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CL squad shows the importance of developing our youth players

9:27 am


Vincent Janssen and Eric Lamela have been left out of Spurs UEFA Champions League squad for the group stages and some have assumed it is because Pochettino doesn't rate Janssen and Eric Lamela is still injured.

To a degree that is true, Fernando Llorente has gone into the squad in place of Janssen, there is no hiding that and Erik Lamela has to develop fitness and then match fitness, which the Premier League and domestic cup competitions can provide.

Selecting squads is not as easy as you might think with the UEFA qualifying rules on player legibility, rules designed toi encourage players to produce their own players. That should explain to soime why our youth development system is important and how it takes years to bring a player like Harry Winks through who can increase our club trained quota, which is too low. It stands at one, when really we need three.

Under UEFA Champions League rules there are two sets of players, List A and List B. These are broken down further.

List A

locally trained players dictate the number of non-locally trained players you can have in a squad.

Who are our 'locally trained player'?

This isn't as simple as you would think as there are two different categories here also.

Category 1 - Club-trained players –  these are players who were on Spurs books for three years between the ages of 15 and 21

Category 2 - Association-trained players - The England Football Association, Welsh Football Association, Scottish Football Association for instance are all separate associations.  Any player who was on another football club's books in the same association (in our case the English Football Association) for three years between the ages of 15 and 21. No club can have more than four association-trained players among their eight nominees on List A.

Harry Kane, therefore, is a locally trained player, while Ben Davies was under the Welsh FA so is not a locally trained player, nor is Eric Dier who grew up in Portugal with Sporting and came through their system.

We have to bare all this in mind when working in the transfer market, we can't just go and buy any player, nor can we go and buy any premier League player or any British player, the rules are all about where a player was trained in those formative years.

The Premier League have similar rules for home grown and non-home grown players. That's why a player like Kyle Walker can command a fee greater than you would expect, because he was going to an English club and developed under the English Football Association. He is valuable for a club's UEFA Champions League quota.

List B

A player may be registered on List B if he is born on, or after, 1 January 1995 and has been eligible to play for the club concerned for any uninterrupted period of two years since his 15th birthday (players aged 16 may be registered if they have been registered with the club for the previous two years). Clubs are entitled to register an unlimited number of players on List B during the season, but the list must be submitted by no later than 24:00CET the day before a match.

That's the official simplified version of the full rules taken from the official UEFA website. Harry Winks isn't named in List A because through age he qualifies for List B, where as Dele Alli, a few months older, is in List A.

Harry Kane is the only club trained player in the squad, with a further three association trained players In Kieran Trippier, Danny Rose and Dele Alli.

UEFA rules state that if a club can only field two club trained players then their UEFA Champions League List A can only comprise 21 players.

Had we gone out and bought further foreign players, then we would have had to leave out more than just Vincent Janssen and Eric Lamela and that would perhaps hamper a player like Juan Foyth or Georges-Kevin N'Koudou who we want to develop.

Tottenham Hotspur Squad

Hugo Lloris
Michel Vorm
Paulo Gazzaniga

Kieran Trippier - association trained
Danny Rose - association trained
Toby Alderweireld
Jan Vertonghen
Davinson Sanchez
Juan Foyth
Serge Aurier
Ben Davies

Victor Wanyama
Georges-Kevin N’Koudou
Eric Dier
Moussa Sissoko
Mousa Dembele
Dele Alli - association trained
Christian Eriksen

Heung-Min Son
Harry Kane - club trained
Fernando Llorente


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CL squad shows the importance of developing our youth players CL squad shows the importance of developing our youth players Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:27 am Rating: 5

Blatter and Platini handed 8-year bans from football. Good

3:30 pm
The FIFA ethics committee, an inappropriate name given the organisations record, has handed out eight-year bans from all football-related activities to disgraced FIFA president Sepp Blatter and UEFA president Michel Platini.

I have to admit I didn't agree with Platini being given his role in the first place and thought it a bad day for football. He was a ball player and he wanted ball players protected so embarked on eradicating tackles from the game. We now have a sport where players fall over at the merest touch and players are booked because opponents cheat by feigning injury. Most of the booking today aren't proper bookings at all. There is a world of difference between a late tackle and a deliberately late tackle, a blocking of the ball and deliberately following through, from taking evasive action and ensuring you make contact while looking as if you are trying to avoid someone. Referees are blind to the difference though.

Ther is so much diving and shirt pulling now that it is a surprise players don't hold hands when there is a corner! Still that's progress, you can foul all you like at a corner, but touch someone outside the box and you'll get booked, where is the consistency?

The pair are still the subject of ongoing criminal investigations into the corruption at the top of the game. Bribes seemed to be commonplace. The awarding of the World Cup to Qatar is for one reason only and it has nothing to do with football. Russia has been well documented as having made payments to secure votes.

