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Is Jamie O'Hara the new David Bentley?

6:30 pm
Is Jamie O'Hara the new David Bentley? He didn't have Bentley's talent but he has wasted the ability he has all the same. Now he is scratching around trying to find a club that will take a risk on him.

Is Jamie O'Hara the new David Bentley?

He had a future, he joined the club in 2003 and came through the ranks breaking into the fist team which culminated in a Wembley League Cup Final. In 2008 he was voted Junior Young Player of the Year. In 2010 he played in the FA Cup Final while on loan at Portsmouth and was voted Portsmouth Player of the Season.

After a spell on loan at Wolves he signed for them in June 2011 for £3.5 million and from there it has been all downhill, so much so that last season he played 2 games on League One and has been told he is surplus to requirements, a polite way of saying we don't want you. He is officially up for transfer.

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He has had injuries,been sent off for violent conduct and rubbed the fans up the wrong way. Last summer nobody wanted him and this summer it's the same story so much so that he has had to go on Sky Sports to try and drum up interest.

"In the past people had the wrong perception and I’m just desperate to get back and show them what I’m about. The perception is that people think I’m a celebrity and when I hear people saying that I’m a celebrity it’s like a stake in my heart. 
"It’s been a bad season for me and a bad time but I know I will look back on this season and say that it changed me as a person."

O'Hara is a fiery character and has a celebrity wife, he is considered by many to have an attitude problem, yet he has ability. However the 27-year-old needs to leave Wolves to rebuild his career, Bentley tried after his attitude problems but had to retire aged just 29 when nobody wanted him either.

If he can find a club it may be his last chance, there are only so may people you can annoy and work spreads in football, it has its rumour mill just like every walk of life.

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The Prince & The Pauper

2:56 pm
According to the Mirror, Harry is about to sell Kevin Prince Boateng to Pompey and will also ship out Jamie O'Hara on loan to to them until January.

The the £4 million fee quoted for Boateng seems a bit high as he's hardly kicked a ball for us. If memory serves me right, we bought the lad for £4.5 million. This signing was just one of the many magic moments in Comolli's wonderful career at White Hart Lane.

Now, I can't quite get my head around Harry letting O'Hara leave, even if it is on loan until January? We need a squad and a strong one at that. Watching Liverpool this season proves just how important a decent squad can prove to be.

Harry summed Jamie up by saying that he is a down to earth lad and a proper professional. Well Harry, isn't it this calibre of player we should be hanging on to, even if they complain about not playing regularly?

If he does go, I can see us missing him, unless of course, Harry pulls the rabbit out of the hat in signing Kevin Anin or another midfielder.
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Crouch won't sign for a Northern club

7:31 pm
So then, Crouchy has told Sunderland that he doesn't want to move to the club as it's north of the Watford Gap.

It looks likely that the lad will be Harry's first summer signing.

£12 million for Crouch. What do you make of it?

Some users have commented that either Jamie O'Hara or Pascal Chimbonda could be part of the deal so as to replace Davis and/or Johnson respectively.

I personally wouldn't care if Chimbonda left, but I would care if O'Hara did. He may not be the most gifted player in the world, but the lads' got heart.

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