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Henderson & Winks a different league to Delph and Rice

10:30 am

Henderson & Winks a different league to Delph and Rice

Did you watch England last night, well, England's second team with all the players missing?

I will say one thing, Rice and Delph were terrible and they certainly showed that Jordan Henderson is in a different league, as is Harry Winks.


Well, look when Maguire had the ball at the back, on the left, had no passing options so passed the ball to Calamity Stones, his fellow centre-back. Delph and Rice, who were in a straight line, simple jogged across the pitch in a straight line and if the ball was played back, they jogged back.

That was the extent of their movement. They were at the heart of England's problem.

The Dutch ran from deeper, they ran at different angles, they created options through their movement off the ball.

Both Henderson, Winks and Dier in fact, also drop and try to create a passing angle or stretch the press to leave gaps for others to exploit.

Delph and Rice were just rigid. That coupled with a lack of movement in midfield ahead of them meant England didn't have the guile and nous to play from the back and against a decent team, the Dutch were no great shakes, only their centre-backs and central midfield, England would have got hammered.

Against Ajax, Eriksen was the only player with decent movement in midfield, hence we struggled to play from the back, with Winks present we improved in the final but Eriksen and his fellow midfielders weren't moving enough and our full backs were no better.

Most of the game is played off the ball and the English aren't good enough at it.

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England system

8:30 pm

England System

Tottenham Hotspur: Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Eric Dier, Danny Rose, Kieran Trippier
Manchester City: Raheem Sterling, John Stones, Kyle Walker, Fabian Delph
Liverpool: Jordan Henderson, Trent Alexander-Arnold

The difficulty England have is that their are very few English playmakers, if any, in the top 5 leagues in Europe. Gareth Southgate had to find another way, a way where if one player was missing, another could seamlessly slip into the system. Statistically, there isn't one in the top 30 players in Europe, the highest is Jack Wilshere, ranked 31st.

His answer was to devise a system that a large proportion of the squad were already playing at club level. In the England squad there are 11 players who regularly play a high pressing game and it was this that Gareth Southgate adopted.

We have learnt a lot about him at this World Cup, not least that he totally embraces sports science and pays close attention to the tiniest detail. The is something the England Rugby team did to win the Rugby World Cup under Clive Woodward, who was then knighted. British cycling adopted the same approach an did Team Sky.

Where the England rugby team went wrong when Sir Clive Woodward left, was not to carry on in the same detailed way. They didn't look forward, they were not constantly planning for continued success, hence a one-off success and a fight to get back to the same level.

Spurs have the same issue. A one-off success is no good, it can even send the team backwards, if a side is built to obtain one short-term success. Mauricio Pochettino isn't falling into that trap, he planning to regularly compete and win trophies, that's the aim and thus that is what's being worked towards.

Fans may not like it, but it's the right thing to do for the long-term success of the club.

England now have a system to play that needs to be kept and not discarded after one tournament as is often the case.

I couldn't believe people were suggesting we should try and make our route harder in the World Cup, that simply didn't make any sense. Thank goodness Southgate thought so too and picked a second XI. The result is that there is now real optimism that we can beat anyone in our half of the draw, especially now that Spain are out.

Southgate highlighted set plays are a major factor at WorldCups, thus England have had more shots from set-pieces than anyone else in the tournament (30). We have had 17 shots from free-kicks, more than anyone else. One of our objectives is to win free-kicks around the penalty box, something we have been excellent at this summer.

If you look at the graphic below, from Opta Stats, you can see the fouls are primarily on the left, where Dele Alli operates and Raheem Sterling drifts to (prior to Sweden game).



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Kane has a bond with England, do the rest?

10:30 am

Kane has a bond with England, do the rest?

Harry Kane has the same passion playing for his country that Maradona had

Harry Kane

"Diego Maradona or Ossie Ardiles, players of that kind, loved to play for their country, that's something special and it's a bond that Harry has been able to generate with England," said Mauricio Pochettino in a recent interview.

The question is, do the rest of the players feel the same? If they don't then they are not going to perform at their optimum.

If Raheem Stirling has that burning desire to play for his country, then why does he perform do poorly, so regularly and why couldn't he even be bothered to turn up to a training session on time, couldn't even turn up on time to catch a plane?

How many planes have you missed when going on your holidays?

Clearly, whatever he says, he heart is not in playing for his country, for him it appears to be more about kudos.

"He loves Tottenham but he has a real passion for England. People are talking to me about Harry, he's already the best scorer in the world, he's not just a play finisher, he's an influential player who reads matches and can adapt to different tactics and alignments. full player."


