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Rose, Onomah and Dembélé

8:30 pm

Rose, Onomah and Dembélé

Danny Rose of interest to PSG?

Danny Rose

The Sun are claiming that French giants PSG are interested in signing 28-year-old (29 next July)  left-back Danny Rose who had an average season last season and who I wrote during the season, didn't seem to have his mind on the job.

As it turned out that was correct, he has since spoken about mental issues in the press which obviously take his focus away from football. The result is a player who looked like he was going through the motions.

Josh Onomah

It was the same situation with 21-year-old (22 next April) Josh Onomah after his breakthrough season, the following year whenever he was seen he appeared to also be going through the motions. Given that a journalist couldn't see that, perhaps it needs a trained eye, instead of a fans eye.

I'll go into that in another article, but a coach watches a game in a different way to a fan, if he is watching in coach mode. We will have to wait and see on the USA tour what affect a season at Aston Villa has had.

Mousa Dembélé

Turkish side Fenerbahçe have made 31-year-old (32 next July) Tottenham and Belgium midfielder Mousa Dembélé a target as they look to further strengthen their squad, suggest reports in Turkey. There are plenty of offers for him on the table, Inter being very interested, but we can't agree on a fee with them.


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Will Barrios signing mean Dier moves to Dembélé role?

8:00 pm

Will Barrios signing mean Dier moves to Dembélé role?

A new role for Eric Dier at Spurs next season?

Eric Dier could be about to move into a new role at Tottenham next season if the signing of Colombian defensive midfielder Wilmar Barrios goes through. First a look at Barrios.

The video tracking the movement of Wilmar Barrios starts at 7:21 and shows his individual game for Boca Juniors against Cerro. There are several movement video which are worth a look so I'll post some more to return and view.

People are asking what this means for Victor Wanyam or Eric Dier, that we don't need three defensive midfielders.

Eric Dier could operate in a back three if we switch to that more often next season or he could move into the Mousa Dembélé role. Mauricio Pochettino once said that he needs to look at Iniesta. He has a good cross, along with Trippier, the best at the club and he can see a pass.

He has the defensive qualities we know, but I see no reason why he couldn't also play the link role. You don't have to have a Dembélétype player, playing the Dembélé link role, other clubs don't.

I also think Dier would be better in the final third, he certainly possesses a greater scoring threat and Dembélé doesn't play that many cutting balls around the opposition box, he is more of a player to get us there and keep us there.

The switching of play element of his game, anyone can do, Ryan Mason did it and at a greater pace than Dembélé. Destroyer to a creator, can he?

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Spurs a step closer by buying with Dembélé fee agreement

8:00 pm

Chinese agree £26.43m Dembélé deal with Spurs

Chinese side agree on a fee for the Belgian international

Transfer Talk - Mousa Dembélé

Mousa Dembélé wants a final payday and a long contract, however, his fitness problems and turning 31 in July mean he probably wouldn't be able to see out a long contract, thus Mauricio Pochettino has decided to let him go. All parties understand the situation and his departure is very amicable.

The Belgian has been a brilliant servant since we signed him from Fulham and he needs an easier pace of game to extend his career and collect his wages.

China has thus always been the favourite destination, despite plenty of interest from Italy. Now an unnamed Chinese club have agreed to meet our asking price of £26.43 million (€30m) according to France Football.

If this deal goes through, his sale will free up a non-homegrown spot and allow us to make a signing. As it stands we have no spots available, one of the reasons Spurs haven't made a purchase yet. It hardly matters as training for non-World Cup players doesn't start until 2 July.

As I said before it would be no surprise to see him retire from international football after the World Cup and a move to China would surely end his international career.


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Juventus make contact with Dembele's representatives

7:57 am

Juventus Make Contact With Dembele's Representatives

Juventus Interested in Dembele

Juventus are reported in Italy, by Sky reporter Gianluca Di Marzio, to have entered the fray in a bid to secure 30-year-old (31 in July) Mouse Dembele, a move I would have thought he would be very interested in.

