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World Cup attendances show the importance of USA market

11:00 pm

For anyone who believes the American market is not important, they should not just consider the number of teams who go there and the fact that it is the third highest recreational sport in the USA, but consider the attendance figures for World Cups.

The USA and Mexico, not exactly the largest country in the world but one close to America, have the highest average figures for attendance at World Cups held in their countries. That clearly shows there is an untapped market there and one that can bring in huge amounts in sponsorship deals, which are needed to pay top wages.

Like it ornot football is not just an on the field game these days, it is just as important for the club to be winning off the field too, indeed it's essential. You are not going to retain your star players without it. Just look at the number of players who move to bigger clubs. You get the best wages so can expect to find players with the right mentality and when thye congregate together you win trophies.

ūüŹą⚽️ Great to have wide receiver (Jarvis Landry) at Hotspur Way today. showed him around. ūüŹą⚽️

When ūüŹą meets ⚽️ star meets at this afternoon! ūüĎä

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Spurs more popular than Arsenal

11:00 pm


Fans see Spurs win 7-1 in New York
I don't create these statistics on the popularity of Tottenham Hotspur abroad and you can get yourself statistics that will show you what you want, you just have to ask the right loaded question or questions.

Recently I brought you the Going Global support picture and from that can be extracted that we are more popular in the USA than Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester City. It is an important market for us and thus these statistics is encouraging.

.'s Going Global report on Facebook: Spurs are more popular than Arsenal, Liverpool and Man City in the US


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Baseball star Murphy an avid Tottenham fan

11:00 pm
It is always good to hear from an intelligent celebrity or sportsman, in other words one who supports Tottenham Hotspur.

In baseball circles soccer isn't as popular at the national sport of American Football, but that hasn't stopped Daniel Murphy becoming an avid Tottenham fan.

For us Brits who don't know him Wikipedia tells us that he is an American professional baseball second baseman for the Washington Nationals of Major League Baseball. He has previously played for the New York Mets.

How did a guy from Jacksonville develop a love of Tottenham, through a video game he tells us, by playing FIFA Soccer.

“It’s an acquired taste. Peter Crouch was really tall in the video game so I’d send in crosses to him and he’d hit them in. I played it [FIFA Soccer] quite a bit with my brother before I got married. That led to watching games, developing an affinity, wearing their shirts, hats and scarfs and eventually meeting them.”

He plans trips to London to see us play when he can. He and his wife came to London to watch a pre-season game. He went with Mets teammates in 2014 to watch a game and with another friend to watch a pre-season game last summer.

He has featured on the Spurs website, appeared in video with players like Eric Dier and talked about his love of Spurs in interviews. he is an example of the many ways in which you can tap into a new market, it isn't all just about the actual game of football.

If your name is out there you stand a chance of adding to your fanbase. Add to your fanbase and you become a marketing vehicle for potential sponsors which brings money into the club which in turn strengthens the team and produces better results. Without money you are fighting an uphill battle all the time, with money you have a far higher chance of success consistently.

Using the NFL and using sporting names from popular national sports can only help us make it big in America. Our teaming up with Nike should help given they are the number one sports apparel brand.

The Premier League has got a huge American TV deal about to kick-in, that's because there is a growing market for the sport in the States. we as a club can't ignore that market, we have to be leaders in it so any chance a fan gets, particularly American based fans, to promote the Tottenham Hotspur club name by sharing an article and or posting them on forums should be taken, on a regular basis.

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Kranjcar, AVb, DeAndre Yedlin

5:00 pm

As reported by the Scottish Daily Record , the manager of Glasgow Rangers, Mark Warburton, flew to New York to get the signature of the former Dynamo Kiev midfielder Niko Kranjcar. Currently, the player, who has also played in the Premier League for Harry Redknapp at Tottenham Hotspur and QPR, plays with New York Cosmos.

Zenit St Petersburg need a new head coach to replace Andre Villas-Boas and former Tottenham boss Juande Ramos is in the frame. Paulo Sousa likely to remain at Fiorentina. Manuel Pellegrini is an option as is Vitor Pereirat a Fenerbahçe. Shakhtar Donetsk boss f Mircea Lucescu is another option.

