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Benoît Assou-Ekotto and Emmanuel Adebayor

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Former Tottenham left-back, who fell out with the club, Benoît Assou-Ekotto has joined newly promoted French side FC Metz. The 32-year-old (33 next March) Cameroonian international spent last season at St Étienne on a one-year deal. He has signed another one-year deal with Metz.

Assou-Ekotto said he didn't like football, only did it because it paid well. He then sat at Spurs to collect his wages while not being allowed to train. The club wanted shot of him after he overstepped the mark and he showed money was more important to him than playing football, just like his pal Emmanuel Adebayor

Assou-Ekotto was once a crowd favourite at White Hart Lane, but his actions saw that disintegrate. He went on loan to QPR whose fans were less than impressed, they thought he only tried for part of the season when he felt like it.

Incidentally, Emmanuel Adebayor doesn't have a club, nobody wants him. Ina desperate attempt to put his name in the marketplace he has suggested he made a mistake in forcing his way out of Arsenal. Given the guy is clearly driven bu greed, he posts pictures flaunting his wealth, I'd take that apparent admission with a pinch of salt.

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Was it April Fools Day recently?

10:30 am
I didn't realise it was April Fools Day recently, that's the only conclusion I can come to when a website suggests Ben Davies hasn't settled as well as he'd like at Tottenham.

Was it April Fools Day recently?

According to Ben Davies he settled immediately, having to learn a new style of football and a new training regime didn't affect his settling. The fact that he wasn't producing his best again is not an indication he hasn't settled, especially when you take into account he has, until recently, been playing with some players who are not good enough and other who have the wrong attitude.

Now that he has got himself into a side who do have the right mental approach his game has leapt forward, indeed he remarked before the Swansea game that he was back to his best.

The article tells us Benoit Assou-Ekotto looks set to leave. No he doesn't.

Was it April Fools Day recently?

Tottenham told him in the summer he could leave for free but he is in dispute with the club so has no intention of leaving. He is on £40,000 a week for doing nothing, just the way he wants it to be. Nobody is going to offer him that money and he doesn't like football anyway so forcing Tottenham to pay him a wage for nothing is his way of putting one over on Daniel Levy.

The suggestion that Tottenham have told Assou-Ekotto he can leave this window is laughable, he already knows and as I say is unlikely to have any intention of doing so.

Tottenham have two left-backs they are happy with and are not in the market for a left-back in January so the two names being bandied about, Alex Telles, Galatasaray and Aymen Abdennour, Monaco, won't be January signings.

There are far more important areas of the squad to concentrate on and with Pochettino being happy with both Davies and Rose, one would have to leave for another left-back to join, you don't have three on the books. Benoit Assou-Ekotto is not in the first team squad, he was not named among the 25 players for the Premier League so can not play in the competition, not that he would given he has been told he will never play for Spurs again.

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Offloading him, if it were possible before the summer when his contract runs out wouldn't free a non-home grown player place in the squad, we have our full quota so there are not slots available to buy players for. The Cameroon international can come into Spurs and train as and when he feels like it, Spurs are not bothered if he doesn't come in at all but can't ban him.

Any left-back story can be immediately dismissed at the moment, indeed it is far more likely that Tottenham are watching other players and these stories are a smokescreen for that.

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Assou-Ekotto gets 3 game FA ban & £50,000 fine

4:08 pm
The FA today found Benoit Assou-Ekotto guilty after a tweeted his support of a perceived anti-Semitic gesture by then WBA striker Nicolas Anelka.

Assou-Ekotto gets 3 game FA ban & £50,000 fine

His tweet, subsequently deleted, was a somewhat insensitive thing to do given the club he is employed by and may have been him venting his anger at the club. He seems to have been in dispute with the club for some considerable time and is currently just sitting on a contract to collect a wage. After a bust-up with Andre Villas-Boas, the then head coach told him on the pre-season tour in Hong Kong before last season that he would never play for the club again.

He sent the following tweet in December of that season:

"I congratulate you on the beautiful quenelle."

Assou-Ekotto claims the tweet was an anti-establishment one and a dedication to his friend and comedian Dieudonne M'bala M'bala. Only the Cameroon international knows whether that is the case or not.

The FA accepted Assou-Ekotto's view but found him guilty of breaching FA rules for which they banned him for three games and fined him £50,000, both of which he can appeal should he choose to do so.

The FA issued the following statement through the chairman of the Regulatory Commission, Peter Griffiths QC.

