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Alvaro Morata, Paul Pogba and Gareth Bale

10:30 pm


Following on from yesterdays howler from Sky Sports who said Juventus striker Alvaro Morata had already re-joined Real madrid comes news that despite Juventus being told Real madrid will invoke the buy-back clause that he could still stay at Juventus if Real Madrid continue their pursuit of Paul Pogba.

He is not for sale and Real Madrid will get a swifty no, but we all know Real Madrid don't take any notice of that and that they need to do their transfer business for the next two seasons during this window. If Real madrid manage to turn Pogba's head and they have not met his wage demands then part of the deal will be that Morata stays at Juventus.

It is not a cut and dried picture. It didn't take long for a British paper to suggest that talks had already started  by Chelsea to bring Morata to Stamford Bridge. Dout very much that there has been a meeting between the two clubs myself.

On th subject of Real Madrid, the patently obvious was being revealed in the British press, that Gareth Bale would be staying at Real Madrid, possibly for life and that he would be the new face of the club. You don't pay for one of the top marketing brands in football and don't then use that asset. He is going to increasingly take over from Cristiano Ronaldo, who let's face it, can't go on forever. The marketing men will have planned ahead and Gareth Bale is a part of that.

There was never any chance of him going to Manchester United or any other club. It was an interesting statistic i the first-half of the Portugal draw, Ronaldo hadn't scored in 60 free-kicks he had taken for Portugal, Bale of course became only the second player to score from two free-kicks. One is in the ascendency right now and one is in the doldrums. How he scored his goals last night I don't know, I turned it over, was rather boring to watch.

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Confirmed: Bale world record fee and instalment payments

12:30 pm
Gareth Bale's agent has spoken of his disappointment that his clients contract has been revealed which confirms that this is the genuine article. In the first part, I revealed that there was a first refusal option allowing Spurs to match any offers for him within 3 days.

It is not often you get the chance to look at a contract and see what type of clauses are actually inserted so it will be well worth reading the whole series and taking a read of the contract yourself. That may be a bit much in one go so I have broken it down into pieces.

Yesterday I revealed the first refusal option Bale has and if you missed that just click the link and you can read that article first. Spurs have first refusal on Bale

I'll take the opportunity to say thank you once again to everyone who clicks on an advert when they visit my site, that quick and simple action helps pay the bills, every little helps.

Real Madrid paid a world record £78 171 930 for Gareth Bale in the summer of 2013, that's £78.2-million (US$110.8m - AUS$160.5m - €101.7m at today's rates) exactly as the ITK at the time was saying.

Page One of the transfer agreement goes through the two clubs and the player, testifying who they are and the basic conditions for the transfer of registration to Real Madrid.

Page Two starts talking figures and sets out the payments Real Madrid must make to Tottenham each July. There is a lot of misconception from fans over instalment payments, especially with it being wrongly thought by some that we didn't have to pay the rest of the fee for Roberto Soldado if we sold him.

Quite how anyone can come to that conclusion is unclear, it would be impossible to run a business in those circumstances as the selling wouldn't know what income they were going to have and thus wouldn't be able to budget for transfer spending. Regardless of his future, we had to pay what we were contractually obliged to pay, in instalments, for him.

The same situation applies to Gareth Bale, if he were sold last year, for instance, Real Madrid would still owe us the rest of the money for him, it isn't suddenly cancelled. In fact, in this contract, the outstanding amount becomes immediately payable within 14 days. Such a clause is quite standard in contracts. That stipulation is at the top of page three which we'll look at in the next article.

It is no different to taking out a loan on a car, you have to pay the instalments or pay them off in a lump sum. Selling the car makes no difference, you still have the debt to pay.

That is the first two pages of a six-page contract so time to rest the brain for a while. In the next article in the series, we will take a look at more pages.



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Spurs have first refusal on Bale

12:30 pm
Spurs have first refusal on Bale

It is no surprise whatsoever that Tottenham have the first option on signing Gareth Bale and the club have looked into how they would fund any potential return. The thought is, if previous rumours are true, that he would commercially pay for himself, despite a huge wage.

His transfer details, previously secret, have been revealed on Football Leaks, a website that that does what it says, leaks information and it has it's hand on the 6-page contract.

Manchester United are desperate to get their hand on him but he is central to Real Madrid's commercial future, more so than Ronaldo so he won't be going anywhere any time soon. manchester United have zero chance of success, that should be obvious to anyone with common sense. He is at his dream club, he is living his dream, why chuck it in and step down to United, who are a mess without Ferguson?

Tottenham has first refusal on Gareth Bale until 2019. Paragraph 10 of his of the document reveals we can match any offer made by any Premier League club. We have to be notified of any offer and we then get three days to match any offer made for him. Real Madrid are obligated to accept our offer over any other Premier League club provided it matches it.

Nice to know but unlikely to ever happen before the clause runs out. Real Madrid has no intention of selling, Zidane has already made that clear. He will be the big fish at Real, the player everyone around the world wants to see above all other Real Madrid players. That makes him insanely valuable and was why they were prepared to pay a world-record fee for him.



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Gareth Bale more important to Real Madrid than Ronaldo

6:30 pm
Gareth Bale more important to Real Madrid than Ronaldo

The writing was on the wall for Real Madrid the moment Cristiano Ronaldo sold his image right to the owner of Valencia, Peter Lim. That was a clear signal he wasn't going to be staying at Real Madrid much longer and in July the agent of former Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas, Santos Marquez, revealed that Ronaldo was planning to leave.