USA coach Jurgen Klinsmann has named his squad for the upcoming Copa America and the subsequent friendly against Puerto Rico. It includes DeAndre Yedlin.

Brad Guzan (Aston Villa)
Tim Howard (Colorado Rapids)
Zack Steffen (SC Freiburg) 

John Brooks (Hertha Berlin)
Geoff Cameron (Stoke City)
Eric Lichaj (Nottingham Forest)
Matt Miazga (Chelsea)
Michael Orozco (Club Tijuana)
Tim Ream (Fulham)
DeAndre Yedlin (Tottenham Hotspur) 

Alejandro Bedoya (Nantes)
Emerson Hyndman (Fulham)
Fabian Johnson (Borussia Monchengladbach)
Perry Kitchen (Heart of Midlothian)
Alfredo Morales (Ingolstadt)
Caleb Stanko (SC Freiburg)
Danny Williams (Reading) 

Paul Arriola (Club Tijuana)
Julian Green (Bayern Munich)
Fabrice Picault (FC St. Pauli)
Amando Moreno (Club Tijuana)
Bobby Wood (Hamburg)
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Perfect fixture timimg

9:43 am
NBC and their associated channels are drawing praise in the US for their coverage of the Premier League (EPL). The Americans love a result, if you look at American Football draws don't exist. That may well contribute to the interest that 'Decision Day' generates over there, the final day of the league season where all 10 games are shown.

Thier week-to-week coverage seems to home in on the good clubs who are struggling, Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool have been discussed and dissected to death. The timing of this weekend's fixtures couldn't be better for American viewers.

The underdogs are leading the Premier League, the perennial nearly men are sitting second and there is the real sense of a title race with four instead of the usual two, or even on, drawing the season to its close. Last weekend end was 'Superbowl Sunday' for the Americans, now they have the top four in the Premier League going head to head. What could have been an after the Lord Mayor's show set of fixtures they have a set of the utmost importance that could have a huge impact on where the title goes.

All three games get served up to America today as NBC show as many games as they can on as many networks as they can. They are really pushing football and a 36,000 audience for a youth game shows interest is growing. When we last toured the States we drew a larger crowd than Arsenal who were playing at the same time. The NBC coverage is delivering the game into the American consciousness, our NFL tie-up, which is sure to develop, will push our name even further.

Starting a 7 am Eastern time NBCSN will be showing the top four clashing as well as the continuing Liverpool tale of woe this season. When you read about their coverage they mention that Saturday saw them show Chelsea and Manchester United among others. but the real important games are all on Sunday. Love that view as a Spurs fan.

Stateside fans have six hours of football to look forward to, we'll have to settle for four, let's hope those four hours go our way.



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Stadium Competition

11:15 pm
Marketing these days is all about pre-marketing, take a record, we hear it for 3 months on the radio before it is even released whereas you go back 30 years and you didn't hear anything until it was released.

With the new Tottenham stadium hosting NFL games in addition to our football it leads one to wonder when will the games be played. The NFL games will be scheduled for American TV and if it is possible it would make sense to hold a game for both sports (football and American football) over the same weekend, a Friday and Sunday, a Saturday and Monday, whatever works for American TV.

That would create marketing opportunities and allow the club to offer weekend packages, taking in a show, throw in a stadium tour or corporate hospitality and you have a package to market as a unique experience. It would be interesting to know therefore the proposed scheduling of games, it's bound to have been discussed.

Spurs would be missing a marketing trick if we were just to have games on alternate weeks and would help promote the Tottenham brand with a Stateside competition and a package as the prize. Team up with a sponsor, a spot of shopping at Harrods, tour of London sites and market it through mobile phone entry like we see on te TV after programmes, doing this during NFL games if that is permissible in the Staes would attract a huge entry I would expect and pay for itself. More importantly though it would really get the Tottenham name into a huge American market.

