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Rebuilt Spurs reunited with rejected Chadli

6:00 am

Tomorrow sees a reunion with 27-year-old (28 next August) Nacer Chadli and a reminder of the reshaping taking place under Mauricio Pochettino.

While some are happy to settle for mediocrity, Pochettino aims for the top and only keeps hold of players who continue to develop and exhibit the right mentality, whether they are playing as much as they would like or not.

There has been quite a turnaround and the emphasis I suggested we place in assessing a players mentality and character before we signed him is an area we have certainly improved upon. We now look for hungry young players who want to improve and want to achieve things. A player whop wants guaranteed game time is effectively saying he doesn't trust his ability to hold down a place, which is a mental defect.

Players at Tottenham know they must perform, if they do they will stay in the team, if they don't they will be dropped and another squad player hungry to succeed will be given a chance. This season Son Heung-min has grasped his opportunity with both hands. Few Spurs fans would have had him as a first choice starter this season, but he is one of the first names on the teamsheet at the moment. It is up to him to maintain his level of performance and retain that position.

One of the players Pochettino let go, Nacer Chadli, signed a four-year deal at The Hawthorns in the summer after a £13-million move from Tottenham after Mauricio Pochettino had made it clear where he stood in his plans. Chadli was advised he would not be a regular in the team and that he would spend a lot of time on the bench.

We bought the Belgian for £6.93-million so have made a nice profit on him and now he has started well at his new club, scoring 3 goals in 4 games under Tony Pulis. We'll have to watch him at the weekend as he'll no doubt be keen to do well.

Continuing where you left off after a break is not easy so Pochettino has some work to do before tomorrow to have his charges in the right frame of mind.

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Nacer Chadli

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There is plenty of interest in our fringe players, Ryan Mason has been the subject of a lot of interest and Nacer Chadli is a player that would improve many a side. There was talk of Borussia Dortmund, but that seemed strange given they were well stocked with wide attackers. Ten there was Swansea City, who he turned a loan move down to last summer.

WBA are the latest club to attempt to sign him. As with many though they want him on loan which is no good to us unless there is a purchase deal at the end of the period.

The 27-year-old (28 next August) Belgian international is under contract until 2018 so a loan deal would leave us with a player going into the final year of his contract next summer and thus we couldn't command a great fee. A loan deal would need a set price purchase option now, the loan fee and the transfer fee combining to make a reasonable transfer fee for him.

Chadli has been told he'll be spending a lot of time on the bench, which isn't going to do his international career any good. He hasn't even made the bench for the first three games of the season with Poxhettino preferring to develop the youth at the club.

That has prompted him to look elsewhere and WBA have agreed a £13-million (€15.25m - AUS$22.56m - US$17.98m) deal. He is expected for a medical at their training ground later today.

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Chadli, Ball, Police costs

8:30 am


Spurs have put a £20-million price tag on winger 27-year-old Nacer Chadli, a price Swansea City have baulked at. He is one of the players Mauricio Pochettino will allow to leave if his valuation is met otherwise he is happy to keep the Belgian. There are a few in that situation, Tom Carroll is another, as opposed to players who have been told to find another club like Nabil Bentaleb.

German side Borussia Dortmund are interested in him at £12-million. If an unknown French player, Georges-Kevin N'Koudou is supposed to be worth £11-million then our figure for Chadli has to be about right.

Mark Warburton has been left disappointed after RotherhamUnited  boss Alan Stubbs managed to secure the signing of 21-year-old (22 next August) midfielder Dominic Ball on a 3-year contract. Mauricio Pochrettino had a look at him in training and on the pre-season trip to Australia before deciding to let him leave.

Pochettino: “I feel very disappointed with his [Paul Mitchell} decision, but it is his personal choice. We had a relationship from Southampton and I feel very disappointed. But when a person takes a decision and it is personal, what can I do?

Tottenham paid £38,568 for Policing outside White Hart Lane, Arsenal paid £32,536, West Ham paid just £12,555, Chelsea paid £94,388

Where are all the games taking place this weekend in the Premier League? Check the map and brush up on your Geography.

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Chadli to be sold in the last week of the window?

12:30 pm


Chadli to be sold in the last week of the window?

Swansea City are going to step up their efforts to recruit Nacer Chadli after they were encouraged that he was left out of the Oslo squad, although that may have been simply to be able to take some youngsters and give them some further experience.

