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The Chinese are coming

2:30 pm
China is throwing money at football at the moment, they are luring players with big money offers and the mercenaries in our game, like Paulinho, are moving there to play football.

The Chinese are coming

Now the Chinese are branching out and Italy seems to be the current destination of choice. Both Milan clubs have a brand name that is recognised throughout the football world and both AC Milan and Inter Milan are selling 70% ownership.

In Inter's case that is the stated figure, in AC Milan's case, it is believed to be the figure. They have been advised to keep an Italian management to not divorce themselves from the fans and it is reported that both want to take the respective clubs back to the top of the game.

It seems the Chinese, with an appalling human rights record, believe football is a way to open doors and seek links with foreign countries.They believe it will help them in business and politically. If that is the case, as is being reported in Italy by the man brokering the deal, Andrea Radrizzani, then it won't be long before they start looking for football brand names they can buy over here.

“First of all, I told my friends at Suning that they had to get into football in a certain way, and that was by acquiring the majority shares, especially if it is an brand as important as Inter. 
“There’s a visceral passion for football, the media pressure and fans is huge. I explained to them that will have integrate themselves in this culture and that it would be important to have an Italian management. 
“However they trust Thohir, this is guaranteed. The transition will be good unless Suning fail to understand the Italian way of doing things. 
“This acquisition is a good news for Inter. Suning has a solid group and can guarantee a bright future to the Nerazzurri. I believe they will spend. 
“The Chinese know how much the Inter brand [is worth] and will not hesitate to invest, also because Inter will open other doors for them in business and political relations.”
 There are plenty of dormant brands in the English game that need reviving, plenty a former great that has slipped down the divisions. Wolverhampton Wanderers is a sleeping giant, Sheffield Wednesday has a big fan base. It wouldn't be too difficult for a Chinese investor to revive one of those clubs and bring them back to the Premier League.

There was a time when Tottenham would have been a good club to buy but right now with a new stadium on the way and an NFL tie-up the price will have gone through the roof and ENIC won't be selling until the brand is built further. It has been a long process and some have given up hope, continually calling for heads to roll and for us to go back to square one and start all over again.

That was never a sensible option. People can look at things through nostalgic eyes and say the football is all that matters but in reality in modern day football that simply isn't true anymore. Without a successful business, you don't have a successful club. Both have to be built and when you are building for the top you have to build a sustainable business model first if you anything other than a one-off success.

I don't see the Chinese coming to White Hart Lane yet but you never know.

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