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Bassong: A Lot Like King

4:01 pm
Excellent display from Bassong
Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 Liverpool. But the final scoreline could have read something entirely different had not a certain Sébastien Bassong intervened with two of the best timed tackles I've personally witnessed at The Lane this season.

Both times, our stand-in centre-half prevented Torres from scoring nailed on opportunities. Being in the Shelf Upper, it looked as though Ledley King was on the field. As I watched the highlights on Match of the Day, those two last-ditch tackles looked so King-like. It was the way in which Bassong covered the ground and timed his run and tackle to perfection in the same way Ledley does.

Once Gallas and King have seen their day, Dawson and Bassong will be immense for us at the heart of our defence.

In other news, Harry is apparently interested in bringing Manu Adebayor to The Lane. Can I ask why? I mean, the lad has got an abundance of talent, but (and there's always a but when Adebayor is involved) he also comes with too much baggage. Baggage our squad could do without right now.

I understand that Harry has the ability of turning players around, but when it comes to troublemakers like Emmanuel Adebayor, I wouldn't even think about it. I suppose next you'll tell me that Spurs will move to Stratford?

PS. A warm welcome to all the Cyprus Yids; Akis, Stamatis and Socrates (@ the Bank of Cyprus IBU in Nicosia, Cyprus)

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