FIFA is Blatter's life as he has no family so it is no surprise he claims to have done nothing wrong, the man is deluded and shouldn't be allowed near football again, nor should most of FIFA, many of whom have shown themselves to be dubious characters. How you can have corrupt people voting on other corrupt people is behond my comprehension. Platini chose not to defend himself and laugable UEFA talk about his right to a due process, a process he has just refused to take part in!

I have no time for the pair of them.

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Blatter and Platini handed 8-year bans from football. Good Blatter and Platini handed 8-year bans from football. Good Reviewed by THBlogNews on 3:30 pm Rating: 5

Blatter 10 years or lifetime ban

6:00 pm

The FIFA ethics investigators demand a lifetime ban for Sepp Blatter if it was bribery, 10 years ban if "only" conflict of interest. 

From LausanneSwitzerland comes news that the judgement arm of FIFA's ethics committee, chaired by Hans-Joachim Eckert, began a case against their suspended president Sepp Blatter and UEFA president Michel Platini on Monday. A verdict over the corruption allegations is due in December.
The panel of judges is known as the adjudicatory chamber and they received the final report from the ethics committee's investigative branch on Saturday. That report called for sanctions to be levied against both men. Can the public have faith in a corrupt organisation conducting an investigation into itself and judging itself? They do call themselves independent, but if they are part of the organisation then that is nonsense. Where were this committee when we have had years and years of corruption. Any in-house court isn't independent and has a conflict of interest.
It seems to me that Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini are not fit to hold any sort of office, a view I have had since he tried to basically stop tackling in the game so now feigning of injury and falling over are rife. Seb Coe, now running athletics despite failing to see any doping, doesn't seem much better sadly. Like all politicians, they are only interested in themselves or their party, not what is actually best for their sport or this country. Both Blatter and Platini have been implicated in possible criminal conduct in a separate case launched by Swiss prosecutors.
The adjudicatory chamber has released a statement to confirm it had opened proceedings, but didn't disclose the information it had been given.
"We have opened formal adjudicatory proceedings against Joseph S. Blatter and Michel Platini based on the final reports submitted by the investigatory chamber. 
"The chamber intends to come to a decision in both cases during the month of December."
FIFA's ethics committee provisionally suspended both men for 90 days in October.
Multi-year suspensions?
Multiple sources close to the case say that Blatter and Platini could face suspensions from football of between five and seven years if found guilty. There are suggestions that the recommendation if for demand a lifetime ban f it was bribery, 10 years ban if "only" conflict of interest. The provisional 90-day suspensions both have expire on 5th January.
Platini was questioned by Swiss prosecutors over a suspect $2-million (1.9-million euro) payment he received from FIFA in 2011, reportedly for work done a decade earlier, but thought to be a bribe by Blatter not to stand for the FIFA presidency. For Blatter, a guilty verdict would speed up his departure date from FIFA. That day can't come soon enough.
Unbelievably Platini remains a candidate in the FIFA presidential vote, but has been barred from campaigning during his suspension. 
Football could do with some fresh blood running the game, how about Gary Lineker or David Ginola.
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Blatter 10 years or lifetime ban Blatter 10 years or lifetime ban Reviewed by THBlogNews on 6:00 pm Rating: 5

Former Viola boss Lucchesi - Spurs surely the most difficult tie

6:30 pm
The Italians see Tottenham as formidable opponent and feel they have a tough draw but Tottenham are not as fluent as fans would like at the moment. However the tie is not until February and we would hope that Pochettino's tactics are much more advanced by then, now he has a nucleus of players who have bought into his philosophy.

Former Viola boss Lucchesi - Spurs surely the most difficult tie

The former manager of Fiorentina and Roma Fabrizio Lucchesi is another who has been asked his views on the draw.

"Surely one of the most difficult and most challenging, going to play in England is never easy. Among the Italian Fiorentina is one that has had the most difficult draw. For Inter, Rome, and Naples are all winnable challenges, while the Torino has found a tough team like Athletic Bilbao. As for Juventus in the Champions League, the urn in Lyon has been quite beneficial. It will not be easy, but it could have been much worse.  
"The problem of Fiorentina is Fiorentina. That is if they know how to play the viola, if the team takes off the "tuxedo" it can play with everyone. If they recover all the players and will have no other injuries then they have an excellent chance of go through. Totteham is a good team, even if it is not doing very well in the Premier League. It has some quality players, players like Lamela can win the game with a play. It will be a beautiful challenge."

It seems they feel if they roll up their sleeves and put the effort in then on their day they can be a match for anyone but sometimes they like to play silky football too much. As they see Tottenham as a big club and this as a big game they will surely be up for the challenge which will mean us not taking things lightly, as we seem to have done sometimes thus far in this competition.

