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Lamela in Argentina, Janssen ankle injection

11:00 pm


TEAM NEWS: and (ankle) still out. available for selection again after injury.

To expand upon that, Erik Lamela is still in Argentina recovering, Vincent Janssen has had an injection in his ankle and will be out for at least a week but maybe two weeks.

Ben Davies returns, but like others will need to be eased back into action. The injury list is reducing with Toby Alderweireld returning from the substitutes bench during the 3-1 win over CSKA Moscow in the UEFA Champions League at Wembley on Wednesday.

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Tough start - Spurs will have now played the Top 10

7:00 pm


Tottenham have played the top four and have had the toughest start to the season of all the sides challenging at the top of the table, now we play the sixth placed team as well.

After this weekend we will have played the teams who currently lie in 1st (Chelsea), 2nd (Arsenal), 3rd (Liverpool), 4th (Man City), (we are 5th), 6th (Man Utd), 7th (WBA), 8th (Everton), 9th (Stoke City), 10th (Bournemouth), 13th (Middlesbrough), 14th (Crystal Palace), 16th (Leicester City), 17th (West Ham), 18th (Sunderland), 20th (Swansea City).

Still to play, 11th (Watford), 12th (Southampton), 15th (Burnley)and 19th (Hull City). With the injuries we have had and a new striker adjusting we have done well to only be three points behind 3rd place, 4 behind 2nd place.

Premier League Table

No movement1Chelsea142134
No movement2Arsenal141931
No movement3Liverpool141730
No movement4Man City141530
No movement5Tottenham141427
No movement6Man Utd14321
No movement7West Brom14320
No movement8Everton14120
No movement9Stoke14-319
No movement10Bournemouth14-318
No movement11Watford14-618
No movement12Southampton14-217
No movement13Middlesbrough14-215
No movement14Crystal Palace14-214
No movement15Burnley14-1114
No movement16Leicester14-713
No movement17West Ham14-1412
No movement18Sunderland14-1011
No movement19Hull14-1811
No movement20Swansea14-159

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Lesson taught, work to be done

5:00 pm
Tottenham were taught a valuable lesson against Manchester United and it brought to mind the way regularly Chelsea play.

At Old Trafford we made one important mistake and lost the game, yet you will often find when opposition make a mistake we don't punish it. Chelsea usually play against us feeling we can't score and simply wait for us to make a mistake, which they pounce upon and then control the game.

Mauricio Pochettino spoke to BT Sport  (opens in a new window) after the game and the point he makes about the affect conceding a goal had on us is down to mentality. Tottenham suddenly didn't become a bad team and player suddenly didn't become bad players simply because we made a mistake and conceded a goal.

How you react to adversity is more important than how you react to success because you are going to face more adversity than success. In micro parts of a game like this you want your players to react in a positive way, to be mentally strong, to either continue to perform at the same level or get better. Reacting negatively and letting your performance slip shows a mental weakness, certainly an area that needs work.

You have to experience these conditions to learn from them, this is a new season and we were playing well. To go to pieces a little through the fear of conceding another suggests an element of panic, not a reaction you want. It's natural, fear is the overriding human emotion, training players not to fear these moments but to learn to channel the negativity into positivity is what produces winners and improves performances.

The mins is so important that everything should be done to train it in the same way football clubs train the feet. If a player can harness his emotions he can become a top top player, if he can't then he'll forever remain on a lower tier. The same applies to a team so we have to continue to work on mentality to gain that extra edge.

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United game suggested a fundamental shift from last year

9:10 am
A look at the statistics of the Manchester United game showed we had 50% possession with which we attacked 40% down the right and 35% down the left.

They were policed by Kyle Walker and Mousa Dembélé on the right with Ben Davies and Nacer Chadli on the left. Manchester United attacked 48% down our right so Walker particularly, but also Dembélé had more to do than Chadli and Davies on the other side, yet still attacked more.

Mousa Dembélé was dispossessed 5 times compared to Bentaleb, Eriksen, Lamela, Kane 2 times and Chadli 1 time, a surprising statistic given how good he is at keeping or shielding the ball. A look at the tackles made show Walker with 8 and Dembélé with 5 for a right-sided total of 13 compared to Nacer Chadli 1 and Ben Davies 0 for a left-sided total of 1.

