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An 8/1 Winner

9:55 am
I like the football season because I generally make money during it by not being too greedy. I rarely go for the big win and prefer the little and often approach, in the end it amounts to more than searching for that elusive fortune.

Take last weekend, I did three accumulators and all three came up, the week before was a success as well. Different weeks require different approaches although I do like a weekly four or five fold win accumulator. If you select your picks well this is a bet you can get up three weeks out of four with a return around 3/1.

I didn't touch anything all week but had a win treble last night, again that all came up and I cashed out my other bet losing 47p when two elements were not looking like being successful with 5 minutes to go. The treble on England, Sweden and Russia paid almost Evens, not a great return you might think, but if you reinvested your Friday Evens winner onto a Saturday Evens winner and reinvested again onto a Sunday Evens winner you have a 7/1 winner over the course weekend. 

You have simply broken down an accumulator into three winning bets and allowed yourself the time to analyse or take into account team news. If you bet with a set amount each weekend you know exactly how much you stand to lose. You do not chase losses simply reinvest winnings from that weekends betting money. 

If you have a savings account you should pay all winnings into that instead of spending it or putting it into your main account, that way you will see your savings account grow over time.

A market that is easier yet is overlooked by the general punter is the Over 1.5 goals market, a sixfold, sevenfold or eightfold you can regularly hit and you'll again be operating at odds around 5/1 - 8/1. The key is not being greedy again, but being ruthless, the object is to win money not have a story to tell about how unlucky you were. Keep picking up regularly and your mates will soon start asking how you do it.

I must throw in here that you should always gamble responsibly and never with money you can not afford to lose. Employing some of these tactics ensures you adhere to that sound advice.

As yet I haven't finalised my bets, Barnsley vs Crewe, Colorado Rapids vs Montreal Impact are two initial selections for the Over 1.5 market where I think I'll be concentrating this week. The English domestic football looks tricky and I haven't studied the other main European leagues yet.

I may just have a small bet on Watford to be relegated, they are currently 5/1 and are a sound defensive unit who struggle to score. Injuries may trouble them and any side who struggle to score are in danger, also they have had a relatively easy start to Premier League life. Things are about to get tougher and we'll know more about how they will cope, a few defeats and the price will tumble.

Aston Villa are expected to sign Adebayor in January so his goals should see them safe while Allardyce usually keeps his teams out of trouble and they do have a nice set of fixtures coming up. Watford looks like a bet to take at such a huge price and then lay it off later after a few defeats have seen it tumble thus ending up with a free bet effectively. The joys of the internet punter.

Over on the horses Bobaries is fancied by Willie Mullins in the 5.50 at Fairyhouse, but is taking a walk in the market on Betfair so I'll be leaving it alone. I take a keen interest in his horses, but will only back the ones he fancies and that other factors make me confident about. 

I'll stick to the football this week so on with the studying. Apart from the two Over 1.5 definites above I'm domestically initially interested in: 

Peterborough vs Swindon
Bury vs Wigan
Aldershot vs Altrincham
Southport vs Torquay
Forest Green vs Guiseley
Bromley vs Barrow 

The accumulator on the eight would pay 4.9/1

Best of luck with whatever you go for this week.

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