"The charge was that the comment was abusive and/or indecent and/or insulting and/or improper, contrary to Rule E3(1). Further to that, the FA considered the comment to be an aggravated breach, as defined in FA Rule E3(2), in that it included a reference to ethnic origin and/or race and/or religion or belief. 
"Even though we have found that there was an aggravated breach of FA Rule E3 we are satisfied that when the player sent the tweet on the December 28, 2013 congratulating Anelka, in his mind he believed he was congratulating Anelka on what he perceived to be an anti-establishment gesture as opposed to one associated with anti-Semitism. 
"But we are also satisfied of two further factors relevant to his culpability:
1)      That he was certainly aware before he sent the tweet that the quenelle gesture was very much associated with Dieudonne; and
2)      That he had, by then, acquired at least some knowledge of the controversies surrounding Dieudonne in the autumn of 2013 and that these had included, rightly or wrongly, allegations concerning anti-Semitism."

It certainly wouldn't have helped his relationship with Spurs which has completely broken down, so much so that he has not been included in the Premier League or UEFA Europa League squads, despite the club still paying his wages.

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Holtby, Player Tweets, Benoit Assou-Ekotto

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Hello everyone, good afternoon and welcome once again to Tottenham News Shorts, quick bits of bitesize news surrounding Tottenham and or the glorious game of football, soccer to some.

Tottenham News Shorts

Before we get into today's Tottenham News Shorts - Issue 49 here is a quick delve into some related articles to today's news that you may have missed.

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Once again Spurs were back to their wasteful ways in front of goal showing a lack of clinical finishing, finishing that makes the difference between winning game and dropping points.

Video highlights of the goals from the Tottenham v Schalke game plus a look at a few players, some who advanced their claims, some who did not.

For Pochettino it's out with the old system and in with anew one, the one touch football could cause problems and make us an enjoyable team to watch. Plenty of Sunday football will presumably mean plenty of TV games for fans who cant make it to White Hart Lane.

Right let's get into the Tottenham News Shorts - Issue 49 a brief one that concerns recent news about Lewis Holtby, Player tweets and Benoit Assou-Ekotto.

- - - - - - - - - -

Lewis Holtby produced another energetic display and seems to be really enjoying the system Mauricio Pochettino has introduced at White Hart Lane.

He was lucky not to see a straight red card, nobody could have complained had the ref showed one, that is something he will have to control this season, tackles like that will cost us points. He spoke to Spurs official after the game.

"It was a very good test. We could’ve scored a couple more. Very pleased with the result and happy to get another run out. I really enjoyed playing today against my old team Schalke. They came here with a young team, a very good team. 
"We’re burning for this game [West Ham] and burning for three points."

- - - - - - - - - -

Roberto Soldado  Aug 8
No puedo esperar más por volver a White Hart Lane / Can't wait to get back to White Hart Lane

Kenneth McEvoy Jnr - on loan at Peterborough
Great experience to make my first league appearance.

Roberto Soldado
Último partido de pretemporada.Gran victoria!! / Last game of pre-season.Great victory!!

Andros Townsend
Nice to end pre season on a win in front of our fans at the lane! Now on to more important matters next week!

Tottenham News Shorts

Shaq Coulthirst ‏- on loan at Southend United
First Game Of The Season Away To Accrington, Let's Get The 3 Points And Set The Tone For The Rest Of The Season.

Shaq Coulthirst
First Game Of The Season & First 3 Points.

Nabil Bentaleb
Feels Great to be back at the Lane , and with a win on top ! 

Tottenham News Shorts

Benoit Assou-Ekotto
Con on u spurs💥 com on ade👀👊 lol 
💥 = Collision symbol
👊 = Fisted hand sign

Tottenham News Shorts

What do we read into Benny's collision symbol? Why put it there if he is not on a collision course with the club? Are there troubles behind the scenes with Benny?

Last summer Tottenham were trying to sell Benny but he failed medicals in France leaving us with a player we couldn't sell. A loan move to QPR in the Championship transpired and we will have been subsidising his wages. The spell was not a success.

A World Cup, a headbutt of a team mate and not a single whisper of any interest in him at all this summer. He has one year of his contract to go, hasn't figured in any pre-season and with two left-backs has little chance of even featuring in the Premier League squad, especially if we sign any non-home grown players, which we look likely to do.

He looks to have no future, I haven't seen him in any training pictures but then I haven't been studying them all, no doubt someone has and can tell us.