He revealed that Perez treats Bale better than Ronaldo which is a clear indication of where Real Madrid president Florentino Perez sees the clubs commercial future. He paid a fortune for Gareth Bale because of his popularity around the world in addition to his ability. He was an investment and new manager Zinedine Zidane has already come out to say how well Bale will be treated and that he will be given everything to be a roaring success.

Bale treated better than Ronaldo
Real Madrid worried about Ronaldo departure

If you don't think a successful business is important to success on the field just look at Bale vs Ronaldo and see where it goes. Manchester United haven't a hope of signing Bale, he won't leave his dream club unless they basically sack him. Bale is the commercial future, Ronaldo is the past, Real Madrid are moving on.

Stories are now emerging that Ronaldo will leave this summer and that PSG are the most likely destination.

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Real Madrid are at it again

10:30 am
ESPM bring us the news that David de Gea has told Manchester United not to select him, which is no surprise given he has refused to discuss a new deal for the last 6 months. De Gea wants to join Real Madrid and Spurs fans know all about how Madrid operate in these matters and how they want their potential targets to behave.

It can be no coincidence that Gareth Bale refused to play for Spurs, even refused to be seen in our colours in an attempt to force a move to the Spanish side. On our Hong Kong visit when everyone wanted to see Bale he hid in the changing rooms and stayed there, refusing to make any public appearances for Spurs.

The various organisations that run the game can of course have no proof so can't do anything but the coincidence is telling. he didn't want to play against Spurs and he doesn't want to be selected while the transfer window is open. Of course he could submit a transfer request but that would mean he would have to forfeit the remainder of his wages from his contract, if he doesn't request a transfer then in theory the club have sold him against his wishes and he can negotiate a golden handshake.

It is not a very ethical or moral way to behave for either the player or the club asking him to take this stance, if Real Madrid have indeed asked him of course

You can read the ESPN story and watch a video discussing it  from this link: ESPN

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Spurs weak midfield, late transfers, Sheringham, Man U prepare

10:30 am
As well as plenty of articles about Spurs it is always good to see things from a different perspective so here is a selection of articles from around the web. The weak Tottenham midfield, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Stevenage and a club by club preview of the upcoming season all feature.

We'll begin this package with an article that discusses the Tottenham Hotspur midfield and compares our midfielders with other midfielders suggesting we doesn't have the strength in depth required to pursue a UEFA Champions League challenge.
SK Sports - Weak Tottenham midfield

Spanish newspaper Marca talk about the ability of Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez to keep his cool and gain last minute deals for his club. Among their discussion are the protracted transfers of former Tottenham duo Luka Modric and Gareth Bale. It's not just Daniel Levy who goes for late deals, it's every club.
Marca - The last-minute miracle maker

Former Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United and England forward Teddy Sheringham is taking the first steps as a manager after being the attacking coach at West Ham United last season. Teddy begins in League Two at Stevenage where after playing Spurs his next pre-season friendly is against a Sevilla B team. He would no doubt love to manage Spurs one day so as Spurs fans he is one to keep an eye on.
The Comet - Sheringham takes positives from Spurs game

If you are looking for a club by club preview of the season that is not too long winded then this may be the article for you. The manager is not an issue they say, Mauricio Pochettino is one of the best.
Today FM - Premier League Season Preview

Manchester United are preparing for their opening fixture again us at Old Trafford on Saturday and some of the players are not pleased with the way Louis van Gaal is going about it. The Manchester Evening News have run an article entitled - Revealed: Manchester United's training preparations for Tottenham game.
Manchester Evening News

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Soldado, Real Madrid & Season Preview

12:30 pm
A selection of articles from Spain, America and the UK that include match reports, tweets, interviews, predictions, a look at misfiring strikers and the club trying to buy Roberto Soldado, Villarreal.

Wales Online are doing a season preview and this article is all about our chances this season. Every prediction I have seen so far puts us in 6th behind Liverpool, what do the Welsh website say?
Wales Online - Tottenham Hotspur Season Preview

If you missed the Real Madrid vs Tottenham Hotspur game then the Telegraph have an as it happened article so you can get a good overview of the game which includes Twitter comments. If you want to start from the beginning of the game instead of the end then scroll to the bottom and work your way upwards.
Telegraph - Real Madrid vs Spurs

It is always a good idea to get more than one perspective of a game especially from people who are not biased Spurs fans. Check another match report from a major news source, The Independant., which includes the after-game interview with Spurs head coach Mauricio Pochettino.
Independent - Real Madrid vs Spurs

Spanish newspaper Marca have published a story, with plenty of videos, about fallen heros that includes Fernando Torres, David Villa, Fernando Llorente, Dani Güiza, Alvaro Negredo, Sergio García and our own misfiring striker Roberto Soldado. We have tried to buy at least two of these, possibly three in addition to Soldado!
Marca - Fallen Heros?

Villarreal are trying to buy Roberto Soldado so here is an article written by a fan that references Roberto Soldado as it discusses the money angle at the club. The website is aimed at the American market.
Villarreal USA - Wheeling & Dealing

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Spurs archaic trust in hope
The invisible change Pochettino is making

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Kaine in goal vs Real Madrid

4:00 pm

It's Real Madrid today and a chance for Tottenham to pit themselves against Gareth Bale and Luka Modric. Marketing dictates that that will happen, it creates press stories for all concerned so fills the column space. Spanish paper Marca have produced the following picture from our first meeting in 1925, we would be happy with a similar result.