Chadli and Davies affected 4 interceptions between them (2-2) compared to 8 for the Dembélé and Walker (2-6) partnership. Clearances saw 0 from Davies/Chadli compared to 6 from Walker/Dembélé (5-1). Walker was the only one of the four to make a block and he committed no fouls, Dembélé 3, Davies 1, Chadli 2. Those statistics just back up how much haeger Walker and Dembélé had to work.

Of our shots 33% came from the right, 22% from the left and a massive improvement over the last few years, 89% of our shots came from inside the area. That is a fundamental shift from the Andre Villas-Boas era when we were shooting from distance all the time, only rescued by Gareth Bale and his 49% accuracy from distance.

Last year the statistics were similar, our problem was that we were shooting from too far away from the goal and our opponents were shooting from too close to the goal. The aim this season is to turn those statistics around so 89% of shots from inside the area is encouraging, even though it is a little early to suggest a significant change. Incidentally 44% of Manchester United's shots came from outside the area. They are important statistics to keep an eye on.

It was no surprise given how much of the game was down the right that Toby Alderweireld and Kyle Walker were our two best players, right-sided centre-back and right-back. Quite amazing that some were still suggesting Walker should be replaced by Kieran Trippier, it just goes to show that performances are irrelevant when you have a prejudice.

Next up is Stoke City at home when you would expect to see a solid defence behind the ball making closer shots more difficult, but if we can create to shoot from closer then that, combined with a stronger defence, could see us get nearer the top four this season.

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Did a sub appearance show what Spurs are missing?

12:33 pm
The season has begun but the transfer window hasn't closed, an anomaly that should surely be put right, why not open the window before July 1sr and close it the day before the first game each season.

Tottenham have not completed their transfer business yet, some players we would like to bring in are waiting to see if a better offer comes along for them from a bigger team, thus we have to wait to secure their signature having discussed and agreed everything with them.

One position we want to bring a player into is defensive midfield. We had a combination of players there Eric Dier and Nabil Bentaleb, Eric Dier and Ryan Mason, Ryan Mason and Dele Alli but it was a Manchester United substitute that caught the attention.

At 31 Bastian Schweinsteiger is one of the most decorated footballers in Europe, take a look at this little lot.



Bayern Munich Junior Team
  • Under 17 Bundesliga: 2001
  • Under 19 Bundesliga: 2002
Bayern Munich II
  • Regionalliga Süd: 2003–04
Bayern Munich
  • Bundesliga2002–032004–052005–062007–082009–102012–132013–142014–15
  • DFB-Pokal2002–032004–052005–062007–082009–102012–132013–14
  • DFB-Ligapokal20042007
  • DFL-Supercup20102012
  • UEFA Champions League2012–13
  • UEFA Super Cup2013
  • FIFA Club World Cup2013


  • FIFA World Cup2014
  • FIFA World Cup Third Place: 20062010
  • FIFA Confederations Cup Third Place: 2005
  • UEFA European Football Championship: Runner-up 2008, Third Place 2012


  • Silbernes Lorbeerblatt: 2006, 2010, 2014
  • FIFA World Cup Dream Team2010
  • FIFA World Cup Most assists2010 (3, shared with Thomas MüllerMesut ÖzilKaká, and Dirk Kuyt)
  • ESM Team of the Year2012–13
  • Footballer of the Year in Germany: 2013
  • UEFA Best Player in Europe Award: 2013 (7th place)

Now a player of that stature, that standing in the game wouldn't come to Tottenham, let's be honest. He is used to playing for the top side in his country and winning titles, naturally he wants UEFA Champions League football and a realistic chance of regularly winning trophies, but it is not that which he showed Spurs need.

From the minute Schweinsteiger came on he was telling people where to go, what to do. He had only been at the club a couple of weeks but such is his presence that he came on and took charge. He was pointing where he wanted players to move to to receive a pass and making himself available to receive one.

The difference between him and our defensive midfield players is stark, all of ours are learning their trade, bad days will happen as a result, that is all part of the learning curve, no player can improve if he doesn't make a mistake. What you don't see is one of our players in charge pointing where they want someone, we rely on other players reading the game.

In effect we are hoping a layer will make himself available or a player available is hoping he will be seen. Just like pre-season there was an awful lot of passing about at the back in our own half allowing Manchester United to have 11 men behind the ball. We could get the ball from central defenders to defensive midfield, still in our own half, but we couldn't go any further forward which has to be down to a lack of movement ahead of them.

