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Henderson & Winks a different league to Delph and Rice

10:30 am

Henderson & Winks a different league to Delph and Rice

Did you watch England last night, well, England's second team with all the players missing?

I will say one thing, Rice and Delph were terrible and they certainly showed that Jordan Henderson is in a different league, as is Harry Winks.


Well, look when Maguire had the ball at the back, on the left, had no passing options so passed the ball to Calamity Stones, his fellow centre-back. Delph and Rice, who were in a straight line, simple jogged across the pitch in a straight line and if the ball was played back, they jogged back.

That was the extent of their movement. They were at the heart of England's problem.

The Dutch ran from deeper, they ran at different angles, they created options through their movement off the ball.

Both Henderson, Winks and Dier in fact, also drop and try to create a passing angle or stretch the press to leave gaps for others to exploit.

Delph and Rice were just rigid. That coupled with a lack of movement in midfield ahead of them meant England didn't have the guile and nous to play from the back and against a decent team, the Dutch were no great shakes, only their centre-backs and central midfield, England would have got hammered.

Against Ajax, Eriksen was the only player with decent movement in midfield, hence we struggled to play from the back, with Winks present we improved in the final but Eriksen and his fellow midfielders weren't moving enough and our full backs were no better.

Most of the game is played off the ball and the English aren't good enough at it.

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Onomah and N'Koudou should look towards Winks

2:30 pm

Under Pochettino to date:
2017 62 points (2nd) GF57 GA21 GD36 
2016 55 points (2nd) GF51 GA24 GD26 
2015 50 points (7th)  GF46 GA42 GD4
Tottenham have won more points in 2017 than any other Premier League team, 26 (Won 8 Drawn 2 Lost 1).

That was maintained on Saturday when we beat Burnley at Turf Moor 2-0 with goals from Eric Dier, his first of the season and Son Heung-min, his fifteenth of the season, but it came at a cost.

A broken ankle to Harry Winks as he made a challenge that has ended what has been a wonderful season for him. He started against Burnley after being brought on game after game by Pochettino as he placed faith in him and developed him.

It is that faith, that trust, that Josh Onomah and Georges-Kevin N'Koudou have not developed. Why is that? Why is Winks getting the opportunities that those two are not? Is it because he is simply a better footballer? If it is then you have to ask why, what makes him better?

Onomah and N'Koudou shouldn't be begrudging Winks all the opportunities he has had, and I'm not suggesting they are, but should be looking at him and asking themselves, what is he doing that I am not doing, why is he impressing when I am not?

Moussa Sissoko should have been looking at players around him and asking the same questions before putting the answers into practice. Would you say he has done that because I certainly wouldn't.

Mindset is what makes you succeed, have all our fringe players got the right mindset? They have yet t prove to me, or more importantly Mauricio Pochettino that they have. If they had then Pochettino would be playing them.

Winners don't make excuses.

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Lamela could learn from Harry Winks

6:17 pm


Emmanuel Adebayor was only interested in his pay packet and not in working hard, Younis Kaboul rebelled against hard work, Aaron Lennon did the same, Etienne Capoue did too. None thought Mauricio Pochettino's style would work, they rebelled against his philosophy and were isolated as a result. Their negativity was taken out of the group setting.

Erik Lamela didn't have the right attitude when he arrived and found it far harder than expected. He went into his shell before briefly emerging and going back into this season. Now he has rebelled because he isn't getting his own way.

Those type of players have no place at Spurs where commitment and a winning mentality to improve oneself each day, is paramount. Harry Winks has that mentality, just as before him Harry Kane showed it.

Winks has shown Pochettino that he can be trusted, whoever the opposition. The 21-year-old (22 next February) has trained hard, forced the boss to give him some cameo roles and impressed so much he gets brought on every week to give him experience and develop his game. He has been brought on in 18 games and started 2 in the Premier League. He has started games in the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, FA Cup and the League Cup.

Aidy Boothroyd's the EnglandUnder-21coach has him in the squad for the game against Denmark tonight. He was on the bench for the game against Italy on 10 November and played 65 minutes against France 4 days later. His second cap was against Germany on Friday, not for him an easy introduction against minnows.