Swansea City have captured 31-year-old former Spanish international Fernando Llorente on a two-year deal and will need players to supply him, Llorente replaces Betafami Gomes who has returned to France to play for Marseille. He was never really a hit in Wales.

Chadli is getting limited playing time at Spurs with Christian Eriksen starting from the left and there are players coming through the ranks, not least Josh Onomah. Son Hueng-min could perhaps provide cover for both wings which would keep him further involved with perhaps Onomah and N'koudou (assuming the transfer eventually goes through) providing additional cover.

It will take the right offer for Spurs to sell, Pochettino would happily retain him but is prepared to let him leave for the right price. The right price and what is offered are usually two different things. There have been suggestions of a £7-million bid, well Alex Pritchard went for £8-million so the £15-million mentioned is far nearer the mark.

Apart from Swansea, Stoke City have been showing an interest as Mark Hughes continues to change their image form a team who kick people off the park. Bundesliga outfit Borussia Dortmund have also been linked.

With Son away at the Olympics for the first game, possibly the first two, N'koudou (if he signs) not being fit, you would expect Spurs to hang on to Chadli in case of injury to Eriksen or Lamela and if he is going to be sold, to be sold in the last week of the summer transfer window.

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How a coach would assess Pritchard, Chadli and Trippier/Yedlin situations

7:00 pm


How a coach would assess Pritchard

Swansea City are pondering an £8-million move for Alex Pritchard, who currently has over a dozen clubs to choose from.
Swansea City are also interested in Belgian international Nacer Chadli, as we hear are Stoke City under Mark Hughes.
Southampton are said to be preparing a £5-million move for right-back Kieran Trippier.

Plenty of interest in our players, but only one of that trio has a realistic chance of actually happening.

Alex Pritchard has been a victim of circumstance. While he had an injury and then chose to go on loan to WBA, Tottenham moved forward while he went backwards.

He isn't totally guaranteed to leave, we are listening to offers and if one meets our valuation it will be accepted. Then it will be up to Pritchard with the full knowledge that his game time will be limited. He does really want to make it at Tottenham and has the Australian tour and training to impress Pochettino enough. The pair will have a chat at the end of the tour and decide his future.

Nacer Chadli provides  proven Premier League ability and his sale would leave us with just Lamela, Eriksen and Son plus a bunch of unproven kids. That isn't a situation any coach wants to leave themselves in. Yes, Dele Alli could move out there but then you lose something from the middle so it's not an ideal scenario.

The Chadli stuff is just reporters guessing he must be surplus to requirements and while you could say I'm guessing, I'm doing so with logic, common sense and the experience of coaching myself (I have taken two levels of coaching qualifications). Thinking like a coach, you want to develop players, but you want to do so with minimum risk.

Leaving yourself exposed to failure in the wide areas (important in our system) is not a logical move, you would have to be supremely confident that a youngster could take over full-time in the event of an injury. Then you have another youngster as their understudy who you have to play to give the first youngster a rest. Thus you need two youngsters you think will be guaranteed successes to sell Chadli.

Logically, if Chadli were to be sold, from a coaches point of view, January at the earliest, but more probably next summer would be the time to look at it, if the youngsters have developed over the season.

A similar situation applies to Kieran Trippier. His immediate future will be determined by how much DeAndre Yedlin has improved at Sunderland under Sam Allardyce. He has improved considerably I understand, but has he improved enough for him to be the Tottenham Hotspur right-back. That is the question you have to answer, if not, then Kieran Trippier is required to rotate with Kyle Walker, who will surely play the Champions League games and be rested for the Premier League games, unless Pochettino decides to operate his rotation policy for full-backs the other way around.

You can see that Yedlin has to be good enough to play regularly in the Premier League at the top of the table rather than the bottom to oust Trippier. It is unlikely Trippier will be going anywhere, again I would expect another year of development for Yedlin, presumably with another loan spell, then reassess next summer.

With my coaching head on that's how I would assess the situation of all three.

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Training, Njie, Chadli, Wimmer

10:00 pm


Tottenham have begun pre-season training!

Arsenal, it seems, have made an enquiry for Clinton Njie and Tottenham have said no they can't have him according to L'Equipe. How many more of our players do they want to make enquiries about, they must be frightened.

Swansea City are the team Nacer Chadl turned down a loan move to in 2014, now they want to sign him permanently, but they have no European football and he could easily join a club that has so why would he entertain such a move? Answer, he won't and nor will we no doubt.

