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Lo Celso, Friedel, Ceballos, Eriksen

4:30 pm

Transfer Talk: Lo Celso, Friedel, Ceballos, Eriksen


Giovani Lo Celso

The news from Spain, from Estadio Deportivo suggests that Tottenham are willing to pay an extras €30m (£26.71m - $33.79m) on top of the initial offer for Giovani Lo Celso.

That would take Spurs to €70m (£62.33m - $78.85m) with LaLiga side Real Betis asking for €75m (£66.79m - $84.49m) not the €100m (£89.05m - $112.65m) wrongly reported by British journalists. That is his release clause, not his transfer fee.

It should be noted that Spanish clubs often leak information to the press during negotiations, they will talk to reporters outside the ground as soon as they come out of a meeting, that doesn't happen over here.

Despite interest from other clubs, I expect Spurs to get this deal done and he is a player that really excites me to see in a Spurs shirt. He is in a 4-man midfield on Saturday night, possibly starting on the right, he is left-footed, indeed he has a wand of a left foot.

Personally, I wouldn't be at all surprised if this story has legs, especially given that Real Betis vice-chairman and CEO José Miguel López Catalán was in London meeting the hierarchy at Spurs.

Meeting such as this are where a general consensus can be gained in an informal atmosphere. It;s fingers crossed for this one.

Brad Friedel

A nice article from and about former Tottenham goalkeeper Brad Friedel. In it he talks about his time at Tottenham and learning that youngsters think differently now, they don't just think about lifting trophies now.

"It was a little bit eye-opening to see what they truly felt was important. Way back when, it was only about lifting the FA Cup or the Premier League trophy. That changed over the years. Contracts became important. Houses and cars became important. Your public brand and peoples’ perceptions of you became important."
Brad Friedel

Dani Ceballos

Cadena SER, Spain's premier radio network, reports that Lyon will make a formal offer for 22-year-old (23 in August) Real Madrid midfielder Dani Cellebos. The youngster is not wanted at the Spanish club who need to raise funds to continue their overhaul of an aging and complacent squad.

They have told him to find a new club and the online radio station are expecting Tottenham to make a bid too.

Christian Eriksen

French newspaper L'Equipe are suggesting that Real Madrid received very negative reports about Christian Eriksen's attitude and for a coach the signs are evident.

Yes, he is a talented player, yes he has worked to improve his game, but, is it getting better, stagnating or going backward?

Did he stamp himself on the Champions League Final, his Real Madrid audition in effect, his last chance to convince Zinidine Zidane that he should be the man to buy, not Paul Pogba?

Adrea Pirlo was very critical of his performance, suggesting he was hiding during the game.

Are his free-kicks improving?

He seems to me to be jogging along at the same level, blowing hot and cold. There are games when his teammates are not good enough off the ball around him and other games where he isn't good enough and then games where he excels, usually when we have runners ahead of him.

The interesting thing for me is, if he stays and it is true his agent is discussing a new four-year contract, how he will perform with better players?

I'll say it again, a winning mindset means you work every day to improve every aspect of your performance to keep getting better and better in tiny steps. Someone who is simply trying to win on the football pitch is trying to win yes, but that isn't a winning mentality, it's just a small part of it. That player will ALWAYS be surpassed by a player with a proper winning mentality.


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Tottenham Talk - Fiedel, Pochettino, Alves

3:55 pm


Happy birthday to Spurs USA ambassador and our former goalkeeper Brad Friedel who is 46 today. A superb keeper in his prime, he never let us down in the four seasons he was with us.

Apparently, Mauricio Pochettino has made a 'revelation' by telling us what we all already know, that Spurs can't compete financially with the other top teams in the transfer market.

Pochettino makes revelation on Tottenham transfers, fans will not be happy

According to Football Insider this is a 'shocking admission', all I can say is they must have their heads buried in the sand or they lack a basic understanding of football. More gutter press reporting.

Brazil, Bahia, Sevilla, Barcelona and now Juventus right-back Dani Alves has now won 32 career trophies at club level. Now that is experience, could he become the Daddy to our young squad? 28 in Spain 🇪🇸 3 in Brazil 🇧🇷 1 (soon to be 2) in Italy 🇮🇹

He is expected to pick up a Serie A medal, Juventus are 5 points clear of Roma and 6 clear of Napoli with just 2 games to go. They have just beaten the fourth-placed side in the Coppa Italia, in which he scored the opening goal and are in the UEFA Champions League Final against the arch enemy from his Barcelona days, Real Madrid.