2010/2011 Season UEFA Champions League
Wednesday 13 Apr
Ist Leg
Tottenham Hotspur 0 - 1 Real Madrid

2nd Leg
Tuesday 05 Apr
Real Madrid 4 - 0 Tottenham Hotspur

Real Madrid won 5-0 on aggregate

With another game tomorrow we'll see a training exercise with players getting an hour at most. Often teams are changed at half-time with the majority of the first-team playing in the first-half but one or two playing in the second-half with the youngsters.

It'll be a chance to see some of the youngsters again and have a look at Kieran Trippier and Toby Alderweireld in a Spurs shirt. I'm more interested in how our defence get on in this game than our attack, the first-choice defence that is.

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Tottenham Hotspur vs Real Madrid

11:52 am
Now that Tottenham Hotspur have qualified for the group stages of the UEFA Europa League automatically it means our season in Europe starts a little later.

We had been invited previously to play in the Audi Cup pre-season tournament but if we had had to prepare for and play in the qualifying rounds we would not have been able to participate. The final day victory over Everton and our leapfrogging of Liverpool has allowed us to confirm our participation and enjoy some glamour fixtures.

The tournament takes place in Germany, it is hosted by Bayern Munich and these give us further opportunity to have our club associated with some of the best teams in Europe with huge profiles. That can only be good for us as it will get fans excited and guarantee exposure worldwide. Gareth Bale is huge commercially so a fixture against his old club will generate a lot of interest worldwide in the media and with fans.

Our opening fixture will be against last years UEFA Champions League winners Real Madrid on Tuesday, August 4 at 5:15 pm.

After that game Bayern Munich will play AC Milan also on August 4 at 7:45 pm. The winners will play each other the following day as will the losers. Our second game will thus be with the Bundesliga champions or the Italian giants.

Mauricio Pochettino sees the tournament as a good opportunity for his young side to gain experience against top class opposition.

"The Audi Cup will provide us with a great opportunity to take on top-class opposition in a fantastic stadium. It will be a good test for our squad and I am sure our fans will enjoy this experience too. This competition will also form an important part of the final stages of our preparations with the Premier League season beginning just a few days later."

The Premier League season is due to begin early on August 8th this year so these will be our final warm up games.

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Barcelona ban,now Real Madrid face transfer ban

4:30 pm
News from Spain that following Barcelona's transfer ban being upheld earlier this year Real Madrid could be facing a similar ban on signing new players.

Barcelona ban,now Real Madrid face transfer ban

FIFA have started an investigation into the Madrid club signing under-age players. Spanish sports paper AS claim the investigation includes the signing of two 12-year-olds from Venezuela in 2012. FIFA wrote to |Real Madrid on December 14th 2014 asking them for their response and giving them a month to comply.

Manuel Godoy and Fernando Macías were being scouted by other clubs at the time but were signed by Real Madrid through Miguel Ángel Coira. He is a former Argentine footballer now living in Spain who owns a football school in Madrid for young players.

Coira, who is now with Rayo Vallecano, had his relationship with Real Madrid terminated by the club who also terminated their relationship with Godoy. FIFA rules say a player under 18 can only be signed from outside the European Union only if their parents have been forced to move to the country where the club is for non-football reasons, unless the club has made them available for transfer.

Real Madrid sign underage players from around the world including South Korea, Angola, Japan and Cameroon. However in these cases it seems the suggestion is that they don't sign them as Real Madrid players but to other clubs or football schools in and around Madrid, 22 affiliated clubs could be involved.

Takuhiro Nakai, an 11-year-old was signed from Azul Siga in Japan, and Paulo Lubamba, a 12-year-old Angolan from Chorrillo, a club on the outskirts of Madrid.

An unnamed club has been asked by FIFA to define it's relationship with the UEFA Champions League winners and provide details of how many under-age players it has signed in the last 5 years and subsequently transferred to Real Madrid.


Article 19 Protection of minors
1. International transfers of players are only permitted if the player is over the age of 18.

2. The following three exceptions to this rule apply:
a) The player’s parents move to the country in which the new club is located for reasons not linked to football;
b) The transfer takes place within the territory of the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) and the player is aged between 16 and 18. In this case, the new club must fulfil the following minimum obligations:
 i) It shall provide the player with an adequate football education and/or training in line with the highest national standards.
 ii) It shall guarantee the player an academic and/or school and/or vocational education and/or training, in addition to his football education and/or training, which will allow the player to pursue a career other than football should he cease playing professional football.
 iii) It shall make all necessary arrangements to ensure that the player is looked after in the best possible way (optimum living standards with a host family or in club accommodation, appointment of a mentor at the club, etc.).
 iv) It shall, on registration of such a player, provide the relevant association with proof that it is complying with the aforementioned obligations;
c) The player lives no further than 50km from a national border and the club with which the player wishes to be registered in the neighbouring association is also within 50km of that border. The maximum distance between the player’s domicile and the club’s headquarters shall be 100km. In such cases, the player must continue to live at home and the two associations concerned must give their explicit consent.

3. The conditions of this article shall also apply to any player who has never previously been registered with a club and is not a national of the country in which he wishes to be registered for the first time.

4. Each association shall ensure the respect of this provision by its clubs.

5. The Players’ Status Committee shall be competent to decide on any dispute arising in relation to these matters and shall impose appropriate sanctions in the event of violations of this provision.

Emilio Butragueño, Real Madrid director of institutional relations spoke with AS and said the club had done nothing wrong.

“First, we agree with Fifa on the issue. We’ll continue to work with them in everything they ask of us. We are absolutely comfortable with Real Madrid’s behaviour.”

There will be plenty of Spurs fans who would like to see any improprieties brought to light.

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Morata to Tottenham transfer back on

8:30 am
The hottest young striker involved in transfer speculation right now is Real Madrid's Álvaro Morata.

