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Rest, Hero's and Clinical Finishing

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Rest, Hero's and Clinical Finishing

Our biggest ever away win could have been even better with two glorious early chances missed and provoked some talking points.

The team set up was interesting with various players charged with having a rest.

Gazziniga is a comfortable sight in goal these days. In defence Juan Foyth had licence to carry the ball forward while Davinson Sanchez and Ben Davies were charged with conserving energy at the back, staying there and defending.

In front of them, Oliver Skipp was the player with the legs while Dele Alli was given the role of sitting there and orchestrating. He was clearly playing but conserving energy and it was only when the game was sewn up did he go in search of a goal himself.

Either side of them were Serge Aurier and Kyle Walker-Peters, both allowed to run up and down the flanks allowing others to rest.

Son generally confined himself to one side of the field with Lucas Moura doing more of the legwork leaving Fernando Llorente to lead the line.

A side set up to take it easy with half the side with licence to put in a shift.

It worked successfully as the 7-0 scoreline indicates and every Spurs fan will be delighted with Llorente getting a hat-trick, Son grabbing another and Kane netting one.

Harry Kane showed why he is the England captain and not Jordan Henderson. This may be the only chance some of the children in the crowd get to see the England captain in the flesh. Harry Kane, as the nations footballing leader is a role model. He is someone children want to see, he has the ability therefore to inspire.

A 15 minute cameo gives them the chance to see a hero, they will go home happy.

As a coach you always look for improvement. Over the last few years, quite apart from improving our mentality, although it is a related skill, being clinical in front of goal when we are leading three or so has been something I have suggested we need to improve.

Being clinical isn't something you can simply turn on and off when you want to. It needs to be practiced and instilled in game situations. When a player or players are attacking they need to make the right decision, pick the right pass, play it accurately at the right weight before being finished.

All that takes concentration. Too many times over the years we have been too relaxed about it. Why is it important.

Well, Chelsea under Jose Mourinho used to wait for our mistake, punish it, then wait for another mistake later in the game to punish us again running out comfortable victors.

When it mattered they tucked the ball into the net, they didn't need 6 or 7 chances to do so. That is the goal we have to strive for, when a chance arrives to tuck it away. Playing Liverpool or Manchester City, for instance, it could well be the difference between winning or being 'unlucky' losers.

It is a question of switching on the concentration at crucial moments so it becomes natural every time we counter-attack or a player is faced with an opportunity. You wouldn't say Mousa Sissoko, for instance, is composed in front of goal, he has more ability in front of goal than he shows.

Both Son and Luca Moura missed golden opportunities. Can we afford to do that against Liverpool?

When a batsman is facing a bowler during a cricket match he is concentrating. Once that is over he relaxes until it's time to concentrate on the next ball. If it is a fast bowler, some batsmen will take a little walk away from the wicket before walking back, getting into his position and switching on the concentration again.

When a chance comes along when a game is won that is exactly what the player should be doing, switching on their concentration, training themselves that every opportunity that arrises they concentrate on.

Leonel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo score as many goals as they do, and Ronaldo is the leading scorer in Italy right now because they switch their concentration on every time.

We are getting better, we are learning, 6 against Everton, 5 against Bournemouth, 7 against Tranmere are a testimony to that, but 1 against Wolves, when we should have had more, cost us.

Steven McManaman said in commentary that top teams put sides to the sword, they keep scoring, they don't ease up. Yes there are times when sides do obviously and with 11 games in 33 days we have to grab rest when we can, but the principle remains. Top sides are clinical in front of goal.

We were and it was great to see, but, as always, there is still room for improvement so that when that chance comes in that big game, it's taken.

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