Of course, it may just be a story put out to try and force Inter Milan to up their offer for him, which is half the amount Daniel Levy is looking for. Napoli and AC Milan are the other two Italian sides to have shown an interest. There is also interest from China of course.

THBN - Mousa Dembele heat map
I recently produced a heat map for Wilmar Barrios of Boca Juniors, one of our potential targets and his heat map looked better than Dembele's.

Sky report that Juventus have contacted his representatives yesterday and will soon speak to Tottenham.

Mousa Dembele Statistics

Some interesting stats that you don't normally see, like how often he loses the ball in his own half and how often he wins the ball in the opposition half.


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Inter visit Hotspur Way, hold informal talks

8:43 am

Inter visit Hotspur Way, hold informal talks

Mousa Dembele

As revealed earlier, (Inter To Speak To Spurs For Dembele) Inter Milan and Tottenham are having talks over a possible transfer of Mousa Dembele, who looks set to leave the club this summer by mutual consent.

Inter Milan Sporting Director Piero Ausilio and CFO Giovanni Gardini departed late Wednesday evening for a 36-hour London trip to informally discuss signing Mousa Dembele. The pair had a chance to look around the state-of-the-art training facility at Hotspur Way and the meeting helped cement the good relationship between the two clubs.

When asked Ausilio said “We have not opened negotiations of any kind, just talk among friends."
The follow-up question was tongue in cheek, are you always going to be interested in Lamela? No, he replied with a smile.

The article is well worth a read to get the full story: Mousa Dembele


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Inter to speak to Spurs over Dembele

9:49 am

Boh Milan clubs want Dembele

Italy couldbe the destination for Dembele

Transfer Talk centres around Mousa Dembele

It is being generally reported that AC Milan have made several bids for Mousa Dembele, but that all have been rejected by Spurs, suggesting they simply didn't offer enough.

It is common knowledge to fans that Dembele has injury issues and his game time has to be carefully managed. As he gets older, he'll be 31 in July, those issues will increase, which makes offering a long contract a bad option for us. Right now the ITK suggests that he wants a long contract and a big pay rise, which, given his fitness, doesn't fit with our project.

Heis amicably looking for a new challenge and while he has interest from China, it is Italy that might eventually get his services.

Among the objectives of Inter Milan is to sign the Belgian. They wish the midfielder to play alongside Marcelo Brozovic, a 25-year-old (26 in November) whom we are linked to every window and who clearly Inter do not want to sell.

Corriere dello Sport report that Inter Milan Director of Sport will travel to London in the next few days to negotiate a transfer, or at last try to negotiate a transfer. Do they have any players we would want who can be discussed as part of any deal, you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours?

Inter manager Luciano Spalletti:

" At this moment he is the first choice to reinforce the middle, the player to put alongside Brozovic to build a very strong couple that combines strength, physicality, and quality. Dembélé, however, may not be the only midfielder coming in the summer session because Inter plans to buy also Nicolò Barella from Cagliari and leave him another year at Cagliari on the style of the operation concluded with Atalanta for Bastoni (the defender will remain at Bergamo until summer 2019) ".

Dembele Replacement

Potential replacement Wilmar Barrios has put contract talks on hold at Boca Juniors. For more information on him check out this previous article covering the situation which includes an impressive video:
Transfer Talk - Mousa Dembele Replacement



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Pochettino reminds us Spurs have to manage player game time

5:00 pm

Mauricio Pochettino has told us before that 30-year-old (31 next July) Mousa Dembélé will never be 100% fit again and he was taken off in most games last season to make way for 21-year-old (22 next February) understudy Harry Winks. He has again repeated the difficulty he has with the Belgians fitness again to the Guardian.