Kevin Wimmer called his parents after signing a new contract and hopes he can stay at such a big club for a long time.

“I’m delighted that I was able to sign a new contract to stay five more years with the club. It’s a big pleasure for me, it makes me very happy and it’s a dream come true that I can stay so long with such a big club. I called my mum and dad and of course they are also very happy. 
"It’s special for them because they know we always work hard, we train every day and the season is very long. They are delighted and very happy for me that I could sign a new contract and they are also very proud. 
“People say we all have good mentalities here at the club – the people are very nice and we are like a big family. Everybody likes each other and I was welcomed very well by everyone when I joined last season so it’s a big pleasure for me to play for a big club like this.”

Read the full interview on the Spurs website.

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No chance of Chadli joining Swansea

8:30 pm


No chance of Chadli joining Swansea

As we know Mauricio Pochettino is keeping all the players he wants, assessing some in pre-season and will happily let others go.

Swansea City are said to be preparing a move for wide attacker Nacer Chadli. The story comes from the Daily Mirror and has little to no chance of success. The paper suggests that Tottenham value Chadli at £15-million (€17.94m - AUS$26.39m - US$19.75m), which is almost certainly journalistic invention. The story is backed up with rather basic and poor conjecture. It's the same conjecture that is used in stacks of transfer stories that doesn't really understand the picture at Tottenham or how a manager in general operates.

We know Clinton Njie is one of the players who hasn't impressed Pochettino enough on the training ground each day to be retained. We have discussed a move to Marseille for him and tried to convince him to go. We wouldn't be doing that if we were planning on letting Chadli leave as we simply wouldn' have enough wide attackers with experience.

A coach has to have a strategy to deal with injuries and loss of form and that requires having experienced cover, be it experience in the Premier League or experience of playing football. To back that up you have developing players, players you expect to show improvement during the season.

We clearly have Son Heung-min backing up Erik Lamela and Nacer Chadli backing up Christian Eriksen. Then we have Josh Onomah and Alex Pritchard.

It is pretty clear Chadli, like Son, is staying at Spurs unless an experienced wide player is brought in, Georges-Kevin N'Koudou does not fit that bill, he will simply replace Clinton Njie in the pecking order.

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Chadli, Mason, Son (and why he isn't leaving)

10:30 am


Chadli, Mason, Son

I do like a spot of comedy so when I saw a headline suggesting three players West Ham should poach from Tottenham I just had to have a laugh.

At this stage, nobody knows how the season will pan out, who will get injured, who will get a chance to play in the Champions League or Premier League. While a player may not have been first choice last season that doesn't mean he won't force his way in this season. Football is a squad rotation game now and opposed to the traditional eleven plus substitutes.

So who are the comedians at Football Fancast suggest would be more than happy to swap the chance of Champions League football for a couple of the Europa League play-off rounds before possibly getting Europa League football.

Top of their list was Nacer Chadli who is needed at Spurs simply because he has proven ability in the Premier League, while Clinton Njie, Alex Pritchard, Josh Onomah, possibly Georges-Kevin N’Koudou all have virtually none between them. His sale would leave us exposed so it looks highly unlikely Pochettino would sell him.

second was Ryan Mason, who at the moment is the understudy to Mousa Dembele. He has shown he can be an effective Premier League performer and we may well be needing that experience when we rest Dembele between Champions League games. While the press and plenty of fans are lining him up for a move, I simply don't see it without someone being brought in, Wanyama plays the Dier role, not the Dembele role, they are different.

Third was Son Heung-min, which is fanciful thinking. The word coming out of the club is that Pochettino likes him. He has had a season under his belt in English football and you would expect him to kick on in his second season. like Chadli his experience is needed, he has it at European level. He has played abroad, he has played Champions League. Most of our players have never experienced it so he has a role to play.

Players like to move upward in their career, not downward, so passing up the opportunity to play Champions League football isn't going to happen. It is pretty clear that Son Hueng-min is staying at Tottenham because we have just signed a two-year sponsorship deal with a South Korean tyre company, Kumbo Tire, where he was part of the ceremonies. The company also partnered with his club in Germany and wouldn't have done so without assurances he wasn't going to be sold this summer.

Chances of any of these three joining West Ham - 0%

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Is Chadli's place under threat or not?

12:51 pm


Is Chadli's place under threat or not?

