Results for 2016 International Champions Cup

VIDEO: Harry Winks vs Atletico Madrid

9:00 pm


Continuing to look at our young players in Australia and after the video of 17-year-old prospect Marcus Edwards, we'll take a look at the performance of Harry Winks.

The 20-year-old started against Atletico Madrid in Melbourne today after impressing against Juventus in the first game. He once again looked to play the ball forward and played with energy and enthusiasm. He certainly looks ready for a loan and a whole season playing competitive football rather than being stuck playing against Under-21 and Under-23 players.

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VIDEO: Marcus Edwards vs Atletico Madrid

7:00 pm


The youngest member of our touring party got some more minutes against Atletico Madrid after his time against Juventus. There were 10,000 more spectators at this game, over 41,000, rather different the the size of crowd he usually plays against.

Our next pre-season friendly is against Inter Milan in Norway and with the season soon to start, much of the first team will get an outing. Whether there will be any more minutes for him in that game we'll have to wait and see.

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VIDEO highlights vs Atletico Madrid

3:00 pm


Tottenham played another prestigious fixture in pre-season after the Juventus game, this time it was the turn of Spanish Champions League runners-up Atletico Madrid and seven of that side started this game, which they were fortunate to win, with Spurs hitting the bar and the post.

Brief match highlights can be seen in the video below which is only a little over 4 minutes so won't eat into your day too much.

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VIDEO: Erik Lamela vs Atletico Madrid

2:36 pm
Erik Lamela is looking more and more the part for Tottenham now and seems able to pick out passes in the last third better than most. he is effective coming in from wide and breaking centrally when we counter attack.

He made a difference when he came on against Juventus and he was part of a good Spurs display against Atletico Madrid. He was linking up well with Janssen and hit the post with a shot that had the keeper beaten. His game can be seen in the video below.

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Simeone and Pochettino

10:00 am

Mauricio Pochettino and Diego Simeone know each other form their playing time with Argentina and coaching in Spain. Both have been linked with the vacant Argentina national manager role and both have ruled themselves out for now.

As you would expect they have both been very complimentary about the other and have been catching up with each other when time permits. Both sides are in pre-season with their own objectives on this tour. Our, on the field, is to give some game time to our senior players and some experience to our youngsters. They are not often going to get the chance to play in a 100,000 seater stadium.

In the first game against Juventus there were 31,000 and again our youngsters are not used to playing in front of such crowds with such expectations. It serves many purposes and dangles the carrot for them to work even harder to become a Premier League professional footballer.

This would be a potential starting line up in LaLiga for thoise wanting to see what sort of team Atletico are playing.

ATLETICO MADRID (4-4-2) - Oblak, Vrsaljko, Savic, Godin, Filipe Luis; Saul, Gabi, Koke, GAITAN; Griezmann, Torres.

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Can Carroll do anything worthwhile this time

9:00 am
Tom Carroll once again put on a one-man show to get himself sold. The lad is a 24-year-old, he is no longer a prospect, he should be performing, he should be taking control, but he plays like one of the kids learning his trade. I thought he should have left 2 years ago and I have seen nothing to change my mind.

Nabil Bentaleb has clearly fallen out with Pochettino because he is twice the player Carroll is and they play in the same area of the pitch. Carroll was tried for 45 minutes as a central attacking midfielder, that didn't work, he was making the wrong choices on the ball and not executing the options he chose well enough His cross he should have bent beyond the defender, the ball he played from a promising position didn't have a hope of reaching its target and that is what makes the difference in the final third, you have to have that bit of quality, he hasn't.

Harry Winks took his chance, he looked a far better player and is one to give more game time to in the next game. Josh Onomah looked a far better player, Yedlin looked comfortable

Harry Winks is a far better prospect than Tom Carroll.....using the word 'prospect' for Carroll is also embarrassing, he's 24....time to go.

We are delighted to announce we have reached an agreement with for the transfer of Tom Carroll

The next game is tomorrow morning (UK time) against Atletico de Madrid where the youngsters will get another chance to shine. If Carroll is at the base of midfield I want to see him move us forward, not sideways in pretty fashion. Substance, what substance will he produce? There are a hundred players who can play the simple sideways pass, there is no need to hang on to a player if that is all his game is.

