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Sanchez to start over Alderweireld

4:22 pm

Sanchez to start over Alderweireld

Davinson Sanchez looks set to start over Toby Alderweireld for Spurs

I saw on Twitter someone saying pick Toby Alderweireld tomorrow. No chance.

  • He has been angling for a move.
  • He and Poch need to form reestablish a working relationship.
  • There will be doubts about his mentality just at the moment, not getting the move he wanted to Manchester United.
  • He only returned to training on Monday after 3 weeks off after the World Cup.
  • He would be at greater risk of picking up an injury.
  • Davinson Sanchez was 1st choice last season.
  • Sanchez has been training for a few weeks.
  • Sanchez got some game time during the International Champions Cup in the USA.

It makes sense to give Alderweireld time to train and help him recover from the World Cup so I'd say it is a certainty, barring injury, that Davinson Sanchez starts over Toby Alderweireld.

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Centre-Back Transfer Targets

8:00 pm

Which Centre-back Should Spurs Go For To Replace Alderweireld In The Squad?

Tottenham Transfer Target Mattjis de Ligt

There are still some who are citing Toby Alderweireld is recovering from an injury as the reason he is not playing, but as he and the club are no longer even talking over a new contract it is pretty clear that we will be cashing in in the summer.

His wage demands are out of our league as explained in The REALITY of the Alderweireld Situation previous post.

He has been excellent for us and has helped us improve, but we are buying better defenders now and Davinson Sanchez is proving to be a good buy. The Colombian is still only 21, while Alderweireld is now 29, so the youngster is the future and he still has room for improvement.

With Toby Alderweireld 15 goals conceded in 17 games
Without Alderweireld 22 goals conceded in 29 games.

Tottenham Premier League record when Davinson Sanchez has started:

Played - 24
Won - 16
Drawn - 6
Lost - 2
Conceded - 18
Clean sheets - 12

We can cash in now on Alderweireld and get twice as much as we may have to accept next summer, if we activate his extra year clause.

The press have thrown plenty of names at us and we are keeping an eye on many players,We will be watching replays of every game each of our targets play and looking at the numerous statistics that are so much a part of player assessment these days.

There were a couple of Germans put forward recently and the latest talk is of four players.

Alfie Mawson (Swansea City)
24-year-old (25 next January)
Contract until 2020
Height 1.88m (6ft 1in)
England Under-21 international
Transfermarkt valuation £10.8m

Matthijs de Ligt (Ajax)
18-year-old (19 in August)
Contract until 2021
Height 1.88m  (6ft 1in)
Dutch international (5 caps)
Transfermarkt valuation £25m

Jonny Evans (WBA)
30-year-old (31 next January)
Contract until 2019
Height 1.88m  (6ft 1in)
Northern Ireland international (68 caps)
Transfermarkt valuation £15m

Jamaal Lascelles (Newcastle United)
24-year-old (25 in November)
Contract until 2017
Height 1.88m  (6ft 1in)
England Under-21 international
Transfermarkt valuation £7m

The best option for me there is Dutchman Matthijs de Ligt. Not only is he the youngest but he is the most highly rated. Barcelona are watching him as are all the top teams in Europe. He would be the most expensive option too, but as a ball playing centre-back he would compliment our style and have the flexibility to play our different formations.

Who would you choose?

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More praise for signing Sanchez

3:41 pm

Glenn Hoddle has spoken to talkSPORT and told them he is hegely impressed with new signing Davinson Sanchez.

I wrote during the week about he being a defender in the centre that allows our ball playing defenders Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vetonghen more time on the ball to pick a pass. They topped our passing stats against Borussia Dortmund at Wembley in our opening UEFA Champions League Group H victory.

It seems Spurs legend Hoddle sees it the same way.

"Sanchez is an out-and-out defender. [Toby] Alderweireld and [Jan] Vertonghen are wonderful defenders but also they are wonderful players on the ball. They use the ball, pick people off and come out with the ball. 
"Sanchez is not going to particularly be like that but if they play that three at the back you can see that being a really nice balance. He just wants to defend and he is quick and aggressive. I think he is a really good signing."

