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Transfer Window Reality

1:39 pm

Transfer Window Reality

Transfer window reality - Ryan Bertrand a Tottenham target

The transfer window reality is that Spurs will look to change things a little, players will move on and others will replace them.

Tottenham are bigger than any one player and the progress of the club over the long term is more important than the short term. Talk of where we are in our project and the fact that we are a couple of years ahead of schedule will reduce the time it takes to get to where we want to be.

Toby Alderweireld is leaving, we all know that, his wage demands are such that we can't keep him as we'd have to give everyone else a similar wage increase and that puts £50m a season on the wage bill. He understandably wants a big pay day with what will be his last chance for a big jump in wages. His age is against him and there are plenty of quality defenders around.

Sanchez has already taken his place and is forming a partnership with Vertonghen. He has to get used to the Premier League and develop his game, which is happening thanks to him playing.

Mousa Dembele is another who wants a big pay jump but again i isn't something we can entertain given his game time has to be managed. The length of contract he is looking for prevents us retaining his services and we are actively looking for a replacement,although Harry Winks hasn't featured much this season, having not yet fully recovered from his injury last season.

Danny Rose has been going through the motions this season and has lost his place to Ben Davies. he is another likely to leave and be replaced. There are plenty of quality left-backs we are being linked with, not least Luke Shaw and Ryan Bertrand, especially if Southampton get relegated. There is no way he will harm his England career by playing Championship football.

There will be a section of our fans who moan and groan, not understanding the realities of football and that you simply can't keep every player into their old age. We should achieve UEFA Champion League football again, which is important for our income, for TV revenue from the competition, important to promote the Tottenham name and important to attract bigger commercial sponsors and thus be able to increase our wages budget.

We failed in the semi-final as we still have a mental block, we'll change that soon, it is the third semi-final in Cup competitions in the 4 years under Pochettino. Incidentally he is after a wage increase and assurances of expenditure.He was after assurances at Southampton that had been promised to him and a change of chairman didn't honour,so he left.

It is a similar situation now, he'll get offered a new contract in the summer, but it is expenditure and progressing the club in the transfer market that will keep him happy. I have absolutely no doubt he'll still be here next season and for a good few seasons yet.

Plenty of fans will be upset this summer and slag the club off, indeed stupidly slag Levy off,when it's Pochettino who decides who stays and who goes. He understands financial considerations have to be taken into account, shame all fans don't.

Looking forward to today's game, hopefully it will set us up to have a happy weekend and Bank Holiday in the sun.


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Spurs continue to watch Llorente situation

5:00 pm
With Emmanuel Adebayor understanding he is not wanted at Tottenham and Roberto Soldado failing to score goals Spurs are searching for strikers to replace them. Both are available for sale this summer, although Adebayor could go on loan for a season until his contract ends.

Danny Ings has been a regular name in the frame but he has already stated he wants to play Premier League football and that that is more important than money at this stag of his career. Harry Kane, the PFA Young Player of the Year, will start next season as first choice, which suggest the Burnley striker will not be joining Tottenham.

A plater that has been on the Tottenham radar for a number of years is Fernando Llorente, the Juventus striker struggling to get game time. Spurs tried to sign the 30-year-old when he was at Athletic Bilbao, but he moved to the Italian giants that summer ans we ended up signing Soldado instead.

At 30 he doesn't fit the under 27 age range the club are now looking for but strikers are a different breed. The essential element for any striker is that he can score goals regularly, so if a proven striker becomes available at the right price he could well be signed despite his age. he has to be able to come off the bench and make a difference and lead the attack in Europe, much as Jermain Defoe did for us.

Llorente has only bagged 6 goals and 1 assist from 29 Serie A games, but in only 5 of those has he played 89 minutes or more. Last season he scored 16 goals and had 5 assists in the league.

Athletic Club32711137
Juventus FC852610

Roberto Soldado has interested  Juventus before so a swap deal would be perfectly feasible. Tottenham really need an experienced striker to help Kane and presumably a new young striker, to rely on three youngsters would seem like folly. Ricky Lambert showed at Southampton that you can be over 30 and play in a Pochettino system successfully.