I suspect he is happy to be in the squad as a third choice, getting a bit here and there. He doesn't seem to have the drive to improve himself or stamp his mark on a game. His main assets seem to be he keeps the wages down helps with the home grown quota and is happy to be third choice. On the field he offers nothing someone else couldn't do.

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VIDEO: Will Miller vs Juventus

11:00 pm
VIDEO: Will Miller vs Juventus

We have seen videos of Victor Wanyama, Marcus Edwards and Harry Winks, now it is the turn of 20-year-old (21 next June) attacking midfielder Will Miller, who played out of position at left-back. The video lasts just under 5 minutes and shows a confident player.

There is one point three-quarters of the way through the video where he is in open space, running forward and pointing where he wants the ball, but, and this highlights a problem I have mentioned several times, he then has to stop and wait for Wanyama's pass to arrive, it simply isn't played hard enough and stops a potential swift attack. It is so obvious, so simple to solve and so frustrating that we don't seem to learn from it. That kind of delay allows the defense time they shouldn't have to get prepared.

Prior to this game he had only played for our Under-21 side and hadn't sat on the subs bench for the senior team like Harry Winks did last season. It may only be a pre-season friendly but it was quite a game to make your debut in, a game against Juventus who won their fifth title on the trot and retaining the Italian Cup.

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VIDEO: Edwards performance vs Juventus

5:00 pm


VIDEO: Edwards performance vs Juventus

Marcus Edwards is known across Europe as a prodigious talent in the making. There have been many a prodigious talent though who has not made it, who has though they are the bees knees before their time.

Mauricio Pochettino is well aware he needs to be handled carefully. He has to be encouraged with game time to show him the level h has got to get to and what he needs to do to get there together with protecting. Too much too soon can mentally break a player.

The players in the first team squad have been very impressed with him in training, he has tremendous technical ability. He'll needs to grow ans experience playing against Under-21 players and then men, which is he one problem with Under-21 football. All you do is play against people of your age when you need to be playing real football that matters. It si why loans have become so important with no second XI football any more.

Mauricio Pochettino was happy with the mentality of the youngsters after going 2-0 down after 15 minutes. Dwelling on mistakes affects your game and you end up making more. For a youngster staying positive against older and more experienced players is not always an easy thing to do.

"I'm happy with all the young players. They behaved fantastically and the performance too. It's fair to pay attention to Marcus Edwards because he's a very talented player. We need to be careful with all the young players. He's only 17 years old -- we need to care for him in a very good way."

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VIDEO: Wanyama performance vs Juventus

2:30 pm


VIDEO: Wanyama performance vs Juventus

Most Tottenham fans were happy with the capture on Victor Wanyama earlier this summer, despite his last season at Southampton being marred by red cards. previous to that season he hadn't had any trouble which suggests he wasn't fully committed last season,indeed I believe he refused to play in the Europa League at one point. He had wanted a move to Tottenham and the club refused to sell him so he went through the motions for most of the season.

He is a defending defensive midfielder as opposed to the linking role that Mousa Dembele plays. Against Juventus we got our first chance to have a look at him and he strolled around the game conserving energy, probably in the knowledge that he was going to be playing the whole game.

Some of his passing could be firmer, much the same as Vertonghen or Dembele who often strokes the ball so the receiver has to wait for it to arrive and the opposition have time to adjust. generally he did look to play the ball forward past pressing attackers and he did a marshalling job with strength when required.

A couple of lapses were countered by winning the ball in the opposition half and playing a quick pass to Lamela for our goal. His individual performance can be seen in the four and a half minute video below. In the next article we'll take a look at young Marcus Edwatds performance.

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Winks outshines Carroll

7:00 pm
The game was certainly a training exercise and gave a few of the youngsters a reality check when it comes to playing men's football.

Marcus Edwards had protracted negotiations before he signed a two-year contract and he had to be given guarantees of cup football and a first team squad number. He got a taste of how far away he is, probably a lot further than he thought. He is only young, has growing and development to do. It will be interesting to see how far he comes in the next year.