For the first ever game at the stadium there will be great interest and media attention, we have to ride on the back of that as much as possible and I hope our marketing department are switched on to the possibilities before them. Pre-marketing is all about raising awareness and while Brad Friedel and our former American players should be utilised to promote the alliance, it is the TV and media we must utilise to the fullest. Everyone loves a competition and its an ideal pre-marketing strategy to employ.

Staying on the competition theme for the moment something with Ted Lasso hosting a visit and a pre-game stadium tour with lunch would appeal to a particular audience. Have him host a tour where he is talking about the wrong game all the time, corrected by his side-kick and you have the making of 'live' comedy with a live audience. It would appeal to the media, it's newsworthy and would generate free publicity. That could be marketed to the NFL fans over here.

Whether a weekend of sport is possible will depend upon how long will it take to switch between sports from a pitch for a field. It has been suggested that the retractable seating at the Olympic Stadium will take 7 days to arrange, but at Tottenham all the seating can be used of both sports. 

It gives the stadium a huge advantage over others hoping to host a future London based team. Darren Baldwin is the head groundsman at Tottenham, it is his responsibility to decide how to effectively deploy his staff to manage the change between the two pitches in the shortest possible time.

The new stadium presents us with a world of opportunity and special opportunities that will only come around once. It may seem a long way off, but if TV companies are to be involved, if Ted Lasso shorts are to be made oe even he booked for promotional work then we have to think ahead. Competitions and productions don't happen overnight.

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Fans latching on to Spurs, the underdogs

11:30 pm
Do American love a challenger? They do according to Tottenham Hotspur Executive Director Donna-Maria Cullen, at least that is the message she has put to Sports Pro in an interview she did prior to our MLS All-Star game in Denver before the season began.

She feels that the floating voters are latching on to Tottenham as the underdog with the chance of an upset, a club on the rise, a club who if you join the support of now may enjoy better in the future. Our American friends would be more in a position to answer that one, but quite frankly the reality is it's immaterial as long as the message is portrayed, that is all that matters from a marketing point of view.
Officially Licensed Tottenham Products at the

Tell people what you want them to think, tell them what you want them to base their decision on and many will follow that believing in time that it was all their own idea, plant a seed and watch it grow. Growth is what America is all about and growth for Tottenham in the market will be one of the key factors in our financial growth and thus success on the pitch, one not existing without the other.

While many UK fans don't see the benefit of US pre-season tours or matches, that is very short sighted thinking. It's an insular approach that would over time see Tottenham reduce in size and therefore achievement, rather than a growth as more active sides overtake us. They are a great opportunity for some of our youth players to make a mark so there are immediate on the field benefits as well as the longer term off-field benefits.
Sports Pro - Are you trying to carve out your own ‘Tottenham territory’ in the likes of North America, as a market which is seeing huge soccer growth, or is it more about using the growing appeal of the Premier League to broaden your international presence?
Donna-Maria CullenIf we make it more specific about ourselves, what we’ve got is a great opportunity with the increased coverage of NBC. I think there’s been three game changers in the US: one is the soccer mum’s who want their kids to play soccer because American football is a more active sport - if they’re looking for one where their kids use different skills, soccer might be the one they choose. The second is NBC’s coverage taking it from behind the paywall into 150 million homes. And the third would be [the US men’s national team’s] success in the Fifa World Cup [in 2014].
So when you add to that the fact that we have players like DeAndre Yedlin who has come through the academy of his club in the States and is still being followed and will probably be one of the most popular figures this week in the match as we go out, along with being this challenger brand, I think we’ve captured the imagination of the floating fans in the States and will have more fans join our fan base going forward.
We’ve also been out there three times so going and doing a tour and making sure you engage and be able to do certain activities absolutely pays dividends and means that you give the American soccer fan a reason as to why they would pick one brand before another.