Morata to Tottenham transfer back on

All the top clubs around Europe have been coveting him for years, he is a prolific finisher, when he gets the opportunity, which he rarely does at Real Madrid.

Manchester United, Arsenal and ourselves were all chasing him again but as with all Real Madrid transfers of young players they insist on a back back clause, within a set time, for a set fee, within any transfer contract.

We all refused to agree to such a clause as effectively we would become their finishing school and we can make little profit on the player. If he joined us and banged in the goals his value would immediately shoot into the £30 million bracket, yet because of a clause Real Madrid would be able to buy him for peanuts.

Recent Stories:
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What does the future hold for record signing Erik Lamela?
Any truth to the Éver Banega transfer stories?
Caulker a better option than Kaboul or Chiriches 
Wanyama not good enough 
Three crazy transfer rumours

Juventus were said to have agreed terms with the player ahead of a loan move but Real Madrid say that is no happening unsurprisingly, as the player only has a year left on his contract.Real president Florentino Perez said to Spanish radio station Cadena Ser:

"I am friends with the Juventus executives and president Andrea Agnelli. But I have not spoken to them regarding Morata and, honestly, the possibilities that he goes to play in Turin are zero."
"I will meet the player and we will try to find the best solution for him and for the club."

Now Tottenham have entered the arena once again after having a change of heart with reports in Spain suggesting Daniel Levy has now agreed to the buy back clause.

AS are running the story and say that Inter Milan, Wolfsburg, Borussia Dortmund, Villarreal, Sevilla and Tottenham Hotspur have all agreed to the clause.

Some clubs have agreed to a loan deal should Madrid be able to persuade the 21 year-old to sign a contract extension, his current contract runs out next June.

Morata has had just 578 LA Liga minutes all season which equates to 6.4 full games in which he has netted 8 goals from 39 shots, a goal every 72 minutes or every 4.875 shots.

Isn't it time Tottenham got something out of this 'special relationship' instead of a whole load of cash?

Morata to Tottenham transfer back on Morata to Tottenham transfer back on Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:30 am Rating: 5

Bale - Two finals, two goals, two trophies. Move justified

9:02 am

Gareth Bale wins Champions League

Gareth Bale proved he was right to leave Tottenham last summer to join chase his dream of not only playing for Real Madrid but winning the biggest prize of all.

Gareth Bale wins Champions League

His single minded work ethic meant he first had to work at his game so hard that Real Madrid would want to buy him in the first place. Compare that to the current crop of Spurs players and their mental attitudes are worlds apart.

If he wanted to play Champions League, if he wanted to win trophies, if he wanted to be the best he could be, he had to join a group of like minded players. You find these players at the worlds best clubs earning the best money. They are bought for one reason, they have the right mental attitude, the skill and ability that comes with it is a result of that mental attitude. Without it they wouldn't be the player they are.

Zinidine Zidane pointed out that that is the attitude Real Madrid as a club have.

"There's a mentality which means you have to win every game. If you don't, it's difficult to take."

That spirit was shown when Sergio Ramos rescued Real Madrid with the last header of the game to take the Champions League final into extra time. At that point there was only ever going to be one winner.

Zidane told Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez that he must buy Gareth Bale, Carlo Ancelloti told Pérez he must buy Gareth Bale.

Zidane told reporters Real Madrid should buy him because he would make the difference, regardless of his talent he has a remarkable ability to score crucial goals at crucial times. That is down to mentality, nothing else, a winners mentality.

"He is consistently scoring spectacular goals and very important goals."

With 5 minutes to go in the Copa del Rey Final against Barcelona Bale sprinted down the left wing, was pushed off the pitch but still ran round the defender and left him for dead. He then fired the ball home to win the Real Madrid the Spanish Cup.

In extra time in the Champions League Final in Portugal Bale saw Angel de Maria's run and anticipated where the ball was going. Not only did he keep going and run into the box to give himself a chance, but if you watch his run, just as the Argentine winger was about to shoot Bale anticipated the keeper may parry the ball to the far post.

He curved his run outside the defender and sure enough the on loan Chelsea keeper parried the ball into the area Bale was waiting. A lesser player, a player with less hunger allowing fatigue to effect his decision making would not have made that crucial arc in his run, he'd have stayed central and probably then not scored. It was the defining moment.

Bale duly headed home the crucial goal that won the Champions League with Atletico dead on their feet, so mush so that their mean defence conceded a further two goals. Bale did what Zidane said he could do and justified his price tag in those two moments. The off field money Real Madrid will now make as a result covers his fee and wages, the investment as Florentino Perez put it paid off.

Two finals, two goals, two trophies.

I have said it before and I'll say it again Spurs MUST buy players who are mental winners, not just talented players if we hope to join the big time. We must cultivate that mentality and use a Sports Psychologist to mentally assess any future purchase. We must become the world leaders at mentally assessing players so that we have an edge in the transfer market. We can't compete on wages so we have to beat the top clubs another way and this provides a way to do that.

There will be small minds of course who resent Bale's success but his goal, his success completely vindicated his decision.

"After previous experiences, I've learned to keep going. Forget about the chances you missed and thankfully we got the momentum.

"We played Atletico four times already this season, every one was very close and difficult, when they get ahead they are difficult to break down. Once we got the goal, we had the momentum into extra time.

"When we play our game, we win football games. We knew if we kept attacking, we would win.

"For me, the price tag [of Bale's transfer from Spurs] means nothing, if I came for a penny it would have been worth it as long as I play well. We want to win more now. This is what every player dreams of, winning the Champions League.