“The manager has told us that there are opportunities there, as long as we keep performing for club and country and doing well, then the opportunity is there to take. 
“With someone like Gareth in charge, he likes young players and he's keen to bring us through and give us opportunities. You could see that the other night (in the senior game against Germany), we had a lot of young players playing and it's just down to us really, whether we perform at club level to get the call-up. 
“My next step is to take it game-by-game, whether that's for the Under-21s here or for Tottenham back at home. I'm quite young and all I can do is perform when I'm given the opportunities, I can't read the future and I can't say I should be here or I should be there.”

Harry Winks performs his role at Tottenham but still manages to catch the eye and that is all any youngster should be trying to do, Follow instructions while making your mark. Mr Lamela seems to ant things on his terms, not ours. 

My initial assessment of him seems to have been proven spot on, mentally weak. He is another player who if he had the mentality of Gareth Bale or Harry Kane or Harry Winks himself, would be playing for Barcelona or Real Madrid. As it is neither are interested in him, despite his skill.
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Harry Winks made his mark when he came on

4:56 pm

Harry Winks - He's one of our own

Harry Winks was only on the field for 16 minutes yet brought a piece of that missing intensity to the game and completed more dribbles, three, than any other player did during the whole game!

It is very much one Mauricio Pochettino relies on and usually come on for Mousa Dembele. That alone tells you how highly regarded he is, Dembele is a standout midfielder for most experts and was rated one of the top midfield players in Europe last season.

This time he came on for the ineffectual Son Heung-min who needed to much time when he was in scoring positions, which demonstrates the difference between a specialist striker and one standing in for the role.

We were linked with 25-year-old Italian striker Manolo Gabbiadini in the summer and his first time shot when he pulled his groin was impressive. It was instant, it had power, was curling and wasn't far wide. That one shot signified he is a goalscorer if anyone was in any doubt. I certainly wouldn't mind him as a striker to help out Harry Kane.

Pre-game article: Stats show the importance of Eriksen today

Post game article: Slowing the game down made for a tense victory

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Winks not a success at Spurs

2:30 pm

I see the Harry Hotspur website has posted another anti-Spurs rant, hardly the stuff of a supporter, in fact many believe the website run by a Gooner poking fun at our fans. The website rarely seems to have a good word to say for Spurs anyway. Perhaps I'm just unlucky in my infrequent visits.

I took a dip into a post about our academy and what a waste of time it was to find Harry Kane is apparently the only successful player we have produced.

Kyle Walker, Danny Rose, Harry Winks, Harry Kane Josh Onomah and Cameron Carter-Vickers are currently in the first-team squad, I believe and football is a squad game these days. Four of those are totally home grown and Harry Winks has played in 29 games this season for a total of 1,135 minutes as he takes the next step in his career. What a failure!

Mauricio Pochettino has said that Cameron Carter-Vickers will be the mainstay of our defence for years to come.

It takes around 15 years to go through the whole academy system and every influx is not going to be full of future first-team players. You have to build the reputation of the academy before you attract more and more of the potential top talent. It is obviously a long-term project. Like the club has had to be built from the ground up over time, so has the academy had to be built to be elite, not just an academy every other club has.

The object of an academy is not only to produce the best players for this club but to provide footballers in general and to pay for itself. To pay for itself it has to sell players or failures as they are apparently known. Naturally there are going to be more who leave the club than stay, different managers like different players and there are a multitude of reasons a player leaves a club.

A look at who has won trophies reveals that nearly all of the last 60 have been won by those richer than us, there is only the odd isolated trophy from others, no sustained success. A Tottenham fan would surely want sustained success and surely want the club to build the infrastructure and income that allows the team to be built to achieve it.

Success is never achieved by believing something is impossible, that is the way failures think. A successful individual believes. Other clubs have shown a conveyor belt of talent is possible, foreign clubs do it all the time. A successful individual or group formulates a strategy to put it in place and acts upon it.

That is exactly what Daniel Levy has done. He has looked at the academy, seen a vision and starting building the infrastructure before bringing in the manager who could help make that vision happen.

Why has no other club dragged itself from bankruptcy to become the 6th richest club in the country thereby giving itself the chance to make the next step into the big league? Is it not possible? Spurs are doing it thanks to vision, belief and a strategy.

The untapped North American market is huge, American football is huge, the commercial potential is huge which in turn helps the club support and pay for a top football team. Once again the vision of Daniel Levy is making a dual purpose stadium happen, it was his idea to link the two sports and go for what others thought was impossible.

That is the difference between a successful man and those that simply complain something isn't possible. Limited capacity thinking never achieved anything, man has flown to the moon because people believed it was possible.