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Worrying signs when Tunisia scored

8:00 pm

Worrying signs when Tunisia scored

Kane scores the winner against Tunisia

Tunisia 1 England 2

An Arsenal fan saying they can't celebrate Harry Kane scoring two goals for England and suggesting everyone has forgotten loyalty. That pathetic attitude demonstrates why England never get anywhere in tournaments.

You have to be one, all pulling in the same direction, all 100% committed. Raheem Sterling not being bothered to turn up on time for a flight to England training demonstrates playing for England simply doesn't mean enough to him and we saw yet another poor performance from him again yesterday.

Your experts in the studio once again talked about mentality and belief being crucial, something I have banged on about for 5 years. Players should be prepared to do whatever it takes, whatever the manager asks them to do, but players like Sterling don't and aren't prepared to.

That is the difference between winning and losing when you come up against decent sides. Being an unlucky loser isn't enough, it isn't unlucky usually anyway, it's a wrong mentality.

At Tottenham Maurisio Pochettino has created the right atmosphere, the right environment, where everyone is happy, enjoying themselves, where everything is taken care of for them so they can just concentrate on improving themselves and working together as a team.

I am no fan of Gareth Southgate, but he appears to be taking what Pochettino has done at Spurs and be mirroring it almost. The atmosphere is apparently different and happier than previous squads.

Improving is about looking at what you could have done better, even when you win. I used to talk about clinical finishing when we were 2-0, 3-0 up. Clinical finishing isn't something you can just turn on and off.

England were not clinical. You learn to be clinical by finishing when you are 2-0, 3-0 up,you are training yourself to take chances, not having the attitude it doesn' matter if I score or not as we are winning, it does, it is vital for when the score is 0-0 or 1-0 or you are behind, critical that you are trained to be clinical when that chance arrives.

Kane scored with his first ever touch in a World Cup Finals, is he the first player ever to do that? He rescued us at the end when we were bereft of ideas. We scored and were coasting, then a silly penalty and we were suddenly fearful, the confidence was gone.

We struggled to create space, we didn't use the channels well in the second half, we didn't build from the back very well. Walker is not a centre-back, we can't use his pace there, did he make any runs at all, I can't remember one. He was our most defensive player.

KEY: 1. Pickford 2. Walker 5 Stones 6 Maguire 8 Henderson 18 Young 12 Trippier 20 Alli 7 (under 9) Lingard 9 Kane 10 Sterling

He played balls too early and gave away possession. It was only whn he drifted into midfield that he picked out a decent pass in behind the full-back for the best player on the pitch, Kieran Trippier.

Walker should have been playing the ball into midfield and the midfielders trying to pick the pass behind the defence to open them up, or travel into midfield with the ball, but would Jordan Henderson have covered?

With only one defensive midfielder he was dragged wide even with Walker there in the second half and the centre was empty. Do that against quality opposition and you are in trouble. Again in the second half, with pressure on Henderson was playing sideways balls that gave the receiver no options.

He was passing for the sake of passing, where he had time to turn and look forward. Part of his role is to play the ball quickly to beat the first line of Tunisian players, giving us time and space between the lines, but that rarely happened. So much more is needed playing that role. he needs to step up a gear if he is to continue there

As soon as we had a bit of pressure we went into our shell and played slow ponderous football, the team, not just Henderson, were passing the ball for the sake of passing. the three behind Kane are there to play the final pass, as well as combine to create or get into scoring positions.

In the first half, 67 of the 93 passes in the final third were successful (72%), in the second half 28 of 43 were successful (65%). A stark difference. Whoscored stats say we had 2 through balls and 62 long balls. We needed through balls from the players immediately behind Kane through the defence. Allof our chances in the second half were from corners.

The final ball was not there, did Sterling take on anyone with his pace or did he just stop and wait, negative instead of positive, he didn't really try to make anything happen. More will be needed from these three and Jesse Lingard can't be missing sitters like he did at this level.

He called for Rashford to leave the ball when he was marked and Rashford had a free shot so you have to question his decision making. Rashford should have been selfish and shot himself.

We had no shots from the left channel at all in 90 minutes. Only 22% of our shots were from outside the area, which suggests we need to shoot more often when around the box. Statistics will tell you the more shots you have the more goals you score.

You have to draw a packed defence out to create space between the lines or go round them on the outside. Playing a right-footed player on the left side stops that so we were playing into their hands in that respect and better teams will appreciate us cutting off an angle of attack in such a way.

If we have that fear against a stronger opposition we'll not create much and we'll be relying on Kane, who Liam Brady says doesn't create chances on his own, to rescue us again.

Overall it was a decent enough performance, we got the win, but there is still plenty to work on. As I said prior to the competition, it is difficult to change the system and expect players to know how to operate it together when the pressure is on.