Former Viola boss Lucchesi - Spurs surely the most difficult tie Former Viola boss Lucchesi - Spurs surely the most difficult tie Reviewed by THBlogNews on 6:30 pm Rating: 5

Amoruso, ex Fiorentina defender, Spurs have limitations

2:30 pm
Lorenzo Amoruso is a retired Italian defender who played over 50 games for Fiorentina before moving on to Glasgow Rangers for a highly successful six year spell.

Amoruso, ex Fiorentina defender, Spurs have limitations

He reached the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup Winners Cup with Fiorentina in 1997 only to lose out to eventual champions Barcelona after winning the Coppa Italia in 1996. He was captain of both Fiorentina and Rangers with whom he won three trebles in the 1998–99, 1999–2000, 2002–03 seasons.

Amoruso, who also has three injury interrupted years at Blackburn Rovers, is now 43 and he was on air with Radio Viola during the draw for the UEFA Europa League.

"Fiorentina has not happened very well in the draw. The Viola have proven to be a team not in total harmony, much the same as Tottenham. Now we must not worry, we can go through.  
"Tottenham are strong, they have great players, but they have limitations, defensively they have limitations and confidence in themselves is fundamental."

He is right in what he says. Christian Eriksen said after the Swansea game that Tottenham had stopped giving away easy goals but Swansea scored an easy goal 3 minutes after the re-start with a quick give and go that beat Ben Davies all ends up. Wilfried Bony missed several easy chances so we still certainly have defensive frailties.

Amoruso, ex Fiorentina defender, Spurs have limitations Amoruso, ex Fiorentina defender, Spurs have limitations Reviewed by THBlogNews on 2:30 pm Rating: 5

More reaction from Italy to the UEFA Spurs tie

10:30 am
Former Sampdoria midfielder and Manchester City coach, Fausto Salsano, was asked for his views by Radio Blu after the draw had pitted the Viola, Fiorentina against Tottenham in the Round of 32 in the UEFA Europa League draw.

More reaction from Italy to the UEFA Spurs tie

As a player he won the UEFA Cup Winners Cup in 1989/90 and the Coppa Italia five times, 1984/85, 1987/88, 1988/89, 1990/91 and 1993/94.

In 2002 he was assistant coach at Fiorentina before moving on to Inter as assistant coach in 2004 under Roberto Mancini. The pair then left for Manchester City in 2009 until 2013 when Salsano moved on to Turkish side Galatasaray.

"Tottenham is an important team, it is a difficult environment but Fiorentina has a chance to go through: it might seem difficult but the Viola have all the papers in order. 
"Pochettino is coach, I know him, he is Latin. He will expect the result and it will be a good game with Fiorentina, although Tottenham is collecting less than what they could do given the squad."

Marko Marin is at Fiorentina on loan from Chelsea for the season and the Italians also paid £880,000 to take Micah Richards on loan for the season from Manchester City.

"[Marko]Marin is important as is [Micah] Richards, in perspective can be players on which to focus."

Micah Richards interested Tottenham last summer but a deal didn't materialise, Alan Pardew at Newcastle indicated that Man City were asking too much money for a player who had been out for basically 2 years.

He has not played a great deal of football in Italy thus far but has been employed in the Europa League so barring injury we will in all probability see him at White Hart Lane in February.


2AC FiorentinaGenoa CFC0:0on the bench
3AC FiorentinaAtalanta BC0:119'
4AC FiorentinaUS Sassuolo0:0on the bench
5AC FiorentinaTorino FC1:1RB78'
6AC FiorentinaInter Milan3:0 Hamstring Injury
7AC FiorentinaSS Lazio0:2on the bench
8AC FiorentinaAC Milan1:1on the bench
9AC FiorentinaUdinese Calcio3:0on the bench
10AC FiorentinaUC Sampdoria3:1RB19'65'
11AC FiorentinaSSC Napoli0:1on the bench
12AC FiorentinaHellas Verona1:2on the bench
13AC FiorentinaCagliari Calcio0:4on the bench
14AC FiorentinaJuventus FC0:0on the bench
15AC FiorentinaAC Cesena1:4on the bench
Squad: 13, Starting eleven: 2, Substituted in: 1, On the bench: 10, Suspended: 0, Injured: 1


KAC FiorentinaEA Guingamp3:0133'
KAC FiorentinaDinamo Minsk0:3RB41'
KAC FiorentinaPAOK Thessaloniki0:1RB90'
KAC FiorentinaPAOK Thessaloniki1:1not in the squad
KAC FiorentinaEA Guingamp1:2CB90'
KAC FiorentinaDinamo Minsk1:2CB90'
Squad: 5, Starting eleven: 4, Substituted in: 1, On the bench: 0, Suspended: 0, Injured: 0

More reaction from Italy to the UEFA Spurs tie More reaction from Italy to the UEFA Spurs tie Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:30 am Rating: 5
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