Anything can be achieved by those with an open mind and a vision, a life doing what they want when they want, closed minds haven't a hope of achieving anything.

The crux of the matter is that some people like to drag you down to their level and keep you there while the successful move in different circles and will help try to help pull up anyone who genuinely wants it. Daniel Levy is pulling this club up.

Hugo Lloris said Spurs fans are living in the past, perhaps some still are, but the vast majority of us can see what we are working towards, can see the future and it is a future we want. Both Pochetino and Lloris have talked about positivity, vision and belief being absolutely vital as does someone like Sir Richard Branson who hasn't exactly made a failure of his life.

Supporters support, I certainly do, do you?

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Winks impressing everyone

7:00 pm

Harry Winks has been impressing everyone

Sir Alex Ferguson used to say that desire was the most important quality in players.

Kenny Swain was a Chelsea full-back who also played for Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest amongst others before moving into management at Wigan and becoming the England Under-16 coach. He also managed the England Under-17 side for 18 months.

Under him for England was harry Winks, a young player coming through the academy quietly at Spurs. While others were perhaps talked about more, it is Harry Winks who has emerged as the recent star from our academy. He very quickly overtook Tom Carroll who has had to move on to find any game time at all.

“He was a great team member, a diamond personality, with a real thirst for learning and training. When he scored against West Ham in November (Winks’ first senior goal), I was out of my seat. 
“But the challenge for English kids playing in the Premier League today takes my breath away. They have not only to get into the side, but to stay in it — at clubs who can buy some of the best players in the world. 
“People say there is not enough talent in the English game but look who they are competing against — the elite from every country. But Sir Alex Ferguson used to say that desire was the most important quality in players, and Harry is like a dog with a bone. He will not let this chance go. He is still developing and there is plenty more to come from him, especially physically.”

Winks will undoubtedly start against Wycombe Wanderers in the FA Cup on Saturday. He makes appearances regularly in the Premier League, having played a part in the last 13 games. He has the trust of Mauricio Pochettino and is growing as a result.

Winks is a role model to others, work hard, aim to improve, take what chances you are given, but above all have to desire to succeed. Another from the academy with that winning mentality.

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Pochettino youngster is a top top player

8:30 am


“Yes, I have put on about 5kgs. Either that or I have been wearing smaller tops! But I have made a point of going to the gym.”

Those were the words of Tottenham's 20-year-old (21 in February) rising midfield star, a player Mauricio Pochettino shows great faith in. Our Argentinian manager brought him on for Mousa Dembele against league leaders Chelsea in out last game.

Danny Murphy in commentary for the BBC said he thought Winks looked a top top player in the making. he was comfortable on the ball and was a quality passer. His rise is similar to that of Nabil Bentaleb, who then got too big for his boots and mentally lost it.

Spurs will be hoping he doesn't go the same way, although I have to say that looks highly unlikely. He seems to have his feet firmly on the ground and appreciates he is still learning his craft. You'll remember earlier this season he was thanking and praising the coaching staff after he had scored his debut goal. he knew then he still had a lot to learn.

He is a youngster who acknowledges he is learning from the senior players and has had to bulk up for the physical demands of the Premier League. Some of his turns were right out of the Scott Parker school of football, or as I mentioned in a previous article, with a strong hint of the Steve Perryman about him. Winks got a lot of advice from Parker and still talks to him now.

When he talks about his initial training with the first team squad you understand that there is still the awe factor to overcome, which hinders improvement. Stepping onto the same pitch as your idols is still a big thing and cameo appearances help break down those barriers in a players mind.

"The first year or so when I got in it was a bit like 'wow, I am here. "It was a bit strange - 'I am training with (Christian) Eriksen, (Jan) Vertonghen, (Mousa) Dembele, I am with them on match day in the changing room, sitting next to them'. 
"It is important not to get arrogant about it. It is important to stay level-headed. They don't want someone coming in being an a***hole. 
"They would bring you down a peg if they thought that was happening. But that's not my personality. I am not an arrogant guy. I would never do that."

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Winks evokes memories of Steve Perryman

12:30 pm

Winks evokes memories of Steve Perryman

Yesterday was Steve Perryman's birthday and anyone who knows about Spurs history, or was lucky enough to watch Mr. Tottenham play will know the way he scurried around the field playing in a variety of positions, defence or midfield.

