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Seattle Sounders vs Tottenham Hotspur

10:30 am
The US league now has the American spirit, never say die attitude, combine that with speed, strength and tactical development as well as players who have played and are playing overseas.

Seattle Sounders vs Tottenham Hotspur

They get exposed to a different speed of game and now the USA can compete with other international teams as was shown at the World Cup again. From a very tough group they finished second to the World Cup winners Germany and sent Portugal home.

Jurgen Klinsmann encourages any player to go abroad, get out their comfort zone, push themselves and expose themselves to a different standard. As players they can experience football in football environments, they can grow and bring that growth back to Major League Soccer and the national side.

The Premier League is making giant strides in American and football is taking strides forward in general. By not allowing the other major sports to keep them as a minor sport and embracing the World Cup the potential to grow further is enormous.

Games like this one against Spurs promote the game, the chance to see top class opposition can't be over emphasised. The Seattle Sounders ground holds 67,000 and by yesterday 59,000 tickets had already been sold.

Clint Dempsey is of course a former Spurs player and now captain of his country. UK Premier League fans may also be familiar 29 year-old Obafemi Martins and 34 year-old Djimi Traoré.

This game marks a new beginning, a new beginning for Spurs, a new beginning for Mauricio Pochettino, a new system, a new start for Roberto Soldado and Erik Lamela, both who particularly disastrous years and suffered with confidence.

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How strong is Lamela's confidence now?

How much pressure they now feel, how much pressure they have placed upon themselves we won't know but you only have to look at the reaction to his goal against Cardiff City at White Hart Lane to see the pressure Soldado felt he was under, the relief was level of incredible.

Other didn't perform, Tom Carroll was at QPR, the talk is about fitness but these games now have more meaning than that, now they are to steal a march on your squad mates.

Seattle Sounders vs Tottenham Hotspur

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Seattle Sounders vs Tottenham Hotspur Seattle Sounders vs Tottenham Hotspur Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:30 am Rating: 5

Dempsey could play for Spurs again

1:17 pm
An interesting clause in Clint Dempsey's Seattle contract is that when the MLS season ends in November he can go out on loan to the Premier League.

In theory having sold him for £5.8 million he could be playing for us again before Christmas. Andre Villas-Boas admits he was sold to raise money and that he was popular with both players and staff. He likes versatile players and Dempsey certainly fitted the bill for him.

I don't see it happening unless we don't get the players we require during the rest of the window and we suffer injuries, but you never know in football.

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Dempsey could play for Spurs again Dempsey could play for Spurs again Reviewed by THBlogNews on 1:17 pm Rating: 5
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