But at the moment it seems we are still paying the wages for a player we won't be using and doesn't appear to be going anywhere.

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Danny Rose may leave Spurs

4:30 pm
Danny Rose wants first team football, he doesn't want to be challenging for a position. Tottenham Hotspur are signing Ben Davies pushing Rose nearer the exit.

Danny Rose may leave Spurs

For the 2012/13 season Rose was at loan at Sunderland and wanted to stay, he didn't want to return to Spurs and sit in a bench. As it was we failed to sign a left-back and Rose had a year to prove himself as the first choice left-back. He didn't.

The same positional problems he had at Sunderland were still there. When we were defensive under Andre Villas-Boas and he had help from left midfield he was fine, when we attacked more and he had less help from left midfield he struggled.

I don't mind a player who wants to play football but there is something mentally wrong if you are not prepared to fight for a place. If you want guaranteed first team football you are not a winner, you're a loser. You are subconsciously saying I don't think I'm good enough, which is totally the wrong mindset. Essentially he wants things handed to him on a plate and to be a top professional footballer you have to have a little more steel about you than that.

The former England U17, U19 and U21 player, who represented Great Britain at the London Olympics, is unhappy at Tottenham signing a left-back apparently and will want to leave should an decent offer come in. Steve Bruce wants yet another Spurs player at Hull City. He already has Jake Livermore and Tom Huddlestone, he needs Michael Dawson to get a pay-off from Tottenham for him to sign the centre-half and now he wants £6 million (€7.57m) rated Danny Rose.

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If we can squeeze £6 million (€7.57m) out of someone for him I'd bite their hands off. He needs a lot of work and will be a decent Premier League player in time but he is impatient. He is rash in his challenges and a bit of a hot head. We saw that against Fulham where he had an argument with former goalkeeping coach Tony Parkes on the side of the pitch.

Clearly he didn't like being told he was in the wrong or couldn't see it, either way it suggests taking on advice to improve his game can be an issue. I expect we will be seeing Danny Rose stories start to emerge after Ben Davies is announced.

That leaves Spurs with their fall back guy Benoit Assou-Ekotto. Everything has been quiet around him, having been at the World Cup with Cameroon he has had a break so is not part of the pre-season USA and Canada tour. Last season he was on loan at QPR and not very good by all accounts, even Harry Redknapp was disappointed in him.

Assou-Ekoto has one year left on his contract so can leave on a free next summer if he stays. With Ben Davies coming in to undoubtedly be first choice left-back, the future of Danny Rose will determine the future of Benoit Assou-Ekotto.

If Rose accepts a new improved contract the Assou-Ekotto will be put up for sale and a cheap deal will be made, if Rose refuses a new contract and wants to go to a smaller club to play football then Assou-Ekotto may well stay for the final year of his contract as cover and get his share of games. The only other option would be to sign another left-back or rely on Fryers and Naughton, neither of which at this time are ideal solutions.

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Imminent Davies arrival signals the end for BAE

2:30 pm
Tottenham and Swansea have thrashed out a deal for left-back Ben Davies which leaves Benoît Assou-Ekotto looking for a new club.

Benoit Assou-Ekotto

The lovable headbutting Cameroon international, who featured in his countries World Cup campaign and made headlines for an altercation with his teammate, will be surplus to requirements when the Ben Davies deal is announced.

Danny Rose is to be offered a new contract to keep him at Tottenham and fend off interest from interested parties, of which West Ham United are one. Any hint that he was available and there would be plenty of clubs who would take him, but perhaps not Stoke City!

Rose has a contract until 2016 and has expressed his desire to play regularly so Pochettino will have to manage his game time to keep him happy otherwise he could agitate for a move next summer.

With Spurs having to mount another Europa League campaign however, two players for every position is absolutely essential. There will be plenty of games for the pair to share and we always seem to have an injury or two don't we, in fact we had more injuries than any other side in the Premier League last season according to Physio room.

Zeki Fryers is just starting to make his way and provides additional cover at left-back and centre-back so with three youngsters of 21 (Davies), 21 (Fryers) and 24 (Rose) to call upon, Assou-Ekotto would almost be reduced to an advisory role.

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VIDEO: Defoe sets up goal for 10 man Toronto
2014/15 New Tottenham Shirt Confirmation

He had a poor loan spell at QPR according to Harry Redknapp, is now 30 and only has a year left on his contract. It looks as if we have had the best of Benny after his fallout with Andre Villas-Boas. His style would suit Pochettino bombing down the wing so there seems little problem with him adapting his game but four left-backs is overkill, especially when we have such big problems in the centre of defence.