They will by default do the basics, stay in their shell and pass the buck to someone else. In such circumstances, you are relying on an individual to produce something special like Dries Mertens did for Belgium to open the gates.

We got the start we needed, plenty to work on though.


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Do England stats show we have a better chance than we think?

6:00 pm

Do England stats show we have a better chance than we think?


League Shot Rates Per Goal (excluding penalties)

England's strikers sit 5th in the table of the number of shots it takes to score a goal, based on league games during 2017/18. Belgiumsit 7th and Belgium 8th.

Do England have a better chance than we think? 

We still have to create the chances, something we struggled with during qualification, despite the relatively easy opposition. 

Despite their slow start, have Uruguay have been underrated and the Germans overrated?

Are Belgium not as good as people think?

1. 🇺🇾 - 4.54 (Suárez, Cavani, Stuani, Maxi) 2. 🇧🇷 - 5.31 (Gabriel, Neymar, Firmino) 3. 🇫🇷 - 5.35 (Griezmann, Giroud, Mbappé) 4. 🇪🇦 - 5.45 (Aspas, Rodrigo, Costa)
5. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 - 5.79 (Kane, Vardy, Welbeck) 6. 🇦🇷 - 5.98 (Messi, Aguero, Higuain) 7. 🇧🇪 - 6.21 (Mertens, Lukaku, Batshuayi) 8. 🇩🇪 - 6.89 (Warner, Gómez, Müller) 9. 🇵🇹 - 9.00 (Ronaldo, Silva, Guedes)


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Stats put Dier way ahead of Henderson

8:35 am

Stats Put Eric Dier Way Ahead of Jordan Henderson

Spurs' Eric Dier better overall stats then Liverpool's Jordan Henderson

There is a debate, mainly between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool fans as to who should play the defensive midfield role for England at the World Cup in Russia this summer.

I have taken a look at the Premier League statistics for the two players, Eric Dier (Spurs) and Jordan Henderson (Liverpool) and they were very revealing.

There is far more between the two players than you would realise and quite frankly, Eric Dier wins hands down. Not only is he better defensively, he passes forward more often than Henderson too.

Dier beats the Liverpool captain in most aspects of the game.

See for yourself.

Eric Dier vs Jordan Henderson

Eric Dier
Played 34
Minutes Played 2,670

Jordan Henderson
Played 27
Minutes Played 2,095

Eric Dier
Passes 2,078
Forward Passes 1,504 (72%)
Backward Passes 571 (27%)
Pass Completion 86%
Key Passes 13

Jordan Henderson
Passes 1,720
Forward Passes 1,115 (65%)
Backward Passes 597 (35%)
Pass Completion 84%
Key Passes 19

Eric Dier
Tackles Won 41 (43%)
Tackles Lost 55
Successful Take Ons 86%
Aerial Duels Won 57%
Total Duels Won 50%
Fouls Committed 21 (1 every 127 minutes)

Eric Dier
Interceptions 46
Blocks 9
Clearances 88
Jordan Henderson
Interceptions 26
Blocks 2
Clearances 23
Jordan Henderson
Tackles Won 30 (32%)
Tackles Lost 64
Successful Take Ons 53%
Aerial Duels Won 69%
Total Duels Won 42%
Fouls Committed 21 (1 every 95 minutes)

Eric Dier

Assists 2
Chances Created 15
Total Shots 29
Shot Accuracy 32%

Jordan Henderson
Assists 1
Chances Created 20
Total Shots 13
Shot Accuracy 33%

Clearly, it should be Dier who plays with Henderson as his understudy. Guess that's why the captaincy was a choice between Harry Kane and Eric Dier.


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Southgate - Trippier is one of the top 3 right-backs in the country

3:28 pm

Spurs boss Pochettino turns yet another player into an England international


Kieran Trippier is probably the best crosser of a ball we have at full-back for Tottenham, followed by Eric Dier. While Dier is an England regular, Kieran Trippier has won a call up to the senior squad for the 2018 World Cup against Scotland in Glasgow on 10 June and the friendly international against France on 13 June at the Stade de France, Paris.

It is recognition of his form towards the end of the season when Kyle Walker was dropped and lost form due to hius head being elsewhere it seems.

England manager gareth Southgate spoke about leaving Wayne Rooney out, stressing than Dele Alli has been in fine form, that Defoe scored in his last game for England and that Herry Kane is coming back. Then moving on to Kieran Trippier he said that he liked his mentality and that he was onr of the three best right-backs in the country.

“He’s a player that I’ve watched a lot, from when he was at Burnley. He has had limited game time at Spurs but he fits the profile of a full-back that we like – he’s very good with the ball and I like his mentality. 
“He’s a player we wanted to bring in so he gets a feel for how we work, and it’s a good opportunity for us to look at him. 
“He and Kyle [Walker] will have been pushing each other every day and, in my opinion, they along with Nathaniel Clyne are the three best right-backs in the country.”