"It will be a memory forever and it'll be great to look back on in future years."

Congratulations Gareth, let's hope you have inspired some of our players to realise they have to keep trying to improve if they want to win anything and not put in the type of performances they have this season.

The mentality of Bale and our squad are mile apart, that's why he's a Champions League winner and players watch the final.

Bale - Two finals, two goals, two trophies. Move justified Bale - Two finals, two goals, two trophies. Move justified Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:02 am Rating: 5

Bale - Champions League final is why I left Spurs

8:30 am
Gareth Bale has a mental desire to improve and a boyhood dream to play for Real Madrid, no doubt imagining himself in the white strip lifting the Champions League.

Bale - Champions League final is why I left Spurs

He has worked his whole life to make that dream come true, it hasn't just fallen into his lap by accident. He has worked hard at his game with a single minded determined desire, the sort that produces winners.

At Tottenham he developed, impressed and when we hadn't made the Champions League wanted to move but the quality player he was he wasn't yet great so Real Madrid didn't hold the desire to secure him. Fans knew he may leave but Daniel Levy convinced him to give the club one more season and he'd listen to an acceptable offer if one came in.

That season Bale carried Spurs, developed the double bending free-kick and transported himself to world star status. Once again no Champions League and this time Real Madrid wanted him.

There was never going to be any other outcome and the summer long negotiations ended with a world record transfer fee move. While Spurs have gone backwards, Bale is going to a Champions League final with 21 goals to his name including a stunning winner in the Copa del Rey Final against Barcelona.

He impressed Zinidine Zidane so much with not just his ability, but because he was a different type of player with the ability to score at key moments in a game. He felt he was the missing piece that would allow them to regain the Champions League and told president Florentino Perez that he must buy Bale.

A goal in the last 5 minutes of the Copa del Rey final and now a Champions League final prove Zidane was right. Bale himself feels the final shows moving was the right thing to do for him.

"Any player will tell you that they want to go out and win trophies and be playing in massive games in the Champions League.

"For me, I felt the time was right to leave Tottenham and go to Real Madrid for the exact reasons I am experiencing now.

"As a player you want to come to the best club in the world and you want to win trophies, to win the Champions League.

"The reason why everyone plays football is to win things and to play in these games is massive for any footballer."

The Spanish have nicknamed him 'The Cannon' due to the spectacular goals he score but Bale is not resting thinking he has made it simply because he is at Real Madrid.

In true winners mentality style he is looking to improve his game, specifically he wants to improve his positioning to put him in better positions to score more goals. He feels Cristiano Ronaldo has helped him there despite people expecting him to resent Bale's arrival.

"Cristiano has been very supportive.From the first day I came in, he has been there for me. On day one he gave me advice on the best areas to live and stuff like that.

"We talk a lot; have a good  relationship on and off the pitch. I’ve learned a bit of everything from him. The way he plays and gets himself into certain positions; it’s a chance to learn off one of the best players in the world. Hopefully, that will improve me as a player.

"I don’t think there’s anything specific [I need to improve], it is more my all-round game, positioning-wise. I need to get myself into more goal-scoring positions.

"Every year I try to keep improving and I tell myself that if I keep working hard I will get better."

That sentence along tells you the difference between Gareth Bale and Spurs players, between a winner and a loser. With the right mentality you strive to improve every day, you don't go through the motions waiting for a season to end or be to lazy to learn a new language.

Your off field life affects your on field life so you should be doing everything you can to integrate and feel comfortable. Can Spurs signings say they have? There are plenty of talented players but they don't have the Bale desire, couple the two and you create true star players.

It's imperative Tottenham start to look at a players mentality before signing him, we clearly don't do it to an acceptable standard. We should work to become world leaders at it then perhaps we'll stop wasting money each summer and finally create that winning team.

The time was right to go to Madrid. I am really glad I did it. I am trying to embrace everything, trying to enjoy the ride. It was also important to not only have some friends over but some family as well. I have got a great team around me.

"I always had confidence in my ability and the fact we are now chasing the 10th [Champions League] title, against our city rivals, is very exciting.

"Madrid has a real buzz about it. It’s football mad at the best of times but there’s a real sense of anticipation."

In what has become a boring competition it would be great to see Bale score a trademark goal, not having watched any game so far, I'll tune in to the Champions League final to watch him once again.

Bale - Champions League final is why I left Spurs Bale - Champions League final is why I left Spurs Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:30 am Rating: 5

VIDEO: Bale wonder winner in Copa Del Rey Final vs Barcelona

8:25 am
Gareth Bale produced one of his trademark flying runs to score a wonder goal for Real Madrid to win the Copa Del Rey with 5 minutes remaining.

We'll try and add the video again!

"The goal  was incredible," Xabi Alonso said afterwards. "I don't think I've seen anything like it. It looked like the ball was going out and he was under pressure, he ran off the pitch to keep it in, it was just amazing."

VIDEO: Bale wonder winner in Copa Del Rey Final vs Barcelona VIDEO: Bale wonder winner in Copa Del Rey Final vs Barcelona Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:25 am Rating: 5

Is the writing on the wall for Angel Di Maria at Real Madrid?

9:30 am
In Spurs Scouting Report we introduced a further six players we have been watching in addition to the two Portuguese men, 31 year-old goalkeeper Eduardo Cavalho and 20 year-old striker Rafael Ferreira Silva from Braga.

Spurs Scouting Report - Who are we watching?

