Results for F.A. Cup Replay - Spurs vs. Bolton

Are we going to win tonight, or what?

6:29 pm
Gazza, after Tottenham's 1991 F.A. Cup Final win
It looks as though Harry's got the lads practising their penalties, although I have a feeling the game won't be stretched that far. We've got to beat them, right? Well, not exactly. Believe it or not, Coyle has got them playing. We saw that for ourselves in the first tie. The question is, do we have the passion, the desire and above all, the bottle to win?

You would think we do, after all, we are a cup team aren't we? Harry seems to think so, for he picked a weakened team against Wolves (what a miserable evening that was) so that the players needed against Bolton, would come in and do the trick. We sort of missed the boat in that game, so here's to hoping we can finish the job tonight.

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty confident that we're going to go to town on them. There just always seems to be something special about midweek home cup ties, isn't that right Arsenal?

Prediction: Spurs 3-1 Bolton

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