He was a stalwart for the club and last night it suddenly occurred to me that young Harry Winks has much of Steve Perryman in him, in the way he moves about the field. He has in no time become a player we can rely on, much the same way as Dele Alli did when he was first given his opportunities.

He is proof that a player does not need a run of games, that is the approach of a loser. A winner grasps the chances they are given and Harry Winks has done that. It shows the mental strength that we need in players. Mousa Dembele played alongside him against Burnley and spoke to the official website about him afterwards.

“I think he did very well again in the Burnley match. Last year, even though he didn’t play too much, we saw that he had a lot of potential and I’m glad for him that he’s been getting some opportunities and his ability is coming out on the pitch now. 
“He’s making progress as a young player but he’s a good guy as well so everybody appreciates him and wants him to succeed.”

Steve Perryman was a nice man off the pitch as well, I say was, he no doubt still is! Those of us fortunate enough to have watched him in the flesh saw Steve Perryman as Mr. Consistency and Harry Winks, although only starting his career, is showing those same signs of consistency that augur well for the future.

Are there any other player who produce fond memories of another former player?

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Harry Kane, Harry Winks, have we got any more Harry's in the academy!

12:30 pm

Before the West Ham game I wrote about the rise of Harry Winks, unaware that he would be handed his first premier League start for us, in such an important game as well.

After so many draws we needed to get back on track with a win and it didn't matter how it came about. Just like a striker short of goals, the duck has to be broken, whether by skill or luck really doesn't matter, it lifts a weight off the shoulders.

Harry Winks must have had a weight on his shoulders, but in these circumstances you have to have a positive mentality and look at the game as an opportunity to impress, rather than be bogged down by fears of letting the side down.

“I liked it a lot when he came in the changing room to say thank you to all of us, to the coaches. 
“That was fantastic for all the people who work in the academy. He said to us only that is the start. I said, ‘Come on, now, this is a big challenge’. He said, ‘Yes, now I need to work hard but to try to show that I deserve to play’. That is the mentality we want. 
“It is true that he needs to be happy now and enjoy the moment but he needs to know that all that comes in the future will be difficult. To keep that level is the most difficult thing. 
“It is very difficult to get in the first team. But it is more, more, more, more difficult to keep your position in the first team. We can see a lot of examples. Now it is up to him.”
He has clearly overtaken Tom Carroll in the pecking order which should be a kick up the backside for him, but he just doesn't seem to have the mentality to be a top four player. Skill is not enough in football, without the mentality you are at times a liability. everybody can have a bad game, but there is no excuse for having the wrong mentality, fortunately, Harry Winks seems to have the right one.

Harry Kane, Harry Winks, have we got any more Harry's in the academy!

Harry Kane, Harry Winks, have we got any more Harry's in the academy! Harry Kane, Harry Winks, have we got any more Harry's in the academy! Reviewed by THBlogNews on 12:30 pm Rating: 5

The rise of Harry Winks continues

12:30 pm

Harry Winks caught the eye in pre-season training games starting with the 3-0 win over Nottingham Forest (report) at Hotspur Way on 9 July, then the 1-0 loss to Fulham (report) at Hotspur Way on 16 July and finally the 3-1 win over Rotherham on 21 July at Hotspur Way.

He then continued his progress with 45 minutes against Juventus (report) in the International Champions Cup at Melbourne Cricket Ground on 26 July, 75 minutes against Atletico Madrid (report) at the same venue on 29 July and 45 minutes in the 6-1 win over Inter Milan (report) on 5 August at the Ullevaal Stadion in Oslo, Norway.

He then made his competitive debut for 1 minute against Liverpool at White Hart Lane on 27 August in a 1-1 draw, made his first start in the 5-0 League Cup win against Gillingham on 21 September at White Hart Lane, then 4 minutes against Middlesbrough in the Premier League on 24 September, 8 minutes in his debut in the UEFA Champions League against CSKA Moscow in Russia on 27 September, the League Cup tie against Liverpool at Anfield on 25 October, 3 minutes against Leicester City in the Premier League on 29 October, 24 minutes against Bayer Leverkusen at Wembley on 2 November and 1 minute against Arsenal in the North London Derby on  6 November.

From there his has progressed to his Under-21 debut for Engaland this week. It has been wuite a season for Winks so far, a Premier League debut, A first Tottenham Horspur start, a UEFA Champions League debut and an England Under-21 debut.