They were two Englishmen, 20 year-old centre-back Jamaal Lascellas and 23 year-old goalkeeper Karl Darlow both from Nottingham Forest, 21 year-old German winger Andre Hoffman from Hannover, 21 year-old French right winger Florian Thauvin from Marseilles, 19 year-old Romanian left winger Gabriel Iancu from Steaua Bucharest and 20 year-old Honduran right winger Andy Najar Rodriguez from Anderlecht.

Another player we have been courting for a while and haven't given up hope on is Real Madrid winger Angel Di Maria.

The 26 year-old the has fallen out of favour with the Bernabeu faithful after making an apparent obscene gesture towards them earlier this season. Against Celta Vigo he was having an off night. The fans whistled and booed him every time he touched the ball. He was subbed in the second half and cameras appeared to catch him making what has been interpreted as a rude gesture towards them.

Angel Di Maria to Spurs?
Could Angel Di Matia end up at Spurs?

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti said in his post-match press conference that he didn’t see any gesture, but that if Di Maria did make a rude gesture it was an error in judgement. The Argentine has moved to defuse the row after Real Madrid announced they would investigate the matter but Di Maria ia said to be growing increasingly frustrated that his every move is under close scrutiny.

"It wasn’t for anyone. I adjusted myself and kept running. I’ve never had problems with the fans. I could feel that half were applauding and half booing.

"I went out totally naturally. They always expect me to do something. I always have to clarify what I do. With everyone else nothing happens and with me it’s always a complete mess.

"I fight every day for a place at Real Madrid and it makes me angry that things are always being invented about me. But I am calm because I know it was nothing."

The summer signings of Gareth Bale and Isco has sent him down the pecking order despite some impressive performances. Carlo Ancelotti has made it clear that when Bale is fit he plays, hardly surprising considering he is scoring goals but at €101 million is part of their worldwide marketing strategy.

On his 18 starts this season he has been substituted 13 times so despite saying he wants to fight for his place the writing looks on the wall. Di Maria overall record is 34 goals and 61 assists from 171 games for Real Madrid.

Champions League qualification would probably be essential to secure his services, a player of his undoubted quality would have a choice of clubs and he would want to remain playing at the highest level.

A firing Erik Lamela and Di Maria would certainly raise the standard at White Hart Lane and help Spurs make that leap to the next level that Daniel levy is aiming for.

Is the writing on the wall for Angel Di Maria at Real Madrid? Is the writing on the wall for Angel Di Maria at Real Madrid? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:30 am Rating: 5

The Impossible Game - training breakdown

3:40 pm
Andre Villas-Boas has been speaking to the media about the crazy situation Spurs find themselves in, whereby we have been penalised and asked to play a cup game against Aston Villa after only one day rest.

As AVB has pointed out previously, the second day is the day you are most likely to sustain an injury after playing whilst the body recovers from it's exertions.

"This is an impossible game [League Cup vs Aston Villa] for us to play, but hopefully our team spirit and motivation can get us through.

"It (the Capital One Cup) is not our absolute number one priority but I don't think we have been given a fair chance to play in this competition this year.

"It could be possible for the players who played against Cardiff to play this game, but I am not sure I want to risk the players who played getting a hamstring injury which could take them six weeks to recover from when the Premier League is more important.

"This team has not experienced having to play again after just two days and we have not been given the same chance as the other teams. So we will have to rotate our squad as the players who played in Cardiff will not be involved.

"We are struggling a little bit with injuries but we have great strength in depth, although it is not going to be easy.

"It is difficult, the ideal situation for us would have been to play Wednesday. I understand the situation for the police with a number of matches being played in Birmingham, but we do not have the same chance as other teams.

"Villa will not have to do the same (in terms of squad rotation) as they played on Saturday, so they have had an extra day of recovery."

Does Villas-Boas have a point or is this a case of get the excuse out the way first for playing a weakened team?

Well to answer that I've taken a look at the training cycle of a professional footballer, albeit from Real Madrid in Spain, a club well used to playing twice a week. I think it is safe to assume it is broadly similar around the world and that Spurs training wouldn't be radically different in format, content may vary of course.

Below is the outline training plan for a Real Madrid footballer playing one day a week on a Sunday.

Monday - Game analysis talk with the players. Low load recovery training for players who played 60+ minutes, medium training to players who played less than 60 minutes. Assess injured players and any fresh injuries. Hydrotherapy work. Rest for remainder of day.

Tuesday - Rest Day.

Wednesday - Tactical training session with conditional training, medium to high load.

Thursday - Tactical training session, high load.

Friday - Opponent specific tactical training, low to medium load, presentation on opponents.

Saturday - Tactical training session, set play training low to medium load, hydrotherapy work.

Sunday - Light training for selected players, medium level for those not selected. MATCH

NOTE - You will notice that having played on a Sunday the second day, Tuesday is deemed a rest day. This rather backs up Andre Villas-Boas and his assertion that we have been placed in an impossible situation.

In these days of almost constant European football players are having to play two games a week regularly. The training week of a footballer playing two games a week looks something like this.

Monday - Game analysis talk with the players. Low load recovery training for players who played 60+ minutes, medium training to players who played less than 60 minutes. Assess injured players and any fresh injuries. Hydrotherapy work.

Tuesday - Prepare tactically for next game, presentation on opponents, set play training low to medium load, hydrotherapy work.

Wednesday - Light training for selected players, medium level for those not selected. MATCH

Thursday - Game analysis talk with the players. Low load recovery training for players who played 60+ minutes, medium training to players who played less than 60 minutes. Assess injured players and any fresh injuries. Hydrotherapy work.

Friday - Prepare tactically for next game, presentation on opponents, hydrotherapy work.

