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Marcus Edwards fell out with Pochettino

10:00 am

Marcus Edwards fell out with Pochettino

Marcus Edwards had a bust-up with Mauricio Pochettino

Those of you who were hoping Marcus Edwards would get his chance at Spurs will be disappointed, as I revealed 5 days ago, that he isn't training with Spurs and is seeking a move.

The plan was to give him an opportunity on the pre-season tour to show what he can do and show the right attitude.

I have talked before that he has the wrong attitude, that he feels entitled and if you remember the interview he gave, he didn't take total responsibility for his situation but blamed others.

That suggested to me, again as I wrote at the time that he had not sorted out his mentality yet and so it has proved. He has had his meeting with Pochettino and, let's just say it didn't go well. 

The result was Edwards being disciplined, not being able to train with the first team and looking for another club. That club is either Brentford or Ipswich at the moment. As you probably know now, he is training with Brentford in an effort to secure a deal, although he isn't going on their pre-season tour.

Pochettino does not have disruptive influences on the training ground, any such individual is removed quickly and shipped out the club.

My guess and this is just a guess, is that Poch asked him to show him he is worth a place on the training field and that Edwards still feels he is entitled and talented so doesn't have to prove anything to anyone.

Many of our fans believe a player must play to show what he can do, but a coach sees players every day and you are employed to train. He has to prove on the training pitch that you are worth a place in the team and when you do get picked, it is up to you to then show why you shouldn't be dropped.

It seems to me that Mr Attitude isn't prepared to do that and isn't prepared to wait for a chance. He still has a lot of growing up and maturing to do.

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Snippets Janssen, N'Koudou, Saliba, Alderweireld, Edwards, Onomah

7:37 am

Snippets Janssen, N'Koudou,Saliba, Alderweireld, Edwards, Onomah


Tottenham Transfer Talk from Tottenham Hotspur Blog News (THBN) welcomes you this morning with some snippets for you.

Before we get into them you'll find the latest on Christian Eriksen below this article in the THBN Articles - Further Reading section and articles on the right-hand side of the website under Popular Posts.

Marcus Edwards is not at training, he is looking for a new club. His recent interview did suggest he still hasn't sorted his mentality out yet. He was still blaming others and not taking responsibility for his own failure to progress. That shouts that he still feels he is entitled as opposed to having to fight for a place by working hard, constantly improving and taking a chance when it is offered.

Josh Onomah, the other youngster with mentality problems and is also not training. He is also looking for another club. His attitude was patently obvious when he seemed to be going through the motions for us. He wasn't of course but that shouted that he had stopped improving and thought he had made it.

This is a huge problem when youngsters get more money than most people earn, the motivation goes, they feel they can go through the motions or believe they have the skill so just need to train, rather than constantly strive to improve. That constant striving and doing what it takes to achieve it is what a winning mentality is all about.

Those with a winning mentality understand and can see the difference, those without one don't see it, they think trying to win games is a winning mentality, it isn't.

This is why people like Alisdair Gold and his fellow journalists simply don't know what they are talking about when they try and venture into coaching areas and matters.

Georges-Kevin N'Koudou and Vincent Janssen again are both not training, they are looking for new clubs.

Anderlecht can't possibly afford anywhere near the wages Janssen is on at Tottenham and although he has turned down Mexican side Monterrey, they are still pursuing him so it isn't impossible he could still go there. They are the biggest side in Mexico and are watched more than teams in the MLS.

Spurs are struggling to shift N'Koudou, again, because of his wages, nobody wants to pay anywhere near what he is on and he clearly doesn't want to drop his wages too much. He has put money over his career and that too shows you a lack of a winning mentality.

Tottenham have outbid Arsenal for William Saliba because we do not want to loan him back to Saint-Étienne, while Arsenal would. They can't agree on how to pay for him while we wish to tie up a deal in a day for him.

Arsenal have apparently now matched our offer. We will speak with Saliba today and outline our plans for him and the project we are engaged in. If he wants to join us and we are convinced he wants to join us, then we will have a meeting with Saint-Étienne and push hard to sign him quickly so he can join pre-season training.

Our offer does not include a loan back whereas Arsenal's does.

Roma cannot afford Toby Alderweireld as I speculated earlier in a previous article. They wanted him for £10.79 million (€12m - $13.53m), under half his release fee and we want the full amount.

The contract offer to him has been removed after his meeting with Pochettino and Levy yesterday and his desire to leave. He will either depart or run down his contract as a squad player.

If he stays, this will be his third season on low wages, having refused our offer each season. He has cost himself £9.88 million (€11.02m - $12.42m) so far and another £4.94 million (€5.51m - $6.21m) next season, if he stays.