Spurs will have to take a loss on Soldado so is he can be swapped for a goalscorer of proven quality over time then that would make financial sense. To take a £10 million loss on a player for instance, then spend £16 million a replacement, means the striker gas effectively cost you £26 million. Such a deal makes little business sense. A swap on the other hand makes perfect sense and the club can then look for another young striker to develop.

The Italian press indicate that Tottenham are still interested in Llorente so it is one to watch as the transfer window draws ever nearer.

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Capoue, Paulinho & Stambouli, Spurs to sell 1, 2 or 3?

8:30 pm
Tottenham are still looking to strengthen the defensive midfield with Nabil Bentaleb and Ryan Mason having had to do the bulk of the work, but how many players will Pochettino change?

Paulinho has been very poor  and I have covered before why mentally he is not the right player for Spurs. We all see what we want to see to justify our opinions, I'm no different so while the media were saying he was Man on the Match against Newcastle United, I saw him receive the ball under no pressure, only to turn and pass bacwards back behind the half way line to a full-back, simply to get given the ball back almost immediately 10 yards furthe back. That happened several times and sums him up for me. happy passing sideways and backwards but offers little going forward.

Statistically he passes forward 57.27% of the time but he is supposed to be the more attacking of the two defensive midfielders, the link man, the role Ryan Mason plays. The same statistic for Mason and the more defensive Nabil Bentaleb, 68.19% and 62.03% respectively. They seem to confirm my impression., he likes to give responsibility to someone else, that's not the hallmark of the mentality we need.

Etienne Capoue has been left to rot basically. he had an outburst under Tim Sherwood, complaining that the English didn't understand foreigners, then he showed himself to be too slow on the ball, against our foreign managers wishes, before siding with Adebayor against the youth in November. Result, banishment. Whatever his statistics (67.05%) are we all know he will be offloaded in the summer.

That leaves us with Benjamin Stambouli, who being French needs to be playing first team football with the European Championships in France on the horizon. He has proved so far to be nothing more than average. His forward passing statistic to be consistent with the rest is 64.37%. The player himself you would expect would want a move to try and force his way into the squad. Do Spurs want to sell? Unknown, but with Capoue certainly up for sale and a desire to get high earners off the books, Paulinho fits that bill better than Stambouli and would command a higher fee also, important if we want to make purchases.

For those of you shouting Tom carroll at me, I believe he'll be sold, he isn't a regular in the Swansea side so isn't an upgrade on what we have. he could of course come back as a squad player, playing the Europa League and Cup competitions.

Delli Alli has signed of course so he will be brought along next season, I would have thoughtb at the expense of Carroll. He may well be the better long term prospect as a defensive midfielder, it would however be interesting to know how Carroll would get on in a number 10 role.

The question is will we be offlosding one, two or three defensive midfielders. My guess is two.

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Southampton continuing inflated prices policy over Rodriguez

4:30 pm
Southampton are continuing their successful transfer policy of last summer. They have had an excallent season which may result in European football next season. Now before ant Saints fans have a pop, I applaud the club over the policy, it worked.

Jay Rodriguez is the man in the news with reports suggesting Southampton are demanding a crazy £20 million for him. Last summer you will recall thwy put silly prices on players and clubs still bought them, the majority of whom have not been a success at their new homes. Players like Luke Shaw, who by all accounts Louis Van Gaal didn't want, was bought at the already agreed figure of £30 million. The Southampton board must have been laughing all the way to the bank given his true valus is only half that.

It's a similar story they are trying to pull off with Rodriguez. In a year he will be available on a free transfer so his value now is no more than £10 million, especially given his injury problems and no guarantee he will ever reapture his pre injury form. just look at Younes Kaboul who has had one decenty game since his injury, the game against Arsenal at the Emirates this seasom. Until then he had miggling injuries and was back to his old ways of making mistakes, usually a fairy major one each game that was a gamble whether we concede from or not. That continued until November when we basically dispenced with his services and took him away from the media.




Tottenham will of course ignore silly figures and talk realisticlly for a player Pochettino knows well. Rodriguez has so far refused to sign a new contract, he knows Pochettino wants him and he knows he is in demand. At 25 he needs to up his income before it gets too late, he has a 5 year earning span in front of him so for Sputhampton to keep him they will have to offer comparable wages.

