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Premier League working on safe standing areas

10:30 am

In November, club chairman and chief executives met in London for a Premier League shareholders' meeting and one of the issues on the agenda was safe standing. After the meeting, the Premier League issued a statement.

"Premier League clubs today held initial discussions on safe standing. Given that fan safety is of paramount concern clubs are understandably cautious and there was no overall consensus on the matter. 
"This is a complex and emotive topic with a number of issues, varying from club to club, which need to be considered carefully before clubs can decide if they wish to pursue any changes, including legislative, that are required to allow them the option of safe standing areas in their grounds. 
"The clubs have tasked the Premier League with scoping out the safety, supporter, technical and legislative‎ issues surrounding safe standing before any further discussions, based on the facts, can take place."

Many of us who can remember standing to watch football games would welcome safe standing area back in our grounds, where the atmosphere was much different. When people stand they get involved, when they sit they don't.

I attended a Queen tribute night in Folkestone recently and the evening came to life when the singer asked everyone to stand. Everyone got more involved in the music and the performance for the rest of the evening. It was an excellent night, that my daughter thoroughly enjoyed too.

I for one want to see standing back and a better atmosphere inside the ground for each and every game, it is long overdue.

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