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Harry Winks taking over from Carroll - The stats

9:00 pm
Harry Winks is surely Tom Carroll's successor in the Tottenham squad, he has to be above him in the pecking order already anyway.

He is 4 years younger than Carroll with development potential while at 24 Caroll has simply stagnated or even gone backward, certainly his passing doesn't seem to go forward anymore.

Their statistics from last night's game are below the graphic, take a look

Harry Winks vs Tom Carroll
The Summary

Harry Winks: 1 shot, 2 key passes, 71 touches, 57 passes, 91.2% passing accuracy, 0 crosses, 0 accurate crosses, 3 long balls, 3 accurate long balls, 3 dribbles, 2 dispossessed, 2 unsuccessful touches, 2 tackles, 1 interception, 0 clearances.

Tom Carroll: 0 shots, 1 key pass, 48 touches, 35 passes, 85.7% passing accuracy, 2 crosses, 0 accurate crosses, 3 long balls, 2 accurate long balls, 0 dribbles, 2 dispossessed, 3 unsuccessful touches, 2 tackles, 2 interceptions, 1 clearance.

Harry Winks was first class tonight. A million miles better than Carroll.
Thought Spurs were in for a hiding after the second goal. The youngsters showed good character, particularly Harry Winks.

On the plus side I think has been very good again. Retains the ball so well. He'll get some Premier League starts this season.

Harry Winks has been fantastic so far

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Pochettino showing belief in Winks

11:44 am

The ESPN pundits didn't expect Tottenham to be challenging in the top four and even though it is early in the season they now think we will be challenging in the top four this season. In addition, they didn't expect us to go to Russia and will, they expected us to lose and be all but out of the group. As it was we defied their expectations again and won a difficult tie with the travelling and injuries.

That is exactly what I was talking about in a recent article pundits, the media and even some of our own fans don't take us seriously and we almost slip under the radar. People are so attuned to spending money that if somebody doesn't splash the cash they can't be improving whereas Pochettino is showing that a manager can make a difference.

Pochettino uses the word, Lloris uses the word, belief. Pochettino shows belief in his players and the latest to benefit from that is Harry Winks. he started against Gillingham, came on against Middlesbrough and came on at an important time in the Champions League game. As the commentators  said at the time, he must have great faith in him to bring him on when we had to defend our lead.

"I'm playing with top, top quality players and every day I'm improving. I'm learning from a great manager as well. He teaches us a lot and his philosophy suits me to a tee. I'm enjoying my time here.
"I look up to a lot of the boys who have been there and done that. As a midfielder I look up to all of them, Dembele, Dier... Wanyama has helped me out a lot, especially in preseason. But I just want to grow my own game and any bit of advice I can get from anyone, I'll take. 
"I want more, a lot more, but I understand I'm young and I have to bide my time and be patient. I'll just continue to work hard and hopefully go forward from there. 
"It's great for us, all us young, aspiring academy boys. We want to be where Harry is, where Ryan Mason was, Tom Carroll, players like that. We want to get there and to see them succeed and doing so well only gives us more motivation to get there."

Pochettino showing belief in Winks Pochettino showing belief in Winks Reviewed by THBlogNews on 11:44 am Rating: 5

A signing with the right attitude

5:00 pm

The new player signing a contract extension Mauricio Pochettino was talking about ahead of the UEFA Champions League game against Monaco on Wednesday has been announced. Tottenham Hotspur have revealed that young midfielder Harry Winks has just signed a new five-year contract with the club.

The 20-year-old (21 next February) impressed in pre-season down in Australia and was handed his Premier League debut on 27 August as a substitute in the game against Liverpool at White Hart Lane, a game which finished 1-1.

Winks spoke to Spurs TV and showed just the kind of attitude we are looking for, young players who are hungry and want to improve. 

"I've had a good start to the season, come back in good shape and am loving every minute. To be offered a new contract is the icing on the cake. I'm over the moon with it. 
"The manager has done some excellent things with young players, including myself. He likes to push us all, wants to get the best out of us and I believe I'm improving every day."

A signing with the right attitude A signing with the right attitude Reviewed by THBlogNews on 5:00 pm Rating: 5

VIDEO: Harry Winks vs Atletico Madrid

9:00 pm


Continuing to look at our young players in Australia and after the video of 17-year-old prospect Marcus Edwards, we'll take a look at the performance of Harry Winks.