Benjamin Stambouli was bought because he was a creative defensive midfielder, our defensive midfield don't have a creative eye, which may be down to poor vision. You have to know where your players are, but more importantly where the gaps are. You can pass all day in front of a team, but unless you get behind them you are not going to hurt them.

We need a defensive midfielder who can step forward and create as well as keeping the ball moving. Ryan Mason is good at receiving the ball and quickly sending it out to the other flank but how many chances centrally does he create? He Mousa Dembélé have to add greater creativity to their game or we need to bring someone in with creative passing ability.

Ryan Mason 29 chances, 1 every 80 minutes
Mousa Dembélé 23 chances created, 1 every 50 minutes

Stambouli didn't work, he didn't look as if he would be anything bit an ordinary player and we need more than that in a key area. German World Cup winner Christoph Kramer may be the answer, he remains the number one target, let's hope the wait for him pays off.

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Promising start from Walker

5:57 pm
Well as I wrote earlier the opportunity was there to win this game, that there was nothing for us to fear at Old Trafford and so it proved.

There was nothing to fear from Manchester United at all and our mistake once again cost us. For the first 20 minutes you would have thought we were the home side we dominated so much. A lovely lop ball from Harry Kane and Christian Eriksen should have finished it off. I have written many times about the need to be clinical as in tight games being clinical is what makes the difference.

The game was ours for the taking and take it we should have done. Had we gone 1-0 up we would then have control of the game instead of a mistake handing Manchester United the initiative. Without Nabil Bentaleb giving the ball away, not for the first time, we would not have gone behind. That mistake changed the game, suddenly United could keep it tight and not have to chase the game, we kept it tight and waiting for a piece of magic to level it but that never came.

The positive is that we looked so comfortable against them for most of the game and when the players are match fit, as opposed to training fit, we look as though we have a side that has improved, that is more solid and should concede less goals.

Not a disheartening loss at all but one that had plenty of positives to take from it. Kyle walker had an excellent game. There will be many no doubt claiming he was out of position but as Rio Ferdinand pointed out, 5 or 7 years ago yes, but today no, managers ask their full-backs to push to the halfway line, you can't play football expecting a mistake because you will never win any games that way. He did brilliantly to get back and nick the ball away, it's unfortunate it crawled into the net. He can't be blamed for the goal, the mistake was from Bentaleb, who didn't have a great game alongside Dier.

Toby Alderweireld made a decent debut alongside fellow Belgian Jan Vertonghen and Eric Dier was better than expected in his new role. Strangely enough the concerns weren't in defence for a side who conceded so many goals last season, but were the three attacking midfield players. If Eriksen doesn't create we struggle to create, there was one run from Dembele,

Chadli didn't know what to do when he got into the area in the second half. When the chips were down they couldn't come up with the goods and we have to use that harsh criteria. Making excuses will not improve us, none of the three had a bad game bit you wouldn't say they had a good game either.

To me the game was almost as if we were learning a system or more accurately trying out a system that has already been learnt. Almost as if we accepted the result but put in a bit of practice in match conditions to hold us in good stead for the rest of the season.

We take lessons from the game, look at the positives and move on.

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Will Spurs make history today?

11:30 am

Tottenham Hotspur have a long history of being the first, breaking new ground so that others could follow.

We have a rich history of being first, a history which includes:

  • Tottenham Hotspur were the first team in North Londonestablished in 1882.
  • Spurs were the first non - league team to win the F.A.Cup in 1901 - defeated Sheffield United 3-1 in a replay at Bolton, following a 2 - 2 draw at Crystal Palace. We are still the only non-league team to win it.
  • Spurs were the first team to wear numbers on their shirtsWe led the campaign for numbered shirts and in 1939 for the F.A.Cup against Watford we wore numbered shirts and won 7 - 1.
  • Spurs were the first team in 20th century to win the 'impossible' Double in 1960/61 season, when managed by Bill Nicholson, we won the 1st Division with 31 wins and defeated Leicester City 2-0 in the F.A.Cup Final at Wembley.
  • Spurs signed Jimmy Greaves from AC Milan in 1961 for £99,999 so that he wouldn't be the first £100,000 player. Our best wishes go to Jimmy for his recovery.
  • Spurs were the first British team to win a major European trophyEuropean Cup Winners' Cup - defeating Atlético Madrid 5 - 1 in the Final in Rotterdam.
  • Tottenham Hotspur set transfer records throughout the 50s, 60s and 70s.
  • Spurs became the first British team to win two European trophies when lifting the UEFA Cup in 1971/72, defeating Wolves in the Final.
  • Spurs created transfer history and were headline news when we signed two Argentinian World Cup stars in 1978 - Ossie Ardiles and Ricky Villa. Signing major foreign players was unheard of.
  • Spurs became the the first English club to become a plc.
  • Spurs new stadium will be the first to have a sliding pitch.