Mauricio Pochettino has set about strengthening the Tottenham squad this summer after assessing the squad and establishing a style of play. The trouble makers and those who didn't totally buy into what he is doing have been slowly sold while we replace them as and when the right players become available at the right price.

Already this summer Victor Wanyama has arrived and Vincent Janssen is dotting the I's and crossing the T's. An attacking central midfielder and a wide attacker are on our radar and it is the latter role that is causing discussions among Spurs forum dwellers.

The situation is that we have Erik Lamela backed up by Son Heung-min on the right and Christian Eriksen backed up by Nacer Chadli on the left. These have all demonstrated they can perform in the Premier League.

Behind them are Alex Pritchard and Clinton Njie as yet both unproven at Premier League level They are currently squad players to develop, If they take their chance the way Dele Alli did great, but that can't be relied upon.

It is Chadli's position that causes conversation, do we keep or sell? We are looking for a central attacking midfielder bit that wouldn't affect Chadli too much. The problem arises of we buy a wide attacker. There is no guarantee that any purchase would be successful.

If Eriksen were injured that would leave you the option of taking Dele Alli from central midfield and putting him there, potentially weakening us centrally or rely on an unproven trio of Njie, Pritchard and the new signing. That is a gamble and should we be taking that sort of gamble?

Some will argue we did with Kane, but if we don't create goals then whoever is up front will have a reduced service and if we only have a threat from one side we are easier to defend against. Chadli carries a goal threat, he is a proven Premier League scorer, he won games with his goals last season.

As a coaxh I would want a proven player there while developing the others and wouldn't sell Chadli this summer. If Pritchard, Njie or the new signing prove themselves in our system then you would question his role in the squad in January, until then I'd retain him.

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Mason and Chadli

7:30 am


Mason and Chadli

Ryan Mason is interesting a few clubs because he is a home grown player who has shown he can handle the Premier League. Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, Hull City and Stoke City have all bees mentioned as planning bids, making bids or watching his situation.

From Mason's point of view there isn't any point leaving Tottenham. The club have Champions League football and he is currently the number two to Mousa Dembele so an injury to him could see him playing Champions League football, plus of course the opportunity for substitute appearances. Dembele will also need a rest between Champions League games and there are cup games to play as well.

The Sun are suggesting that Borussia Dortmund are following Nacer Chadli and that they may be preparing a £12-million (€14.02m - AUS$20.71m - US$15.5m) bid. Everton have also been mentioned as a possible destination. Reading the report though it seems the paper are simply putting two and two together to guess that Chadli isn't wanted at Tottenham, although there is no evidence to suggest that that is the case.

They site the signing of Victor Wanyama as putting Mason at risk, but he plays in a different position, he plays the defending Dier role as opposed to the more attacking Dembele role. They also assume that as Spurs are looking for a wide attacker that Chadli must be in danger, That may not be the case at all.

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Chadli to stay at Spurs

8:00 am
The Evening Standard have made a guess that Tottenham 'nay' sell Nacer Chadli 'if' Mauricio Pochettino decides he wants a more ruthless player. The claim he has 'once again' struggled to hold down a first team place.

Chadli to stay at Spurs

Let's conveniently forget he has been injured from October until the middle of December so others had cemented their place, let's conveniently forget his 13 goals and 5 assists in the previous season

His 7 goals and 5 assists in 1,632 minutes, a goal every 200 minutes, a positive impact every 136.17 minutes this season are better than the previous season.

Nacer Chadli 2015/16
Goal every 200 minutes
Positive Impact every 136.17 minutes

The his 13 goals and 5 assists the previous season (something people have conveniently forgotten) took 227 minutes to score and his positive impact was timed at 163.83 minutes.

Nacer Chadli 2014/15
Goal every 227 minutes
Positive Impact every 163.83 minutes

How does that compare to Erik Lamela? He scored 11 goals this season and had 10 assists. He played 3,072 minutes. That's a goal every 279 minutes and a positive impact time of a very healthy 146.29 minutes.

Erik Lamela 2015/16
Goal every 270 minutes
Positive Impact every 146.29 minutes

Christian Eriksen scored 8 goals and had 16 assists in 3,906 minutes. That a goal every 488 minutes and a positive impact time of 165.25 minutes.

Christian Eriksen 2015/16
Goal every 483 minutes
Positive Impact every 165.25 minutes

When you look at the statistics and take the heart and emotion out of the equation there is no reason to sell him, he performs on these statistics just as well as everyone else.