The 20-year-old started against Atletico Madrid in Melbourne today after impressing against Juventus in the first game. He once again looked to play the ball forward and played with energy and enthusiasm. He certainly looks ready for a loan and a whole season playing competitive football rather than being stuck playing against Under-21 and Under-23 players.

VIDEO: Harry Winks vs Atletico Madrid VIDEO: Harry Winks vs Atletico Madrid Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:00 pm Rating: 5

VIDEO: Harry Winks vs Juventus

9:00 pm
We saw Harry Winks last summer in pre-season friendlies, then saw 17 minutes of him in the Europa League, although he was on the bench for the other four games. He was also on the bench for 5 Premier League games, 3 FA Cup games and 1 League Cup game.

VIDEO: Harry Winks vs Juventus

Rangers manager Mark Warburton wanted to take the 20-year-old (21 next February) Englishman on loan in March when the midfielder signed a new contract at Spurs until 2019. That tells you that Mauricio Pochettino likes him and we saw against Juventus that he has something to offer.

Watch the video below and you'll see his 45 minutes in just over 4 minutes. What comes across clearly is that he looks to move the ball forward whenever possible and when h plays a pass he moves to be able to receive another. For a 20-year-old there was a lot to like, he seemed comfortable and composed on the ball. He gives the impression that with a few games under his belt he'll soon be ion a par with Tom Carroll.

In the next article (2 hours time - 11pm GMT) will be a video of Will Miller vs Juventus.

VIDEO: Harry Winks vs Juventus VIDEO: Harry Winks vs Juventus Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:00 pm Rating: 5

Winks outshines Carroll

7:00 pm
The game was certainly a training exercise and gave a few of the youngsters a reality check when it comes to playing men's football.

Marcus Edwards had protracted negotiations before he signed a two-year contract and he had to be given guarantees of cup football and a first team squad number. He got a taste of how far away he is, probably a lot further than he thought. He is only young, has growing and development to do. It will be interesting to see how far he comes in the next year.

Josh Onomah on the other hand, looked at home, he looks ready to play more cameo roles this season with full games in the cups. Harry Winks looked a better player than Tom Carroll who simply continues to look ordinary. He is more interested it seems in looking the part when he plays a pass rather than being effective at it.

There was one incident in our own half yet again, where under no pressure he played almost a reverse ball with his left foot to the player on his right. However, the pass was woefully inaccurate, nowhere near the player and the opposition simply collected the ball. That is Tom Carroll all over. Ir seems as if he has been over coached and looking the part is more important than playing the part. He failed once again to show ant reason he should be kept on the books with others coming through.

Harry Winks came on and was twice the player Carroll was, he was busy, he got stuck into the game , he was looking for passes. There were too many out there simply happy to pass sideways. I was thinking that throughout the game and had just watched Cameron carter-Vickers get himself out of a tight situation in the second half when I was saying, don't pass sideways, don't pass sideways.

He took his time and passes sideways. Tony Gale then piped up to tell us he has taken the wrong option, the initial work was good but the sideways pass was poor, he should have played the ball forwards.

If you have beaten a man, effectively taking him out of the game because he is in front of the ball (behind you) than you let him get back behind the ball between your team and the goal and back in the game. It nullifies beating him in the first place, in effect a waste of time.

Until substitutes came on in the second half our passing was often passing for passing sake, an abdication of responsibility. We have to keep the ball moving, but if it is sideways and backwards it isn't much use and certainly isn't going to hurt any decent opposition. When Harrison, Onomah came on we looked to try and create things and did create openings.

There was plenty for Pochettino to analyse and give individual videos to the youngster to learn from. Of course to pass forward you need movement off the ball and we were a little static at times, but then we were playing in unfamiliar conditions and are trying to gain fitness. However, weren't Juventus in the same situation?

Winks outshines Carroll Winks outshines Carroll Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:00 pm Rating: 5

Harry Winks called up for England U-20's

5:00 pm
The Tottenham youth academy is churning out the home grown internationals, well at youth level anyway, after 19-year-old (20 next February) Harry Winks was called up into the England Under-20 squad. Back in July Winks signed a new contract to keep him at Spurs until 2018.

Harry Winks called up for England U-20's

Harry Winks has been called up for England's U20 squad. I make that 10 Spurs players across England's youth squads, U17-U21.