Mauricio Pochettino has turned another Spurs player into an international, he told Danny Rose he would play for England if he stayed at Spurs, now he has done the same thing with Trippier. Young English players must be looking at his record and saying to themselves, perhaps he could do that for me.
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We must avoid an England hangover

8:30 am

The England performance highlighted the problem that occurs when everyone hasn't learnt how to play a system.

The Tottenham and Liverpool pressing game works because everyone knows their role and the role of the teammates. They know where players are going to be, they can anticipate where they are going to run. The off-the-ball game is more important than the on-the-ball game. The movement allows the team to play.

If one or two cogs of that machine are not functioning then it falls to pieces and that was the case with England. Nobody knew what anyone else was going to do. Some players were pressing and others weren't. Some were moving into space to receive a pass and some weren't.

The system requires a centre-forward who can also hold up play and bring others into the game, particularly the wide men cutting in. Daniel Sturridge can't play that role, his first touch is poor, he is totally left-footed and all he is concerned with is himself. He was a total liability last night, England were carrying him. Jamie Vardy would have been a far better choice, but then we do have an interim manager whose only managerial achievement is to get what was then a mid-table club in Middlesbrough relegated.

Playing with players who don't know what they are doing drags everyone down and affects the whole team. England are a mess and that mess was created by Roy 'Clueless' Hodgson appointed by a clueless RA who rate Southgate because England Under-21's beat nobodies to qualify for major finals, where we flop against any decent opposition. How is that a CV for a national manager?

Fortunately, the Spurs players can return to their clubs and not be dragged down by the national side. They will have to get the feeling back, the mentality back in the next few days before the WBA game so we do not have a hangover.

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Spurs and England

4:40 pm

It is always nice to take a little break from writing, refresh the mind and an international break gives that opportunity.

I didn't bother to watch the pathetic 2-0 win over the minnows of malta, we really should be tucking six past them at home, but then we can't even beat Iceland can we. We have yes man Southgate still picking the noose we have to play with,  Wayne Rooney, so what chance have we got.

Dele Alli bagged one I hear, missed a few more in typical Dele Alli fashion, if it is easy he doesn't concentrate on the finish enough, a typical Tottenham trait over the last few years.

Vincent Janssen scored a cracker I see for Holland just to remind us he can score goals, he will in time. Eric Dier got some rest on the bench and Danny Rose had a rest too so that is good news for Spurs, we'll have to wait and see what happens Tuesday but with Ryan Bertrand injured I presume Rose will play a full game.

I shall watch the next game so roll on tomorrow.

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Wenger for England

6:00 am

For me he seems the obvious choice, he has been in this country for 20 years and there is no denying he is a quality manager who has been there and done it over a period of time. The England post is there for him if he wants it.

According to the Daily Mirror, Arsenal director Ivan Gazidis Arsene Wenger will not be issued a new contract when his runs out in the summer. As ever with contract negotiations you have to take all this with a pinch of salt, there is plenty of posturing that goes on when contracts are due. The players are suggesting they think their boss will be at the club next season, who do you believe.

If he were to leave Arsenal then the club would then be at a crossroads, the same crossroads that Manchester United didn't handle very well.  if he does go then that will be good news for England who have a dearth of candidates who could take on the job and improve us.

Danny Rose gives him his backing and why not, club rivalry goes out the window when it comes to England and he looks head and shoulders above any other candidate quite frankly.

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Stark difference between England and Spurs

7:00 pm

There is a stark difference between the mage and the way England and Spurs go about things.

If you look at Spurs now we are a professional unit, we have orchestrated contract signings to maximise media exposure, the players have become closer to the fans and celebrate goals in a greater way with them, players take more time to thank away supporters now, mentally we act like winners and not triers, there is a huge mental difference.

Our whole philosophy is of standards, winning and being professional while enjoying ourselves.

England is a mess, it's a laughing stock in world football as former international striker Alan Shearer pointed out. We appoint a manager merely to save money who is so clueless we lose to Iceland, then appoint a manager who has only ever coached 1970's boot the ball upfield football, who the whole industry knows is money orientated.

The media all knew what Allardyce was up to, the stink took place because they knew he would go for it, not to just test him out. In his interview Allardyce said a man he had known for 30 years did this. Why in heavens name had the FA not done their homework on the man and if they had why did they ignore it?

The FA continually appoint the wrong man and we are now in a situation where there are hardly any candidates. A national manager needs to be in his 60's with a wealth of experience and the only three men around who could possibly fit the bill for the job right now are Glenn Hoddle, Sir Alex Ferguson or Arsene Wenger. I don't think the FA should look anywhere else.