That's a grand total of £14.62 million (€16.31m - $18.38m) plus bonuses for being greedy. He was a cheap purchase, he cost us £14 million (€15.62m - $17.60m) in total so we have certainly had our money's worth out of him.


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Salah, not Kane for Real Madrid and Marcus Edwards attitude improvement

1:08 pm

Mohamed Salah, not Kane for Real Madrid and Marcus Edwards attitude is improving

Mohamed Salah and not Harry Kane a Real Madrid target this summer

The Norwich Evening News have an update on 19-year-old (20 in December) Tottenham loanee Marcus Edwards.

While fans were calling for his inclusion at Spurs, when clearly he wasn't ready and all the problems of getting him to sign a new contract, presumably because he felt he should be playing at a higher level immediately, Tottenham sent him out on loan to Norwich City in January.

It was hoped that his attitude would improve at the Championship side where he would have to fight for a first team starting berth.

However, his attitude wasn't good and then another injury, he seems to get a few, has meant he hasn't even made his debut yet. In January, Norwich City Head Coach Daniel Farke told Edwards to grow up and the suggestion now is that he has started to heed that advice.

Just as Mousa Dembele had to change his attitude when Mauricio Pochettino left him on the bench for a season, so Edwards has had to change his.

Farke told his local paper:

“Our squad is not too big and at the moment without [German defensive midfielder] Tom Trbyull we have 21 outfield players available. So he is an option. 
“In general, he has improved a lot, in terms of his attitude, but he can still grow up a bit more and also we have to work on strengthening his body to help his endurance and power. 
“The last two weeks he was able to do proper training with us. He is not far away, not an option for this next game [today vs. Nottingham Forest], because it is a bit too early and he has to improve a bit in some topics. 
“At the latest, after the next international break but he might be involved before then.”

If he is starting to change his attitude and appreciate he doesn't have a god given right to a first team spot,then his career will start taking an upward step.

His size has undoubtedly hindered him as he could easily be eased off the ball by a more physical player the last time I saw him. He can't be judged playing against his own age group and that football is basically free from tackling, a bit like a Manchester City Chelsea game!

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Spanish publication Dario Gol report that Real Madrid are showing serious interest in signing Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah as part of their summer overhaul.

Philippe Coutinho showed that if one of the major clubs come calling a player wants to leave. We have seen it with Modric and Bale, now it is Liverpool's turn again it seems.

The Spanish rate Salah at £71.59m, which is somewhat cheaper than the £200m that it would cost for Harry Kane. Salah is having a great season, Kane is having his third consecutive great season.

When will the unsettling process start for Liverpool?


Further Reading

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Edwards a million miles from first-team standard

7:48 am

I watched the Tottenham Hotspur Under-23 side take on Swansea City at the Lamex stadium in a Premier League 2 match and to be honest Marcus Edwards was only in the game for flashes.

I haven't seem him enough to formulate a definitive opinion but observation based on what I saw last night would lead me to wanting answers to certain questions.

He looked the classic disinterested footballer we have seen many time before so is the desire there? Does he think he is good enough to be playing at a higher level or is he simply frustrated that he is so small and knows that is holding him back. I would certainly want to know more about his mentality if I were an opposition scout watching him. Physically he simply can't compete and adults would simply out muscle him.

That isn't a new observation based on Pochettino suggesting as much at a press conference when asked if he would be involved in the League Cup tonight , but something I have constantly reminded those fans who suggest he should be given a chance. I repeat once again Spurs are not a charity, we have a separate section for that.

Players must prove themselves worthy of a place on the training ground and in the case of Edwards on the pitch at Under-23 level. His defensive contribution from the right wing seemed non-existent, it certainly wasn't Lamelaesque.

He came to life on a couple of occasions when we were 2-1 down, cutting in, fashioning a shooting chance for himself but blasting over the bar. He showed a flash of frustration at himself then and it begged the question, is he a team player?

As a coach I'd be wanting a lot more from him, but to be honest there was very little passion in the whole side, it was like this was a training exercise, it was a million miles from senior football with hardly a tackle made.

Bennetts scored a lovely goal, but again, he looks as though he wants to do everything himself and Sterling's goal should have been saved by the keeper. I though it was a poor performance, the central defenders couldn't deal with crosses and we were weak in central midfield, far too many lazy passes, but that seems to be a Tottenham trait, lazy passing.


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Marcus Edwards in Germany

9:00 pm

Spurs fans have been wondering and in some cases worrying why Marcus Edwards had not been included in the senior squad travelling to Hong Kong for a game. The answer may be that he is going to get more football in Germany.

There are rumblings of discontent over a contract, perhaps he thinks he should be moving ahead with his career faster than we do, it is a common problem with youngsters. He is talented, of that there is no doubt, but he is a long way from first team material yet.