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Onomah new contract offer this week

7:00 pm
Tottenham are keen to tie down hot prospect Joshua Onomah to a new contract and are reportedly going to offer him one this week to follow on from Harry Winks signing his last week. Onomah has only just turned 18 (19 next April) and continues to impress.

Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea are all taking a keen interest in his progress and with a year left on his current deal Tottenham will be looking to offer him a contract until 2020.

He was delighted to have made his debut as a substitute in the FA Cup replay against Burnley last season, as he told the Tottenham Journal.

“I’m ecstatic, it’s something I’ve been waiting for my whole life – a dream that’s finally come true. I’m lost for words, I don’t know what to say, I’m speechless. I’m happy that I got a few touches of the ball and hopefully it’s the first game of many. 
“I came into the academy when I was nine. I got scouted playing for a team called Omonia and I was picked up after playing in a school tournament. Ever since then I’ve just been playing for Tottenham. 
“I’ve always supported Spurs. I grew up in the area and I’m buzzing to make my debut. Some of my family was there so hopefully I made them proud. 
“The gaffer likes to see young players and if you’re doing well in training he’ll give you a chance. It gives you the confidence and trust that you have a gaffer who can do that. I thank Poch for this opportunity. 
“I’m a player that likes to dribble with the ball, make forward passes and I assist a lot. But one area that I can improve on a lot is scoring more goals. 
“The coaches in the academy have talked to me about that so hopefully I can add that to my game. It’s a good experience having Ledley as a coach. When you’ve got a big icon like that around you just try to get all the experience you can from him. 
“He’s played for Tottenham throughout his whole career and he’s someone who I look up to, so it’s great to have him around. He’s played for this club at first-team level so he knows how it feels and he gives us all an insight into what it’s like to be a professional footballer. He’s more of a talker, he uses his arms a lot. You can understand him, so it’s good. 
“It’s good that Ugo was a professional footballer as well - that gives you the confidence and trust in the coach too. He understands what it’s like to be a player at this age and that’s useful.”

Spurs fans will be looking forward to another local boy making the team. There will no doubt be some more cameos this season when the opportunity presents itself.

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Winks, Bentaleb, Alderweireld, NFL, New Stadium

12:30 pm
It was quite a week in the life of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and true supporters can't fail to have been pleased with it. I recall a programme That Was The Week That Was, I don't remember the content, but the title seems to sum up our week.

The potential for the future is massive, both off the field, which of course then upgrades on the field and on the field where a young hungry squad who can grow and improve together is being built.

Harry Winks signs a new contract, a three-year deal with the option of another year, Nabil Bentaleb signs a new five-year deal until 2020, the protracted transfer of Belgian centre-back Toby Alderwereld was finally completed, the announcement of an NFL agreement and a fantastic new stadium with the potential to secure an American football team in the future.

Harry Winks is just is just 19 (20 in February) and Glasgow Rangers are keen to take him to the pressure atmosphere of Ibrox, where despite playing in the Championship they fill the 51,082 stadia and have a massive travelling support. The expectation there is huge, it is a must win club and exactly the mentality we want our player involved with. The other plus is Mark Warburton is the new manager there this season, last season he was at Brentford and Mauricio Pochettino was delighted with the work he did with Alex Pritchard on loan there for the season.

Nabil Bentaleb was never going anywhere despite the press attempting to create stories and suggest clubs chasing him. Privately they all knew he loves Spurs and wanted to stay at Spurs. His wage demands were high to begin with, on a par with the best midfielders in the league I believe. He is not quite at that level yet but has the potential to develop into a significant player for us.

It speaks volumes that Manchester United, Manchester City, and Chelsea get talked about as the clubs chasing our youngsters. Some fans may not appreciate how good these guys are or how good they can become, but the big money boys clearly do. We should take heart from that plus the fact they want to remain and be a part of something that is happening at Tottenham.

Toby Alderweireld was a bit of an on-off transfer in the press. Bottom line was he wanted to join Tottenham. Saints fans don't like it built it is a fact of life we are the bigger club and we pinch other clubs players just as bigger clubs than ourselves pinch our players at the moment. Until we can change our finances and take us financially into the big league we will always be a stepping stone club.

For that reason buying established players is always a danger as if they have an excellent season the bigger clubs then want to take them and we have to change things and search for a replacement again. That is not easy, as we have seen, so building from youth at least gives us the chance of producing a happy group of players with a true bond with the club, which is a pull to stay, rather than not ties and being easy to jump ship.