In a year he can maximise his income with a hefty signing on fee because any club wouldn't have to pay a transfer fee so his agents have a few options and they wont ne taking a short term view of his future. Rodriguez may become the long running transfer saga of the summer, there is always one for the media to get their teeth into.

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A meeting? Levy already knows who to sell

10:14 am
The Evening Standard are somewhat put in the guestimates of how Tottenham operate in my opinion. They ran a story where they guessed that 9 Tottenham players are up for sale this summer, players which we could all probably name and could have done so for most of the season. That is not the issue, we all know there is going to be a clearout.

Some players have kad it rammed home to them that they have no future at the club and that they will be left to rot unless they move. Players who have dug their heels in to stay, Adebayor being the prime example, have with the full backing of Daniel Levy beenconsistently left out of match day squads. Ig they want to play football they have to move, it's as simple as that.

Aaron Lennon didn't want to leave and as I reported on January 5th sisn't want to go to Hull City, he would wait for Everton, Southampton, Liverpool or West Ham. It was Everton that came to pass and he has proved his worth by revitalizing theur season according to manager Roberto Martinez. The Everton fans who said he isn't qorth the same as Kevin Miralles have had to eat their words and he has shown Spurs fans that in yhe right system he can thrive.

Has Erik Lamela at £30 million done any more than Aaron Lennon? Has Andros Townsend done any more than Lennon could have done? Sadly back in Novemver Lennon sided with Kaboul and Adebayor against Kane and the younger players. He apokogised to Pochettino explaining he was merely siding with his friends, however that appeard to be the nail in his coffin as well.

The aspect of the Evening Standard story that simply doesn't ring true though is that they imply Mauricio Pochettino has not already tols Daniel Levy and Paul Mitchell who he would like to get rid of. If that were the case then paul Mitchell wouldn't know who to be scouting for the last few months, which in a major organisation is simply unbelievable. Pochettino will know exactly what positions he wants to strengthen and Mitchell hs been working towards that.

There will be a meeting at the end of the season but that will simply be part of the ongoing meeting the two have. Levy has anctioned the ostracising of players so he has to have been told that they are surplus to requirements and why. It has been a deliberate policy to force them out the club rather than have them say nobody will match my wages so I'm staying.



We have heard all this Franco Baldini is ina vulberable nonsense for 18 months now, amazing he is still at Spurs if he is that vulberable. Regardless of what the media think and the stupid he has been sacked rumours that did the rounds a week ago, Baldini will only be leaving Spurs when Spurs have lined up a replacement. They have not done so yet so Baldini isn't going anywhere and with a summer of selling to do he is going to be a busy man. While it may be Levy ho finally agrees the figures it is Baldini who does the selling and he does some of the negotiation for Levy as well, he did for Soldado. it was he is Spain talking to one-on-one to Valencia officials not levy. It's a myth that Levy does all the negotiations.

The club decise what a player is worth and Pochettino is included in that, how the club want to pay and what can be offered are all known, Baldini has to know so he can initially talk round figures to start transfer negotiatons.

This summer doesn't look like being any different from the last two summers. levy will not be conducting all the negotiations, qith the type of player we are now seeking there is no need. Tottenham have returned to the pre 2013 policy of youth and have a £15 million ceiling that will only be gone over ifoe a special player, however the special players we have bought have failed. We have bid £15 million for Memphis Depay, if PSV want £25 million we won't be interested, nor will we be interested in paying £27 million for Morgan Schneiderlin.

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Has Kane created a problem for Spurs?

10:20 am
Mauricio Pochettino revealed what we all already know during the week, that it was a priority for Tottenham to offload Emmanuel Adebayor and Roberto Soldado. At the moment harry Kane is a one man strike force at the club.

That of course does not simply mean selling Soldado to the first and lowest bid, he will have to be promoted to clubs in Europe and bids invited so we can get the nest possible price. We'll be taking a loss on the player who cost us £26 million and has never fired.auctioned around. Those who believe we don't have to pay the rest of the fee because we are selling him are barking up the wrong tree.