Fans latching on to Spurs, the underdogs Fans latching on to Spurs, the underdogs Reviewed by THBlogNews on 11:30 pm Rating: 5

Spurs lead the merchandising way

9:00 pm
Sports Pro conducted an interview Tottenham Hotspur Executive Director Donna-Maria Cullen which I'll have a look at i this short series of articles, we first looked at new markets, tohen how Spurs choose which markets to target and how we work in them, today it's merchandising revenue.

For Tottenham the USA is a major objective, the opportunities there remind me of the Great Frontier, not Star Trek but westerns and a seemingly empty country to discover. In football terms it is a new frontier, football is in it's infancy and as popularity grows so will the standard. Being at the forefront of that popularity will see financial benefits in future years and it's finances that dictate success.

In the short term new fans mensa new merchandising opportunities and Tottenham are leading the way Stateside in that respect.
Pro Sport - How do you measure the success of your tours?
Donna-Maria CullenThe easiest measurement we have is the engagement on social media platforms because that is the most immediate. So that is very visible and very immediate. And thereafter you then look at where you get the continual engagement with the club and all of that working its way through to where you see increased sale. So we have on the back of that, in the States for instance, we’ve had a real call and demand for merchandised and licenced products and so we’ve done the deal with Fermata and they’ve engaged with Fanatics – we’re the first club to do that – and the States is really exciting for us.

NBC coverage has really opened up the US market for all Premier League clubs. We are doing extremely well there at the moment in terms of having fans engaged with us and the growth numbers that we’re seeing.
Pro Sport - Will that licensing deal with Fanatics see a batch of Tottenham products produced that are specifically focused to the North American market?
Donna-Maria CullenYes, so they will sell specifically branded merchandise through their stores in the US and Canada and we will look closely at what the demand is for what aspects we put into those ranges. So it will be a bespoke range for the North American market.
Licensed Spurs gifts and souvenirs

Merchandising is again another area where the club should be working with other fans, the more people wearing Spurs gear, the more will be sold. If you are going to open an electrical store the best place to open it is where there are other electrical stores. Competition should be welcomed as it brings more people to that area as they can compare and buy all in one place.

Embracing and working with fans online should be a key objective of the club going forward instead of working in isolation, leveraging has built many an empire.

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Fans help pick the MLS All-Star squad

5:00 pm
An update on the new away kit for sale in America, it has been removed from the sales floor and will not be on sale until 25 July, just before Tottenham go to America to play the MLS All-Stars who will feature Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Kaka and former Spurs target David Villa.

Update: The Away jersey has been removed from the floor and will be available for sale on 25 July.

The first group of players have been named for the 2015 AT&T MLS All-Star Game against Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday, July 29 at 9 pm ET, live on FOX Sports 1, UniM√°s, TSN and RDS in America. It's a game I'm looking forward to seeing and hopefully Dele Alli will make an appearance given the rave reviews he is receiving in training. We can expect to see American DeAndre Yedlin and Cameron Carter-Vickers as well.

Prior to the squad being announced the Fan XI has been unveiled before the full MLS squad is named later this week. Will it include former Tottenham player Clint Dempsey or Robbie Keane currently playing for LA Galaxy.

2015 MLS All-Star Fan XI:
GK Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)
DEF Matt Besler (Sporting Kansas City)
DEF Omar Gonzalez (LA Galaxy)
DEF DaMarcus Beasley (Houston Dynamo)
MID Kak√° (Orlando City SC)
MID Michael Bradley (Toronto FC)
MID Benny Feilhaber (Sporting Kansas City)
MID Graham Zusi (Sporting Kansas City)
FWD David Villa (New York City FC)
FWD Clint Dempsey (Seattle Sounders FC)
FWD Obafemi Martins (Seattle Sounders FC)

A fan XI is a good idea and good publicity, it gets the league fans involved, why is the Premier League not doing something similar, why do we have them choosing or reporters choosing a team of the season. It is important to market the game and never rest on your laurels. Engaging with fans is or should be a key element to marketing, the fan base is the most important asset a club has, the league has.

The 22 man squad for the game will be announced on 18 July and will include Commissioner Don Garber’s two picks of Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard. Colorado Rapids and MLS All-Star head coach Pablo Mastroeni will pick the other 20 players and will include some Fan XI players as their votes are taken into account when selecting the squad.