There is a lot of emotion in fans deciding who should go and who should stay, often without much logic behind it. chadli hasn't been as bad as some suggest. It's simply that dele Alli has been a revelation and Eriksen has therefore had to move into Chadli's position, while Lamela has stepped up to the plate.

He isn't a bad understudy and a club needs squad players like this who have proven they can play in the Premier League. We let Andros Townsend go because he wouldn't take on board Pochettino's instructions so he needs replacing. Alex Pritchard is unproven so it is unlikely we will get rid of Chadli as well to give ourselves three unproven players to play wide plus an unproven Njie, who if rumours are correct, the club have doubts about.

For me it doesn't make any sense to sell Chadli, we would simply be giving ourselves too many problems and that isn't the way to manage a squad. Looking at it logically from a coaches perspective, I don't see him going anywhere.

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Kane to become 4th highest Spurs goalscorer this season?

8:30 am
Kane to become 4th highest Spurs goalscorer this season?

The table for Tottenham Hotspur's top Premier League goalscorers shows no Spurs player has yet hit 100 Premier league goals for us, Teddy Sheringham falling two short.

Harry Kane sits 10th on the list with 32 goals, one more and he joins Les Ferdinand, two more and equals Darren Anderton, three more takes him level with Emmanuel Adebayor, four more and he has caught up Norwegian striker Steffen Iversen.

With Gareth Bale 10 ahead on 42 and Chris Armstrong on 48 he could conceivable become our fourth highest goalscorer in the Premier League. That would be remarkable considering he has only just started his career and it rather puts into perspective his achievements.

As a goalscorer he has plenty of incentive to bag a few more, setting himself little goals to achieve as added motivation. Climbing above Adebayor in the minimum possible time would be nice to see.

Christian Eriksen sits 18th on 19 goals, one more will take him level with Nick Barmby and Russian striker Roman Pavlyuchenko. Only two ahead of him in 15th is Jermaine Jenas with Dutch crowd favourite Rafel van der Vaart five ahead. It is perfectly possible for him to climb to 12th on the Tottenham Hotspur Premier League goal scoring list.

Nacer Chadli sits joint 23rd on 13 goals with Simon Davies, Ruel Fox, Jason Dozzell and Croatian playmaker Luka Modric. One more Premier League goal will see him join Malian Freddie Kanoute and Egyptian Mido. After that he can set his sights on 19th place and Uruguayan midfielder Gus Poyet and Darren Bent.

Danny Rose (joint 49th) has scored as many Premier League goals as Mousa Dembele, an anomoly the Belgian needs to put right quickly.

