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New White Hart Lane Approved!

11:12 pm
Well, that was one of the most boring web meetings I've ever sat through and it was all for you!

After 3+ hours of faffing around, Haringey council finally gave a unanimous decision in favour of the Northumberland project going ahead.

Over to you Boris.

There were some council members worried that Tottenham Hotspur simply wanted to build a supermarket. It had to be explained to them that the club had spent just over 5 years and £10 million in reaching this far, therefore, to propose such a thing would be plain silly.

The Spurs spokesman was also asked to comment on the rumour that we had tabled a bid for the Olympic Stadium. This was met with a firm "I am unable to comment on that" remark. Mind games eh, and I only thought football managers used them.

We should be given the final approval within a two to three week period.

What team does Boris support?

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New White Hart Lane Approved! New White Hart Lane Approved! Reviewed by Jaymes on 11:12 pm Rating: 5

Daniel Levy is angry

11:14 am
And rightly so! Tottenham Hotspur released a statement yesterday relaying that "no bid for the Olympic Stadium had been made". That's right, "no bid" has been made, but Levy and co. have started to make early enquiries as to the availability of the magnificent 80,000 capacity arena. And why shouldn't they?

Haringey council is singlehandedly shooting itself in the foot with all this bureaucratic nonsense.

The Tottenham area is in need of massive funding, that's clear to see. Along comes the star attraction of the area and actually offers to assist in the regeneration. Instead of biting Levy's hand off, the Haringey big-wigs continue to knock back the hand that feeds them.

Fair enough, we'll just look elsewhere.

If Haringey council would like the Tottenham area to continue as a going concern, they will assist the club further in relation to all the objections that seem to be stemming from heritage groups, the police farce and issues over parking.

Pull your finger out Haringey!

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Daniel Levy is angry Daniel Levy is angry Reviewed by PoshSpur on 11:14 am Rating: 5

Our Board is Confident

It was good to hear that our board have submitted our proposed new stadium within London's host application of stadia for the 2018 World Cup bid.

Some may see this as a good sign in relation to our new stadium submission plans being accepted by Haringey Council.

Let's face it; the Tottenham area is in need of some sort of regeneration project. The area around the ground is crying out for it and so the rumours of the plans being fast-tracked through the system, don't seem far off the mark.

As regards the World Cup bid, do you think we stand a chance of winning? When I look back at the successful Olympic bid, I remember Seb Coe being brought in as the knight in shining armour. Who do we have? David Maxim Triesman.

He's not exactly the most marketable character around. Fair enough, he's a Spurs fan, but that won't win us the bid.

Who will be the bid's knight in shining armour? David Beckham? Gary Lineker? Whoever it will be, they'll have a lot of responsibility cast on their shoulders. From what I hear, the board that have been put in charge of the 2018 bid are already at each others necks.

For the sake of English football; from grass-roots to Premier League, let's hope they can get it right.

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Our Board is Confident Our Board is Confident Reviewed by Frank Spencer on 6:30 pm Rating: 5

Naming Rights

A lot has been said in relation to renaming the new stadium that will be built near our home, White Hart Lane, as well as handing out other naming rights to other stadia around the country such as the future New Anfield and Stamford Bridge.

Many of us just want the naming rights to be left alone. Abandoned. I was one of them. I, like many others, sentimentally ignored the fact that naming our new stadium XYZ Arena (or whatever), could in fact be the major deciding factor in getting it built.

For those that can, cast your minds back to 24th January 1976. Kettering Town lined up against Bath City in the Southern League. The only difference was that they had "Kettering Tyres" printed across their shirts. This, of course, caused an uproar amongst many Kettering Town supporters, as well as a major stir in the F.A.

Why? For starters, what were the words "Kettering Tyres" doing, plastered on the Northamptonshire clubs strip? Comments like; "Kettering Tyres have violated our team by daring to put their logo across our clubs' shirt!" were heard echoing around the ground on that wintery, wet Saturday; for an occurrence like this one had never happened before!