It isn't just pundits who see England as a laughing stock, Danny Rose says he feels that way too.

"It's hard to say but I agree a bit [with Shearer], with a manager losing his job after one game. I don't want to say it's a mess, but it's not nice for English football. It's not good in any sense and whatever stance the FA take after the four games, I hope the next England manager will be one for the long term and help us to improve a bit in tournaments. Everyone, the players, the manager and all the staff, we've got to take it on ourselves to try to lift the opinion of English football over the next few games."

The trouble is the problem extends from the FA and the people running it, they seem to want yes men at the moment and we now have an interim national manager who has never yet successfully managed anything. England Under-21's don't play any opposition until they reach a major final and then we flop every time, we did in the last European Championships under Southgate. That failure has now been rewarded.

The mentality behind that is appalling, it a failure mentality, you think of England, you think of failure. Other countries have the same problems we have, yet they don't approach things in the way we do. The FA is full of people who are not up with the modern game and modern sports science. They come from a time when it hardly existed and we need people running the FA who are in tune with today's world.

Until there is a change in FA personnel, I don't see the England fortunes changing in any way. If you keep doing the same thing you will get the same results. The FA keep doing the same thing.

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Our surge management was superb

8:30 am
Our surge management was superb

Tottenham Hotspur are currently the joint best performing side in the top tier European leagues, England, France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

Our lads have taken 16 points from the last six Premier League games, as have Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga and Napoli in Serie A.

Remarkably we have not conceded a goal in open play in 7 games and have only conceded 3 overall. The side we have now, the squad, is a world away from the mentality of squads we had before. The work rate yesterday was phenomenal. Sissoko was huffing and puffing at half time and I suspected our intensity might drop a bit.

It was a delight to see us start the game fast and after that initial surge of energy that got us in front we could start to manage our work rate a little. Every ball can not be pressed for 90 minutes, you have to decide collectively when you are going to press in the way we did and when you are going to conserve energy and build a shield in front of goal.

I though that aspect of our game management was superb and we stood firm in the last third of the game when they started to have chances. Alderweireld and Vertonghen were magnificent at the back, Walker and a tiring Rose generally stopped supply lines by rushing out to their man faster than usual.

Every man played his part, pressing doesn't work unless the whole team are in on it and up for the fight. There must be some very tired players right now and it will take them a couple of days to recover from that. Today is a travelling day as fly fly out to join their various national squads for the international break.

Danny Rose was promised by Mauricio Pochettino he would make him an England player and he is now a fixture in England squads under 3 different managers now. He joins Kyle Walker, Eric Dier and Dele Alli for the England games against Malta on Saturday and Slovenia on Tuesday.

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Sam Allardyce facing the sack

12:30 pm


Regular readers will know he is a guy I did not want as England boss and it appears as though he may not have the job much longer if allegations prove to be true.

Sam Allatdyce has spent his managerial career coaching route one football and failed at the biggest club he went to Newcastle United, the 7th richest club in the country and 17th richest in the world. It is a different kettle of fish managing top players than managing players at smaller clubs, the egos are bigger. Some managers can't handle it.

Big Sam is said to have abused his position as England manager to help businessmen get around FA transfer rules. The FA have confirmed they are investigating the England boss.

“We have asked the Daily Telegraph to provide us with the full facts in relation to this matter and are awaiting their response.”

He was caught on camera advising how to get around FA rules on Third Part ownership much like West Ham United did with Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano. They effectively cheated the system and got away with it virtually scott free at the expense of Sheffield United who have never recovered.

Allardyce negotiated a £400,000 fee to advise how to get around FA rules, even though he works for the FA. That should make his position untenable and the job he has coveted should now be taken away from him. Money is more important the the England job it seems, if true the man is a disgrace to the country.

The full story is in the Telegraph, click the link above and determine for yourself if this is the guy is stabbing his employers in the back.

The Telegraph investigation they say will reveal:
  • The assistant manager of a high-profile football club accepted a £5,000 cash “bung”
  • Ten managers were named by players’ agents as taking bribes to fix player transfers
  • Two well-known managers discussed becoming ambassadors for the same fictitious firm as Sam Allardyce
  • Another high-profile manager admitted his players broke FA rules by betting on their own games but he failed to report it
  • A senior figure at a Premier League club helped undercover reporters to formulate a plan to bribe managers
Should be revealing reads, a newspaper well worth following in the short-term i would say.

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Another ex player says drop Rooney

7:00 pm
Another ex player says drop Rooney

Knowledgeable fans have been saying it for years, former England striker Chris Sutton has said it after the World Cup escape against Slovenia, now goalkeeping legend Pter Shilton admits it to. Wayne Rooney doesn't deserve his place in the England team.