If Benoît is not sold this summer he would be able to leave on a free next summer and it's unlikely that Daniel Levy would let that happen, simply not his style and at 30 it's doubtful he would be offered a years extension.

A £2 million or £3 million deal looks the obvious solution and with his experience there should be plenty of takers, but you never know with us, we could quite easily put too high a price on his head.

Once the Ben Davies deal is announced I'd expect stories to start to appear as his agent touts Disco Benny around. I’ve enjoyed your time here Benny but it looks like au revoir now.

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Assou-Ekotto explains headbutt

6:30 pm
Benoit Assou-Ekotto was seen headbutting teammate Benjamin Moukandjo after Cameroon's 4-0 drubbing against Croatia in Manaus on Wednesday.

Assou-Ekotto explains headbutt

The Tottenham left-back, on loan at QPR last season after a fall-out with Andre Villas-Boas, was angry during injury time and had an altercation with his teammate before putting his head into his face.

Still angry the fracas was set to continue in the tunnel but Samuel Eto'o stepped in between them to cool the situation and keep them from starting again. Assou-Ekotto has now explained the reason behind their exchange and it is much as expected.

"It all started with the first match against Mexico. Moukandjo was on my flank, he tried to dribble past two opponents and lost the ball.

"I told him he should pass it to me. He replied I was right. The same situation happened against Croatia again. Everyone can make a mistake. But when I told him again, he replied: 'Get off my back!'

"I could not accept his reaction. There was so much frustration in that match."

In the first game against Mexico which Cameroon lost 1-0, although with a half decent linesman 3-0, the UK commentators were clearly pointing out that Assou-Ekotto was shouting at Moukandjo who was leaving him stranded.

The midfielder was not dropping back to do his defensive duties leaving Assou-Ekotto to handle sometimes two players on his own. Benny was clearly not happy with Moukandjo's performance in that game and it didn't improve in the next game either.

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There have been too many glory hunters in this World Cup, we saw it again with Ghana last night. When a player should pass a ball for a teammate to have an easy goal he tries to beat men and have a shot himself. Players who play for themselves and not the team in this manner are a liability, unless they have the ability of a Ronaldo, Messi or Bale.

The 25 year-old Benjamin Moukandjo does not possess that ability you'll be surprised to hear.

"Now people take me for an idiot. I could not control my temper. If the score was 0-0, it would have not happened.

"When we went back to the changing-room, Samuel Eto'o talked to me, but I was so angry that I didn't admit I was wrong.

"The next day, we met with Moukandjo again during breakfast and we shook hands.

"That kind of thing can happen when a team doesn't work right. I didn't think. Millions of people were watching at the match, and a lot of kids."

Yes I'm afraid the red mist came down Benny, I can understand your reaction though. Samuel Et0'o will now be seeking employment with a UN peace keeping force. Clearly he has some diplomacy skills.

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The Ade & BAE problem

6:30 pm
Benoît Assou-Ekotto headbutted a team mate at the end of Cameroon's 4-0 thrashing by Luka Modric's Croatia.

The Ade & BAE problem

Cameroon started brightly, an Essou-Ekotto corner led to a chance as did a free-kick he took but against the run of play Croatia went ahead after just 11 minutes. Then Alex Song got himself sent off elbowing Mario Mandzukic in an off-the-ball incident. Thanks to his stupidity Cameroon had to play the last 50 minutes with 10 men. They stood no chance.

After 91 minutes Assou-Ekotto and Benjamin Mkandjo have some argy-bargy and Benny thrusts his head into his teammate. Eto'o then had to stop them in the tunnel after the game as well.

Benny you always see as a placid guy but he and AVB didn't get along, AVB and Adebayor didn't get along. Is this because the pair don't want to push themselves in training, just wanting to turn up and play? That has certainly been what Assou-Ekotto has said before and Adebayor had has his troubles when things don't go his way.

I have to question how the two would get on under Mauricio Pochettino in his boot camp training, super fit and lots of hard work.

Emmanuel Adebayor is 30 now and only has a year left on his contract. We either sell him now and get a fee or he can leave for nothing at the end of the year.

Tottenham are searching for a striker because in a year they will need one, but having sold Jermain Defoe they could do with another one now. Harry Kane will get more opportunities to develop but an injury to a main striker then leaves the club short.