Josh Onomah on the other hand, looked at home, he looks ready to play more cameo roles this season with full games in the cups. Harry Winks looked a better player than Tom Carroll who simply continues to look ordinary. He is more interested it seems in looking the part when he plays a pass rather than being effective at it.

There was one incident in our own half yet again, where under no pressure he played almost a reverse ball with his left foot to the player on his right. However, the pass was woefully inaccurate, nowhere near the player and the opposition simply collected the ball. That is Tom Carroll all over. Ir seems as if he has been over coached and looking the part is more important than playing the part. He failed once again to show ant reason he should be kept on the books with others coming through.

Harry Winks came on and was twice the player Carroll was, he was busy, he got stuck into the game , he was looking for passes. There were too many out there simply happy to pass sideways. I was thinking that throughout the game and had just watched Cameron carter-Vickers get himself out of a tight situation in the second half when I was saying, don't pass sideways, don't pass sideways.

He took his time and passes sideways. Tony Gale then piped up to tell us he has taken the wrong option, the initial work was good but the sideways pass was poor, he should have played the ball forwards.

If you have beaten a man, effectively taking him out of the game because he is in front of the ball (behind you) than you let him get back behind the ball between your team and the goal and back in the game. It nullifies beating him in the first place, in effect a waste of time.

Until substitutes came on in the second half our passing was often passing for passing sake, an abdication of responsibility. We have to keep the ball moving, but if it is sideways and backwards it isn't much use and certainly isn't going to hurt any decent opposition. When Harrison, Onomah came on we looked to try and create things and did create openings.

There was plenty for Pochettino to analyse and give individual videos to the youngster to learn from. Of course to pass forward you need movement off the ball and we were a little static at times, but then we were playing in unfamiliar conditions and are trying to gain fitness. However, weren't Juventus in the same situation?

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Trippier being perssed by Yedlin

2:30 pm


Trippier being perssed by Yedlin

Is the Australia tour a head-to-head for our two right-backs Kieran Trippier and DeAndre Yedlin?

The news on Sunday revealed hat Southampton may make a bid that currently has no chance of success, £5-million for Kieran Trippier. This is the same club who paid double that for a Chelsea reserve, Ryan Bertrand and a Liverpool reserve has just been sold for more than that too.

Of course, the Southampton bid would be an opening bid, thus it isn't their final offer, but would Spurs entertain such a bid anyway. We know that all the Tottenham players want to stay, unsurprisingly they see a club in progression with an exciting time ahead of us. We also know that any player Pochettino wants to keep will not be sold.

The sites trying to make a transfer story our of it or that Levy is looking to make a profit are premature, we haven't had pre-season to have a look at DeAndre Yedlin yet so don't know if we can rely on him to rotate with Walker.

Kieran Trippier is the backup to Kyle Walker and improved as he season went on. He and Walker were rotated, which with Champions League football may happen regularly early in the season and may mean Trippier playing a lot more Premier League games than European games as he did last year. It depends how Pochettino approaches the Champions League.

DeAndre Yedlin was bought from Seattle Sounders and loaned out to Sunderland for the season. The word from training is that he is a different player to the one we sent up North. His technical skills were way below standard when we bought him, but now they have improved substantially. It is something Jurgen Klinsmann has also commented on.

The Australia trip for the International Champions Cup in Melbourne to play Juventus and Atletico Madrid plus the trip to Norway to play Inter Milan affords Pochettino the chance to assess him in game situations as well as every day in training.

He is American and the American market is still in its infancy, Having an American on the books attracts interest. We have just seen Spurs sign a deal with Kumho Tire, a South Korean company because we have Son Heung-min, a South Korean playing for us.

We have American Football coming soon and it would be advantageous to our image to have an American playing for us. All the new people hearing about Tottenham and Association Football would immediately have someone to focus upon and it is little things like that that can help build new fans.

Pochettino will be aware of all those factors. Spurs will want Yedlin to succeed, but to do so he has to get to the level we need. has he made it to that level, does he need another loan spell, Pochettino will find out in Australia and Norway.