The 34-year-old (35 in May) has been directly involved in 5 goals in his last 5 games for Juventus in all competitions (3 goals, 2 assists).

  1. Ryan Giggs 35 trophies
  2. Maxwell 33 trophies
  3. Dani Alves 32 trophies
  4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic 32 trophies
  5. Lionel Messi 29 trophies
  6. Andres Iniesta 26 trophies
  7. Gerard Pique 26 trophies
  8. Bastian Schweinsteiger 24 trophies
  9. Sergio Buequets  23 trophies
  10. Phillip Lahm 21 trophies
  11. Cristiano Ronaldo 18 trophies

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Friedel steps in to help negotiate Bruma transfer

6:35 pm



When negotiating a transfer you value a player and then try to get him cheaper, while the other club state a high price and try to get a deal as close to that as possible. All clubs do it, despite the anti-Levy few believing it is a Daniel Levy thing. Just another way they distort facts to justify a position that, isn't really justifiable.

In addition, you will use every asset you can to assist in negotiations and if you happen o have a former player of the selling club hen why not use that goodwill to help negotiations.

Brad Friedel is a US Tottenham Hotspur Ambassador and works with the United States Under-19 team as a coach. He spent a year at Galatasaray before joining Tottenham ad Daniel Levy has asked him to have a hand in negotiations to see if he can help the two sides reach a deal.

Reports in Turkey suggest we have offered, or are willing to offer £17.13 million (€20 - AUS$28.90m - US$21.07m) while Galatasaray want £34.27 million (€20 - AUS$57.80m - US$42.13m). The player wants to join and has made hat clear, but Galatasaray want him to stay so Friedel will have to try and convince them to let him go.

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VIDEO Highlights - Brad Friedel Commentary

5:30 pm
Former Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Brad Friedel now works as a TV Pundit and provides the expert analysis for the American audience. He was covering the Monaco vs Tottenham Hotspur Group J UEFA Europa League tie.


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The Twitter catch-up

5:00 pm
Plenty of Tottenham fans are not on Twitter and I don't blame you it can be very time-consuming if you let it so I'll bring you a Twitter catch-up that involves our players, former players, and a youth player you may not have heard of yet.

Eric Lamela - "Happy to see you again my friend and get our first win, thanks for your shirt."

Younes Kaboul - "Hermano! I was very happy to see you too Coco. Have a good season."

Ben Davies - "Great feeling to get the win yesterday. Now time to kick on from here!"

Bradley Friedel - "Great results for Bayern, Dortmund...can Wolfsburg and Schalke keep pace with them???  Very entertaining again!"

THBNSays (That's me folks) - "Yes but what about Spurs Bradley!"

Bradley Friedel - "Great win for Spurs and great goal by Ryan Mason!!!"

Dele Alli - "Good win today! Happy to get my first start as well"

I'm happy to help promote good causes so if you want to support special needs children and I can tell you from first-hand experience it is incredibly worthwhile, then get in touch with Graham Roberts.

I'm looking to raise money for my charity for special needs children to send on holiday I will have 50 signed legends shirts

The first 50 people who would donate £200 per shirt will get one each and it will help send a school on holiday to the algarve

If interested in the spurs legends shirts please DM me it's a great cause for special needs children

Back in August one of our youngsters retweeted a graphic, the idea of which is used in coaching in all sports as well as the personal development field. Those who don't want to engage call it rubbish and don't progress themselves, those that embrace the idea progress while the first group call it luck or that they were given a chance. You make your own luck and create your own chances in sport, in life.

Samuel Shashoua (Player for Tottenham Hotpsur U-18 side) - He retweeted the Iceburg graphic, reinforcing the fact the right attitude achieves success, not charity or excuses

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Lloris leaving Spurs not even worth talking about

7:30 am
Former Tottenham keeper Brad Friedel, now forging a career in the media combined with coaching is an ambassador for Spurs in the USA.

Players talk to one another and friendships former continue so he'll know a player's view of what is happening at White Hart Lane. Hr has been working on pre-seaso games for Fox Sports so is still in contact with clubs in the Premier League.

