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Rollin', rollin', rollin' Rawhide

12:30 pm
Rollin', rollin', rollin'
Rollin', rollin', rollin'

Keep movin', movin', movin'
Though they're disapprovin'
Keep them dogies movin'

Yes whether it's our own fans disapprovin' or the opposition disapprovin' Spurs just keep rollin' along.

The work in progress that is Tottenham is ahead of schedule, we are battling at the top of the table when some of our own fans were even suggesting we would be relegated this season, how little they know about building success.

It is worth remembering this is a journey, you can either enjoy it or come along kicking and screaming that you know how to do it better.

Tottenham have a strategy, essential for any successful organisation. We know we are building a club with a conveyor belt of youth talent we can bring into the first team. The players we buy have to have years of football ahead of them so there is time to improve them and increase their value. Like it or not any player can leave so you have to be prepared for that and have increased them in value if possible to make a profit. This helps the books and frees up additional transfer funds that the buy high and forget the consequences chequebook fans conveniently ignore. 

In the first instance, you have to assess what you have and that is done largely on the training ground, this is the everyday workplace, this is where you show the boss you are what he is looking for, that you can take direction, new ideas. It is up to you to show the right attitude to that work. 

Going through the motions tells a coach all he needs to know, you won't be a part of his future plans and he won't waste his time on you when it is more productive to work with others. If you show a willingness, then you'll get the help, no matter if it takes you longer to pick it up than others. there may be other aspects of your game where you trump the faster learner.

When you have assessed everyone you will have several groups of players, the talented who can take on new ideas and improve, a second group who can and have the potential to improve, the dependable group who will give you an honest day's work and those who, for whatever reason, don't buy into what you are trying to do. These people are of no use to you at all, they will hold everyone else back and be a negative influence always chipping away. You remove these people as fast as you can, you'll achieve nothing if you keep them.

You have a playing style, a fitness regime that everyone must follow, they will if they have bought into the goal you have sold them. Any new purchases must equally have bought into what you are doing and want to be a part of it. They must fit with the existing group to maintain that positive environment where everyone works for each other for the collective good.

You only have to watch our game to see this in operation. at times, it is an idea to forget about the ball, especially if you are watching it for the second time and look at the work that goes on off the ball. If you do that you can see during play what we are going to do or even what the opposition are going to do. 

Chelsea play the same move we do, particularly on the right side 20 yards from goal. they work the ball from the wing to play it inside the full-back for the centre-forward or other runner to come from central to collect the ball 12 yards out to the right of the goal. Next time the ball is in that area, look out for  a central strikers diagonal run in anticipation of the pass. Kane made the run last night, he didn't receive the ball, but he could see the move and was ready if the opening was there to play the pass.

Our off the ball work and closing down work is simply superb, we have periods where we are exceptional and others where we are taking a bit of a rest, you have to choose your moments when to expend energy, closing down together is one of those opportunities. You have to manage your own game effectively.

Naturally, a new system takes time to learn and while fans say give a new coach time, they then start moaning and groaning if in the first season they haven't achieved, in our case, a trophy or top four. What happened to give the guy time? What happened to understand the game sufficiently to realise footballers have to learn a new system before they can be effective implementing it? What happened to understanding that there is little time during the season to work on it, as you are having to constantly prepare specific tactics for specific games?

Early in the season, our own fans were trying to suggest we were going backwards, that the Pochettino system didn't work. They were blind to the obvious improvements we were making. Now those very same fans are complaining about a transfer window. They will be complaining about something else next, their support revolves around failure, failure is their crutch because succeeding is too frightening for them, they can't handle it and thus can't plan solutions, just dream up pie in the sky stuff and pretend it's a workable theory.

For a coach, that is of no use at all. They know that success can only be achieved by breaking down the big goal into smaller goals. Winning a Premier League is simply about three points, that's all. break down the season into months and set a target for each month. break that down to each game.

Each game is one step, each successful month is one step, add them together and you have achieved your aim. If you don't break down that big goal though it will be too big for some to comprehend, they won't think it possible and, therefore, won't achieve it. Our fans are an example. For some Spurs fans, achieving something is beyond their wildest dreams, they can't comprehend it, so fight against it.

You can not allow that negativity to creep into the dressing room, that has to remain a positive environment. When doubt creeps in performances will suffer.

Every cog hs a job to do, improve each cog and you improve the overall machine. The secret to the faster than usual improvement at Spurs is the improvement of each cog. Crucially they have learned a system and they can see it works, that in turn boosts their belief and it is human nature to work harder within that to make it more successful, at least for those with the winning mentality I talk about, for others they will simply go through the motions thinking they have made it.

Such complacency is a danger. Mousa Dembele suffered from it for several season until Pochettino got through to him that what he was producing wasn't good enough for where he wanted to take the side. fair play to Dembele he has taken that on board, blamed nobody but himself and upped his game.

I have no doubt there are Spurs fans who feel better every time they go to work and they are better at their jobs as a result, or at least, more productive. Happy workers produce better quality than unhappy workers that much has been proven.

Why would you not want to be happy at a time like this?



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