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Wimmer, Walkes and Americans

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Yet again everyone is misreporting the Kevin Wimmer fee we are asking.

We ARE NOT asking for £20 million (€22.77m - AUS$33.98m - US$25.84m), we are asking for 20 million euros, as reported in the German press from sides we had quoted that figure to.

Twenty million euros is £17.57 million (€20m - AUS$29.86m - US$22.70m) at today's exchange rate. That is too rich for the clubs from Germany and Italy who are chasing him hoping for a bargain. Spurs have indicated to him that he will be a regular starter in two years and an important backup to Jan Vertonghen until then.

Anton Walkes is currently playing for Atlanta United and the 20-year-old (21 next February) scored the winner overnight for them against San Jose Earthquakes. Atlanta won 4-2 and after being booked just 15 minutes into the game, right-back Walkes scored the third Atlanta goal after 81 minutes.

Sticking with America, Tottenham Hotspur US tell us on Twitter that Spurs have had more Americans play for them than any other club, the total number, 5. Can only help our bond and popularity, especially when the NFL games kick in. It is little facts like that that they will use to show that bond and some Americans will decide to support Tottenham on that basis. I'm sure our marketing department will be all over it, come the time.

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