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Could we be going Dutch?

9:21 am
Harry's come out and said that Pavlyuchenko isn't going to leave us. Thing is, I just can't believe that Pav is happy to be a bench warmer. Let's face the facts; Harry has gone with Defoe and Keane in every league game. He won't be dropping the team captain and unless Defoe's form drops drastically, I can't see him being replaced anytime soon either.

We all realise that it's a squad game, but by Harry's own submission, his players do not. They all want to play, all the time and fundamentally, it's the Premier League that counts.

Harry's said that Pav won't be going anywhere, but then ended with "I don't see him going anywhere" and that is why I can see him moving on. As I said in yesterday's article, let's just hope that he leaves on a loan deal.

The story regarding Ruud Van Nistelrooy won't go and die quietly in a corner either. Maybe Harry is looking to loan Pav and bring Van Nistelrooy in on loan himself? Either way, Harry knows that having three strikers isn't enough for a long hard season. Four doesn't fit into two, but four are needed.

If Pav does go and Van Nistelrooy doesn't come in on loan, what other options do we have? We've apparently got a a striker in for a trail, but let's face it, how many times do trial's often work out? Jon Obika is out on loan Yeovil at the moment and Harry doesn't fancy playing Dos Santos up front if he can help it.

Another story that keeps rearing its ugly head is that Harry isn't pleased with Gomez or Cudicini and sees David James as the ideal replacement.

Either way, I can see Harry adding to the squad before the window is closed next Tuesday. I'm not too sure on the futures of Bentley and Jenas though. If I was Harry, I'd keep them both, because as I've said, we're right at the beginning of a long season.
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