It all helps to make the fans feel a part of the game, add interest and create awareness in the lead up to the televised game.

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Best academy product since Ledley King

7:00 pm
The FIFA Under-20 World Cup Final in North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand took place on 20 June with Serbia beating Brazil 2-1 after extra time. Tottenham centre-back Milos Veljkovic lifted the trophy but Spurs had another academy product at the tournament.

England were not there so our players missed out on gaining tournament experience. We saw the England Under-21 side once again fail to get past the group stages in the European Under-21 Championships, just as the senior side failed at the last World Cup.

Tottenham were also represented at the FIFA Under-20 World Cup by Cameron Carter-Vickers whose side the USA met Serbia in the quarter-final, losing 6-5 on penalties. The experience will help both highly-rated played develop. The USA already consider Carter-Vickers to be quite some player.

His father had a long career as a pro basketball career so he has been brought up in a sporting atmosphere. One American media outlet, Sports Vice, speaks highly of him.

'Carter-Vickers is the one of U.S. soccer's newest rising stars; a 17-year-old with a freshly-minted professional contract at Premier League glamour club Tottenham Hotspur. Those in the know in London say he's the club's best defensive academy product since the superb English centre-back Ledley King.'

Tab Ramos is the USA Under-20 coach and he describes Carter-Vickers as being the most mature, despite being the youngest member of the squad.

"Even though he's the youngest player on the squad, he's probably one of the most mature on the field in terms of the way he plays. We're very excited about his future and what he's going to give US soccer over many years to come."

He was born in Southend, Esses and the Americans describe him as shy, slightly lilting English accent, his father was from Louisiana so quite some difference. Despite the accent Carter-Vickers feels he would have chosen the USA if he had the choice anyway.

"England never called me up, so I haven't had the choice of playing for them or not. I think I would have always played for the USA anyway. My dad has had a big influence on me, in sporting terms. He always tells me to stay level-headed. After that loss against Ukraine [at the World Cup], for example, he texted me and said 'just stay focused, talk about your issues and move forward and progress'."

That advice serves him well, in the next game he was described as being immense. That kind of focus will stand him in good stead as will the mental approach of continuing to improve. Former Spurs and USA goalkeeper Brad Friedel, now our US Ambassador, was asked by our official site about him in January before the 2015 CONCACAF Under-20 Championship in Jamacia during that month.

"I know a lot about Cameron having coached him, played with him and trained with him here at Spurs. He went into the US fold not too long ago. They had him in his own age group and he did really well so they put him in older groups and he’s been extremely impressive. He’s playing above his age group again out in Jamaica, but physically and mentally I think he can cope with it. He’s looked very good and I’m delighted he’s playing with the US – hopefully he has a very good tournament for us.”

Friedel was an assistant coach at that tournament so his association with the Spurs youngster will go on. With two such promising prospects, one wonders whether Cameron Carter-Vickers and Milos Veljkovic will be a future Tottenham centre-back pairing?

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The new atmosphere is the new key

11:21 pm
Understanding the NFL and it requirements within a stadium have been a crucial element in the stadium design. It is a football stadium for both sports that has focussed on the fans experience.

The atmosphere inside a stadium grows when masses of people are as close to the action as they can be. Tottenham will have the second largest club stadium in the country with Old Trafford the only bigger venue. But it isn't the size that excites, it's the single tier stand, it's the closeness of the fans to the action.

If you look at the cut lines in the grass, they appear each to be 3 yards wide with 6 lines inside the 18-yard box. From the pictures, it appears that there may be two cut lines of grass before a press area behind the goal, then the fans. Unlike the Olympic Stadium, fans will not need binoculars.

As we all know securing the club as a business and growing in that sphere will help the club grow on the field so the agreement with the NFL is significant. The Americans are trying to grow their sport over here and our football is growing over there. The interest when we now visit for a pre-season friendly is going to be huge, you would expect stations to talk about it because the club has the NFL agreement and thus our exposure grows. It doesn't hurt that we have some Americans at the club with DeAndre Yedlin and Cameron Carter-Vickers working his way through the academy.

