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Huge Desires

10:07 am
I thought Daniel Levy was the Tottenham Hotspur Chairman? I was mistaken. It now seems that Mr. Pavlyuchenko is the Chairman of the Board.

“I am prepared to accept any decent offer from Russia”, said our new Chairman.

Coming back to reality; it looks as though our Cameron Diaz lookalike is so eager to leave us, he's bypassed all forms of control at White Hart Lane. If the statement that appeared in the Mirror is accurate, it seems as though Daniel Levy nor Harry Redknapp have any say in the matter. If a club meets his demands, well, he'll be off and that's that!

In other news, it looks as though Mark Hughes is mad enough to spend around £8 million on David Bentley. This story appeared on transfer deadline day, but nothing came of it. We were apparently interested in signing their left winger, Petrov, but Hughes pulled the plug.

I actually believed that story to. There were so many circulating on that day that it was hard to keep up, but after reading statements from Petrov himself, it was clear that our Harry was in for him. I still wouldn't mind it if he joined us this time round. He's been one of the better performers in the Man Sheikh side and if Harry is to carry out his plan of world domination, he needs all the players he can muster.

Getting rid of Bentley and his reported £50,000 per week pay package wouldn't be bad business either.

Whilst we're on the subject of City; if I was Harry, I would make a cheeky bid for their central midfielder, Stephen Ireland. He's not been the same player this season, but that's largely due to the tactics employed by his boss. The Irish player simply doesn't fit into the playing style Hughes has set up.

Ireland is one player that I do admire and I believe he could slot in right next to Sgt. Wilson. Saying that, it looks as though Harry is adamant, in that he wants another strong-ironed central midfielder in alongside Palacios with the wingers providing the attacking flair (cue Petrov).

The fire sale that's been widely reported to be taking place in Madrid, has had us linked with all and sundry, as is always the case. If Harry is looking at players in the Sandro and Muntari ilk, maybe he should bid for Mahamadou Diarra?

Some sites are commenting on the fact that Harry has shown interest in Manchester United's bench warmer, Ben Foster. I've got nothing else to add to this nonsense, so I'll leave it there.
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The Imaginarium of Doctor Palacios

12:30 pm
Since Harry brought Sgt. Wilson to the club, nearly all of us have been singing his praises. I say 'nearly' as there are some that don't quite get why the rest of us think the world of Palacios.

Unfortunately, in recent weeks, I think we've seen the worst of our tough-tackling Honduran. There's no doubt that he's suffering from a lack of form. I don't think I'm the only one that's noticed a fair few of his passes going astray.

I don't want to write the lad off, after all, he's had a whirlwind year with all that's gone on both within football and in his private life.

I also think that the lack of another strong midfielder is cause for concern. Sgt. Wilson get's booked every other game. He should be up for a ban shortly if this trend continues and it's at times like this when one wishes that Harry had stepped into the Imaginarium and brought out another tough-tackling central midfielder. Palacios, no matter how good he is, can't do it all on his own.

If Harry is to go with The Modfather and Lennon on the flanks, then either Jenas or Huddlestone really do have to step up to the plate. But let's face it, Jenas runs as hot and cold as an Edmonton council flat's plumbing and Huddlestone, although a fantastic passer of the ball, will never have the commotion Palacios brings to the table.

We've all heard the Muntari tales, but much like the Brothers Grimm stories, I can't see that materialising into anything.

If there's money in the kitty, let's hope Harry can bring in a central midfielder that will provide the cherry on top of the Palacios Troupe.
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The story that just won't go away

11:53 am
Sulley Muntari's agent, Frank Schreier, said that both Inter and Spurs are in talks. I'll tell you what, this is one deal that I'd be over the moon at.

Harry has said a few times that we lack bite and he's not wrong. We saw what happened in the Manchester United, Chelsea and Bolton games. It's quite apparent that Sgt. Wilson can't do it all by himself. The lad needs someone in alongside him and Muntari would be an excellent choice. If there's anyone that can pack a punch and strengthen our core, it's this fella.

Can you imagine our midfield housing Modric and Lennon on the wings, with Muntari and Palacios holding it all together in the centre? If the occasion called for it, Modric could play in alongside Sgt. Wilson or Muntari, with Kranjčar coming in on the left.

I think any deal involving Muntari leaving Inter could hit a snag. It's not because we don't have the funds to do it, it's just that Inter are set to lose Vieira to Arsenal or Lyon come January. This will leave them short of options in the "defensive midfielder" bracket. If "The Special One" sanctions the deal and we bring in a couple more players, I can see us really pushing on towards the back end of the season.
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Which 3 players will sign?

12:45 pm
So then, the end of season rumpus is once again on us and it looks as though our manager has started the merry go round all on his own.

He's said that he'll need approximately £30 million to spend on the 3 players he's identified to really push on our squad. But he'll also have to sell around 4 players.

Let's begin with the players that will be leaving. We believe that Darren Bent & Tom Huddlestone will be sold to Villa in a deal that will bring Gareth Barry to Spurs. But of course, this relies on whether Barry want to move to us in the first instance.