He should not be captain, he should not haveb a free hand to intefere in areas of the pitch where he isn't needed, like collecting balls off the centre-back. He is supposed to be a gosl threat, yet didn't touch the ball once in the opposition box.

He wants to be on the ball all the times, but we have other players who can pass the ball around, just because you are involved and moving the ball doesn't mean you are making a positive contributioin to the team, there are other players who can do that. Dier and Henderson are quite capable ofpicking the ball up off the centre=-back and playing a pass, why do we need Wayne Rooney doing it?

Peter Shilton says Rooney should have quit international football after the European Championships in France this summer, instead we are saddled with him until after the next World Cup.

“There are always alternatives in a team to be a captain. 
“You need a figurehead who is going to lead. As captain you need someone who is going to come out of the pack at certain times and get things going. 
“I didn’t see that with Wayne against Iceland and I just think if he couldn’t do it in that situation is he going to do it in the next two years?”

Sam Allardyce has had one game and made the mistake of not being bold enough to drop Rooney. What is his role? It ism't as a creeator, he isn't near there box enough and has never consistently shown he creates anything at international football. What does Wayne Rooney do that Ross Barkley doesn't do?

When was the last time Wayne Rooney changed an important game? We had the easiest qualifying group ever for the European Championships and an easy one for the World Cup.

I'm happy to change my opinion if someone can explainwhat Wayne Rooney is actually contributing to England because all we have had so far is PR bullshit from Allardyce.

"He hasn’t performed at major ­tournaments but he has been a terrific player. 
“His position is striker, always has been, always will be – right from when he was a kid, all the way through until his peak. 
"I don’t think he set the Euros alight."

Apart from Manchester United fans there is hardly any support for him in the country, he is simply a name who doesn't perform and stops others performing at international level. 

Chris Sutton is right, Peter Shilton is right.
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Kane problems are Rooney's fault

6:00 am

Wayne Rooney is destroying Kane in an  England shirt

Kane problems are Rooney's fault

The Daily Mail is not a paper I normally pay much attention to. They make up transfer stories are are often out of tune with the realities at Tottenham. That is the problem when you have a cheque book reporter writing though.

the man who destroyed England at the Euros, Wayne Rooney is being allowed by Sam Allardyce to do the same thing again, he has a name and every boss therefore has to pander to him it seems. He should have been dropped long ago, having failed at every major tournament he has been to. Now he just gets in the way of the side and makes one decent pass a game.

Get outside help and suddenly there is some sense being spoken at The Mail. Wayne Rooney is killing England and killing Harry Kane. Who says so, not just me but former England striker Chris Sutton. Take a read, he reminds us Rooney didn't touch the ball once in the opposition penalty area.

Daily Mail

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Good news at last

5:00 pm

ENGLAND - At last some good news, Gareth Southgate doesn't want the England job and doesn't want it on an interim basis either. A flop as a manager and totally unqualified for the the job he would merely have made matters worse. The country needs an experienced manager at the helm right now and Glenn Hoddle is the obvious man to take over, although Harry Redknapp could well be another option.

CHELSEA - The could be in danger of losing 25-year-old Belgian Eden Hazard to Real Madrid who are set to make a £35-million (€25m - AUS$37.35m - US$27.77m) bid plus striker Alvaro Morata. I don't believe that for a minute as there were reports valuing Morata at £62.8-million (€75m - AUS$112.05m - US$83.23m). Real Madrid bought Morata back from Juventus and they will want a profit on him. Given he is a goalscorer I don't see him costing that much less than Hazard, especially given Hazard had a disastrous season last season.

BARCELONA - The Spanish club conform they have reached agreement to sign 22-year-old Lyon defender Samuel Umtiti for £20.69-million (€42.26m - AUS$63.19m - US$46.89m). The centre-back was briefly linked with Spurs but it was clear very early on where he was going so interest was dropped, that won't stop some portraying it as a 'shock' or a 'blow' or something we have done wrong.

BARCELONA - The Spanish club have a problem with taxes. First it was under-age transfer dealing and now it is tax evasion deals involving players they have bought. Lionel Messi and Neymar have both been the subject of investigations and trials, as has a former Barcelona president and now we hear former right-back Danny Alves (just transfered to Juventus) owes £1.08-million (€1.3m - AUS$1.94m - US$1.44m) in back taxes. This follows on from the EU ordering Spanish clubs to pay their tax and to repay bank loans. There seems to be an awful lot wrong in the running of Spanish football.

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Two fingers to the supporters

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Two fingers to the supporters

As I wrote at the time Roy Hodgson resigned to try and avoid flak from the media when the country want answers. According to the bungling boss though, when he was forced to give another interview, he didn't see why he was there ad didn't see the need to explain anything.