The American has spoken to the Daily Express about the goalkeeping situation at several clubs including Manchester United and Spurs. He and doesn't see the remotest possibility of Hugo Lloris leaving Spurs regardless of what the popular press and following websites may suggest.

"For me personally, I don't foresee that transfer even remotely starting up. Hugo is a Tottenham player, he is the Tottenham captain and he will be a Tottenham player and I don't see that changing. I don't even think we need to discuss that possibility and I mean that sincerely."

That is pretty clear, it is so certain he is going to stay that it isn't even worth discussing yet only yesterday papers and other websites were trying to suggest it was on the cards simple because French paper L'Equipe, who I have suggested before don't like Tottenham, made up a story about Lloris wanting to go there.

Making up stories is something they have consistently done, this is the same paper that suggested Man U would activate his non-existent buyout clause. They had assumed that because they are common in Europe the Frnch captain had one, he hasn't.

I put my head on the chopping block back in February and haven't wavered, Lloris is not leaving Tottenham this window. I think we can put that story to bed.

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Friedel to be expert analyst for MLS game

11:00 am
Frank Lampard is injured and out of the MLS All-Star game which is going to see Brad Friedel meet some of his old teammates.

Friedel is our US ambassador and is taking part in pre-game events along with Ledley King. He now has a media career after some excellent TV appearances for the World Cup in Brazil summer. He will be commentating on the game as the expert former player for FOX Sports. The game will also see Robbie Keane and Clint Dempsey, both a part of the All-Stars squad, meet old friends.

Monday 6pm: Welcome party at Three Lions Pub. Supporters will be able to meet and share in the excitement of the week ahead.
Tuesday 10am: Open training session at Dick Sporting Goods Park (autograph session following). This will be a surreal experience for fans to get up close and personal with their favorite Tottenham players.
Tuesday 2:30pm: Toy drive for Colorado Children’s Hospital. Supporters can deliver gifts alongside some of the players. This is a unique experience that will allow some fans to give back alongside Tottenham players. This is certainly a very special experience.
Tuesday 7pm: Supporters Club evening. Spurs guests Brad Friedel and Ledley King at the Blake Street Tavern, preceded by a supporter march from Skyline Park. This offers a chance to all Spurs supporters to gather and enjoy a night with two club legends, as well as giving fans the chance to get loud and sing songs on the march to Skyline Park.
Wednesday 9am: 5-a-side soccer tournament at DSG Park. For supporters and partners, brought together by THFC and Under Armour. This is a rare opportunity to play a little soccer on the DSG Park before the main game takes place later that night. If you fancy a kick about before the match, this is the cant-miss event for you.
Wednesday 7:15pm: Kick off of the 2015 MLS All-Star Game. David Villa, Steven Gerrard, Kaka, Andrea Pirlo and many other soccer stars from the MLS will descend on DSG Park Wednesday night to take on Tottenham in what promises to be a match full of excitement.
The game provides Tottenham with another chance to put our name before an American audience again after the recent NLF news.

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Best academy product since Ledley King

7:00 pm
The FIFA Under-20 World Cup Final in North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand took place on 20 June with Serbia beating Brazil 2-1 after extra time. Tottenham centre-back Milos Veljkovic lifted the trophy but Spurs had another academy product at the tournament.

England were not there so our players missed out on gaining tournament experience. We saw the England Under-21 side once again fail to get past the group stages in the European Under-21 Championships, just as the senior side failed at the last World Cup.

Tottenham were also represented at the FIFA Under-20 World Cup by Cameron Carter-Vickers whose side the USA met Serbia in the quarter-final, losing 6-5 on penalties. The experience will help both highly-rated played develop. The USA already consider Carter-Vickers to be quite some player.

His father had a long career as a pro basketball career so he has been brought up in a sporting atmosphere. One American media outlet, Sports Vice, speaks highly of him.

'Carter-Vickers is the one of U.S. soccer's newest rising stars; a 17-year-old with a freshly-minted professional contract at Premier League glamour club Tottenham Hotspur. Those in the know in London say he's the club's best defensive academy product since the superb English centre-back Ledley King.'

Tab Ramos is the USA Under-20 coach and he describes Carter-Vickers as being the most mature, despite being the youngest member of the squad.

