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Defender on the move

7:28 pm
I think the wisest news I've heard this festive period is that Harry Redknapp's trying to get Jonathan Woodgate a loan move so as to beef up his fitness and especially match fitness. It also gets him off our wage bill until he's back to his very best.

I still remember the Carling Cup winning goal against Chelsea as though it were yesterday. I also remember a few pundits claiming that the King/Woodgate partnership was the very best in the Premier League. How we miss those fine days when we had a settled centre-half pairing.

As this is the time for dreaming, do you think we can have a good Christmas? We face Villa away, whilst tackling Newcastle (is the honeymoon period over?) and Fulham at home. Surely we can take seven points from those three games, especially as it looks like our injured lads are on the mend?

Merry Christmas fellas.

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Defender on the move Defender on the move Reviewed by Jaymes on 7:28 pm Rating: 5

Will Spurs' defensive headache ever end?

5:03 pm
Tottenham have two of England's most talented centre backs at their disposal but, sadly for manager Harry Redknapp, the pair are also two of the country's most injury-prone players.

Those who study the football winning odds recognise that Jonathan Woodgate and Ledley King would be pushing for a space in the England side if they could stay fit, but they spend more time on the physio's bench than they do on the park; more so for Woodgate.

Redknapp has now admitted the pair will miss the start of the season and Spurs fans must be wondering when they will next seem them take to the field.

Woodgate is still struggling with the groin problem which limited him to three appearances last season, while King's well-documented knee problem means he is finding it difficult to recover from the groin injury he picked up at the World Cup.

Redknapp said: "Jonathan will not be fit for the start of the season.

"He's in a position where he can't train or kick a ball.

"Ledley has come back and his knee is not great and he has a groin problem."

Spurs do have plenty of cover at the back, and fortunately for Redknapp Michael Dawson has improved dramatically in recent seasons.

However, it remains to be seen how much long the manager will keep faith in two players who between them have made just 96 league appearances in the last three seasons.

They're both quality players when fit, there's no doubt about it, but Redknapp could soon decide the money that pays their wages would be better spent elsewhere.

King recently signed a contract extension which means he's tied to the club until 2012, so his departure may have to wait.

Woodgate, though, will be a free agent in the summer and it seems unlikely he will be offered an extension unless he puts together a remarkable run of first team appearances.

However, with Spurs facing a congested season it could be that Redknapp signs a replacement for Woodgate sooner, rather than later.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the latest championship tournament odds as the new season gets underway on 6th August 2010. Who will join Spurs in the Premier League next year?

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Will Spurs' defensive headache ever end? Will Spurs' defensive headache ever end? Reviewed by PoshSpur on 5:03 pm Rating: 5

Jonathan Woodgate

7:54 pm
Right then, let's get to the crunch of it. Can anyone tell me, or the rest of us, what the heck is up with Jon Woodgate?

So far, we've been told that the recurring groin injury that has plagued the defender since his Real Madrid stint, is back, but this time, it could be here to stay.

Last I read, our centre-half was in the States, in an attempt to get it sorted, but I've not read anything since. Some forums have said that he'll be back in light training pretty soon, whilst the news in and around the Shelf Upper, are that if this current treatment doesn't work, Woodgate is seriously thinking about retirement, hence Harry bringing back Kaboul.

I don't know what to believe. If there's anyone out there that is up to date with the players injury info, do let us know.

It would be a great shame to lose the lad.

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Jonathan Woodgate Jonathan Woodgate Reviewed by PoshSpur on 7:54 pm Rating: 5

Set to steal Pompey

The Sun has said that Harry could be lining up a smart little mover for David James.

Let's just hope that a deal materialises this time round, although I do think Levy was right to not sanction a £2 million transfer fee for the 39 year old, even if he was the England keeper at the time, which, let's face it, isn't hard to be with the current crop of England keepers.

I know there are those out there that think Gomes is great and should be given more time, but I'll have to side with Harry on this occasion. James may also drop a clanger every now and then, but nowhere near the degree that Gomes has and probably will again, given the chance. I can see James definitely suring up our defence.

Speaking of our defence, word is that Woodgate is back in light training. The worry is that our medical staff still can't pinpoint the problem and so are giving him a concoction of injections. Should we be worrying? Hopefully King will be back to face Portsmouth at Fratton come Saturday. It feels like it's been ages since we last won a Premier League match and with Pompey on a mini revival, I can still see us picking up all the points.
Set to steal Pompey Set to steal Pompey Reviewed by Frank Spencer on 3:26 pm Rating: 5
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