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Legalised touting to be reviewed

6:30 pm

Legalised touting to be reviewed

After a lot of discord among Spurs fans over the legalised touting of tickets through StubHub Tottenham have announced that the pricing on the StubHub website will be reviewed and the flipping of tickets will be banned.

Fans have continually voiced their concerns over the massive prices for tickets both to the club and online. This graphic from StubHub shows how the system was meant to work.

How Stub Hub should work
How Stub Hub works is open to abuse

Some Spurs fans it seems were simply selling tickets for a massive profit and their was concern that some season ticket holders had little intention of actually watching many games, preferring to make money on their investment instead. The problem is that fans can set any price they want for tickets and some would argue if there is a market why not.

However the game has disappeared from the traditional man in the street and fans would like to see a cap on what someone can charge for their unwanted tickets.

The service it seems has been used by a fifth of supporters to sell their tickets with over 6,500 people using the service. The concept is an admirable one but profiteering is not and that needs to be stamped out. There is a real danger otherwise that season tickets will be purchased simply to be resold each game and large profits made.

All tickets should be sold at face value and only a transaction fee to cover costs added. If people have no intention of going to games they should relinquish their ticket but of course nobody wants to give up something they may not get back until the new stadium is built. Renewing a season ticket is the only way to ensure you can get a ticket for Spurs games, buying 'on the door' is a thing of the past.

“Both the Club and Stubhub undertook to review the service as the season progressed in order to monitor the use of the platform, conscious of our position of having a stadium that sells out and has a high demand for tickets.

“A small minority of listings have gone against the spirit of the service and we shall now look to address these.

“The flipping of tickets on the StubHub site will be prevented and prohibited to ensure that fans wishing to list at a reasonable price can be reassured that those same tickets cannot be purchased and resold at a higher price.

"During the close season, both the Club and StubHub will review the full season’s ticketing data with a view to amending season ticket Terms and Conditions and implementing new processes in respect of pricing."

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