There will of course be clauses within the contract between Valencia and ourselves that trigger payments. Standard clauses would be got number of goals scored, game time, qualification for Champions League. This will reduce the fee so losses will not be as great as at first appear.

There has been plenty of interest in him around Europe before and will be again during the summer transfer window, selling him shouldn't pose too much of a problem, Adebayor on the other hand is a totally different kettle of fish.

Pochettino has made it clear, with the full backing of Daniel Levy, that Adebayor has no part to play at Spurs. The club made it clear they were fed up with his attitude after the November argument with Harry Kane. The young Englishman has backed up his stance by showing his work rate for the team on the field, it puts Adebayor to shame..

We tried to offload him during the winter but he wouldn't go to a club in the bottom half of the table, clubs who were prepared to pay 75% of his wages. Instead Adebayor set himself on collision course with the club by trying to engineer a move he knew would not be sanctioned to West Ham, who were only willing to pay 50% of his wages. He had already been told he would not be loaned out to a club in the top half of the table.

There were offers from Qatar, but Adebayor didn't want to ho there. Nobody in North America was interested in paying his wages and clubs were totally put off when Roma made enquiries only to find out from his agents the salary he was on. Roma officials were not only surprised nt the extent of his wages but flabbergasted when he demanded a wage increase to move.

Adebayor flaunts his wealth through the pictures h posts of his cars, bikes, plane, stc so to suggest he needs a high wage for the charity work he does would be erroneous, it's an excuse we heard when he left Manchester City. The flaunting of his wealth rather defeats the interview he gave where he tried to say he doesn't play for money, Ade only plays when it suits Ade and that is usually at contract renewal time.

Our only option may be to loan him out for a season. We would need the other club paying as much of his wage as possible and preferably to a club in another country. he isn't going to take a pay cut and even has the cheek to say he is happy at Tottenham, by which he of course meant he is happy with his wage at Tottenham. Any footballer who is happy not being in a squad each week or never playing does not have the winning mentality we require at Tottenham.

Has Harry Kane caused a nice problem for Spurs with his success this season. He is the first choice striker and will be next season so any striker Spurs buy will have to share the striking duties, which means the Europa League, if we qualify, and cup games. Players want to play in the Premier League though and that is certainly the case with a player like Danny Ings at Burnley.

Available on a free transfer we spoke to his representatives in January, trying to negotiate a free transfer for the summer. However Ings has made it clear playing football comes first, not the wages. At Spurs Kane would be standing in his way so his arrival at Tottenham would be a surprise. The rumours he had to deny in January were that he had agreed to join Real Sociedad in Spain managed by David Moyes but his recent comments to the Independent seem to put that to bed.

“One thing I don’t want to do is go somewhere and, not rot, but all of a sudden disappear for a while. [Somewhere] you don’t really get a look-in. I always back myself and no matter what step I take next I want to do well. 
“One thing I do want next year no matter where I am – and I don’t know where that is going to be – is to work with a manager who is going to coach me and really develop me as a player. That’s all you can ask for, to learn and be the best you can be. It is important that you do get football. 
“A lot of other things can suck you in when it comes to moves and I am sure that it has happened in the past to people. My main aim next year is, wherever I am, to play football and to enjoy it and develop. 
“You don’t want to have a good couple of years, come through the Championship, have a good first year in the Premier League and then not play in the Premier League for another year or so because that is a backward step. 
“No matter what contract anyone is on it is important that you are playing football. It is a short career and you have to earn a living but at the same time playing football is the best way to get better contracts anyway. That’s the way I look at things.”

He would be guaranteed the first team football he wouldn't be guaranteed at Tottenham or Liverpool. He would be a good signing for someone like Newcastle, i just don't see him ending up at Spurs taking into account what he has to say, despite the fact Pochettino would develop him.

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Tottenham vs Liverpool vs Southampton

8:30 pm
The race for UEFA Europa League spots continue with sixth place now qualifying for the Third Qualifying Round. Chelsea won the League Cup and will qualify for the Champions League so the winners berth goes to the next highest in the Premier League.