"I think after I’m here at the club for three seasons, you trust in what I say and our fans trust in our decisions. It’s a private matter, a medical matter, and it’s so difficult to speak about – first of all, because I don’t have the vocabulary in English to explain everything properly and then, to make a mistake, is so easy. It’s better to be cautious about what I say.”

If we go back a few years he had hip problems and it may well be something to do with this that is the long term problem. He has also had a foot injury and muscle problems. If that is a hip issue then one would have to be concerned for the future of Erik Lamela who is on his way back from double hip operations.. Once he get a fully fit and starts playing, how long are we going to have to take it easy with him?

Fans who called for his inclusion in hindsight against Swansea City weren't taking into account he had already played two games that week. With a crowded fixture list coming up in October and November his playing schedule has to be worked out well in advance, he can't play all the time in all the games. Which ones then do you leave him out of?


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Graham Roberts thinks Dembele will be OK for Arsenal

2:18 pm

SPURS vs Arsenal

Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Mousa Dembele has become the fourth Belgian player to reach 200 Premier League appearances, alongside Vincent Kompany, Marouane Fellaini and Simon Mignolet.

The 29-year-old (30 in July) twisted his ankle against Crystal Palace. It happened just before half-time when another challenge from a Palace player was simply ignored by the referee. That was typical of him during the game.

Pretty confident be ready for Sunday mainly precaution and he won't want to miss the game

Pochettino was unconcerned and reminded reporters his side were only looking up the table, not down it.

“The fans were very warm and tried to pressure the referee a little bit. Mousa suffered a twist to his ankle and I think in that moment we decided to change the shape. Son [Heung-Min] and Moussa Sissoko worked well. I think we played well and deserved the victory. 
"Mousa felt his ankle at half-time. I don't believe that is a big thing and we need to assess him. When you are playing you are not thinking about the gap or what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow. 
"We are not thinking to be above Arsenal. Our challenge now is to reduce the gap again to Chelsea. We are thinking about bigger things than only to finish above Arsenal. I totally understand your question but to achieve big things and to one day win big things your mentality must be bigger and thinking of big dreams, they are important to have."

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It takes hard work to become a Pochettino genius

9:00 pm


Mousa Dembele has been told by every coach what a great player he is and how he could be so much better. Les Ferdinand revealed that they used to tell him he could be good enough to play for Real Madrid. Dembele though never improved, he remained at the same level, a bloody good level, but less than he was capable of.

That is what happens when you drop into your comfort zone, where each day is no longer a challenge to be the best you can be. There are 24 hours in the day for everybody, from a billionaire to a homeless person, all have the same 24 hours to make decisions and do what they decide to do.

Nobody can tell Dembele to change, but each has to try to find his motivation, because by finding that you can unlock the potential within. I remember writing an article before the beginning of last season when Dembele had been left on the bench for much of the previous season.

That was done to get inside him, to challenge him and it worked. In an interview he said it was nobody else's fault but that it was his responsibility. That signalled to me that he might have found the mentality he needed, great words but the proof was in the pudding. How would he perform on a day-to-day basis on the training ground and how would he perform on the pitch.

Well we all know the answer to that now, he was one of the best players in Europe last season and has been brilliant again this season. Mauricio Pochettino calls him his genius as he revealed to the press in his pre-game press conference.

“I always say to him, ‘Mousa, when I write my book, you will be one of my genius players that I have been lucky enough to meet. One was Maradona; also Ronaldinho, Okocha and Iván de la Peña – he was a genius, too – and then Mousa. We always tell Mousa that if we had taken him at 18 or 19, he would have become one of the best players in the world.”

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Dembele flourishing under Pochettino

11:39 am


Mousa Dembele has transformed at Tottenham under Mauricio Pochettino. He arrived from Fulham in 2012 when we triggered a £15 million release clause in his Fulham contract.

He had an excellent first season, but frustratingly never kicked on to become the player he could be. He seemed content to continue at the level he was and there was talk that every little twinge and he wanted to rest.

