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With Tottenham fans around the world the website stats made for interesting reading last night. I dipped into the analyitics whilst putting a new website together and had a look at the information on offer. It gives a small insight into where our supporters are and where my ramblings reach.

I would have thought Ireland would have been higher than 5th, Kenya were a surprise in at 6th, Singapore and Malaysia vying for 7th were separated by only 111 people, if you combined them together they would be 3rd and adding in Indonesia would comfortably make the Asian nations so.

The Top Ten country providers of traffic to the site:

1.  UK 58.85%
2.  US 10.91%
3.  Australia 3.24%
4.  South Africa 2.54%
5.  Ireland 2.31%
6.  Kenya 1.90%
7.  Singapore 1.83%
8.  Malaysia 1.67%
9.  Norway 1.44%
10. Indonesia 1.24%

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Per person the Australians spend more time reading about Spurs (must be that post on Australians gamblers!) than anyone else.

Female readers make 45.85% of the readership so mind your language guys, ladies present. I'd better put a few shirt off shots up for them.

Without any marketing the site gets quite a reach. I'll be interested to see if with an Asian based sponsor and pre-season tour destinations determined by them, whether the Asian readership grows.

I certainly wouldn't have put down Kenya as a Spurs fan base but the Asian continent still beat the African continent. I shall watch all these little battles with interest.

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