How times have changed? We eagerly anticipate the announcement from our respective clubs in relation to which major conglomerate will plow its millions into sponsoring our sides shirt (please make sure we don't get another red sponsor!).

I fully understand the Geordie's frustration with the attempted re-branding of St. James' Park. I am firmly against traditional grounds having their name changed, which is why I also feel Chelsea may be wasting their time. James' Park Stadium sounds more like an email address than a stadium. Is Mike Ashley attempting to hit new lows each month? Hasn't that man done enough up in Newcastle? And he's a Spurs fan, which proves my point that we're not all perfect.

When it comes to new stadia, I'd prefer to keep the name of the traditional arena, but I am not so opposed to a new name, as long as it's something respectable.

For example, Ashburton Grove is the original name of the Woolwich Wanderers stadium, most commonly called The Emirates.

As long as we can get the right investment and brand through the door, I'll be happy. I'm delighted with the current planning and designs of our new stadium. It does look similar to some of the newer stadiums that are being built at the moment, but with the added difference of the Kop-styled stand and the 'nearer to the pitch' design; much nearer than our Southern rivals.

It was pleasing to hear that our club is in good hands (see our Financial Highlights for the year ended 30th June 2009). With the current financial climate, I strongly believe that Mr. Wenger had a point when he said large footballing institutions could collapse if they weren't careful.

Daniel Levy, under the shrewd stewardship of Joe Lewis, are working wonders, especially when you think Tottenham Hotspur are the richest club to have never played in the Champion's League. Our attendances of a shade over 36,000 haven't helped either, but Levy & Lewis continually steady the ship.

Bear in mind that behind Mansheikh City, Spurs have been the biggest spenders on players. With a new state-of-the-art training complex already underway and the New Lane's planning permission submitted, the future does look a lot brighter.
Naming Rights Naming Rights Reviewed by Frank Spencer on 2:38 pm Rating: 5

Name and Shame

9:46 am
Quick post to congratulate Paul Barber, our Executive Director, on the comments regarding finding new investors for the branding of our new stadium.

When asked if Chelsea's plan of renaming Stamford Bridge would coincide with us finding suitable investment, the Barbarian simply commented;

"It's now two London clubs looking for naming-rights partners and potential sponsors have a choice - an old, established stadium in Stamford Bridge, or our new state-of-the-art stadium. The key is that word 'new'."

We applaud you Paul.

Has your cash run a bit dry there, eh Roman?
Name and Shame Name and Shame Reviewed by PoshSpur on 9:46 am Rating: 5

White Kop Lane

11:34 am

What did you make of the Kop-style stand? To be honest, I was fairly annoyed with it at first, but it's definitely begun to grow on me.

I'm no architect, so I can't really comment on the acoustics that the new ground will create, but it looks as though KSS (the projects architects) and Levy are pretty adamant that the noise circulating around the stadium will be ferocious.

Taking a look at the above image, it looks as though they've stuck to their guns and made the stands incredibly close to the pitch, which, as we all know, new stadium designers aren't too fond of.

Does anyone have have the slightest inkling on how long it will take for planning permission of this magnitude to be given? I've heard rumours that it could be anywhere from 3-15 months, which really does narrow it down.

Whatever happens, it looks as though Daniel Levy & Joe Lewis are confident that the new Lane will be finalised by the 2015/2016 season. Let's hope they've counted their pennies, as stadia projects like this one don't come cheap.

Arsenal have never recovered from the £390 million investment in the Emirates stadium. The two clowns that run Liverpool thought about building a new stadium, but then realised the cost and pulled out.

I sort of have faith in Levy though. The guy has proved that he's a shrewd businessman and when the chips are down, he has the nack of turning things around.
White Kop Lane White Kop Lane Reviewed by PoshSpur on 11:34 am Rating: 5
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