Coach after coach felt he had the ability to be a real star and that he could be good enough to play for arguably the number one team in the world Real Madrid, if he worked at his game. To do that you have to have the right mindset, you must want to improve every day. It isn't something that is automatic for any footballer, they have to have the motivation to do so.

The answer Mauricio Pochettino came up with was to not play him. He sat him on the bench for a season, letting him know he wasn't a first choice selection and if he wanted to remain at the club, he'd have to work at his game.

Dembele spoke to the media at the end of the season and said his non-selection was down to him, it was his responsibility. I wrote at the time these were encouraging words, if he was going to follow through with them. He has.

Now we see a Mousa Dembele who wins the ball back quickly with his strength. He puts his body across players and then the foot drags the ball away. He did it time and time again against Middlesbrough on Saturday.

The aspect that really pleased me though and that shown he is working on his game to improve it, was his passing. So often we have seen him roll the ball and the recipient stands waiting for it to arrive. Yesterday he was pinging the ball at greater speed to both wings.

We were working the Middlesbrough defence over to the right, playing the ball central to Dembele who was then playing a diagonal ball out to Son Heung-min in plenty of space to run at his man. He played it at pace so Son had time to attack his man without additional defensive cover coming across.

When he plays balls at pace he stops looking lazy. The midfield dictate the tempo, if he is pinging it about, we play quicker, we look dangerous and stretch other teams. It shows he is adding to his game and has totally bought into what Pochettino wants and the result is he has stepped him game up a level.

Any Premier League club would love to have him in their side, he is now a top top player.

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Players to watch

7:00 pm


Kevin Ball selects his players to watch tomorrow night

Anyone who has watched football for the past 30 years will know the name of Kevin Ball whether they support Sunderland or not. Born in Hastings in Kent he was a Sunderland stalwart and is now their senior professional development coach.

He has run the rule over Spurs for the official Sunderland website ahead of our game tomorrow and has picked out four players to watch, Harry Lane, Dele Alli, Mousa Dembele and Toby Alderweireld.


When I cast my eye over Tottenham Hotspur’s squad list, it’s great to see so many young British players they have coming through. Starting with Harry Kane in this week’s edition of my ones to watch, the striker has impressed me because he hasn’t had a straightforward development. I’ve mentioned that before, but I like the fact it hasn’t been plain sailing for him because that has served him well in the long run. A loan spell at Leicester City and a few other clubs saw him earn his stripes and for me that highlights his desire to develop. While chances were initially limited at Spurs, Kane took the one he had with both hands and is now one of the country’s leading strikers. He has excellent movement and can finish with both feet - you only have to look at his goalscoring record to see that with 13 goals in just 17 Premier League appearances.

You can find out what he has to say about Dele Alli, Mousa Dembele and Toby Alderweireld by following the link: Official Sunderland Website

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Dembele has offer from China

7:00 pm



Quite frankly I have been waiting for a realistic story about Chinese clubs wanting one of our players and now it seems to have arrived.

Belgian news outlet Nieuwsblad are suggesting that five Belgian players have offers from Chinese clubs, 23-year-old Romelu Lukaku (Everton), 26-year-old Christian Benteke (Crystal Palace), 29-year-old Dries Mertens (Napoli), 29-year-old Mousa Dembélé (Tottenham Hotspur) and 29-year-old Marouane Fellaini (Manchester United).

Lukaku's agent had confirmed his client could earn more by moving to China but wants to stay in Europe. The others they say have not made up their mind and no details of any offers have been released. They ran their article with a quote from the Tottenham midfielder.

"It is anyway a very difficult choice. For young players still have to grow, it is not wise to go down. For older players might is different. But honestly I have no idea about the level of football. It is hard to say. "

Teams in the Chinese Super League can only have three non-Asian players and most are choosing attackers or midfielders as they have more commercial value. It probably spells the end of any international career for a player going to a league with a low standard. It will take more than a few imports to improve the standard and will take years to bear fruit.