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The future of Tottenham

12:30 pm

Mauricio Pochettino has taken a young squad to Australia, all of whom who will be hungry to show him what they can do.

They will play in front of crowds they rarely do and be representing the name of Tottenham Hotspur, which carries with it the challenge of not letting the shirt down.

There is the pressure of who they might face, the pressure of not being overawed, the pressure of new conditions, new te,temperatures, the pressure of impressing Pochettino. Some will rise to the occasion, we'll have to wait and see who it will be this pre-season. Mason came to the fore in America, Ceballos didn't and is now at Charlton Athletic in League One.

"It was a big disappointment for us, the end of the season. It's important for us to rest mentally and physically. In Sydney it was fantastic and to repeat it this year would be fantastic for us. 
"Two years ago we went to America with a lot of talent and a young Harry Kane. Two years later Harry Kane is one of the best strikers in the world. 
"We feel sorry because we cannot bring all our full squad. For the players involved in the Euro it was too difficult to bring them. They are not fit. It's a good opportunity for our supporters to see the future of Tottenham."
It is a big trip for many of the younger and fringe players, for others, it is a training trip.

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Pochettino to look at Cameron Carter-Vickers

11:00 pm


Pochettino to look at Cameron Carter-Vickers

Cameron Carter-Vickers is very highly thought of at Spurs. Manager Mauricio Pochettino likes him, he has the talent and more importantly the mentality to succeed. The 18-year-old (19 in December) right-footed centre-back has already played 9 games for the USA Under-23 team and has impressed the coaching staff and teammates, who were surprised by his ability when he moved up from the Under-20 side.

We haven't yet bought a backup for Toby Alderweireld and Pochettino will take close look at him during the International Champions Cup. For a youngster it is a challenge to play against Juventus and Atletico Madrid, no just the football side but the mental side of the game as well. He will have to play against big teams, whoever they put out.

For he and others, how they perform will determine their immediate future this season. Will he impress enough to be trusted to step up? Will we be using Kevin Wimmer as centre-back cover for each side, assuming we can get someone to take Federico Fazio off our hands of course? That would allow us to give Carter-Vickers cameo appearances to get used to the level.

We are being linked with right-sided centre-backs but nothing seems very serious at the moment, perhaps that is because the sale of Fazio doesn't look very likely at the moment.

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Spurs being paid £2.85m + travelling and training fees

5:00 pm
There are many reasons for touring Australia, or at last taking part in an International tournament in a different state than last year. Then it was Sydney, now it is Melbourne, which you'll find to the bottom right on the map. They may look close together but are in fact 878.8km (546.06 miles) apart. London to Edinburgh is only 668.19km (415.2 miles) away.

Money of course plays its part, Spurs are being paid to go there.

Spurs, Juventus, and Atletico Madrid will be paid at least £2.85-million (€3.4m - AUS$5m - US$3.73m) million each in appearance fees to take part in the 2016 International Champions Cup and they will have all their travel, accommodation and training expenses covered.

The London-listed organisers, TLA Worldwide, chaired by Melbourne entrepreneur Bart Campbell, will be receiving about AUS$8-10 million from the Victorian state government to assist in bringing the top teams to Melbourne. They do this as the influx of tourists, from abroad and from other Australia boost the local economy by many times the initial investment. Speculate to accumulate.

They have helped sponsor the International Champions Cup for three years now and it has brought in over £150-million into the economy Victorian (Melbourne is part of the state of Victoria) Sports Minister John Eren told the press.

Australia has a large Asian community, it is close to Asia and Asia is an important region to Spurs. The market is huge and we have just seen a sponsorship deal with Kumho Tire because we have a South Korean player. Our shirt sponsors are AIA, an Asian company and Ledley King stopped off in Singapore to launch a new AIA initiative before going to Australia.

Tottenham have a big following in Australia and they saw all the stars last year, this year it is a weakened squad with players needing rest after the European Championships. Which youngster is going to stand-out, who is going to come forward and catch the eye? That's the biggest question for many on this our, it could launch a career or two and see first-team opportunities as a result.