Roberto Soldado flopped. Make what excuses you like, bottom line, he flopped. Will he come good next season, will he even be here. The answer to the latter is probably because nobody will pay the fee but if reports are correct he is desperate to get away from Tottenham.

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Spurs then have a bit of a dilemma and the striker crisis we have had for a few years shows no signs of going away. We need a younger talented striker, if Lukaku is to be that man then we'll need to raise some cash. It's unlikely we will raise that from Soldado so that leaves selling Adebayor, who has expressed his desire to stay.

Levy, Pochettino, Baldini and the board have some tough decisions to make. Reports suggest that means selling Adebayor with Monaco interested.

Benoît Assou-Ekotto is also 30 and also has just one year left on his contract. He is in the same situation.

Tottenham we know are looking to bring in a left-back, if they do Benny will be on his way for a small fee. If we don't secure one then he'll provide competition for Danny Rose and leave on a free transfer next summer.

Again it's a problem position. Two hard decisions to make.

We has upheaval last summer with seven signings, we can't go completely changing the team again, we need new centre-backs remember. Quite how next season will go is anyone’s guess. Unfortunately more transfer dealings are now done in the last week of the window than any other time as clubs play chicken with each other.

Once we know what our team might be, we;ll have more of an idea of what we can expect.

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Tottenham players woeful at World Cup

5:00 pm
Having spent the season saving themselves or grudgingly taking to the field to put on half-hearted I can't be bothered I'll go through the motions performances for Spurs the Tottenham players have carred that scintillation approach into the World Cup it seems.i

Tottenham players woeful at World Cup

Paulinho has not played two games and well done nothing, offered nothing going forward, done little in defence and offered his usual sideways passing while running around a bit.

Both Tim Sherwood after the first Group A game and former Dutch star and AC Milan manager Clarence Seedorf after the second fixture, were particularly unimpressed with Paulinho.

Tim Sherwood wrote after Brazil had beaten Croatia 3-1 thanks to a dubious penalty that he was part of a workmanlike up-and-down midfield, one that lacked guile. He likened the problem to the problem at Tottenham last season, having no clever ball-playing midfielder, no Luka Modric.

Clarence Seedorf felt Paulinho was very disappointing in the second Group A game against Mexico, a 0-0 draw.

"Paulinho was very disappointing. He is a midfielder who is not particularly offering an offensive contribution or a defensive contribution, for me that is too much."

Belgium have three Spurs players and Algeria have a 19 year-old just out of the Development Squad. Who was the best of the four? Yep the 19 year-old kid.

Nabil Bentaleb, a Tim Sherwood product, outshone his lack-lustre team mates as stubborn Algeria finally were overcome by Belgium. As some of you will know I have these two to qualify from this group and I saw nothing to put me off the belief Algeria will progress.

Jan Vertonghen was fast asleep at left-back on several occasions and gave away a penalty as a result. Algeria tucked it away to take the lead. Another centre-back was at right-back, the former Ajax player frequently linked with Tottenham, Toby Alderweireld. He didn't do anything to impress potential buyers after sitting on the Atlético Madrid bench most of the season.

Nacer Chadli burst into the box on one occasion and lacked the touch to take advantage, that was about his whole contribution in the hole behind an equally disappointing Romelu Lukaku. Chadli was that poor he was taken off at half-time.

Mousa Dembele did what he does, beat men and pass sideways, as a creative attacker, nothing. He plays the same role as Paulinho, takes the ball from defence to attack and then let's everyone else get on with it.

He caught Bentaleb in the face with a flailing arm so a few minutes later Bentaleb showed the spirit he showed for Tottenham by saying you are not going to push me around. He went up for a header and gave Dembele a forearm.

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Hugo Lloris could have had a kip for France against Hinduras and nobody would have noticed he had that little to do, must be a refreshing change after having to repel all borders on his own at White Hart Lane.

Cameroon were outplayed by a better Mexico side for which former Tottenham player Giovanni Dos Santos should have been rewarded with two goals instead of two offside decisions. Benoit Assou-Ekotto was playing right-back and put in some excellent crosses. He beat two men and found Eto'o with one but the striker hit the post.

He kept having to shout at the man in front of him who clearly was not following team instructions, leaving Benny to deal with situations on his own. After 58 minutes Assou-Ekotto was unlucky himself when a free-kick hit the wall and just went the wrong side of the post with the keeper stranded.