David Bentley will also be moved on, but I can't see which side in the Premier League will take him on?

We can see Alan Hutton being the forth player moved on by Harry. Rangers are making all the right noises in an attempt to get him back and now that they've won the league, the transfer fee shouldn't be to much of a problem, although forget us making a profit on him, or even recouping what we shelled out for him.

When it comes to the players Harry wants in, expect him to bust a gut in getting Glen Johnson & Peter Crouch.

If Hutton & Bent do depart, the above two are exactly what Harry will want.

If the Barry deal doesn't come off, and to be honest, we can't see it happening, then expect us to go for Muntari.

Yes we've all read that he's not interested in leaving Inter, but we also remember reading in July 2008 that a certain Roman Pavlyuchenko wanted to sign for a Champions League side only and wasn't at all interested in Tottenham Hotspur.

To sum up, we believe that Glen Johnson, Peter Crouch & Sulley Muntari or Gareth Barry are the players Harry Redknapp has in mind.

With Modric playing well on the left, and with Gareth Bale as another left wing option, we can't see Harry trying to fill in that spot.
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Players In/Out

2:16 pm
It's that time again when every player is linked with Tottenham Hotspur, either in a bid to get an improved contract with their current club, or just for some publicity.

Rarely are linked players actually signed by us, but we do feel that with Harry Redknapp at the helm, things could be different as we finally have a manager that uses his media connections to his advantage.

We believe that Inter's Sully Muntari is a dead cert. He'll settle comfortably with Palacios in the middle of the park.

Lille's left sided midfielder, Michel Bastos, could also be brought in by Harry. Bear in mind though, he's not a left winger, but rather a better version of Downing. If he does sign, he'll need some time to settle.

And finally, I do have a feeling Harry's spoken to the Austrian International 6.5 foot tall striker, Marc Janko. Given what the lads said in the media, it's as if he's already training at Spurs Lodge.

If Munty is to sign, I can't see Jenas staying. As the Mirror reported, we also predict a swap deal happening.

Darren Bent will be off to. Harry would actually like him to stay, but Bent wants week-to-week action.

The enigma that is David Bentley will probably be off. If reports stating that Athletico Madrid are after him, we feel he could be on his way. After all, we can't see him replacing Lennon on the wing.

Taarabt will be off, as well as Boateng. With regards to Bale, we hope he remains at the club and proves all his doubters wrong, but unfortunately, we feel that if a substantial bid comes in for him, he'll be off.

Zokora and Wigan seem to be making all the right noises at the moment, so don't be too surprised if you see Zoko diving for the Latics next season.

Huddlestone is also another player that could be on his way if a big enough bid comes in.

Players that we can't see coming are Porto's contract-wanting left back, Cissokho, Arsenal bound Santa Cruz, Stewart Downing (unless the Bastos deal falls through), and about another 132 linked players.

We'd be delighted if Harry could bring in just Munty, Bastos and a 4th striker to replace Bent.

What are your predictions?

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Harry's Signings

7:30 pm
Regardless of what some media sources are stating, I feel that Harry won't go out "guns blazing" in an attempt to sign a whole host of new talent.

I have said for a while now that I believe a deal was struck in January with Middlesbrough to bring Downing to Spurs in the close season.

I also believe the news that we are discussing a deal with Inter to sign Sulley Muntari.

Harry Redknapp may move Darren Bent & Jermaine Jenas on, but I have a feeling that David Bentley and Tom Huddlestone will remain at the club.

If Bent does leave, I can see Harry attempting to sign a replacement, but don't expect Blackburn's Santa Cruz to be that player, or anyone of that ilk.
To be honest with you, I personally believe that Downing & Muntari will be the only two players that we will sign this summer.

Maybe that's a good thing. After so many seasons in which we seem to buy a new side, let's hope for a summer of settlement and continuity.

Written by Jamie Stevenson of Palmers Green, London

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Munty or Beck's?

7:59 pm
It seems as though the media are starting earlier every season in anticipation of who Spurs will buy.

Yesterday we read the news that Inter's superb box-to-box midfielder, Sulley Muntari, was interested in a move back to the Premier League, so naturally, that meant him moving to Tottenham Hotspur.

Today, we're reading that it looks like David Beckham could be in line for a move to the club he turned down when he was 11.

If the above is true, and you had to decide between 24 year old Munty or 32 year old Beck's, who would you go for?

It's a no brainer isn't it? I'd welcome Muntari with open arms. If it means that Jenas is going to Inter in return, then it's a win-win situation.

You need pace in the Premier League and that's why I've gone with the lad from Ghana.

Although I do feel that Beckham would definitely do a decent job for us, we've got to look to the future.

With a midfield hosting Modric, Muntari, Palacios & Lennon, I'd be hard pressed to find a better partnership.

Knowing Harry, I'd put a bet on Muntari coming to our club. After all, he was forced to sell him to Inter while he was Pompey's boss due to the financial trouble they/are in.

Redknapp always rated Muntari as one of the best midfielders in the game.
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