Mauricio Pochettino will have spoken to his players over offers and China and he doesn't believe any Spurs players will choose money over the level of competitive football they play, he made that clear when adsked the question just before Christmas.

"I don't believe it's a danger for us. My players like to play football and like to compete with the best in the world and the Premier League is a place to be competitive. 
"It would be strange for me if one of my players decided to move in that direction but it is different circumstances and I respect all opinions."

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Who should start, Dier or Winks?

10:30 am

Dier or Winks to start?

You will have no doubt heard the news that, as expected, Mousa Dembele is out of the Hull City match tonight. Manager Mauricio Pochettino confirmed that in his pre-game press conference on Tuesday.

“He will be out for tomorrow. We will see for Sunday but for sure, he will not be available against Hull. He got a kick in his foot and it is very painful now. 
“We need to see what happens over the next few days. Maybe he will be ready for Sunday.”

That leaves Eric Dier or Harry Winks to take his place. The Eric Dier and Victor Wanyama combination didn't look great earlier in the season and Harry Winks has grown in stature.

There is an argument for pairing Eric Dier and Harry Winks but they haven't played together and it would thus be a bold move to do so in a game when we need no less than three points. It is far more likely that with Dembele on the sidelines that Wnyama will start so it is simply a question of who starts alongside him.

Personally, I wouldn't be at all surprised if that were Harry Winks. In my view Dier needs a little rest so he can then take over from Wanyama and give him a rest, he has played almost every game. Kenya failed to qualify for the Africa Cup pf Nations 2017 so we will not miss Victor Wanyama in the new year.

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Does the Dembele Wanyama partnership work?

11:00 pm

Does the Mousa Dembele and Victor Wanyama partnership actually work?

Apart from winning a penalty this season I hardly remember Mousa Dembele anywhere near the opposition box. Again against Manchester United he was in the middle of the park and not venturing forward as much as he does with Eric Dier besides him.

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Spurs 29 game unbeaten streak when who starts?

8:26 am

Tottenham Hotspur have not lost a game Mousa Dembele has started since August 2015 Spurs Stat Man tells us on Twitter. That run consists of 29 games in which we have won 16 of them and drawn 13.

If ever there were a statistic to reveal the importance of a player that is it. We have started the season unbeaten so clearly we can perform without him, but he does add something to our midfield, the ability to go past a man consistently. It was his dribbling drive into the box that won us the penalty against Arsenal and is perhaps something he should do more of given his close control ability.

The key is that he keeps his body and his foot between the ball and the opponent. To be tackled the opponent has to play through him which results in a free kick. You must keep the ball away from the opponent when dribbling, pushing it closer to him gives him a greater chance of winning a tackle and stopping you in your tracks.

Dembele is an expert at shielding the ball with makes the dribbling and beating a man aspect easier for him. He is suffering a few niggles, as he always seems to have done and is in the midst of one now, along with a multitude of other players.

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Can Dembele add something to the attacking trio?

1:30 pm

Former Tottenham striker Alan Brazil has told the listeners to his talkSPORT radio show, The Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast that he feel Mousa Dembele should be used further forward for Tottenham so that his dribbling skills can have more of an impact on the game in the final third.
"I'd like to see him more forward. Wanyama and Dier, let them sit there but Dembele's too good to be back there. When he picks it up and runs with it, he's so strong on the ball, he glides past people. I think he's a fantastic player so he was a great signing for Tottenham and they've missed him at the start of the year."
We saw what he could do against Arsenal, gliding past players, driving into the penalty area and drawing a foul for a penalty. He has always had the ability to glide past players but used to do so around the halfway line and pass sideways.

There are signs, not just in the North London Derby, that he is doing it more further forward where it may have a greater impact.

