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New 2014/15 kits

7:08 pm
The Tottenham 2014/15 home and away shirts were launched today, which were the same as those already on sale in Japan as reported 8 days ago.

New kits confirmed

Hugo Lloris will don a purple number which might just grow on me, at least it has no red on it, not sure about that away shirt though.

New kits confirmed

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Tottenham 2014/15 Home & Away Shirts for sale

12:30 pm
The 2014/15 alleged home and away kits are for sale in an online store.

For those in denial the pictures are below together with the new training kit already being used so you can see the similarities and the reintroduction of the yellow that was dropped.

New Tottenham 2014/15 Home Shirt

Above is the new Tottenham 2014/15 home shirt and below is the new Tottenham 2014/15 away shirt.

New Tottenham 2014/15Away Shirt

No claims from me that these are the actual shirts but if you compare them to the training kit used by the players as they started pre-season training, it strongly suggests that these shirts are the new Tottenham 2014/15 Home Shirt and the new Tottenham 2014/15 Away Shirt.

The new Tottenham 2014/15 Training Top being worn by new Head Coach Mauricio Pochettino below. You'll note the yellow banding around the end of the sleeve.

New Tottenham 2014-15 Training Shirt

A picture of Mauricio Pochettino, Sandro and the players in their first pre-season training session wearing the new Tottenham 2014/15 Training Kits with the yellow banding once again.

New Tottenham 2014-15 Training Shirt

Tweeted by Erik Lamela, a group picture of the new Tottenham 2014/15 Training Kit complete with the probably tell-tale yellow banding.

There is the evidence, now you decide as the TV show says.

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2014/15 New Shirt Confirmation

10:30 am
There has been much speculation as to the design of the new shirt and one of the early candidates that we all then expected to be the 2014/15 Tottenham shirt has now been confirmed.

Under Armour have added the shirt to their US website, the boys shirt is £40.91, $69.99

2014/15 Tottenham Shirt

2014/15 Tottenham Shirt

Credit goes to live for football shirts for bringing these images to our attention.

I think it is a shirt that will have to grow on me, much like last years shirt had to. At least the logo isn't as over powering as the blue HP one.

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