At the moment he is easily pushed off the ball when we see him play against lower league sides, until his strength improves he will have to be patient.

The youngsters are travelling to Stemwede in Germany to take part in the 40th edition of the Under-19 Volksbank Cup.

StateNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Admin. regionDetmold

We last took part in the tournament two years ago, losing out to Liverpool on penalties in the semi-finals. there are 10 teams taking part, split into two groups .

The Spurs youngsters been drawn against Red Bull Brazil ( Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil), FC Copenhagen (Denmark), Werder Bremen (Germany) and a Mühlenkreis Team (made up of a selection of local players from different clubs in regions around Stemwede) in the group stages.

Spurs Fixtures

Thursday, May 25
Spurs v Werder Bremen (4.30pm)
FC Copenhagen v Spurs (7.30pm)

Friday, May 26
Spurs v Red Bull Brazil (2.10pm)
Mühlenkreis Team v Spurs (5.30pm)

The 17-man Tottenham Hotspur Squad
  • Freeman (GK)
  • Whiteman (GK)
  • Bennetts
  • Brown
  • Edwards
  • Georgiou
  • Gonzalez-Velasco
  • Griffiths
  • Harrison
  • Lock
  • Loft
  • Marsh
  • Omolabi
  • Reynolds
  • Roles
  • Shashoua
  • Tsaroulla

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Edwards needs time to develop at Spurs, a way to go yet

8:32 am


Many fans go overboard about a youngster who is highly thought of and many were shouting for Marcus Edwards to play in the FA Cup quarter-final against Millwall. He is a young talent yes, but isn't near first team football yet. As an example of that, he wasn't in the England Under-21 squad, he was in the England Under-19 squad.

The slight 18-year-old (19 in December) wasn't selected to play against Spain and remained on the substitutes bench. He played against the weaker Belarus, a game England won 5-1 at the St. George's Park National Football Centre, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire. The Spurs prospect scored one and had a further two assists, but the quality of the opposition must be factored in.

Youngsters have to be brought along, they have to train with the first team to break mental barriers. They start training with people they look up to and have to train on equal terms. They can't be in awe, they have to develop their game and be accepted in their own right.

I remember reports of DeAndre Yedlin when he started training with the squad. Apparently, he was miles away from the standard required, his technical ability just wasn't good enough.  That is then a mental barrier for others, they could see every day he wasn't good enough so if he were picked that is then in their minds and that is a factor. that could affect their own game.

Belgian youngster Youri Tielemans puts his improved form this season down to his teammates trusting him more, accepting his ability and passing him the ball more often as a result.

Edwards is a talent in the making, but let's not go overboard and start shouting for first team selection just yet.

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Marcus Edwards isn't ready to start against Millwall

5:42 am


Having asked in the Millwall FA Cup tie is the last chance for Vincent Janssen to get enough game time to impress Mauricio Pochettino in action than I see a website asking the same question about Marcus Edwards. Why?

Let's be clear, Marcus Edwards is currently nowhere near first team standard. He is only 18-years-old and not 19 until December, so he is a young 18. At development level he can perform but at senior level, as we have seen before, he is just brushed off the ball easily.

Certainly there is no way he should be starting a game. Written into his contract may well be a clause stating he has to play a set number of minutes in the first team or that he has to make a first team start each season. If it is the latter then yes he has to start, but only for contractual reasons, otherwise we need to be 3-0 up before we throw him on.

His contract runs until 2018 and we'll be looking to offer him an extension to that in the summer after a season of injury frustration for him, primarily a Malleolar injury that kept him out for 108 days from 15 October until 31 January. He has then had to recover full fitness. Since then he has played only one game, a Premier League 2 fixture against Liverpool in which he played 59 minutes and scored. He hasn't been in the squad for the next two games.

The FA Cup is a very important competition for us now, it is a chance of silverware and this season both players and manager have started talking about the importance of wining the first trophy now with this group of players.

If it were written into his contract that he must start a game then that would have happened against Gillingham in the first game we played in the League Cup. The fact that he didn't start that suggests that clause is non-existent in which case it is a clause that says he must make at least one appearance in the first team, which he has already done.

This may well be his last chance for a place on the bench, unless the season goes pear shaped and we have game left with nothing to play for or we secure second place in the Premier League with games to spare.

He might be a talent in the making but he needs more time, frustrating as it must be.

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Video: Marcus Edwards scores debut goal for England U-19's

12:30 pm


Tottenham Hotspur starlet Marcus Edwards, a player tipped for the very top, scored for England U-19 last night against Bulgaria.

Just as Josn Onomah was making a goalscoring debut for the England Under-21 side so 17-year-old (18 in December) Marcus Edwards did the same for the junior England side.