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What hammer blow

7:00 pm

Apparantly, it is a hammer blow that Mousa Dembele faces an extended period, perhaps a massive 2 weeks, on the sideline according to Football Insider, the website who like to deal in sensationalist headlines.

They may have not noticed that Mousa Dembele hasn't been playing this season and we are second in the Premier League as the only unbeaten side left and have just beaten the league leaders and team everyone was tipping for the title, with some speculating they will go through the season unbeaten.

Perhaps they haven't noticed we haven't conceded a goal from open play without Dembele this season and are just 45 minutes away from setting a new Premier League record. Perhaps they are unaware that when he does return he will have had a good long rest after the summer and be fresh for the second half of the season.

Apparently, he is one of our most important players which makes me wonder how wee have survived without him, the guys must be putting in superhuman efforts. People do like to go overboard and sensationalist headlines are what you associate with the clueless gutter press.

Football is a squad game, not a team game, no one man carries more importance than the team as we have demonstrated this season. Some people need to catch up with that fact.

The Belfast Telegraph have it more accurately with their headline 'Tottenham's Mousa Dembele suffers fresh setback with foot injury'. It is a setback, it isn't a hammer blow. The Independent talk of a setback, ITV talk of a setback

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Pritchard reveals his problem at Spurs

9:00 pm

This week Alex Pritchard left for Norwich City. He had an agreement with Brighton & Hove Albion, who had an agreement with Tottenham reveals Chris Hughton in the national press, but he joined Norwich.

He then spoke about how pleased he was to be joining Norwich, as every player does when they join a new team. What he had to say though was possibly very revealing and explains why he has been unable to secure any more than 73 minutes of  Premier League football, 12 minutes at Tottenham and 61 minutes at WBA on loan.

He has talent so why didn't he progress? The answer can possibly be found in his remarks.

"It was a bit disappointing to finally leave Spurs. But in the end I couldn't wait to get out of there. They just never gave me a chance."

He had a chance in training every day, clearly he was expecting charity, to be given game time he didn't warrant. What is it Mouse Dembele said last summer when Mauricio Pochettino had left him out for most of the season? He said it was HIS responsibility, his fault, he will have to do something to change the situation, he didn't make excuses or look to blame other parties in the way Pritchard has.

It may sound minor, but in fact it is major, it is what makes the difference. Talent isn't enough, you have to have the mentality to go with it. Mauricio Pochettino once again confirmed that a winning mentality is a must at Tottenham these days with his remarks after the Inter Milan thrashing.

“The performance was good but in football, you can’t stop, you have to try to improve every day.”

It is a recurring theme from me I know, but it is so true, winners, players who make it to the top, players who become the best they can be, try to improve every day. Gareth Bale invented a new free-kick while training, Harry Kane has tried to do the same.

The I wasn't given a chance type of thinking is excuse making, you earn game time, you force the manager to pick you and you take the opportunity to pick you. First though, you have to force him to do so by the way you train. If you haven't got the mentality to do that, then you are missing the most important part of football at the top level.

The words of Alex Pritchard, Mousa Dembele and Mauricio Pochettino are very revealing.

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Player do injure other players

7:15 am

Ahead of international friendlies Moussa Dembélé has spoken to the media, this time DH in Belgium about a rather controversial subject. He talked about a League Cup tie back in 2010 while playing for Fulham having arrived from AZ Alkmaar in Holland for £5 million. 

He recalled a player trying to deliberately injure him and either cleverly or mistakenly got his name wrong, Jenkinson instead of Stoke City defender Andy Wilkinson. He picked up a shinbone injury in the 90th minute ahead of extra-time.

“That injury, I remember it. Jenkinson (he got the name wrong, it was Wilkinson) assaulted me. Yes, he injured me on purpose. I was absent for a while (three weeks). Unfortunately, injuries are part of a footballer’s life. I’ve already had a few, but I can’t complain.”
There is plenty of history of Stoke City injuring Spurs players and putting them out of action for weeks, Charlie Adams seemed to target Gareth Bale and target an injury he had caused before even going so far as to tackle him on an old injury he himself has caused while he wasn't even on the pitch!