There are 7 games to go with one point between the three teams, Spurs however, as expected, have the worst goal difference so may have to finish with one more point than Liverpool or Southampton.

Stoke City and Hull City have to face all three, Newcastle, Man City and Aston Villa to play two, all three to play Manchester City or Chelsea and Spurs to play Southampton away.

Tottenham Hotspur                 Liverpool                              Southampton
vs Aston Villa (h)                    vs Newcastle United (h)        vs Hull City (h)
vs Newcastle United (a)          vs Hull City (a)                      vs Stoke City (a)
vs Southampton (a)               vs WBA (a)                          vs Tottenham Hotspur (h)
vs Manchester City (h)            vs QPR (h)                           vs Sunderland (a)
vs Stoke City (a)                     vs Chelsea (a)                       vs Leicester City (a)
cs Hull City (h)                        vs Crystal Palace (h)             vs Aston Villa (h)

Final Day
vs Everton (a)                         vs Stoke City (a)                   vs Manchester City (a)

If we do not qualify then a whole set of players will probably not want to join us, preferring instead a club with European football. Also to keep players happy and playing regularly we need the midweek games it provides, why would a striker want to join us for instance, if Harry Kane is first choice for Premier League games? All that would leave them in the League Cup and FA Cup.

For our summer transfer activity we need the pull of European football.

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Two centre backs out, two in, two windows

12:30 pm
Over the next two windows Tottenham are in the market for two centre-halves to replace Vlad Chiriches and Younes Kaboul.

Two centre backs out, two in, two windows

Vlad Chiriches has been a disaster from almost the moment he arrived, conning some with a single piece of skill and sending alarm bells ringing in others, including Ledley King who suggested to the press he should cut that out. Unfortunately he still tries to dribble out of defence from his own box when surrounded by players or try to be too clever when a clearance is required.

His lack of ability in the air, poor game reading, major deficiency on his left hand side and panic mode mean he has too much to work on. As I and others suspected, given that he possesses ball skills and likes to get forward, he looks like a better right-back than a centre-back. He has had a couple of decent games there are one where he struggled but it's a new position so that is only to be expected.

At the moment he sits on the subs bench covering Walker and the two centre-backs because Younes Kaboul has shot himself in the foot.

A captain you can't rely on, a captain who is against what you are trying to do, a captain who causes mental problems rather than having the right mental attitude is not much use to a head coach. We had the smoke screen of an injury when he missed one game but, which was easy to see through knowing he'd had a meeting with Pochettino.

Now we are told it is for playing reasons, tactical reasons and it is. He has made a major mistake every game, apart from the Arsenal game, and demonstrated while he has a burning desire to win on the field, he doesn't know how to channel it. Most importantly though he does not have a winning mentality and can't see that it's needed. Now for those of you confused a burning desire to win on the field and a winning mentality are not the same thing.

A burning desire to win on the field means you try your best when playing but a winning mentality means you work hard every day to improve your own game to be the best player you can be. Couple that with a burning desire to win when on the field of play and you have a player. His contract runs until 2016 and he hasn't featured in the last seven Premier League games, not even being in the squad for four of those, including the last three.

Tottenham need to replace these two over the next two transfer windows before deciding on Jan Vertonghen's future. As such Paul Mitchell has been using his data and the scouting system, together with Baldini's contacts, to source replacements.

We already know that Pochettino wants Hector Moreno from Espanyol and that he can now be bought rather cheaply. Clubs in Spain have to consistently sell players to survive with bank loans and tax bills to pay, thanks to an EU instruction. They had hoped to maximise his price, was £8 million ($12.45m - €10.20m), after the World Cup but he broke his leg.

Since then Moreno has made a tentative recovery, he has sat on the bench three times in La Liga and had a 30 minutes substitute appearance when Barcelona were thrashing Espanyol 5-1. He played in the second-leg of the Spanish cup on December 17th and 74 minutes of the first leg. Tottenham obviously want to see how he has recovered and then can make a decision whether to arrange a winter or summer transfer window purchase.

Pochettino has a great working relationship with Espanyol and Moeno wants to play for Pochettino so everything is ready and waiting for a deal. He is probably currently worth about £6 million ($9.33m - €7.65m), transfermarkt value him at £6.16 million ($9.58m - €7.85m).