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Pre-season helps break down any inferiority complex

2:30 pm
Tottenham had a strong mentality lasts season, perhaps stronger than many a season that preceded it, yet that mentality crumbled in the last four games.

Against WBA we stopped the off-the-ball running which meant we couldn't unlock a defence. The player with the ball can only play passes if the player are moving and against WBA our wide attackers were not giving the full-backs the opportunity to overlap and when there was a chance they were reluctant to do so, thus our attacking play nullified itself, rather than the opposition nullifying it.

That showed a defensive don't lose mentality, rather than a let's win mentality. The against Chelsea we were 2-0 up at half-time and we once again reverted to let's not lose mentality, defending deeper and paying the price. We also lost our heads. Against Southampton, we went through the motions and against Newcastle United completely gave up.

Those four performances were unacceptable. Every player was not guilty, individuals were, but the players were responsible collectively. Our mentality is an area we must continue to work on and improve.

Mauricio Pochettino knows that and will be using the pre-season friendlies against Juventus and Atletico Madrid to help develop it, especially among the emerging players. When we last toured North America Pochettino was ending each game with the youth players having to see out a game. That was a mental test for them and is the sort of mental test he will set in Australia.

The tour is about money, PR, building a fan base and having the chance to play against top teams. Last season we played Real Madrid and AC Milan, this season Juventus and Atletico Madrid. There is more than prestige here, we are matching ourselves against top teams, against better players, who, even though they are using these as training games, are still a better standard of opposition than lesser clubs playing training games.

These are the type of teams we want to be playing regularly and we can't be playing them with an inferiority complex, thus every game we can play against them eats away at that and establishes us at their level. The players have to go through that process too so the mentality aspect of playing these two games has value beyond two pre-season friendlies.

The 2016 International Champions Cup in Melbourne is an opportunity to learn and build the club status, just one tiny step in our growth.

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Australian Tour Itinerary

7:40 am
Australian Tour Itinerary

TOTTENHAM have announced the itinerary for the tour of Australia incorporating the 2016 International Champions Cup Australia, being held in Melbourne. As with American tours there will be an open training session where match day ticket holders can come along and watch the players put through their paces.
AAMI Park Open training session: Monday 25 July, 7:00pm – 8:30pm (free for match ticket holders)
Match 1: Melbourne Victory FC vs Juventus Football Club Saturday 23 July, 2016, 7:00pm Melbourne Cricket Ground
Match 2: Juventus Football Club v Tottenham Hotspur Tuesday 26 July, 2016, 8:00pm Melbourne Cricket Ground
Match 3: Tottenham Hotspur v Atlético de Madrid Friday 29 July, 2016, 8:00pm Melbourne Cricket Ground
Playing against Juventus and Atletico Madrid will help raise our profile, last year it was Real Madrid and AC Milan. Building our fanbase around the world is important to offer to potential sponsors. In America for instance, where we have the most official supporters clubs ESPN analysed their viewing data and found 12.7% of people clicked on Manchester United stories and 2.7% clicked on Tottenham stories.
There is plenty of work to do over and above simply building a new stadium.

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Spurs mixing with the best

4:30 pm
Thanks to the glamour of Gareth Bale raising the profile of Tottenham throughout the world and the emergence of Harry Kane whose name was the 8th most popular for people to put on the back of their shirts in 2015, the quality of opposition in pre-season friendlies made a marked increase.

Our global pull rising, we had fixtures against AC Milan and Real Madrid, much derided in some quarters. Of course, there was a bigger picture for us, as a global brand we want to be associated with the top tier of clubs and that means playing fixtures against them whenever possible. It is gaining authority by association.

This summer will see us rub shoulders with last season's UEFA Champions League finalists and semi-finalists, who were runners-up the previous year. Our trip to Australia was a huge success, far greater than we had imagined and we vowed to go back when we could.

It hasn't taken long because we are going back in the summer and, this time, we will face Italian giants Juventus on Tuesday 26 July and Spanish La Liga winners two seasons ago Atletico Madrid on Saturday 23 July. Both games, which form part of the 2016 International Champions Cup taking place in Melbourne, will kick-off at 8 pm local time, 9 am UK time



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