"Even though he's the youngest player on the squad, he's probably one of the most mature on the field in terms of the way he plays. We're very excited about his future and what he's going to give US soccer over many years to come."

He was born in Southend, Esses and the Americans describe him as shy, slightly lilting English accent, his father was from Louisiana so quite some difference. Despite the accent Carter-Vickers feels he would have chosen the USA if he had the choice anyway.

"England never called me up, so I haven't had the choice of playing for them or not. I think I would have always played for the USA anyway. My dad has had a big influence on me, in sporting terms. He always tells me to stay level-headed. After that loss against Ukraine [at the World Cup], for example, he texted me and said 'just stay focused, talk about your issues and move forward and progress'."

That advice serves him well, in the next game he was described as being immense. That kind of focus will stand him in good stead as will the mental approach of continuing to improve. Former Spurs and USA goalkeeper Brad Friedel, now our US Ambassador, was asked by our official site about him in January before the 2015 CONCACAF Under-20 Championship in Jamacia during that month.

"I know a lot about Cameron having coached him, played with him and trained with him here at Spurs. He went into the US fold not too long ago. They had him in his own age group and he did really well so they put him in older groups and he’s been extremely impressive. He’s playing above his age group again out in Jamaica, but physically and mentally I think he can cope with it. He’s looked very good and I’m delighted he’s playing with the US – hopefully he has a very good tournament for us.”

Friedel was an assistant coach at that tournament so his association with the Spurs youngster will go on. With two such promising prospects, one wonders whether Cameron Carter-Vickers and Milos Veljkovic will be a future Tottenham centre-back pairing?

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Archer released, Friedel retired, McGee No.3?

4:30 pm
Tottenham will have a new number three next season after veteran American stopper Brad Friedel retired to take up a media career.

Heurelho Gomes was happy to sit and collect his wages rather than actually leave the club to play football. Then lately he has been complaining about Spurs because they won't guarantee his countryman Paulinho a place regardless of form.

Then we had a model professional in Brad Fiedel who I don't think any supporter would have a bad word to say about him. He took his coaching badge and decided coaching was not for him, after some exposure at the World Cup on TV he has decided that is the life for him from now on. He came across well and I wish him every success in his field.

He is still of course a US Ambassador for the club and with young Americans at Spurs he will be sought after for his views of Tottenham games, especially if Yedlin is likely to play.

In addition to Friedel leaving us this summer new now that 22-year-old former Scottish Under-21 keeper Jordan Archer has been released by the club. Last season from August to January he was on loan at Northampton Town and from February until the end of the season at Millwall. His manager there, Neil Harris has told the South London Press that he would like to keep him at Millwall, despite him not being able to shift incumbent David Forde.

"Jordan is a super young keeper with great potential - a top character. Spurs gave him a long contract because they saw that.  
"They sent him to us to get first-team experience, but it didn't quite happen, because David Forde was on good form.  
"Jordan was really patient, but pushed hard for the shirt. If we could get that calibre of keeper, at that age and with that potential, it would be a key signing."

Archer and Millwall are in advanced talks so the release of him is timely and probably signifies a deal is close, although there are plenty of clubs after his signature.

With speculation over Lloris there could be problems for Tottenham looming. Michel Vorm signed, I'm sure, knowing Friedel would be retiring and that Lloris may not remain at Tottenham forever. I wrote at the time he would be hoping he would take over as the number one eventually.

But it is the number three position that needs filling now. On the pre-season tour to the USA and Canada last summer the club took young Luke McGee along but illness prevented him getting much game time. The club also took the 19-year-old (20 in September) along on the recent AIA Cup trip to Malaysia and then Sydney, Australia.

Next is another flying visit to the USA which you assume he will go on again, it will be interesting to see who actually does go. Is McGee going to be our number three next season? He played 18 games in the Under-21 Premier League, was on the bench for the away game against Greek side Asteras Tripoli.

Here he is with Michel Vorm discussing the 'Psychology of Penalties' in a Spurs TV video, reproduced with permission.

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Observations & full game link

3:56 pm
Listening to yesterdays commentary from Ray Houghton he kept telling us how Kyle Walker and Danny Rose were getting at Sunderland wide and then telling us that Chadli and Eriksen need to get wide as they are too central so we have no width. He tells us he is surprised Townsend didn't come on earlier to give us width we are playing too narrow, yet had been saying Rose and Walker have got plenty of time to deliver a ball into the box. He doesn't seem the understand the concept that full-backs provide your width.