Paulinho received the same treatment at White Hart Lane and how the assault on the touchline at the Britania Stadium a couple of years back didn't result in a sending off is anyones guess. It is amazing what thug players can get away with, fine if you were brought up in my era and know what a hard tackle is, but not in the modern game.

It was a Stoke City tactic under Tony Pulis to rough sides up. To be polite some of the tackles were, er, mistimed. I recall Ron 'Chopper' Harris being told to take Eddie Gray, the talented dribbling Leeds United left winger, out of the game. Chopper made sure he did, he took the man, accidentally, of course, missed the ball by a mile and Eddie Gray was no more a threat in that Cup Final.

Strong tackles are fine, strong tackles to deliberately try and injure another player are not and if people think some players don't try to injure other players on purpose then they are lying to themselves. It happens.

There are countlss tackles that look bad but they aren't. Players dive over tackles, players dive and feign injury all the time, a mere touch and some are unable to stand on their own two feet. We even have the situation where you are not allowed to block the ball incase the other players foot kicks you in his follow through. Players get booked for it which is just nuts.

Referees like to give booking for nothing, the problem is they then back themselves into a corner and often when a foul is committed that deserves a booking they don't give one. A foul is a foul wherever it is committed, a shirt pull in the centre of the field is no different than a shirt pull inside the box, yet one is a booking, the other isn't even a free kick. Why? because referees don't have the bottle.

They know they will get surrounded by hounding players and choose the easy option, I didn't see it, even if they are looking directly at it. There should be movement at the highest level to give the referees protection so they can make the big decisions without being hounded by players, bring in the rugby union 10 yard rule. Only the captain talks to a referee, the rest of the players have to retreat 10 yards. The solution is simple, the implementation of it seemingly impossible for our football authorities.

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Walker and Dembele an example to all

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Walker and Dembele an example to all

Kyle Walker in a recent interview expressed the comments that should be music to every Tottenham fans ears. He said he wants to be the best he can be.

“I’m probably my biggest critic. I’m a perfectionist. I want everything done right. When it’s not done right, I’m not happy. Ask my missus, she probably takes most of it. I want to improve, I want to be the best I can be. It’s a short career.”

Now that may not sound much to many, but just as Mousa dembele took responsibility last season, Walker is demonstrating the winning mentality we need and have needed at Tottenham. It isn't enough just to want to win games, you improve as a player by wanting to improve.

That sound daft I know, every player wants to improve don't they? Well, no, many simply go through the motions, Dembele is a prime example, coach after coach saw great things in him but they never came out until Pochtteino gave him the option by leaving him out last season. You either improve or you leave, Dembele to his credit came out and said it was his responsibility he wasn''t playing and he did something about it. I think we would all agree he is now playing the best football in his time at Spurs, he has to maintain the standard to keep others out.

Walker says he is his own worst critic and hates getting things wrong, he too has had to pull his socks up as it were, after his injury gave him time to assess his future. he is not longer a kid, at 25 he is an experienced Premier League footballer now and his game has improved this year too. That comes through making a mental shift and having the internal motivation to want to improve, then you do what it takes to improve. Players like that improve faster than players who are relying on omeone else to improve them and are just doing as they are told.

“At the start it was horrible. Horrible. When you reach the first team as a professional, it’s kind of like, ‘If you want go and do gym, do gym. If you don’t, you don’t have to’. But when he came in, gym was compulsory.”

You can see it throughout the team, Vertonghen has returned to his best, Rose, mason, Alli, Kane, lamela, Eriksen, Dier, the list goes on. Whoever joins this summer will have to have the same mentality or they won't survive.

As I keep saying, talent isn't enough.

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