Will Spurs now become the first team ever to start a Premier League game with four Belgian players?

Toby Alderweireld, Jan Vertonghen, Nacer Chadli and Mousa Dembélé could all start. Érik Lamela is not sharp as he showed against Real Madrid and AC Milan during the week, he missed easy chances and missed the badly. Andros Townsend has a shoulder injury so there is a question mark over the right side of our attacking midfield three.

Does Pochettino move Chadli over there or Eriksen? He could play Dembélé there, Andre Villas-Boas did against Liverpool a few seasons ago or does he play him central?

Three look certain to play, four looks a distinct possibility, if it doesn't happen today it is sure to happen at some point this season.

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An opportunity for Spurs today

10:30 am
A big game for TV to open the season Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur and with us winning at Old Trafford there is not the air of invincibility there once was.

Creating that air plays it's part in maintaining a home record that immediately puts a visiting mentally on the back foot. It is something we need to create at White Hart Lane, we simply didn't get enough points at home last season.

Louis van Gaal has already said that Daley Blind will play at centre-back so he will be in opposition to last season Young Player of the Year Harry Kane. Blind is an excellent passer of the ball but like many a Tottenham central defender he lacks pace. Harry Kane is not a fast striker but he is clever with his movement, something that will be key to his progress this season.

Forget the name Manchester United but look at the players who may play instead, Johnstone in goal, nobody knows how he will react to the pressure, new signing Darmain at right-back has no Premier League experience and we know full well what that can mean, Chris Smalling at centre-back is error prone and lacks concentration with Daley Blind alongside him who isn't experienced as a Premier League centre-back with Luke Shaw at left-back, a player who has struggled at United so far.

It is not a back five that strike fear into you, they are inexperienced, is there a leader among them, a John Terry figure, you'd say not. Defensively they are very susceptible first game of the season with nerves, the expectant crowd and the pressure of the occasion. Kane, Chadli, Eriksen are not going to be losing sleep worrying about them, they should be looking forward to an opportunity.

Carrick and Schneiderlin are both quality Premier League players but it is a new combination and how well they play together may determine the result. They won't yet know what the other is going to do in given situations and Schneiderlin hasn't had long to learn the requirements Louis van Gaal will have given him for his role. It is not simply a case of this is what I did at Southampton so I'll just do the same at Manchester United. He has moved to a bigger stage, can he cope mentally with expectation levels he has not experienced before? Look at Erik Lamela he hasn't coped thus far, yet he is talented no doubt.

Mata, Depay and Young are not names that frighten either, Mata is quality going forward but lacks pace and switches off defensively at time, Memphis Depay is stepping up a level of football, the same as Eriksen did and it took him time to produce decent football on a regular basis. Depay could take to the Premier League like a duck to water or he could struggle to adjust to its greater demands. Ashley Young is a hit and miss player who has seen the highs and lows in his career, he's a decent Premier League player but no world beater.

Wayne Rooney up front can and will be a handful, he will score goals this season, he does every season, indeed he is only 20 goals behind the 249 scored by Sir Bobby Charlton for them, yet he hasn't always played as an out-and-out striker.

It is a team missing the big players, build for a system but with second string players starting. It is not a game to be afraid of, not a side to be afraid of, it is a game that affords us an opportunity to catch them cold. Now is the time for our lads to show mental strength, to appreciate this is an opportunity and grasp it.

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VIDEO: £7.67m bargain Lloris vs Man Utd

12:30 pm
For the last 18 months Hugo Lloris has stood out among Premier League goalkeepers and marked himself down as one of the best in the world, a far cry from the frequent mistakes he made when he first joined.

