshSpur on 8:00 pm Rating: 5

Harry's "Special One"

11:29 am
So then, we've all heard Harry come out and say that there won't be too many changes and that there may be "one special signing that will take the club to the next level".

So you can imagine my confusion when we've got the likes of Real Madrid's Raul and City's Craig Bellamy linked with us.

Let's get something straight, I personally wouldn't mind either player joining up with the squad as both have something to offer, especially with Raul's Champion's League experience. And contrary to popular belief, Raul does speak perfect English, as those who have heard The Guardian's Spain-based journalist and Spurs fan, Sid Lowe, interview Raul, can attest to.

Craig Bellamy offers something different. Unfortunately, his unpredictability comes as part of the package. I would say that a majority of sides would want a happy Bellamy in their dressing room. When the coin is turned, no side want an unhappy Craig, for he has the uncanny ability of being able to turn all and sundry 360.

So far, the above mentioned players aren't in the "special signings" category, are they?

If we are to review our current squad, I personally can't see any position, other than in central midfield, being filled.

Talking of central midfield; Sandro will join us in August, but he'll need time to settle and I can't see him being an asset next season. Therefore, I do feel that a commanding central midfielder is needed, preferably with Champion's League experience.

If you read this blog regularly, you'll know my thoughts on bringing in Joe Cole. I just can't see him fitting in anywhere without disrupting the apple cart.

I must have said it a thousand times, but Moussa Sissoko is a fantastic player. If we're to get him, Harry and Daniel are going to have to move fast, for if the rumours doing the rounds in the New Library are anything to go by, Wenger is sniffing around the Toulouse box-to-box midfielder.

Whatever happens, I am sure the close season will see us linked to basically everyone. But as is the case with our manager, he already knows who he wants to bring in.

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Harry's "Special One" Harry's "Special One" Reviewed by PoshSpur on 11:29 am Rating: 5

Manuel Almunia: God Amongst Men

4:32 pm
Manuel Almunia, Tottenham Hotspur Blog News
Don't you just love the stubbornness of some men, especially those you view as your enemy? Mr. Wenger has been lambasted in the past for not signing a quality goal-keeper, but we all know how Arsène reacts to criticism.

Let me introduce Manuel Almunia. This man capped off a delightful Saturday for me and possibly the majority of Chelsea, Manchester United and Spurs fans. I was sat in the Shelf when the jumbo-tron displayed Arsenal's result. The cheer that echoed around me was nearly, if not more so, louder than when we scored our second goal against Portsmouth.

I then saw the goal on Match of Day.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Manny, you are a God amongst men!

Oh and before I go, I want to remind Mr. Wenger that Football is a contact sport, which, by definition, means that players are allowed to tackle each other, as long as the tackling is within the rules of course.

So Arsène, before running off your mouth in a post-match press conference, take a good look at the evidence. Craig Gardner won the ball cleanly. Fair enough, he may have knocked Fabregas to the ground, but as I said, Football is a contact sport.

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Manuel Almunia: God Amongst Men Manuel Almunia: God Amongst Men Reviewed by PoshSpur on 4:32 pm Rating: 5

Wenger Talks Rubbish

I've just come across The Sun's rendition of Mr. Arsène Wenger's attempt at talking up his sides chances on Sunday against Chelsea.

"We are not any more a team that has to be considered to be young. We have the strengths and can show on Sunday that we are strong enough to compete."

Did he actually say that? I know this is a Spurs blog, but I just couldn't resist putting my neck on the line and stating that Arsenal will lose on Sunday. I can see Chelsea winning and winning comfortably.

The only thing Arsène and the rest of his merry men will notice after their demolition, is that they simply do not have a big enough squad.

The Woolwich Wanderers are without Van Persie, both left-backs (Gaël Clichy & Kieran Gibbs) and Gallas may miss out.

Anyone else think that we'll be sitting 3rd come Sunday evening?

Talking of which; we've got Villa coming up on Saturday. This will be a tricky one lads. Let's just hope Harry leaves Keane on the bench. Harry can't possibly think that Keano can do a better job than Kranny on the left of our midfield?

None of that silly diamond formation either. Villa are a strong side and will take us out to tea if we don't have a balanced midfield.

As I said, this is a tricky one. I can see us getting a point.

THBN Prediction: Aston Villa 0 -0 Tottenham Hotspur

PS. I'm counting on the low IQ Arsenal fans to come on here with the usual "how many Premier League titles have you lot won?", "when was the last time Spurs were in the Champion's League?". Please note that I haven't made this about "you and us". I'll do that when you lot come over to the Lane.

And fellow Yids, don't make turn this into a "you and us" debate either.


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Wenger Talks Rubbish Wenger Talks Rubbish Reviewed by Frank Spencer on 4:24 pm Rating: 5

Sol Campbell, fans' favourite

Sol Campbell’s departure from Notts County was the most predictable football story of the season so far. The prospect of a recent Premier League regular plying his trade in League Two was an unlikely scenario, but the chances of the big fish sticking at it in a little pond for too long were particularly slim considering the individual involved.

County fans can join the growing list of supporters disgruntled by Campbell’s own inimitable transfer market conduct. The anger and disappointment felt by Spurs fans has obviously not been matched, but it is worth remembering that Campbell is not on Arsène Wenger’s Christmas card list.

The Arsenal boss allowed Campbell to leave on the understanding he would not join a rival Premier League club. Hardly a betrayal on the scale of his free transfer across North London, but still part of a notable pattern for a player adept at filling his pockets with signing-on fees.

Money was understandably touted as the reason for the move to Meadow Lane. Why else would a recent England player drop down three divisions when still capable of playing at a higher level? Sol informed us that it was nothing to do with the five-year, £40,000 a week deal, but the challenge and ‘where I am at the moment in my life’.

Campbell has now abandoned another club, this time without running down his contract. Maybe he felt League Two football was below him; or maybe the club and facilities were not up to scratch. Perhaps he wants to play for England. My money is on the fact he is on the hunt for another signing-on fee.
Sol Campbell, fans' favourite Sol Campbell, fans' favourite Reviewed by Frank Spencer on 2:49 pm Rating: 5
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