Saturday - Tactical training session, set play training low to medium load, hydrotherapy work.

Sunday - Light training for selected players, medium level for those not selected. MATCH

Specific training: For all you budding coaches out there here are some of the specific training drills.

Professional footballers weekly training schedule 1

Professional footballers weekly training schedule 2

Professional footballers weekly training schedule 3

Professional footballers weekly training schedule 4

Professional footballers weekly training schedule 5

Professional footballers weekly training schedule 6

The expected line up in view of the players not considered for selection is a little awkward, will Defoe be fit? Will Kaboul be fit and is it worth playing him anyway when we want him to get fit for the next Europa league match?

Still our are Lennon, Chadli, Capoue and Rose, plus those who played at Cardiff.

Which of the youngsters will we see, either starting or on the bench, McQueen, Stewart, Dawkins, Bentaleb, Coulibaly, Coulthirst.

Harry Kane will no doubt start and Simon Dawkins is 25 so this would be a game to play him in especially as he was at loan at Villa last season.

Friedel in goal with Gomes on the bench or even the other way around, Sandro, Holtby, Chiriches, Fryers and Lamela all to start you would expect.

With resources a little stretched and this being the players rest day I think it would be quite some achievement to get through this tie.

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The Impossible Game - training breakdown The Impossible Game - training breakdown Reviewed by THBlogNews on 3:40 pm Rating: 5

Ronaldo, Bale, Perez, Madrid, Man U - the ego and the designer label

10:16 pm
Gareth Bale to Real Madrid. The saga continues taking twists and turns, being played out in the press. But the real story here is one of  two ego's Florentino Perez and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Real Madrid president Perez is like a young adult, a slave to fashion, someone who must have the latest shiny new sparkling outfit, the latest designer label. Gareth Bale is that latest designer label Perez must have.

Andre Villas-Boas has dome to Bale what he did to Hulk, taken a decent player and sent his status rocketing skyward, so much so that Bale is now a commercial dream, one of the top marketing tools among footballers on the planet. He is the player everyone around the world is talking about, the player everyone wants to be associated with.

Perez yearns for another Galactico era, the days when he would go out and buy three or four superstars not just one. The days when he was the hero for bringing superstars to Madrid. He would love another stars XI, a Hollywood team. The showman in him loves it, to be associated with and sign the best, but the days of not having to pay tax or loans back in Spanish football have gone. Spanish football is having to tighten it's belt.

Perez now has to cut his cloth accordingly but he still wants the perceived kudos of the latest fashion item, the best designer labels whether he can afford them or not. A lack of money won't stop him window shopping just to be associated with a player everyone wants, hoping a little of the glamour will rub off on him.

Before being elected unopposed Perez said his number one signing this summer will be Ronaldo renewing his contract. The Madrid president reminds me of Michael Knighton, who tried to buy Man United for £20 million in 1989 when he had no money, but it gave him his moment in the limelight as his quote at the time showed: "It made everybody happy and, for 64 hours or so, I was a hero."

Perez has a constant yearning to be that hero but he's not the only one.

Cristiano Ronaldo has a massive ego and doesn't want anybody taking the limelight away from him, not Perez, not Bale. It is well known his ego wants him to be the best paid player in the world so the nonsense reports about a potential move back to Manchester United this summer are merely a negotiating tactic. A tool designed to get the wage increase he is after, pay me or I leave. Perez is not going to let a guy who scores 50 goals a season depart, there is no guarantee you can replace that. Why would Ronaldo take a step down from Real Madrid to Man United? The simple answer is he wouldn't unless he was coming to the end of his career.

If Gareth Bale arrived at Madrid he would have to share the limelight and whilst other Madrid players have followed the party line publicly he hasn't. Last week he was asked at a press conference about Bale joining: "I have my views but I am not going to share them publicly."

No wringing endorsement then, more of an I don't want him and it was also reported from their tour in the States that several players expressed their unhappiness at the cost of Bale during a club dinner with the directors all present.

On one hand Ronaldo wants to be top dog with a supporting cast he can look down and lavish praise on, Bale is a threat to that, he can't have the press all talking about someone else. He is Madrid's marketing tool, if Bale arrives he'll take over that mantle, his ego won't handle that.

On the other Perez wants a shiny new handbag and Bale is the latest designer label he can't afford. The trouble is when you obsess about something you try every way you can to get the money to buy it.

Only one ego will win, the question is which one. Spurs fans are hoping Ronaldo gets his way.

Ronaldo, Bale, Perez, Madrid, Man U - the ego and the designer label Ronaldo, Bale, Perez, Madrid, Man U - the ego and the designer label Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:16 pm Rating: 5

The Great Gareth Bale Transfer Game

8:30 am
The Great Gareth Bale Transfer Game by Playtell, simple to play, you just fill in the blanks. Kids will love it, hours of fun, sure to be a hit at Christmas.

Bale to [INSERT CLUB] for [INSERT FIGURE]  with [INSERT PLAYER] and [INSERT PLAYER] going the other way, Daniel Levy is [INSERT EMOTION].

Three Spanish papers, three different angles today, take your pick.

Marca, Madrid based rival to the Sun for quality, take the angle that Jonathan Barnett 'stormed' to Spurs offices to demand to know if they had turned down a €98.5m bid, which they say he found out about on the BBC! They say Bale doesn't want to play for Tottenham again but won't hand in a transfer request, his attitude in training will be vital and Perez and Levy could meet as early as today.

Pretty amazing that Bale's agent doesn't even know what is going on and he has to find out on the BBC isn't it. What you doubting it's authenticity? Are they expecting Bale to try and force a move by how he behaves on the training ground as well, is that what Real Madrid have told him to do?