Tottenham Hotspur Premier League Goalscorers

Teddy Sheringham9802 Sep 199221 Apr 2003
Robbie Keane9106 Oct 200207 Nov 2009
Jermain Defoe9107 Feb 200411 Jan 2014
Chris Armstrong4822 Oct 199509 Dec 2000
Gareth Bale4201 Sep 200719 May 2013
Steffen Iversen3626 Dec 199626 Dec 2002
Emmanuel Adebayor3510 Sep 201126 Oct 2014
Darren Anderton3407 Feb 199308 Nov 2003
Les Ferdinand3313 Aug 199731 Aug 2002
Harry Kane3207 Apr 201422 Nov 2015
Jurgen Klinsmann3020 Aug 199410 May 1998
Dimitar Berbatov2722 Aug 200619 Apr 2008
Aaron Lennon2618 Mar 200629 Dec 2013
Rafael van der Vaart2418 Sep 201002 May 2012
Jermaine Jenas2115 Oct 200526 Sep 2009
Nick Barmby2017 Oct 199203 May 1995
Roman Pavlyuchenko2026 Oct 200818 Dec 2011
Christian Eriksen1926 Dec 201304 Oct 2015
Gus Poyet1815 Oct 200107 Feb 2004
Darren Bent1818 Aug 200725 Apr 2009
Frederic Kanoute1423 Aug 200301 May 2005
Mido1405 Feb 200522 Oct 2006
Simon Davies1310 Apr 200111 Feb 2004
Ruel Fox1304 Nov 199505 Dec 1998
Jason Dozzell1318 Sep 199305 Apr 1997
Luka Modric1321 Dec 200802 May 2012
Nacer Chadli1312 Feb 201415 Aug 2015
Tim Sherwood1227 Feb 199919 Nov 2000
David Ginola1219 Oct 199719 Apr 2000
Allan Nielsen1212 Oct 199621 Nov 1998
Peter Crouch1229 Aug 200909 Apr 2011
Sol Campbell1005 Dec 199209 Dec 2000
Sergei Rebrov1005 Sep 200015 Dec 2001
Ledley King1009 Dec 200024 Apr 2010
Niko Kranjcar903 Oct 200911 Feb 2012
David Howells807 Nov 199224 Feb 1997
Steve Sedgley822 Aug 199223 Apr 1994
Tom Huddlestone817 Dec 200620 Apr 2011
Gylfi Sigurdsson825 Feb 201307 Apr 2014
Oyvind Leonhardsen714 Aug 199921 Oct 2000
Ramon Vega719 Apr 199718 Dec 1999
Stephen Carr726 Sep 199909 Apr 2004
Christian Ziege725 Aug 200115 Dec 2002
Michael Dawson705 Nov 200601 Jan 2013
Clint Dempsey729 Sep 201212 May 2013
Roberto Soldado718 Aug 201330 Nov 2014
Colin Calderwood610 Dec 199418 Apr 1998
Andy Sinton616 Nov 199624 Apr 1997
Steed Malbranque609 Dec 200626 Apr 2008
Younes Kaboul601 Sep 200719 Apr 2014
Paulinho622 Sep 201311 May 2014
Ilie Dumitrescu530 Aug 199426 Aug 1995
Danny Rose514 Apr 201016 May 2015
Moussa Dembele501 Sep 201202 Nov 2015
Gary Doherty402 Jan 200108 Feb 2003
Dean Richards429 Sep 200126 Oct 2002
Jamie Redknapp424 Aug 200225 Apr 2004
Jose Dominguez419 Oct 199720 Apr 1999
Ronny Rosenthal405 Feb 199422 Mar 1997
Darren Caskey403 Oct 199301 Jan 1994
Gordon Durie422 Aug 199218 Sep 1993
Benoit Assou-Ekotto416 Aug 200925 Aug 2012
Kyle Walker402 Oct 201122 Nov 2015
Jan Vertonghen416 Dec 201230 Mar 2013
Eric Dier416 Aug 201426 Sep 2015
Erik Lamela420 Dec 201425 Oct 2015
Chris Perry312 Sep 199923 Dec 2002
Willem Korsten322 Apr 200119 May 2001
Stephane Dalmat306 Dec 200307 Jan 2004
Nicola Berti307 Feb 199813 Apr 1998
Gheorghe Popescu301 Oct 199402 Jan 1995
Vinny Samways318 Dec 199305 May 1994
Paul Allen305 Sep 199210 Feb 1993
Andy Turner305 Sep 199217 Apr 1993
Neil Ruddock331 Oct 199209 Apr 1993
Mohamed Nayim331 Oct 199209 Apr 1993
Teemu Tainio331 Dec 200504 Mar 2007
Pascal Chimbonda320 Jan 200709 Dec 2007
David Bentley329 Oct 200826 Jan 2010
Sandro330 Apr 201101 Dec 2013
Louis Saha311 Feb 201226 Feb 2012
Andros Townsend320 Oct 201304 Mar 2015
Dele Alli322 Aug 201505 Dec 2015
Stephen Clemence229 Apr 200014 Apr 2001
Anthony Gardner215 Sep 200214 Aug 2007
Mauricio Taricco216 Mar 200323 Aug 2003
Michael Brown222 Feb 200426 Dec 2004
Rory Allen207 Sep 199612 Jan 1997
Dean Marney201 Jan 200501 Jan 2005
Andy A Gray230 Jan 199327 Feb 1994
Micky Hazard218 Dec 199328 Dec 1993
John Hendry211 May 199311 May 1993
Gary Mabbutt228 Dec 199210 Feb 1993
Stephen Kelly202 Apr 200501 May 2005
Michael Carrick203 Dec 200508 Apr 2006
Paul Stalteri208 Apr 200604 Mar 2007
Jonathan Woodgate219 Mar 200823 Feb 2009
Jamie O'Hara222 Mar 200808 Dec 2008
Sebastien Bassong216 Aug 200904 Dec 2010
Alan Hutton218 Sep 201006 Nov 2010
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Kane to become 4th highest Spurs goalscorer this season? Kane to become 4th highest Spurs goalscorer this season? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:30 am Rating: 5
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