Levy will want around £6 million ($9.33m - €7.65m) for Younes Kaboul, whose value will probably be more like £4 million ($6.22m - €5.10m) to buyers and to recoup the £8.36 million ($13.01m - €10.66m) he paid for Vlad Chiriches.

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Players sales need to help fund purchases, there have been reports of an additional £20 million ($31.12m - €25.50m) available for transfer. That all needs to be borne in mind when looking at targets and squad requirements. It's clear then that we are not going to be paying £10 million ($15.56m - €12.75m) for a player from weak football, thus the prices quoted for 23-year-old Dutch centre-back Virgil Van Dijk from Celtic, who is not even an international yet, are way off the mark. Half that fee would be far more realistic.

We have been linked with a summer transfer window move for 24-year-old Palermo defender Ezequiel Munoz, who is refusing to sign an extension to his contract which runs out in June. Currently transfermarkt have his value at £3.34 million  ($5.20m - €4.26m) but he could arrange a deal in January for a free deal in the summer and that would suit Spurs.

Given that there is a good deal to be had we are not his only suitors of course, AC Milan and Juventus are both said to be monitoring the Argentinians situation.

Whatever deals we eventually do they will have to be at the right price, I'm looking forward to seeing Paul Mitchell's solutions.

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Rational thought now we have calmed down

12:30 pm
The storm that is the transfer window has come and gone so now things have calmed down we can take stock of where we are with a bit of thought instead of the knee-jerk reaction to not making a 'major' signing.

Rational thought now we have calmed down

Let's be clear spending money does not always equate to success, we should know we spent a lot of it last summer and bought the striker we were searching for. We were all happy with the purchase and felt he was exactly what we needed. Daniel Levy splashed the cash, £26 million ($42.87m - €32.63m) , to get Soldado from Valencia and spent £30 million ($49.46m - €37.65m) on Erik Lamela from Roma.

The result, they both flopped. We can make excuses but bottom line was plenty of outlay and no return.

We can't afford to pay the wages, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool or Arsenal pay, they are all in a different league and apart from Man Utd this season they all offer Champions League football. Man U is Man U so players will always go there. Who other clubs sign is irrelevant, how our squad looks is all that matters.

Everyone tells us we have a hugely talented squad, we therefore have to get the best out of the squad and needed a manager to do just that. We brought in Mauricio Pochettino for that very reason and have added talented young players. Why are people expecting major signing when we have brought in a manager to improve what we have?

A previous article (below), which was well received so thank-you for all the comments, helped to explain the departures of Holtby and Sandro and why we are in an excellent position for early buys next summer, for once.

Spurs sitting pretty after the transfer window

(I can assure you Intense Debate is removing the comments when they reach 20 and not myself so I'm working at migrating to resolving that issue.)

In the next series of articles I'll take a look at the areas of the squad, goalkeepers, defence, midfield, attack, where we are now and what the future may hold. It is important we remember that the squad we have is not the finished article, merely the squad we have now as we work towards reshaping it, that doesn't make it a bad squad though.

I'll start by having a look at the goalkeeping situation, see you in the next article.

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Spurs sitting pretty after the transfer window

12:30 pm
Where do we stand at the end of the Summer Transfer Window and why has it been a good one?

Spurs sitting pretty after the transfer window

Rome was not built in a day and Tottenham will not be built in one transfer window. The defence was an area of great concern and we have started to address it. In have come Michel Vorm, Eric Dier, Federico Fazio, Ben Davies and DeAndre Yedlin.

We have strengthened in front of them bringing in Benjamin Stambouli who Pochettino regards as an upgrade of Sandro for the type of player he wants in that position.

There are targets we still want but have been unable to secure yet. At this stage we can be expected to return for them in January again, Morgan Schneiderlin, Jay Rodriguez (both Southampton) and possibly Hector Moreno (Espanyol).

The squad is being rebuilt, reshaped from the back. The other areas that need strengthening will be looked at in future windows. It is important to note Pochettino has a hand in valuing our targets and how much we should pay for them, he doesn't simply say I want that player, pay whatever to get him. Spurs are not in that financial position.