Former West Ham striker Dean Ashton says Roy Hodgson is ‘arrogant’ and has treated England fans like ‘a piece of dirt’. I totally agree. What has the guy been doing for four years taking money under false pretences by going into a major tournament with no visable system the team and playing to.

Former players can't determine how we play, can't understand how we can be trying different systems before a major tournament when we have players who haven't played together in whatever system we were supposed to be playing.

Taking unfit player who have been injured to tournaments has never worked, not has leaving your better players on the bench while picking players who fail. Does the clown not know that you have to play and move in a system and if you pick players who don't know how to play that way that it breaks a system down. Sturridge should never have been on the field, let alone stay on, Lallana should have been there from the start.

Game after game, we fit players around Wayne Rooney when he isn't good enough at that level to have that honour. I talk a lot about mentality because it is so damn important. To pick a jellyfish as your rock, your captain for the others to look towards is insane. Hodgson is only rivalled by Jeremy Corbyn for incompetence and a total disregard for the people. Despite a massive vote of no confidence there is someone in power more interested in himself than those he is supposed to be serving.

How can Roy Hodgson say 'I don't know why I'm here' to a press conference. I shouldn't have to explain anything to anyone is what he is saying, I'm not responsible to the English public. The man is a disgrace. While all around were trying to say how well we were performing I was telling the truth, we were poor, we were creating nothing, passing the ball sideways for possession is meaningless. hardly anything was created for Harry Kane, that is the job of the midfield, unfortunately it had Sterling and Sturridge as suppliers, neither up to the task, yet he singled these two out for praise!

The fact that he talks about England doing enough to get the draw we needed tells you all about the negativity of the man, that he plays for 0-0 at half-time and only tries to win a game in the second half. Fear football and he wonders why the players are mentally weak! The guy is clueless when it comes to sports psychology, but to many that doesn't exist despite evidence again and again and again.

Now it seems the incompetent FA are going to appoint managerial flop Gareth Southgate for a years interim management, god help us.he is the last thing the people need, they need an experienced man at the helm, someone the people can get behind. Southgate couldn''t handle managing the might of Middlesbrough, now having worked with kids against no opposition he is our go to man.

Jobs for the boys and two fingers to the supporters

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Transfer Headlines - Isco, Nolito, England, berahino

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Transfer Headlines

MANCHESTER CITY AND ARSENAL - Real Madrid have told 24-year-old Isco that he will not be sold to any Premier League clubs this summer dashing the hopes of many including Manchester City and Arsenal. The offers Real Madrid were receiving were half the value they place on him so Zidane has decided not to sell him.

SOUTHAMPTON - The Saints look to be quick in spending their Sadio Mane cash with news they have made a move for 22-year-old Sadio Berahino. Crystal Palace, Watford, and Stoke City may be dismayed as Southampton can offer the European football they can't, which might help him get his career back on track. The former Tottenham target has options and you don't see him accepting a deal that may involve a relegation fight.

ENGLAND - Gareth Southgate (unfortunatly) looks as if he will be appointed the England interim coach while the FA look for a successor to Roy Hodgson with some suggestions they may even wait a year to appoint Arsene Wenger or Claudio Ranieri (Daily Express).

They are both media guesses, the Guardian guess at Brendan Rogers, so clearly nobody knows who the experienced coaches are they are going to sound out. Glenn Hoddle would be a far more sensible choice, but then the FA are not sensible people having appointed Roy 'Bungle' Hodgson simply to save money. Jamie Carrafher suggests Jurgen Klinsmann in the Daily Mail while Rio Ferdinand has expressed his desire to help his country in any way he can in the Daily Mirror.

MANCHESTER CITY - Pep Guardiola hopes to complete the £14.06-million (€17m - AUS$25.39m - US$18.82m) move from Celta Vigo of 29-year-old Spanish international striker Nolito who is travelling for a medical at City today.

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Rooney digs the knife into England

12:30 pm
If losing to Iceland wasn't bad enough, Wayne Rooney have vowed not to walk away from England.

This is devastating news for the country, unless we have a manager who knows what he is doing we are stuck with one of the most underachieving England players at major tournaments ever. He has consistently been appealing and once again when the team need ed a rock for the youngsters, Rooney turned to jelly.

He simply doesn't have it mentally at international level and he is the example for everyone to folloe, our leader. What hop is there is your leader is woefully inept? Watch his individual performance in that second half and you will see the worst player on the park. He spent the half losing the ball and passing to the opposition.

In the first half the passing was simply too slow, there was a lack of movement and Rooney still playing in a position he hasn't played before this tournament. In every game he stopped England playing because he couldn't decide quick enough what to do with the ball.

