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Jol in for Keane

9:39 am
Even though Big Martin Jol has yet to be named as Fulham's new manager, The Telegraph have our former boss down as already having lined up a bid for Robbie Keane.

If we are to believe all the reports, it looks as though Jol will be Fulham's new manager before the end of this week. I also think The Telegraph may be onto something here.

Jol was always an admirer of Keane and Robbie, on various occasions, spoke highly of Martin. Both Robbo and Keano spoke out about the way Jol was treated by the Spurs Board after that embarrassing affair.

Maybe this is the end of the line for Robbie Keane? If so, I do wish the lad well.

It will feel kind of weird seeing Jol in Fulham's dugout, won't it? It'll also be interesting to see how Martin fares in the Premier League. Ajax are in financial meltdown, so I can see our old boss swooping in for some of his former players.

Maybe Luis Suárez will be back on Harry's radar, now that Joe Cole has moved up north (for footballing reasons of course).

Source: The Telegraph

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