A key element of this window has been to position ourselves for next summers transfer window. Whereas before we have been unable to buy early before we have sold, next summer we don't have that problem. This is the squad at the moment.

Tottenham Hotspur Squad 

1FranceGKHugo Lloris
2EnglandDFKyle Walker
3EnglandDFDanny Rose
4FranceDFYounès Kaboul
5BelgiumDFJan Vertonghen
6RomaniaDFVlad Chiricheș
7EnglandMFAaron Lennon
9SpainFWRoberto Soldado
10TogoFWEmmanuel Adebayor
11ArgentinaMFÉrik Lamela
13NetherlandsGKMichel Vorm
15EnglandDFEric Dier
16EnglandDFKyle Naughton
17EnglandMFAndros Townsend
18EnglandFWHarry Kane
19BelgiumMFMousa Dembélé
20FranceMFBenjamin Stambouli
21ArgentinaDFFederico Fazio
22BelgiumMFNacer Chadli
23DenmarkMFChristian Eriksen
24United StatesGKBrad Friedel
29FranceMFÉtienne Capoue
32CameroonDFBenoît Assou-Ekotto
33WalesDFBen Davies
38EnglandMFRyan Mason
42AlgeriaMFNabil Bentaleb

The Tottenham squad then gets split into two and have to be dealt with separately. There is the home grown squad and the non-home grown squad. It is the non-home grown squad that stops us simply going out and buying more non-home grown players like Balotelli for instance.

We can only name 17 non-home grown players over the age of 21 in our 25 man Premier League Squad. We can not use any others unless they are 21 or under. Currently we have 18 players but Bongani Khumalo doesn't figure in 1st XI squads so effectively we have the maximum 17.

Understanding we have the maximum, fans can begin to appreciate why Sandro and Lewis Holtby have left. If we had been able to transfer BAE one may have stayed but they were on a list of non-home grown players Pochettino was happy to let go and someone had to leave.

Pochettino, Levy and Baldini agree player values, both our own and those we are after but if nobody is willing to pay our valuations then we can't move them. The player may not want to move or may not want a drop in wages, we may not want to release a player until we have a replacement lined up. There are many reasons why a player can't be sold.

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We were unable to move Chiriches, Kaboul and Soldado partly because nobody would pay our valuations and partly because of other player sales. There may well have been a stop gap element if we are waiting for Hector Moreno to recover from a broken leg.

Kaboul can leave on a free next summer, which he can arrange in January, unless we offer him a new contract, which given his performances is unlikely.

Non-Home Grown Squad

  1FranceGKHugo Lloris
  4FranceDFYounès Kaboul
5BelgiumDFJan Vertonghen
  6RomaniaDFVlad Chiricheș
9SpainFWRoberto Soldado
10TogoFWEmmanuel Adebayor
11ArgentinaMFÉrik Lamela
13NetherlandsGKMichel Vorm
19BelgiumMFMousa Dembélé
20FranceMFBenjamin Stambouli
21ArgentinaDFFederico Fazio
22BelgiumMFNacer Chadli
23DenmarkMFChristian Eriksen
24United StatesGKBrad Friedel
29FranceMFÉtienne Capoue
32CameroonDFBenoît Assou-Ekotto

Non-Home Grown but under 21 so not included in 17 man Premier League Squad list.
42AlgeriaMFNabil Bentaleb

For us to bring in the targets the fans would want means other taking some of these players off our hands. However in future we have addressed that problem this window.

Looking forward Benoit Assou-Ekotto is in the last year of his contract, that will reduce the non-home grown squad to 16 next summer. Brad Friedel will surely then not be offered a new playing contract, that would reduce it to 15. Younes Kaboul is in the last year of his contract, his departure will reduce it to 14.

That would free up 3 non-home grown places next summer so we could do early business without having to sell anyone first, that is assuming Hamburg do buy Lewis Holtby.

We have strengthened in certain areas and are now in a very strong position for the opening of the transfer window next summer, something I was particularly keen we addressed so we don't end up in the having to sell before we can buy position again.

All in all it's been a good window.

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