His tells us Christian Eriksen's corners are poor as he keeps hitting the first man and that he needs to float one into the box, which is wrong as it's easy for the keeper. Eriksen does as Houghton suggests and he tells us it's a waste, a nothing ball with the height of the Sunderland keeper. If you put the ball in the air like that it's goalkeeping practice. He ought to make up his mind.

Then he tells us he doesn't know the offside rule, there must be two players but he doesn't know whether that applies to a player's own half. Well every club footballer knows you can't be offside in your own half so why doesn't someone in his position, an ex professional footballer himself?

Mousa Dembele is definitely trying now under Pochettino after just doing his own thing prior to November. He is playing more balls forward, he is playing them quicker and I would suggest, over 50% of them now at a greater speed. That keeps our game at a higher tempo that he was keeping it at before.

Danny Mills said on BBC Final Score that he had spoken to Brad Friedel who told him that Mauricio Pochettino was a very good coach and that Spurs will come good, while Phil Neville said on Match of the Day, also on the BBC, that Tottenham were a better team with Pochettino in charge.

Christian Eriksen netted another winner and Gary Lineker anchoring Match of the Day told us that Eriksen has been responsible for picking up more points for his side that any other player in the Premier League.

Sunderland were constantly kicking the ball away and the referee was doing nothing about it. It happens in every game, the players know exactly what they are doing and the referee should stop it immediately. We ought to go back to the rule you take the goal kick from one side the ball went out, goodness knows why it changed. All you get now is a keeper walking from one side of the goal to the other to waste time when surely the authorities should be maximising the amount of time the ball stay in play, not minimising it.

Also why do they not mark where free kicks should be taken, there was a game against us recently where the team moved the ball 20 yards forward so they could pump it into the area. Unless if the free kick hasn't been taken quickly, what's to stop him quickly marking a spot and jogging off? Why don't the assistant referees (linesman) ensure the free kick is taken from the right place, when possible, if it in their half? Why don't they stand 5 yards up the touchline from a throw in, when possible, so a player can't go wandering up the touchline? All simple little things, easily introduced.

Eric Dier had a solid game and Emmanuel Adebayor ran around trying but looked as if he was playing in a new team unsure of how they play, which I guess he is, given his attitude so far this season.

If anyone has not seen the game you can watch the full match here.

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Squad Assessment: Goalkeepers

4:30 pm
Welcome back readers. The dust has settled, Twitter has calmed down and the ranters have had their rants. I don't always claim everything is rosy myself but by heck some people like a good whinge don't they.

Squad Assessment: Goalkeepers

In this series we are taking a look at the various departments within our squad so first let's remind ourselves of the Tottenham Hotspur squad or roster for my American readers.

Tottenham Hotspur First-team squad

1FranceGKHugo Lloris 
2EnglandDFKyle Walker
3EnglandDFDanny Rose
4FranceDFYounès Kaboul 
5BelgiumDFJan Vertonghen
6RomaniaDFVlad Chiricheș
7EnglandMFAaron Lennon 
9SpainFWRoberto Soldado
10TogoFWEmmanuel Adebayor
11ArgentinaMFÉrik Lamela
13NetherlandsGKMichel Vorm
15EnglandDFEric Dier
16EnglandDFKyle Naughton
17EnglandMFAndros Townsend
18EnglandFWHarry Kane
19BelgiumMFMousa Dembélé
20FranceMFBenjamin Stambouli
21ArgentinaDFFederico Fazio
22BelgiumMFNacer Chadli
23DenmarkMFChristian Eriksen
24United StatesGKBrad Friedel
29FranceMFÉtienne Capoue
32CameroonDFBenoît Assou-Ekotto
33WalesDFBen Davies
38EnglandMFRyan Mason
42AlgeriaMFNabil Bentaleb

Tottenham Hotspur Players Out on loan

14GermanyMFLewis Holtby (at Hamburger SV until the end of the 2014/15 season)
28EnglandMFTom Carroll (at Swansea City until the end of the 2014/15 season)
56ScotlandGKJordan Archer (at Northampton Town until the end of January 2015)
United StatesDFDeAndre Yedlin (will join from Seattle Sounders FC in 2015)

Right that is our squad now. We have one goalkeeper out on loan gaining experience, 21-year-old Scotland U21 keeper Jordan Archer and 19 year-old Luke McGee will play with the Development Squad.