Currently the NFL play at Wembley and during our 10-year agreement they may hold additional matches, in October they have a game at the Olympic Stadium, however, Tottenham will be a home, it will provide an atmosphere and a fans experience like no other.

We are going to be able to give the Americans the facilities, suited to their game, that other stadiums can't. The changing rooms will be just one aspect, the fans experience and atmosphere generated will seal the deal for a stronger relationship in the future. I have no doubt their commentators will be telling viewers that it is an amazing atmosphere.

The importance of this NFL tie-up can not be over stressed. The USA is a new market with massive potential. Linking up with the national sport makes perfect sense as it will make Tottenham a bigger brand and have sponsors lining up to discuss commercial deals. Our fan base should grow in the States and it would be no surprise to see ou next shirt sponsor come from there.

The leaks coming from reliable sources suggest the stadium may not be the financial burden we fans have often feared, suggesting we won't be in the position Arsenal were in when they build their stadium. The talk of a major deal with a sporting brand from the US doesn't go away either so long-term the States is important for our continued development.

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Tottenham active in the American market

8:00 pm
Tottenham Hotspur appreciate America is a huge untapped source of new fans and therefore commercial revenue. If a sponsor wants to get their firm in front of an audience then that audience needs to be fans of that club, or at least that sport to derive maximum benefit.

Tottenham active in the American market

The greater the fanbase in an emerging market the greater the opportunity for commercial deals. Commercial deals equal income and income equals success on the field. The bigger the fanbase, the bigger the name, the bigger the commercial deal.

Tottenham have more supporters clubs in America than any other Premier League club, over 30 and the TV audience is growing. Some 90,000 more people watched Tottenham than Arsenal when they played at the same time. An NBC poll showed Tottenham to be the most popular Premier League club even though we don't take part in the pay for money gimmick games that the like of Manchester United take part in.

Spurs prefer the community approach, they prefer running coaching programmes, going into schools, doing PT work with local businesses, meeting the supporters clubs for Q & A evenings, have open training sessions and so on instead of just flying in and flying out after the game for sponsors cash.

It's an approach designed to build the club name and it appears to be working. There has been a 48% increase of US fans on the clubs database and a 45% increase of Canadians fans together with an NBC poll showing Tottenham as the most popular Premier League side. Having Brad Friedel and DeAndre Yedlin on the books at Tottenham can only help us to grow further and Friedel now combines being our North American ambassador along with his playing role.

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To take advantage of this trend Tottenham have now appointed Fermata Partners to source and manage licensing deals in North America for the club. The clubs Brand Licensing Manager, Gary Jacobson, spoke of the deal in the wake, not just our recent tour but with the club exhibiting at the annual Licensing Expo in Las Vegas for the past two years

“We are delighted to be working with Fermata Partners. Our North American fanbase is hugely important to the club and this relationship will bring us closer to supporters in this region. 
“Following on from the success of our pre-season tour in North America, not to mention the success of the US national team at the World Cup and growing interest in the sport, now is a great time for us to be making the most of a growing demand for club product in this market.”

Kit Walsh, co-founder of Fermata Partners, said she felt honoured to be working with Spurs.

“We are honoured to be aligned with Spurs and look forward to collaborating with the club to build its brand presence in North America.”

Her colleague, Scott Bouyack, also a co-founder of Fermata Partners spoke of the potential for the future of the deal.

"Global football is growing mindshare with North American sports fans. As that mindshare grows, so too will grow the demand for merchandise.  We have already made significant progress in securing licensee and retail commitments for Tottenham Hotspur, and look forward to adding several new clubs to the collective in the near future."

This deal follows on from a previous deal that saw Spurs work with Sports Endeavors on a bespoke range of Tottenham sportswear.

Tottenham active in the American market Tottenham active in the American market Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:00 pm Rating: 5
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