VIDEO: £7.67m bargain Lloris vs Man Utd

The French number 1 and national captain came to us from Olympique Lyonnais (Lyon) in 2012 in a remarkable piece of transfer business pulled off by Daniel Levy. Hugo Lloris signed for Tottenham Hotspur for just £7.67 million ($11.62m - €10m) plus £3.83 million ($5.81m - €5m) add-ons, not all of which will have been activated with Spurs failing to win a trophy or attain a UEFA Champions League place. This was conformed in an official press release from the OL Group. I have to say this is just the sort of press release we Spurs fans would like to see, given that it actually has some substance.

Recent reports are suggesting PSG and Manchester United as being interested in making £25 million bids for the Frenchman who is perfectly happy at White Hart Lane under a manager who has a similar philosophy as him. Hugo's performances are a testament to his winning mentality which drives him to improve his game and consistently put in top class performances rather than the inconsistent ones some of his talented colleagues come up with.

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One in three of his performances (33.33%) this season have been clean sheets and he has captained the side on 13 occasions now. Last season he kept 18 clean sheets in 45 games (40%) and in the 2012/13 season 11 clean sheets out of 33 games (33.33%), a grand total of 38 clean sheets in 105 games (36.19).

Hugo Lloris Fact File
Date of birth: Dec 26, 1986 in Nizza, France
Age: 28
Nationality: French
Height: 1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)
Foot: Left
In the team since: Aug 31, 2012
Contract until: 30.06.2019
Current club: Tottenham Hotspur
Position: Goalkeeper
Players' agents: Familienangehöriger
Current National player: France (captain)

MATCH VIDEO: Hugo Lloris vs Manchester United

VIDEO: £7.67m bargain Lloris vs Man Utd VIDEO: £7.67m bargain Lloris vs Man Utd Reviewed by THBlogNews on 12:30 pm Rating: 5

Van Gaal looks for excuses, Pochettino doesn't

8:30 pm
Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal looked for excuses to justify only getting a point at Tottenham who had exactly the same recovery time as the opposition.

Van Gaal looks for excuses

Mauricio Pochettino pointed out that Tottenham have had less recovery time between games than anyone else in the Premier League this season and that he doesn't use that as an excuse for any dropped points.

Regardless of whether it is scientifically proven that players can not recover within 48 hours, it was exactly the same for both sides and Manchester United had the added advantage of being able to take players off and take it easy in the second half against Newcastle to prepare for this game.

To suggest that Tottenham only won the second balls in the second half because United players were tired is suggesting that Mauricio Pochettino is incapable of changing things at half-time to solve a clear problem. All it took was for the defensive midfielders to stop going awol and leaving United players with space outside the box centrally.

It is frequently seen that one half differs from another and often a team simply not in a game in one half can take over in the second half. Clearly managers have an impact when they change things, to simply put it down to fatigue doesn't give your opposite number the respect he deserves.

Van Gaal looks for excuses, Pochettino doesn't Van Gaal looks for excuses, Pochettino doesn't Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:30 pm Rating: 5

Stambouli Yellow was right decision

4:30 pm
Manchester United fans were squealing on Twitter suggesting Benjamin Stambouli should have been shown a red card instead of a yellow for a 'horror' tackle on Michael Carrick.

Stambouli Yellow was right decision

I doubt these same people were calling for a Tottenham penalty after Rooney wrestled and then threw Kane into another United defender before heading the ball away himself. Some of these are given, some are not so it's difficult to complain had it gone either way.

Alas they are letting their emotions get the better of them or they don't know what a horror tackle is. He was late yes, very late but there was no maliciousness and the referee let play go on. The crucial difference is that Stanbouli caught Carrick with his instep, had he contacted his knee directly with his studs then yes, that would be a horror tackle and a red card, but he didn't.

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His leg was in front of Carrick so Carrick is moving into the leg, that no shouldn't be there, but Stambouli has not targeted and gone in studs first straight at his knee cap. It was not a leg breaking tackle but clearly appeared to some to be worse than it actually was.

Play continued and when play stopped, referee Jonathan Moss went to Stambouli to quite rightly show him only a yellow card.

Stambouli Yellow was right decision Stambouli Yellow was right decision Reviewed by THBlogNews on 4:30 pm Rating: 5
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