It isn't all his fault with Bungle in charge selecting the wrong squad and then the wrong team time and time again. I'm perplexed why Lallana was on the bench and it's unfathomable why he didn't come on. A manager who doesn't know what he is doing and a captain not up to major international tournament football. What a pair.

Half this nation has wanted shot of Rooney for years and we keep getting proven right time after time after time, but he is a name so he has to be picked, garbage. Just as manager after manager bottled the Lampard Gerrard issue, so Hodgson bottled the Rooney issue.

 "Of course. I said before the tournament and I've been asked many times but I'm proud to play for England and I'll see who the next manager is and, if selected, I'm available to play. 
"It is hard to see it now but the future is bright. It will take a bit of time I'm sure but we have to try to dust it off as quick as we can and try to move on. 
"It is a hard one to take, it is embarrassing. We know we are a better team, but you can't explain it by saying we could have done this or that. We tried to create chances, but unfortunately we couldn't win. Whoever the new manager is, it is the job for him to recognise and try to see where we need to improve."
PT clap trap, we all know what the problem was, a clueless manager with no idea how he wanted England to play and a proven failure at major international tournaments leading us. I applaud his willingness to play for his country but we need a manager who isn't going to pick him.

Watching the Italian players sing their national anthem the way ours should and then watching our lot sing apathetically mentally shows what pride there is. It'll sound daft to most, but it's one of the first things I'd change. Roy insisted they all sing the national anthem, he should have insisted they sing it with passion, then we start t instil the passion back into the player and a passion for playing for the country, because there was none evident.

I'm not picking on Jack Wilshere here, merely giving an example. In the Italy game there was an overhead kick and the defender was putting his head in their trying to stop the shot and won a free kick. In the same situation in the England  game Wilshere was turning himself away, pulling his head away and making an apology of an attempt to affect the overhead lick. He didn't want to get hurt, that was his primary concern.

That sums up England. The motivation to do what it takes simply isn't there, the passion isn't there.

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David Pleat for England manager

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David Pleat for England manager

Roy Hodgsom resigned immediately to try to stop a press onslaught against him. He should never have been appointed in the first place, the job should have gone to Harry Redknapp, the nations choice.

The FA know best though and appointed Bungle instead. Who are the people appointing these managers? We had Graham Taylor, a route one specialist who nobody wanted, there was Steve McClaren, who nobody wanted and Roy Hodgson, again who nobody wanted.

The favourite for the job is an FA yes man who was a total flop as a manager. How Ian Wright and Peter Crouch can agree that perhaps he should be appointed because of his work with the Under-21 side is beyond me. Under-21 football is terrible, we don't face any opposition until a major tournament and we flop in them with players who don't try and players who clubs won't let play. You can't give another pathetic appointment.

Quite frankly there are few options, there was nobody on the list that you would want to appoint. Flop Southgate is the long favourite at 6/4. Tim Sherwood anyone! We shouldn't even be contemplating Southgate and if we do it demonstrates that the FA simply do not have the ability to be making these decisions, but then we know that already.

Next is Alan Pardew, a manager who has only ever had one decent season in the Premier League from memory, Eddie Howe, who has had only one season in the Premier League full stop, so the job is a little really for him yet. He could be a future England manager though and may be the man we have to turn to in a couple of years with no other candidates on the horizon.

Gary Neville has no track record to be able to appoint him so he isn't feasible, incredibly Alan Shearer is on the bookies list, that shows how desperate we are, again no experience to able to offer him the job. A xase can be made for Welshman Brendan Rogers, but without Suarez he didn't seem to know what to do.

Next on the bookies list is Harry Redknapp, a definite contender and one option, but before I come to the two other options that make sense, let me first dismiss the route one football of Sam Allardyce, a manager who is trying to buy Eden Dzeko to lump balls to.

So, apart from Harry Redknapp, who could we appoint?

We need someone with managerial experience, someone who has been there and done it, ideally English. We first of I would turn to Scotland and ask Sir Alex Ferguson to take the job, he wouldn't of course. Then ask Arsene Wenger, he wouldn't accept it either. So after trying and failing with those two you turn to two other candidates.

With those two dismissed, who is there left?

Glenn Hoddle was doing a decent job with England until the media got into him and got him the sack. He is one option, the other is completely left field and probably wouldn't even be considered by anyone else, but has the kind of experience we perhaps need right now, David Pleat.

We need a manager with tactical ability and experience. He fits the bill, probably better than any other candidate out there. There is a dearth of feasible candidates around at the moment and for the next two years he could hold the fort. Unless Glenn Hoddle were appointed I'd give either Harry Redknapp, but perhaps preferably David Pleat a two-year contract and not on the daft money we pay managers either.

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