AS, which is another Real Madrid friendly tabloid, take the angle that Andre Villas-Boas wants a deal sorted quickly, he doesn't want another Modric situation.

Well if Bale stays for another season I'd take that.

El Confidencial, the sensible paper of the three, take the altogether different angle that Daniel Levy is determined not to sell Gareth Bale and has told Florentino Perez he wants €150m to change that. The Real Madrid president is baulking at that they say and that it's doubtful a meeting would take place within week.

That certainly gives our papers plenty to write about tomorrow, I can see the headlines tomorrow can't you, Bale refuses to play for Spurs, or will they wait to see if he plays against Monaco at 5.30pm on Saturday?

The Great Gareth Bale Transfer Game The Great Gareth Bale Transfer Game Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:30 am Rating: 5

Madrid's Zidane winges - Let Bale talk to us

8:31 pm
Zinidine Zidane has crawled out from under his rock once again. The man, who had the quality and class to headbutt an opponent in a World Cup Final in front of a worldwide TV audience, said in Los Angeles:

“It is not unusual when a player knows that Real Madrid are interested in them that they get excited. There is nothing more prestigious for a player to wear the white of Real Madrid.

“If he has expressed a desire to join Madrid then Tottenham should give him permission to speak with us. The chance to play for Real Madrid might only come around once in a player's lifetime - and it is understandable that Gareth doesn't want to miss out on it."

No mention of the fact Real Madrid have pursued relentlessly, a player at another club that they are not allowed to do. No mention of the blackmail ultimatum they gave Bale. Just a self righteous if we want a player he should be allowed to talk to us attitude.

What about the fact that according to your own virtual in house paper Marca, you have already agreed a £10m a year 5 year contract with a player you are not allowed to talk to. Isn't that an admission of tapping up?

“This is modern football. You have to pay to get the best players in Europe. Last season Gareth was on the same level as Ronaldo and Messi.

“The best players can have not so great games - but change a game with a moment of brilliance. Those are the sort of players that win you Champions League's and League titles.

“He is already one of the finest player in Europe and he has everything needed to become the best player in the world. It is a bit of a cliche - but it is true you become a better player playing with better players.”

Zidane, who in in America as a part of Real Madrid's pre-season tour, has been a part of a relentless pursuit of our under contract man. They are no longer a club to admire but a club who see themselves above the rules.

The President of the Spanish Football League (LFP), Javier Tebas, was asked if he felt their pursuit of Gareth Bale was immoral. He felt it would increase the TV revenue for their league so welcomed it. He said:

"It is immoral to pay for something when you cannot afford it. I think it's more immoral for a club to spend one million euros which they do not have.

"A 100million euros is a huge amount of money to spend on a player but if Madrid can afford that then it's not a question of morality, but of whether it's a risky move or not."

You can understand his view on Bale joining a league to raise it's profile, but that also raises the question of how much this deal is really worth.

"I don't know much about him, but if Bale is a good player, than I'd rather he was over here (in La Liga) than in the Premier League," he said.

"It's not a question of how much he costs, you have to look at how much money he will generate, and if the LFP has all the stars, it will allow us to maintain high television revenue. All the money the arrival of this type of player generates translates into more revenue."

If commercially to the league he is worth a fortune, he is also worth a fortune to Real Madrid, as they and Barcelona get 50% of their leagues TV revenue, which they refuse to give up.They get 19 times the amount of the lowest earners in the La Liga.

Bale is the biggest commercial name in world football at the moment. When you consider how much money he can bring in and how much we would lose in lost revenue, then you begin to realize that even £80 million doesn't do him justice.

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Madrid's Zidane winges - Let Bale talk to us Madrid's Zidane winges - Let Bale talk to us Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:31 pm Rating: 5

Have Madrid paper Marca broken the law this time

11:30 am
The Madrid based paper Marca fresh from inventing a story about Gareth Bale agreeing a 6 year contract, when he probably doesn't even have permission to talk to Real Madrid, today move into slander territory.

They claim Gareth Bale had a meeting with Daniel Levy last Wednesday and they claim to quote Gareth Bale telling him "I'm not interested in Manchester United, I only want to play for Real Madrid."

It is of course their front page news.

They say that he demanded to be allowed his dream move to Real Madrid and that Levy had said he would listen to any reasonable offers, sounds like a Luka Modric story doesn't it. They go on to claim he has submitted a transfer request and that he has not been injured for the last two games.

Zinidine Zidane has told Real Madrid president Florentino Perez that "He's the number one. The player's class lets you aspire to winning the Champions League. Not only is he a strong and fast player. He's Also clever on the pitch".

Those words from Zidane to him have reignited his interest it seems and made him push further for a deal. It is about time Real Madrid were reported for their behaviour, which Daniel Levy wasn't best pleased with.

Quoting someone in print if they haven't said it, is slanderous. How is a Spanish paper supposed to know if a meeting took place and what was said in it, it's not as if Daniel Levy is going to tell them anything. So either this is complete fabrication and slander or Gareth Bale's agent has been speaking to both Real Madrid and them, in which case he should be in hot water with Spurs. That seems unlikely given the relationship between the two is said to be close.

Any meeting would be private as would the contents, nothing would be allowed to be released without the clubs permission and they most certainly wouldn't give that.

Well I doubt his mood has improved much now, in fact he is said to be seething.

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Have Madrid paper Marca broken the law this time Have Madrid paper Marca broken the law this time Reviewed by THBlogNews on 11:30 am Rating: 5
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