He looks a strong defender physically and he is only 21, which, if he stays at Spurs, gives our defence a very solid look. We shouldn't go overboard after only a couple of games, but his start has been very encouraging. The future looks bright with a group of young defenders coming through to eventually take over from Belgians Alderweireld and Vertonghen.

His purchase shows our transfer strategy over the summer was the right one. The club didn't panic, the fans did and we ended up adding quality to the squad to make us look stronger overall. It is important now to follow up the Wembley win with another.


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Davinson Sanchez free ball players Alderweireld and Vartonghen

5:00 pm



When Son Heung-min scored the opening goal, Toby Alderweireld was quick to congratulate new Colombian centre-back recruit Davinson Sanchez. Mousa Dembélé Eric Dier and Jan Vertonghen, then followed suit.

Sanchez had intercepted a through ball inside our own area before playing the ball forward and launching our counter-attack. Four minutes, 1-0 up and a part in a goal, not a bad start to your career at a new club in Europe.

Sanchez was, at times, marking deadly Dortmund striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang one-on-one at times and he wasn't found wanting for pace as well as out muscling him.

The fact that Toby Alderweireld mad the most passes and Jan Vertonghen wasn't far behind him shows why Sanchez has been placed in the middle of them, It frees them to play the ball, leaving him to marshal the defence and take care of any central striker. it allows us to maximise the use of our two ball-playing centre-backs.

Davinson Sanchez UEFA Champions League debut
17 Total Passes
71% Pass Completion 6 Clearances 1 Interceptions
1 Block
50% Aerial Duels Won
20% Total Duels Won

Davinson Sanchez's Premier League debut43 Total Passes
87% Pass Completion 
10 Clearances 3 Interceptions
1 Block
40% Aerial Duels Won
20% Total Duels Won


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Inconceivable Barcelona found de Ligt watching Davinson Sanchez

8:54 am


According to Spanish news outlet Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona didn't know about one of the major watched young players in Europe until they watched our new signing Davinson Sanchez, what complete rubbish.

Clubs pick players up playing youth football and they follow their progress. There is no way Barcelona did not know about Matthijs de Ligt, who has already played for Holland. They already have Marcus Edwards on their list of players to keep a special eye on and have done for several years.

What may well have happened is that they watched Davinson Sanchez and 18-year-old (19 next August) Matthijs de Ligt and decided de Ligt was a better long term bet but needs more experience to play for the Spaniards. They may also have decided that they can make do with their current centre-backs or have more immediate targets, we know they are watching Jan Vertonghen.

Davinxon Sanchez only joined Ajax in June 2016 and de Ligt was playing for the Holland Under-19 side as well as making 17 appearances for Ajax. It is inconceivable that the Spanish, with their extensive scouting network at youth level, didn't know about him, the whole of Europe does.

Perhaps they should read their own articles. Here is one from June 2016, the very month Sanchez joined suggesting they already are watching him and is on their future stars list.

Make up a story if you must, but at least make it plausible.


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Davinson arrival allowed Wimmer to leave

2:30 pm


The Arrival of 21-year-old (22 next June) central defender Davinson Sanchez from Ajax for am initial fee of £37.19 million (€40m - AUS$60.56m - US$48.19m) at today's rates, has allowed Mauricio Pochettino to release 24-year-old (25 in November) Austrian international centre-back Kevin Wimmer.

Wimmer wanted to leave to seek regular first team football in the season leading up to the next World Cup in Russia, although Austria may not qualify, and felt he wasn't getting enough opportunities at Tottenham.

WBA wanted to use him as a left-back but Mark Hughes has stepped in and strengthen his defence by quickly securing Wimmer on a 5-year deal for a reported £18 million (€19.39m - AUS$29.36m - US$23.34m). That is quite a profit considering he is only a squad player and arrived from Cologne for £4.3 million (€4.63m - AUS$7.01m - US$5.58m), again at today's conversion rates.

He provided us with generally dependable cover, any youngster is going to make mistakes as he learns, but he did a good job when he stood in for an injured Jan Vertonghen the season before last. He hardly got a look-in last season though, but you didn't hear him complaining.

I'm sure most Spurs fans wish him every success at Stoke City, except against Spurs of course.


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