At he club now our three first-team squad goalkeepers who are:
1  France
Hugo Lloris 
Michel Vorm
24United States
Brad Friedel

The clear structure is Hugo Lloris as the numbers one, Michel Vorm the number two and Brad Friedel covering for emergencies as a number three.

The public relations speak will tell you we have signed Michel Vorm to challenge Hugo Lloris, keep him on his toes etc. Not a bit of it. Mauricio Pochettino said in his squad assessment:

"Michel Vorm will provide additional strength to our goalkeepers alongside Hugo Lloris, Brad Friedel and Luke McGee and we look forward to having him back at full fitness soon."

The reality of the situation is that Hugo Lloris will play all Premier League games unless injured. He is captain of the French national team, he is not going to get complacent. Michel Vorm will play in the FA Cup and the League Cup, certainly in the early rounds and after that Mauricio Pochettino will have a decision to make. Give these competitions entirely to your number two or bring in your number one for semi-finals and a Wembley final.

There is then the UEFA Europa League where I would think, given the added importance of the competition this season, a Champions League place for the winners, Pochettino may well rotate his goalkeepers. Hugo Lloris may play until we are qualified then Vorm take over for the remaining group games or Vorm may play the away legs and Lloris the home.

The French national manager has told his squad that it is important they are playing European football if they wish to be selected regularly, that presumably would apply to his captain as well so we may well see Hugo Lloris in Europe, not just the Premier League. He has played thus far because Vorm is not yet fit after the World Cup as Pochettino indicated above.

Michel Vorm will be hoping his performances put pressure on Lloris, he is 30 himself and the Holland number 3 so he will want and be expecting plenty of opportunity to play. That will have been a part of his contract negotiations so he will already know how much opportunity he is going to get.

Last season Tottenham played 54 games, more than anyone else in the English Premier League (EPL), an FA Cup run would have added more to that so Vorm will get opportunity. He himself said he wanted to come to a big club and experience it, to test himself. His performances at Swansea had declined so a new challenge where he has to improve may be just what he needed.

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He is certainly pleased to be here and didn't take any time to think about the move. He was on holiday in Ibiza, was plucked off the beach to sign and returned within 24 hours.he told reporters after he had signed:

"Every club has two top goalkeepers in their squad. It suits the club's philosophy that there are two of us with Hugo and me. Especially when we see that Tottenham is active in a lot of competitions. 
"In my eyes this (Tottenham) is a really big club. Especially when we see that they are active in a lot of competitions."

He then spoke to the clubs website briefly saying the size of the club attracted him before continuing to wind down after the World Cup.

“I've worked with a lot of goalkeepers and at this level you have to compete as well as be colleagues. I've had that my whole career and I'm looking forward to doing that here. 
“To be at a top team is a new challenge and I'm really looking forward to it. That's why I signed here – to taste how it is to play for a big club like Spurs.”

Should Lloris suffer any injury of course Vorm is a number one who can step in, by a number one I mean a number one at most other clubs. But what of the future. Well goalkeepers go on longer than outfield players, you only have to look at 43-year-old Brad Friedel for testament to that, so Vorm has many years ahead of him.

What if Tottenham do not qualify for the UEFA Champions League next season, will Hugo Lloris remain? He may, the signing of a new contract really doesn't mean much in the modern football world, it's just a mechanism for a club to get a decent transfer fee now. If Hugo Lloris were to move on for any reason he is sitting pretty as the man to automatically take over and he may well have assessed that Lloris may only be here for another year or two.

Of course it may go the other way and Lloris stay for a while in which case he'd review his options but he was probably going to be the number two at Swansea so performing the role for us with European football on offer is not the surprise many were saying it was.

His arrival allows Brad Friedel to retire next summer, which frees up a non-home grown squad place, whether we retain him in a coaching capacity we'll have to wait and see.

Whatever happens the goalkeeping position is looking good now, we have needed a new number two and Friedel allowed us not to rush our search, wait for the right man at the right time to become available. That has now happened.

While some were concerned when Friedel was in goal in Europe, they will feel more secure with Vorm between the sticks, a keeper who should be able to come off his line quicker than Brad!

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