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Officials talk - Part Two

12:01 pm
Well well well I had expected to be lambasted for daring to suggest a level of favouritism and officials actually deciding what outcome they would prefer but in general most people agree it seems.

If you haven't read the piece you can familiarise yourself here:
Are Officials simply incompetent or something worse?

You have two options, you forget about it or 'get over it' as Patrick says which is brushing it all under the carpet or you speak up about it and start to persuade public opinion towards taking the matter more seriously.

Tim makes the point that many of us are now thinking, a way needs to be found to incorporate technology at times because there is so much money in the game now that bad decisions have 'huge ramifications' for players, teams, managers, owners and supporters.

I agree with Beano111's point that the 'FA is full of has-been's' when you consider some of the England managerial appointments and Under 21 appointments as opposed to the people they have not appointed. You never hear of the selection committee being sacked!

We all except as Thetruthisouthtere says that officials 'have a difficult job' to perform and that mistakes will occur when we have a diving, sorry simulation, culture. Players these days seem incapable of standing on two feet and when brushed by a passing feather in the wind go screaming down in pain to roll over and over clutching a non existent injury.

Flipper points out that 'officials can clearly potentially get away with match fixing' and Ness Spurs concurs asking 'Are match officials in a better position to 'fix' results that players?'

They are but it is not an easy thing to do. A player for instance can always get himself sent off or booked which is all certain fixing would need. I'm not sure we have gone that far although there have been incidences of it.

Influencing the outcome of spread betting on bookings and red cards are within the officials grasp, mainly the referee though. Flipper also asks 'why are officials not punished' but surely more importantly why do they not have to answer for their decisions and publicly explain them?

Why is a manager not allowed to publicly criticise officials, why are the officials not interviewed after the game? Why is everything hidden, brushed under the carpet, why the secrecy?

Is it because bringing their impartiality or ability into question weakens their authority or because they have something to hide. Surely if we had video replays at certain times their authority would be enhanced, the players would have nothing to argue about.

Nobody criticises rugby referees or cricket umpires, their authority has not been weakened so why would it weaken football officials, what makes them so special?

If you think back to Stoke City away when Adebayor had 2 perfectly good goals disallowed, one when he was yards onside. Those dropped points cost us a Champions League place and put the club development back a few years.

The general argument is that these things even themselves out over a season, but do they? Do blatantly bad decisions even themselves out? I have serious doubt that they do and I'm convinced for smaller sides they do not. Wigan last season seemed to get bad decision after bed decision week after week.

You have to ask questions why.

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Officials talk - Part Two Officials talk - Part Two Reviewed by THBlogNews on 12:01 pm Rating: 5

I Love English Referees

12:18 pm
Alan Wiley Referee, Tottenham Hotspur Blog NewsFirst off, I would like to congratulate Portsmouth FC, their fans, their players and management team on reaching the F.A. Cup Final.

Secondly, I would also like to thank the English F.A. for all the hard work they put in to churning out the best referees in Europe.

Niko Kranjcar should be put on trial after fouling someone in the area, which in turn led to our goal being disallowed, and rightly so!

Just for the record, I wasn't being serious, well, apart from the praising of Portsmouth bit.

How many times are we going to get screwed on by referees? Let me explain what happened yesterday.

I'm currently in Cyprus and will be until the Martin Chivers Bash (8th & 9th May).

Now, Cypriot football has come on leaps and bounds in the last few seasons (or so the locals tell me). Thing is, it's clearly obvious that it's fixed. Referees live in bigger houses than the players, but have extremely short careers as most of them need to retire by the time they're 45 due to death sentence threats.

I was invited to watch yesterday's match in a friendly pub called Murphy's. It was packed out with Spurs fans; some were locals, whilst a great deal were ex-pats. The pub even put on a Cypriot-style BBQ, which was great. Spirits were raised.

They score. Silence echoes. We score; pandemonium! By the time we had all stopped jumping all over each other, whispers from the bar spread that the goal had been disallowed.

"And you lot say that Cypriot football is fixed?!"

The Cypriot Spurs followers were angry, not just because of the disallowed goal, but because prior to the match, the pub was showing two play-offs in the Cypriot League. Omonia vs. Anorthosis (remember them?) & APOEL vs. Apollon.

Us Brits were discussing amongst ourselves, the sheer quality of the league and the obvious match rigging that goes on. The locals listening in didn't really care for our petty conversations.

Well, that all changed when our goal went in and then didn't.

Thing is, I didn't feel as bad as I did when I was a spotty nosed teenager up at Elland Road, when Everton put us to the sword. I mean, yesterday was deeply depressing. Carlos (another THBN author) was at the game and was supposed to write something today, yet didn't have the heart for it. Maybe the next three games mean so much that this Semi-Final defeat doesn't mean as much as it should? Who knows?

So then, out of the F.A. Cup and into the Week of Reckoning. Arsenal up next. Do you think the lads can pick themselves up and stop giving away penalties?

Arsenal, here we come!

PS. I got up at 5.15 this morning as I couldn't sleep and so turned on the TV. CNN was on and this American Sports Pundit was talking about "Pompeii's" win over Spurs. Yes, that's right. Not Pompey, but Pompeii's win.

Maybe the thought of Mount Vesuvius erupting over Wiley's decision would cap off my day?

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I Love English Referees I Love English Referees Reviewed by PoshSpur on 12:18 pm Rating: 5
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