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Australians are the worst gamblers in the world

6:42 pm
With out talk of betting rings, suspect officiating and the potential for wrong-doing that the FA and Premier League simply brush under the table I did a little digging on gambling.

Macau in China is the now the capital of gambling having overtaken Las Vegas in 2002, indeed Las Vegas in 2013 will only spend a seventh of the money wagered in Macau in 2013. It may well top $100 billion within 5 years.

The research by shows that gamblers lost a massive $440 billion in 2013. Gambling they refer to as being 'entertainment for the statistically illiterate' in which case Australians the most illiterate nation out there.

Global Gambling Loses
Global Gambling Loses courtesy of NZ Gaming Capital and The Economist

They suffered the most losses per head with not that far behind Singapore. Finland is a bit of a surprise tucked in third place with New Zealand and the United States battling for fourth spot. Italy, Ireland, Norway, Canada and Sweden finish the top 10.

It is with delight we can record Great Britain languishing in 11th spot. It must mean we are better gamblers and we win more!

Gambling and football go hand in hand for many, myself I never ever bet on Spurs games, they always used to lose so I vowed never again. So if you are having a bet tomorrow and it isn't a winner on this occasion take comfort from the fact that 10 nations are even worse than you at you.

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