We have the announcement of a new 61,000 seater stadium retaining the single tier at one end to help keep the fans close to the action and create that all important atmosphere. A slide out football pitch will be at the usual height with an artificial pitch below so that spectator views are not restricted in the front row seats with benches of coaches, broadcaster, players and all the paraphernalia surrounding American football.

At Wembley and other stadiums, they have to not use the seats nearest the action as nobody can see anything past all the bodies. A stadium purpose built with that in mind gives us a unique selling point for the NFL and if the atmosphere is great at The Lane then the teams and the broadcasters are going to love it. That will draw them back and you would hope that a new deal is penned before the 10-year period is up.

The potential for the exposure it gives to the Tottenham Hotspur name, the brand, in America is huge, it is the number one sport and aligning ourselves with the NFL could be marketing dynamite. The supporter who sits in his seat at White Hart Lane may not care about the fans around the world, some do of course, but they are equally as important if not more so. The fan base is vital to gaining big commercial deals. A company only wants to associate with us for what they can get out of it, they want access to our fan base, they want their brand in front of them.

Growing our fan base, therefore, grows our marketability. America is a new world of rich pickings, gaining exposure before everyone else, just as Manchester United did in Japan where they are huge, means everyone is playing catch-up Being associated with the best gives you authority in the eyes of your audience, it's why we agreed to play with Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and AC Milan. It's a golden opportunity and they want us to play because we have that touch of glamour about us thanks to our history.

It has been quite a week for Tottenham, the excitement is returning to The Lane.

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Rangers played Spurs yesterday

10:30 am
New Glasgow Rangers manager Mark Warburton brought the Scottish side down to Tottenham to play a behind closed doors friendly against our Development Squad. The game was three sessions of 30 minutes giving time for all to get a game.

Mauricio Pochettino was very happy with the work that Warburton did with young prospect Alex Pritchard last season at Brentford and wants to send him further players to develop. Harry Winks has signed a new contract at Tottenham and he is one player Warburton wants to take on a season-long loan deal.

The game afforded time for Warburton to discuss other players with right-back Ryan Fredericks name being mentioned. When you find someone who is good with youngsters then it makes sense to keep using them. While Rangers are in the second tier of Scottish football, the crowds are big as are the expectations. Their history demands they win and get promotion back to the top-flight and that pressure may help develop Winks.

For Fredericks it would be a strange move for me having played at Middlesborough and made it to a Championship Play-off Final at Wembley. It would rather suggest he has no future at Tottenham being 23 in October.

For those of you desperate for the score Spurs U-21's won 3-2. Our previous senior games against Rangers recall some to mind some famous Tottenham names.

28 July 2004 - Rangers 2:0 Spurs (Novo 24, Prso 45)
Rangers XI: Klos, Ricksen, Vanoli, Boumsong, Andrews, Rae, Burke, Hughes, Prso, Novo, Lovenkrands
Tottenham XI: Robinson, Carr, Bunjevcevic, Davis, Gardiner, King, Ricketts, Mendes, Defoe, Keane, Jackson

11 December 1962 - Rangers 2:3 Spurs (Brand 47, Wilson 72 | Greaves 8, Smith, 50 89)

1 June 1969 - Spurs 4:3 Rangers (Morgan 13, Greaves 41, 80, 82 | Stein 49, 64, Persson 68)
Rangers XI: Neef, Johansen, Mathieson, Greig, McKinnon, Smith, Henderson, Watson, Stein, Johnston, Persson
Tottenham XI: Hancock, Want, Knowles, Perryman, Evans, Beal, Johnson, Greaves, Pearce, Pratt, Morgan

6 August 1989 - Rangers 1:0 Spurs (Steven 55)
Rangers XI: Woods, Stevens, Munro, Gough, Wilkins, Butcher, Steven, Ferguson, McCoist, Johnston, Walters
Tottenham XI: Thorstvedt, Butters, Hughton, Fenwick, Nayim, Mabbutt, Sedgley, Gascoigne, Stewart, Lineker, Samways

9 August 1971 - Rangers 1:0 Spurs (Johnston 70)
Rangers XI: McCloy, Jardine, Mathieson, Greig, McKinnon, Jackson, McLean, Conn, Stein, Johnston, Henderson
Tottenham XI: Jennings, Knowles, Mullery, England, Beal, Coates, Perryman, Chivers, Peters, Gilzean

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