It only took him 9 minutes when he was on hand as the keeper parried the ball to knock it home from 10 yards. He wears the number 10 shirt and has other good moments in the game.

England U19s defeated Bulgaria U19s at Adams Park, Wycombe Wanderers FCwith the final touch of the game. Dujon Sterling struck the winner in the 93rd minute.

England Under-19s: 1 Aynsley Pears (Middlesbrough); 2 Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool), 3 Jay DaSilva (Chelsea), 5 Cameron Humphreys (Manchester City), 6 Easah Suliman (Cheltenham Town on loan from Aston Villa); 4 Tom Davies (Everton) (c), 7 Isaac Buckley-Ricketts (Manchester City), 8 Sam Field (West Bromwich Albion), 10 Marcus Edwards (Tottenham Hotspur); 9 Stephy Mavididi (Arsenal) 11, Andre Green (Aston Villa).

Substitutes: 14 Dujon Sterling (Chelsea) for Buckle-Ricketts 40, 13 Will Mannion (Hull City) for Pears H/T, 16 Ryan Sessegnon (Fulham) for Green 60, 17 Adetayo Edun (Fulham) for Davies 60, 12 Trevor Chalobah (Chelsea) for Alexander-Arnold 71, 15 Darnell Johnson (Leicester City) for Edwards 85, 18 Chris Willock (Arsenal) for Humphreys 85.

Head Coach: Keith Downing

Goal: Edwards 9, Sterling 93

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Onomah, Walker-Peters and Edwards in England squads

5:00 pm


Gareth Southgate is the England interim boss and thus will have an influence on who is selected for the various age groups.

With Spurs players surprisingly omitted from squads in the last international break it is good for their development to see Josh Onomah and Kyle Walker-Peters selected for the England Under-20 squad and Marcus Edwards for the England Under-19 squad.

The Under-20 side will play Netherlands on October 5, Germany on October 7, and USA on October 10 during the international break.

The Under-19 side will take on Croatia on October 7 and Bulgaria on October 10.

Onomah, Walker-Peters and Edwards in England squads Onomah, Walker-Peters and Edwards in England squads Reviewed by THBlogNews on 5:00 pm Rating: 5

Marcus Edwards in Gillingham squad

7:00 pm

Mauricio Pochettino has announced that Marcus Edwards could be in the squad to face Gillingham but that striker Shayon Harrison is injured.

Harrison was a certainty for the squad, especially with us having to look after Vincent Janssen now that Kane is injured and he faces 14 games in 54 days.

Edwards is unlikely to start given he played on Monday and may form part of a very youthful bench.

Shayon Harrison is injured, which is unlucky for him because he would have been in the squad for tomorrow, but he's not. Marcus Edwards could maybe in the squad tomorrow. He could have the chance to play,"

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Watch Marcus Edwards take on Liverpool tonight

5:35 pm

Tottenham Hotspur U23 vs Liverpool U23

The English premier League 2 fixture between Tottenham Hotspur Under-21's and Liverpool Under-23's takes place at 7pm this evening and there are streams available on the Internet for anyone who wants to watch the game.

Tottenham start marginal favourites at the bookies with both sides having won two and lost two in the league. Young starlet Marcus Edwards has been playing in the tournament and you can catch his exploits while there is no Monday Night Football online.

A Google search and I'm sure you'll find something.

Last matches: TOTTENHAM U23
09.09.16PL2Chelsea U23Tottenham U233 : 1
26.08.16PL2Derby U23Tottenham U231 : 2
22.08.16PL2Reading U23Tottenham U231 : 4
15.08.16PL2Tottenham U23Everton U230 : 2
Last matches: LIVERPOOL U23
11.09.16PL2Liverpool U23Leicester U234 : 0
26.08.16PL2Arsenal U23Liverpool U231 : 3
22.08.16PL2Chelsea U23Liverpool U234 : 1
14.08.16PL2Liverpool U23Southampton U231 : 4

Premier League 2 table
1Manchester City U23531111:810
2Sunderland U23531110:710
3Everton U2343018:29
4Southampton U2343019:59
5Chelsea U2342209:48
6Liverpool U2342029:96
7Tottenham U2342027:76
8Reading U2342027:96
9Manchester United U2341213:45
10Arsenal U2341034:73
11Derby U2340044:100
12Leicester U2340043:120

Spots 11 and 12 are the relegation spots. Four players have scored 4 goals and then 19-year-old (20 next May) Shayon Harrison has 3 goals for us as our top scorer, 17-year-old (18 in December) Marcus Edwards has 2 goals.

Watch Marcus Edwards take on Liverpool tonight Watch Marcus Edwards take on Liverpool tonight Reviewed by THBlogNews on 5:35 pm Rating: 5
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