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Tomorrow marks the eve of a troublesome Sunday, for one side in the North East, be it Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Sunderland, or Hull, will be sucked into clutches of the Championship.

If this giant, and oh yes, Newcastle United FC is a giant, is dismissed from the Premier League, it will be catastrophic.

We have all been told that Newcastle won't be wearing the Leeds United shirt upon their exit, but just like the Damned United, Newcastle will be spinning crazily out of control.

When it comes to sellable assets, Newcastle also finish bottom of the league. With their majestic captain Owen, Viduka, and an abundance of other stars being out of contract within 60 days, the club loved by so many, may never return to the golden pebbled shores of the Premier League.

A rumour gathering pace in the North East is that another Spurs supporter, Sir Alan Michael Sugar, will take the reigns from his fellow Spurs compatriot, Ashley, if they are relegated. If this is to be the case, then I am sure Geordies will hail the Amstrad King as their new saviour, as his first task will be to steady the ship.

Looking back from his Tottenham days, I cannot see him flushing cash down the managers throat in a bid for instant success. Sir Alan has always taken projects by the scruff of the neck and slowly, but surely, turned them into precious gems.

What about Sunderland? I to can see them slipping into the abyss if relegated. For two seasons, they have splashed the cash on mediocre players; £7 million for McCartney, £8 million for Ferdinand and the list goes on and on.

Their reliance on the inexperienced time bomb, Roy Keane, has left them in the red, and with a dross of players, incapable of putting up a fight.

Niall Quinn may be the nicest bloke in football, but unfortunately nice doesn't win you games.

Just like Newcastle, I to fear for the long-term survival of Sunderland Athletic Football Club.

We now arrive at the doorsteps of both Middlesbrough and Hull. Both sides have young managers, and both sides are in trouble, but I foresee that their troubles are not as severe as Sunderland's or Newcastle's. Boro have players in which upon selling, will see them balance books.

Tuncay has been offered the captains role at former club, Fenerbahce, in a deal mooted to be in the region of £10 million.

Afonso Alves has an escape route at the ready with both PSV & Ajax ready to take the Brazilian off Boro's hands. Whether Middlesbrough can recoup the £12 million they forked out for him is another matter.

Downing, even with a broken foot and an expected lay off for the next 3 months, will command a transfer fee in the region of £8 to £10 million.

With the aforementioned players leaving Teesside, Boro have ready replacements in place. Their academy has an abundance of talent waiting in the wings. Players like Adam johnson is a ready-made replacement for Downing, whilst other young talents await their chance to shine.

Let's not forget Mr. Gibson, a chairman that has seen the good, bad and even worse times while at the helm of his beloved Boro. His unparalleled trust in Gareth Southgate will see the side return to the Premier League if they are to go down.

What of Hull? Only a fair few people realise that they to are just within the borders of having the "North East" tag thrust upon them.

If they can keep a hold of players like Turner and Myhill, I too can see a safe passage back to the worlds finest league.

Unfortunately, out of the four clubs mentioned, I can see Newcastle slipping up with just a point at Villa.

Sir Alex has already reiterated that he will play his reserves against Hull, amid the wrath of Shearer & co.

The North East, so lovingly adorned in the past, is now as welcome as a mine field.

Article submitted by Joshua Bremner of Durham. Also a Newcastle United season-ticket holder of 13 years.
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