A solid game for Benny, he and Bentaleb being the best of the Spurs bunch so far, albeit that Lloris had nothing to do.

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Assou-Ekotto one of the best three left-backs

12:30 pm
Benoit Assou-Ekotto was one of the best three left-backs in the Premier League says Harry Redknapp who has been disappointed with the performances of BAE since he arrived at QPR.

Assou-Ekotto one of the best three left-backs

The 29 year-old Croatian Niko Kranjčar has also been a disappointment for the play-off contenders since his loan move from Dynamo Kiev.

“He’s been up and down. I don’t think he’s found the level he had at Tottenham.

“I was watching a bit of the 2010 season on Sky, it just happened to come on.

“It was Benoit playing for Tottenham, going down the left and crossing balls – he crossed one and funny enough Niko scored.

“For me he was in the best three left-backs in the Premier League when he was at Tottenham. I don’t think he’s quite reached the heights, but let’s hope that in the play-offs he’ll be a big player for us.

“I think he’s found the change between the Premier League and Championship difficult.”

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Redknapp will have to decide whether his big game experience will be valuable at Wembley and hope he returns to form. Now 30 it sound as though he is not the player he was or is not motivated by Championship football, we know how laid back he is and views the game as simply a job.

Anyone not happy in their job doesn't give it 100% and doesn't produce their best, professional footballers are no different.

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Assou-Ekotto wants to return to Spurs

5:15 pm
The 'he was player of the season for nearly relegated Sunderland, that makes him good enough for us' brigade have had a rude awakening this season with the realisation that Danny Rose is not top four standard.

Now before I get cries of Spurs are not in the top four, we want to be and we therefore need players of that calibre to get there. His positional play is a mile away from what is required and he is usually a mile away from the centre-back.
Danny Rose Spurs left-back
Danny Rose Spurs first choice left-back

Now I appreciate he gets little help in front of him, whether that be from Andros Townsend who has no idea about defending, Christian Eriksen, Gylfi Sigurdsson or Nacer Cadli. But there are some basics when defending and the gap between you and the centre-back is one of them.

The gaping hole left there week after week for any team to exploit has been gleefully accepted time and time again by opposing sides. It is an area they target, they pull our players around and then 'POW' to use Batman parlance, they simply play the ball into the hole or pour through it with ball at feet.

It reminds me of a castle defences that have been breached, a huge hole blown in the wall with invading forces ploughing through, It is very difficult to defend against once the outer barrier is breached.

The left side of our defence is like that. Rose has been unable to form a cohesive partnership with either Jan Vertonghen or Vlad Chiriches and his poor positioning has had a knock-on effect all the way along the back line as you would expect. It stands to reason if you know there is a problem you are always looking to cover for it which takes you out of position for your own game and makes you look worse.

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It was a foolish policy not to sign a better left-back, although I agree with not just signing anyone but only signing players who would improve the squad. As with so many players we have one who divides opinion, a left-back currently playing in the Championship for Harry Redknapp's Queens Park Rangers.

Benoit Assou-Ekotto is better than Danny Rose, no question. Benoit has helped get us into the top four and played Champions League football. He has been there, done it and got the T-shirt. He gets caught occasionally, he makes mistakes fuelling his critics, but then what player doesn't, but he doesn't get caught way upfield as much, he doesn't just trot back and let everyone else deal with it.

Quite frankly he offers better crosses too, for a former winger Danny Rose's crossing ability is woeful, he usually seems to hit the first man. BAE who has said he would like to finish his contract with Tottenham would save us having to buy in an area that needs strengthening, unless of course Louis Van Gaal can work wonders with Rose.

Assou-Ekotto would strengthen Spurs defence
Assou-Ekotto would strengthen Spurs defence

Assou-Ekotto was asked about his future when being interviewed about QPR's chances of gaining promotion.

"As many people know, Tottenham are a good club and if I can finish my contract there, cool. If people don't want me there, then I will have to find another club. But my first target is to stay at Tottenham."

"I prefer to play in the Premier League. The ball in the Premier League is more on the floor."

He would be a cheap solution to a problem position. He knows how to play with a centre-back, his return at left-back would strengthen the whole back line, he would allow Dawson to concentrate on his job and that in turn would enable Kyle Walker to continue what was the strongest pairing in the Premier League last season.

Every Spurs fan would like to see Kyle Walker return to the form of 2 seasons ago, Benoit Assou-Ekotto may be the key to that.

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