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In praise of Kane

11:15 pm
Harry Kane is on everyone's lips, the media and fans constantly talk about him and it is that that makes him far more valuable than someone like Saido Berahino.

In praise of Kane

Both can score goals, both are young, but only one of them is the who the fans around the world want to see. That adds value to a player, it's the reason Gareth Bale was so expensive, no player is worth his fee, but the commercial side will pay it all back and more.

Few players can command such a worldwide audience, few can elevate themselves above the pack in the manner Harry Kane did last season. He is now hot property which is why fees of £40-million are talked about. He and players like him can't be compared with others, Berahino for instance can't be talked about in the same terms because he simply won't make as much money off the field for his club.

For Tottenham he is the golden boy, commercially he is a potential goldmine. If you have a player like that then sponsors queue up to give you money if they can have a piece of him. You have to judge how much revenue he will bring in and thus how much you would be losing if you sold him. A player like that can not be replaced, his goals can, but his commercial pull is a different ball game.

If h continues to score goals this season, and I'm sure he will, then even £40-million would be cheap as a result.

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